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Home/mumbai/On The Go

On The Go

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  


37 Reviews / 37 Ratings

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On The Go Reviews

3 1/2 actually

loved the food & also the service..........slightly difficult to find if u don't reside in bandra. take porper directions before goin thr


Amazing good food @ even better prices !

Excellent place with really good food. I personally don't like pastas but their cannelloni (chicken) is really amazing; apparently that needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance (what my wife did) but it's worth waiting for. I shall be heading there soon to have it again and again and again...

Well, the place is not only about the cannelloni - most of the food does taste very good. It's multi-cuisine with limited items from all fares but all that I have tried so far definitely gets a thumbs up! The Lamb Vienna, Poulet Belle Frijole, Quesadillas are all very good , so are the Kerala chicken curry, the Thai green curry... and more. All in all, good food with an amazing good delivery turn around time. (More often than not they beat the famed Dominos 30-minute commitment. And with Dominos being closer, geographically.)

Hashim and Tom - wish you the all the very best! Keep the good food coming. :)


On The Go

Heard of them from a Groupon site.
Tiny, unassuming exterior in somewhat dull surroundings not far from Bandra Reclamation / Leelavati / Bungalow 9.
Perhaps they are new and so are trying to function like a restaurant rather than a Fast-food place (Waiters, Recommendations etc), which is nice except that it wasn't really working because even when full to less than a third of their capacity, they seemed to be quite undermanned, and service was slow.

The menu has an emphasis on Mexican, but there is a good bit of Continental and Italian too, among other things.
Corn Quesadillas were quite good.
Fajitas (veg/non-veg) were fair, so was Chicken Lasagne. Chimichanga seemed a bit Indianized and nondescript.
A number of fizzy coolers in different fruity flavours, a bit artificial but fine.
Asked for Caramel Custard, got Caramel Pudding, which was average.
The Gooey chocolate cake with Ice cream was delicious.

While not really "Fast-food" in terms of Speed or Price, the food made up for what was lacking in service, and it was a pleasant experience on the whole. Hope the operations stabilize soon. Would visit again when around.


perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon meal.

The perfect place for a lovely, actually more than lovely Sunday Lunch. I just had to go try a new restaurant this weekend, so i dragged two of my friends and landed up here.
I had called first to book a table and was attended by a very sweet gentelman. And our table was ready as soon as we arrived.

Finding the place was a breeze, considering i am a bandraite. But even if youre not it wont be difficult. Just ask for Mount Mary steps. Or if you were a Cafe Goa (old location) person, you'll have no problemo finding it!

The interiors are tastefully done up- Colourful, lights that are just right, and AC thats not too cold and comfortable seeting with large windows. Splendid!

The good part: The food arrives fairly Quick, so thats always, and i mean always a plus point! And their prices are "Not so Gourmet, for Gourmet food"- Hows that for a tagline!

And now for the part that you all have been waiting for. The FOOD! :D Ill just cut the chase and tell you what to order and what not to. So here it goes.

1.) Cola Lollypops with Chefs special rice. The sweet and sticky coca-cola batter was deeeeelicious. Yes, with that many 'eeeees'. And the Chef's special rice was Aromatic, mildly flavored and just so damn tasty, i just so have to know how he does it.

2.) Poulet Belle Frijole- This is for someone who likesa little flavorful punch in their food. A generous helping of chicken stuffed with gooey cheese and baked beans. Smothered in a tangy sauce, just leaves you asking for more.

3) Fettuccine Carbonara- This is perfect for someone who doesnt like spice in their food. But dont mistake it to be bland and tasteless. This ones packs in a lovely garlicky flavor and pieces of chicken are just right!

1) Kerala Fried Chicken- It not that it doesnt taste good. It is infact pretty nice. But what we got was One tiny chicken drumstick with a few fries and a tiny helping of ketchup.

1) The Musk Melon Awesome Blossom Milkshake is well Awesome. Cold, frothy melon. ummm. It was so good we ordered 3 of them!

2)We also ordered the Green Envy and Blue Bang: Well i thought they were fresh fruit mocktails. but they were fizzy and flavored ones. But they dont tase bad. So try one to wash down all that yummy food.

What I recommend. Try The place! Im sure you'll Love it too. And this might just become my next fav Hogging place. considering the prices dont pinch you pocket even a little. The meal above was for 4 people and cost us just 950 Including Taxes! If thats not awesome then i dont know what it!

Happy Eating, Eating and Eating! :) :) :)



Excellent Food & Service

Had been with friends last week and we ate Chicken Burritos, Mexican Rice, Fries, Coca Cola Lolipop, OTG Burger, Goooey Chocolate cake, etc... Food and service was excellent, there are so many options to try from.

Great place and a must visit for every foodie.



Good Place 4 party

Went on to give my b'day treat ... With d whole gang of my friends from IIT Powai. and the place didn't disappoint us. Great place to try out Mexican n Italian delicacies. Hoping to visit again...


March 20, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks for you review. I remember you're group from a couple of days ago. Glad you all loved the food...and that we could make your birthday a memorable one. It was great having y'all at OTG. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon...Cheers!

BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS (for Dine-In only) from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 630 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Students get a flat 25% off. Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices



A really nice place with an amazing menu and super yummy food, i order home all the time and theres always something new to try, the food always arrrives early and is always well packed and super yummy, the mexican is the best i've eaten in a long time the burrritos and fajitas are a must!!!


March 17, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thank you for your review. We're happy to know that you've loved everything you've tried so far at OTG. Home Delivery is a major part of our business, and Im glad you're taking advantage of it. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS (for Dine-In only) from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 630 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Students get a flat 25% off. Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!


Way to go!!! :)

A simple search for "Restaurants serving Continental food in Bandra" and the name "On The Go" popped up!
As someone mentioned earlier, it is a "Hidden Gem", so very true!
I drove from Andheri to Bandra (turning a blind eye on Yoko, 5-Spice which passed by! :D ) and the Google Map did rest of the job!
Delicious food (Chicken was perfectly cooked and the Grilled Chicken salad + Cheesy French Fries + Mexican Potato Skins Stuffed with chicken and cheese on the side...), no exorbitant pricing, service was sometimes a tiny bit delayed ( but it was really worth a wait! ) , very enthusiastic and friendly staff...Whoa I was full from the delightful dinner yesterday !
On The Go...Way to go! One more reason to drive to Bandra more often! :)


March 17, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Neetish, thanks a lot for your feedbak. We're glad that you enjoyed everything you tried at OTG, and thank you for referring to us as a "Hidden Gem", as one of our previous patrons did as well. Its truly humbling. We look forward to seeing you soon again, and we assure you that you're drive from Andheri to Bandra will be worthwhile every single time you eat at OTG :)

BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 7 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Students get a flat

March 17, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Sorry Neetish...our HAPPY HOURS (Sit-Down only) are from 1230 p.m. to 630 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Very nice!

Went with 12 friends on Monday night . The menu offers a wide range of cuisines- Continental, Mexican, Italian, Thai and select Kerala dishes. The pricing is very decent in this warm and cheerful eatery. Dishes ordered included Burrito, Tacos, Chicken Bacon & Potato Au Gratin, Roast Chicken, Chicken Peri Peri, Lamb Vienna, Chicken Belle Helene, Veg Lasagna, Penne Arrabiata & Thai Curry with Rice. . Peri Peri is sparkling and Veg. Lasagna delicious. The other dishes was well liked by all and the portions found to be ample.
Will definitely look to come back again soon


February 29, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks for your review Sajjiv. Yes, I do remember your party of 12...sorry about the slight delay while setting up your tables. Im glad you and your entire party enjoyed the food at OTG. Everyone complimented me on the food and said it was very well worth the drive - which is always encouraging. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 7 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Students get a flat 25% off. Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even m

Could be better!

Bandra never fails to come up with new restaurants every now and then and even though On the Go has been around for some time now, I just very recently went to check it out. And here’s what I thought of it.

Food- On the Go serves Italian, Mexican, Continental, Oriental, sandwiches, burgers, salads, etc. So there’s plenty of stuff to choose from. Since my friend wasn’t going to eat at all, and I was super hungry, I decided to call for a Cottage Cheese Roulade (Steaks of fresh cottage cheese marinated in herbs and rolled in spinach puree, served with creamy paprika sauce), Cheesy garlic bread and my friend had a Lime Iced Tea. I felt that the roulade was too bland. It sounded really yum on the menu but after trying it I wished I had called for something else. Also, the quantity was not enough. There were 4 cubes of raw paneer and a small rice lump on the side. Presentation-wise yes, it was very good but taste-wise, I wouldn’t recommend it. The cheesy garlic bread was good and cheesy as expected luckily. The lime iced tea was good.

Ambience- Located at Bandra west, near Mt. Mary Steps, On the Go is a small place at a turning point. It’s literally an ‘On the go’ place. The décor is simple, comfortable and nice- normal café type.

Service- They were quite prompt and quick in their service so no complaints there. They also asked us if we liked the dish which not many places do. So good going there!

Prices- The prices are fine and pretty reasonable but I just felt that the food was not worth the prices. The roulade was for Rs. 180, Cheesy Garlic bread for Rs. 65 and Lime Iced tea for Rs. 50. So that’s about 300 bucks for one person (‘cause my friend just had a few bites).

Verdict- On the Go is decent but taste-wise it can definitely get better. I’d go there again to try some more dishes.



February 8, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Roochster, thanks for your detailed review. I noticed that you liked everything else you tried at OTG, except the cottage cheese roulade. The cottage cheese used is actually steamed and not raw. As you may be aware, cottage cheese used in most Continental dishes is more often than not, served in its natural state, versus being cooked as it is in Indian dishes with a lot of spices. I do agree with you in regards to it being on the blander side. I personally am not a big fan of the cottage cheese roulade either. However, we have a lot of peopl

Awesome Mexican food

On the Go is a hidden gem! I came across this restaurant on Burrp itself and thought id give it a try. We have been ordering home from here ever since. everything from their Kerala cuisine, to the Mexican food, sandwiches, etc tasted great! and was value for money as well.
We liked the delicious chicken enchilada's, stuffed potato skins, and chimichanga's, the best. the owner of the place is very helpful and makes good suggestions for specials. i recommend everyone to go eat here!! or atleast order at home, it comes well packed too.


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks for your review. Digging your nickname....superpink! Your review is truly humbling and very encouraging at the same time. The Mexican items you mentioned happen to be my favorites as well. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!


Place worth trying out .... :)

Decent place, clean ... good food... tried the Mexican ... excellent pricing for the quantity and quality of the food ... difficult to spot the place ... huge variety on the menu ... must check it out ...


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks Russ. Appreciate your good review. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!



The only difficulty i found is finding this place thats it other wise thumps up for everything food,ambience,staff,quality.i liked the chicken panini ,the club panini .the best thing i liked here was the green envy juice.i just loved it .


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi b.bera, thanks for your review. Its truly encouraging. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!


excellent place

If u want a good Mexican food, look no further. This place is not only very reasonable but makes really simple and authentic food. Wish the city had more restaurants like this. I've come here at least 5 times and never have I been disappointed.


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Amar, thanks a lot for your flattering words. It only helps us strive to do even better. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!

slimfoodie - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 22,2011


Must check out eatery!!!

Visited this cute little eatery tht my friend suggested who orders from here regularly.. Ambience could have been better if they wouldnt hve covered the windows, I had bele helen, oriental lollipop (both recommended by my friend) and caramel tart and my friend had the chicken quesdila and the blu bang. Oriental lollipop was jus ok... the others were pretty tasty. Service was decent.


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks for your comments slimfoodie. Im glad you liked everything you tried. As far as the windows being partially covered, the idea was so that pedestrians dont have a direct view of the inside of the restaurant. The idea of partially keeping the windows open is so that our customers can get a view of the outside while enjoying the food. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a F

iipmalumni - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 11,2011


frank review

confused menu. bad quantity n very confused waiters. a lil congested & can surely be missed. had a bad time with friends. .


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi iipmalumni, Im sorry to hear that you didnt have a great experience. Im not sure exactly what went wrong with the food, since you've not mentioned anything in particular. Irrespective, I apologize since you were not entirely happy. I assure you your next visit will be much better. Please do ask for me on your next visit to OTG. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20%

tilakpillai - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 11,2011


Quite lil place around a corner

great food.. and the best part is that this open thru the day.. lets u have a leisured lunch without having to be in a hurry to get thrown out..
it's light on the pocket.. just needed a lil beer in a place like this.. may b in time that too should come by...
all in all - a place which is economical and has good food... a decent variety...


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks Tilkapillai for your comments. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!


I visited On The Go on Saturday! Logged in to burrp before going there, the reviews got me happy and made me want to try the place, along with the the description of food they serve! I must say, i want to visit this place again for the amazing satisfying experience they provided. Ordered a Panini and Fajitas and Blue Bang (Drink made of lime and orange) and trust me, it was all YUM! Highly satisfying tasty food with not such high prices. I want to go back and try so much more! Great place, Great Food And Greater Potential to grow. Highly Recommended! Finally a place where you can walk in hungry and get out with a hand on your stomach saying, "Oh, i have eaten so much good food". Keep up the good food! See you soon again OTG! And thank you for satisfying the taste buds so well. No complaints!


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks Kairavi for your awesome review! We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!


scope to do much better !

Visited OTG this evening for dinner.The location isn't that great to start with but its a pretty decently done place with around 7-8 tables.

We were in the mood to have only mexican,everything we ordered was good - nachos,mexican rice ( was very spicy though) & the corn quesedillas.We wanted to have the burrito but it wasn't available & neither was the enchilada,I guess initial teething problems.

The lemon iced tea was OK,it was not freshly made (using powder like lipton or something),ice was very less.

The frappe was very good,unfortunately the flavours mentioned on the menu like caramel,hazelnut,chocolate etc wasn't available.

There was only one waiter serving,hence service was a bit on the slower side.There were also mosquitoes seen around the table.

Overall the food was good but ambiance isn't that great & location is a let down.They have potential to do much better though, I'm sure !


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi jainnamrata, thanks for your review. I agree with you that we did have a few issues in December owing to some staffing issues. All the issues had been taken care of by mid-december we're all good now. Im glad that you mentioned that everything you tried was good. We appreciate your comments. Im sure you're next visit will be a lot better. We've recently introduced about 15 new delicious items on the menu. You must check them out. BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p

zstooth - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 02,2011


The ideal place for food on the go!

This restaurant is what i would call an ideal restaurant. It has a vast and varied menu to choose from, the decor is perfect for the kind of food they serve and most importantly they serve excellent food.

The food i have tasted so far is excellent. Their OTG burger definitely beats the KFC one. Among others I enjoyed the Smoked Chicken in spinach sauce, Baked beans burrito and the lasagna. The menu is not overpriced and perfectly reasonable.

Im definitely going to be back for more!!

P.S. - Apart from the graffiti on the table and the lighting I really like their logo. Kudos to the people involved in designing it.


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi zstooth, thanks for your review. We've had a lot of customers come in and tell us exactly what you said - the OTG Burger beats the KFC Burger hands down. So its great to hear it from you in a review as well.

BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced HAPPY HOURS from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a FLAT 20% OFF on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!

Quresh M - Burrp User

Quresh M

2 Reviews

November 30,2011


Tasty and unique stuff.....

I visited the place 4 months ago and visited again recently, and there were just too many delicious names to choose from the menu !
I personally recommend the grilled OTG burger, chicken fajitas, smoked chicken in spinach sauce and cola lollypops. The chocolate mousse was excellent.
Very reasonable compared to similar joints and absolutely worth the money.
They also serve authentic south Indian dishes (not idli dosas) but stuff which you normally do not get around.
Also if you are dining in, make sure you read the interesting movie related info printed on the tables. It leave a good Mexican memory and their other cuisines are not bad too. I hope they open up in South Mumbai soon!


February 7, 2012response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks a lot for your comments Quresh. Hopefully, we'll open in South Mumbai as the near future!

BTW, for a limited period, we've introduced Happy Hours from Monday through Friday - 1230 p.m. to 6 p.m. - Avail a flat 20% off on your total tab! Come in and take advantage of this great offer - Enjoy awesome food at even more awesome prices!


Awesome....delicious food...very reasonable!

I visited OTG on Nov 26th - along with few of our colleagues. Had heard about this place through an aunt who lives in the area. Our experience at OTG was awesome, to say the least. We began our meal with a round of baked beans and corn quaesadillas (for the vegetarians), and chicken quesadillas. The filling was very cheesy and flavourful, to the point that you could not just taste cheese, but the combination of the cheese and other ingredients blended together was just perfect. The tortillas were light and crisp which added to the overall taste. Next came the Nachos Grande, which was delicious. We didnt care so much for the cheesy french fries, which were just ok. Another thing that we didnt quite like was the Peach & Apricot Cooler Drink which I thought was a tad bit high on the sweeter side. One of us ordered the OTG Special Chicken Burger, which was delicious - he said it beats the KFC Chicken Burger hands down! For the main course, we had the Chicken Enchiladas, Canelloni Florentine (veg), Chicken Lasagna, Penne Polo Ala Pesto, and The Poule Belle Frijole - every single dish was excellent! Finally, I have to say that the pricing is so reasonable that one tends to look at the bill a second time to make sure they didnt miss out on anything. Agreed, its not a high-end fine-dine restaurant, but thats what we require - more such casual places, with a very chilled out ambiance, good music and very laid back. Im a foodie and I can assure you that its very difficult to find a place like OTG, in a prime area like Bandra - with all the different cuisines they offer, at that quality and price - its just awesome. We're hooked!


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hello Mildred, than you for a truly "awesome" review :) Its really appreciated. Im glad you and your colleagues enjoyed the food at OTG. Do visit us soon and dont forget to try out all the new additions to our Menu - Im sure you'll enjoy them as much, if not more, than all the dishes you've already tried. Looking forward to welcoming you soon again. Cheers!


Bad, Pathetic, Horrible

I read decent reviews for this place so thought will give it a try.
I was highly disappointed with this place ... besides the price (which is very reasonable) nothing is good about this place.
The waiters dont quiet know what they are serving, you have to literally point them, describe what you want -- before they udnerstand.
I had ordered Mexican food - (fajitas) and wanted some more Tortilla .... but he would not udnerstand, and only when I asked for " mexican roti" did he understand what I was asking for.
The Mexican food is no where even remotely close to being authentic.
I would highly recommend the owners of this palce to go to some nice Mexican place arund Mumbai and see how it is done or just "youtube" for some dishes like Burrito, Enchilada, Fajita to see how it is done / served / prepared.
Hope they improve the food.


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hello newfoodieintown, let me start off by thanking you for your feedback. Im really sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience. Can you tell me the day and approximate time you visited us? I will personally look into what went wrong in regards to the fajitas, and promise to improve on the same. In regards to our service staff, we recently hired new staff, who are yet undergoing the training process. Its extremely difficult to get very good service staff in Mumbai these days, but we are doing our best. Your comments only motivate us




November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Thank you very much for your review Sachin. Please do visit us again. Take care...Cheers!

bulletmehta - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 21,2011


Finally some real Mexican food

Eat your heart out Sanchos!

If anyone has had real Mexican food, they will know what Im talking about. One of the things I really missed from living in the west was proper Mexican food. I always felt that one missing thing in Mumbai, was a real Mexican joint. I seriously felt that not one Mexican place in Mumbai has got their sauces and spices right till I got to OTG

I had to go to OTG for a quick bite, I ended up having a meal of 7 items!!

The Potato Skins are really awesome! I could just keep on eating them. If your having only one dish here, this is a must try.

The Quesadillas were superb.

Im not that fond of Corn, but the Corn Enchiladas and the Black bean Burritos took me back to my visits to Texas!

Didnt have the desserts, so cant comment.

As others have also mentioned, the value is for money is simply unreal considering Mexican is so expensive around here.

Service - Im not expecting a Taj like service, but I didnt have anything to complain for either.

Will I go back? - I think they will hear from me every week, mouth watering already..


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Thank you for your review....we appreciate it. Yes, Mexican has been our highest selling cuisine till date, although our Italian, Continental and other Cuisines are not too far off in terms of popularity. Please stop by soon and check out all the other dishes on the menu which you missed. Hope to see you soon.

A bit disappointing

I was very excited to come here, specially after reading all the good reviews, but this place didn’t quite meet the mark as a place to go again n again. This might be because I had high expectations, but the food just wasn’t memorable.


Tuscan Panini: was good, but could be made a bit crispier in the grill.

Poulet Belle Helene: The Chicken was way too tough to cut with a knife.

Chicken Aruba: Best of the day. Was light and crispy. The paprika sauce was good.

Cottage Cheese Roulade: It was too much cheese. The Spinach layer was so thin, it was barely visible which caused lack of flavor. There was no real texture other than the cheese which was unappetizing.

Gooey Chocolate Cake: It was really bad! There was nothing gooey about it. Other than being mildly moist at one end it was totally dry. It was more of a dry brownie. And half a scoop of ice cream for 35 bucks is just disappointing.

Service: Really bad. They mixed up our orders. Got something we did not order. We had to repeatedly ask for cutlery.

Prices: Value for money. Everything is priced just right. (Maybe should include the tiny ice cream in the dish and not charge extra for it.)

Would I go there again?: Maybe. Just because they have many cuisines which can’t be all bad.


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi codenamezapper, I would like to thank you for your comments - both positive as well as negative about the food. We require your feedback in order to better ourselves. Id like to apologize for the mess up in the service. We've recently hired new service staff who are still undergoing training. I'd like to invite you to visit us once again to try out other items on the menu that you may have not had a chance to try. Hope to see you soon.

December 1, 2011response from the codenamezapper:

thanks, will visit soon.
Keep up the good work!


On The Go is Dam Good - True VFM

Visited OTG on 18th Aug '11 . Was thinking of coming to this outlet from the time it has Opened.

Ambiance : - Good, quite well done . Really liked the Seating in the Restaurant. Very Comfy. T

Food :- We ordered for Veg Manchow Soup (out of the menu - Made to Order) It was very good indeed (though Fried Noodles were missing :-( But the flavour was just perfect. Then came the Quesadillas served with Salsa and Sour Cream. It was simply yummy. The French Fries were really a Treat, loved It. For the Main Course we ordered the Penne in Pesto Sauce. The Penne was cooked just Perfect, the Pesto sauce was Simply Outstanding. The Flavour of Basil was just Brilliant. Cottage Cheese & Spinach Cannelloni was next on the table. The seasoning was spot on & the Cannelloni was cooked well. The dish is served with Tomato & White sauce on the base on which the Cannelloni is placed. I'd prefer some sauce to be poured over the Cannelloni as well.

Service - Good.. Thanks to Tom who personally attends to each & every table

Pricing - All the Items are Very Well Priced !

We had a very good Experience, and a Special Mention about Tom Mathew whose Hospitality is Very Warm. Overall I'd say it is an absolute VFM ! Looking forward to visit it soon again...!


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Tahzeeb, thank you for your review. Im glad you had good things to say about the food, the ambience, pricing as well as the service. Dont forget to try out the new additions to our Mexican menu, and yes, please ask for me on your next visit. I'll be happy to talk you through them. Take care...and see you soon!


a simple to go dine in

a vast menu to choose from,
simple and tasty food to serve,
value for money
think that i liked form what i ordered

veg man-chow soup:-
which was made to adder out of the menu and the flavor
of hot soup with nice tinge of ginger and garlic just made a good start up for the rainy weather out side :)

penne in basil sauce :
really liked the well Good pasta in a flavor full basil sauce simple and tasty

cannelloni stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese in a cream and tomato sauce
just warm and yummy

and not to forget the warm hospitality from ( Tom mattew )


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Jaybhatt, thanks for your comments. I noticed you're a vegetarian (based on the items mentioned in your review) and Im glad we can cater equally to both non vegetarians as well as vegetarians with our vast menu. Do try out the new items on our Mexican menu. Im sure you'll love it.



cool,snassy n stylish restaurant....good for a day out wid frndz or family....went der wid my mom, bst frnd n her mom...had an awsum tym wid em ovr food...excelllent food...try d yummy lasagna...serves tasty food in proper prortions at reasonable rates...friendly ambience n wonderful staff...dis plesant and friendly xperience creates wonderful memories wid ur dear ones...:)


November 29, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi, thanks for your review. We look forward to seeing you soon again!

himani6 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 17,2011


Best Hang out joint !!!

OTG's an excellent hang out joint. Love the music, the ambiance....its the perfect hang out spot for all ages, which is not easy to find. Delicious food at very reasonable rates!! My fav dishes and a must try are the OTG special salad and my fav cheesy fries . Must say they got THE BEST FRIES i have ever tasted !!!!!! Loved the food and the service :) Keep it up . Will be visiting very often...thats for sure!


August 18, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Thank you himani. We appreciate your comments. Yes, the cheesy fries are sinful....but truly delicious. See you soon!

Good Value for Money Food

Visited OTG last night and had a nice meal. Ordered a OTG Burger & the Kerala Chicken curry which was great. Had a nice refreshing drink called the "Blue Bang" which was good. Going to be back to try out their vast menu which includes Mexican, Thai etc.. Real value for money and a nice place to chill out with friends. Service was friendly and fast & Tom, the co-owner was more than helpful to help and explain the various dishes to us. A must try out restaurant.


August 18, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Thanks Vikram. I actually remember you from the other night. Thanks for your comments and we look forward to welcoming you again. Do ask for me on your next visit. I'll be happy to explain things in the menu again and recommend my favourites. Cheers!

Zanobia4 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 03,2011


OTG! OMG! Too good!!!!! Going to Visit again!!!!

My experience at On The Go can be described in two simple words “Just Amazing”. We found out about this place after reading their awesome review in the Mid-Day. Mid-Day doesn't normally give great reviews about restaurants very often...since we're regular mid-day readers, we would know. We were intrigued by the review and realized we had to try this place out. Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by its Director, Tom Mathew, who introduced himself to us right away.
The ambience of this restaurant is so endearing; simple and comfortable. Nice retro ambience, good music and not very loud. One can talk and enjoy the music as well.
I’m a hygiene freak and let me tell you, this place is really hygienic. The tables are well maintained, the cutlery and crockery are spick and span.
The Prices:
One look at the menu card and I was assured. This place is not going to be heavy on anyone’s pocket! Tell me where else do you get mouth-watering mock tails at just Rs.50! You dont get a rich, truly authentic, very nicely plated, Italian Lasagna for just 220 bucks (all inclusive) elsewhere. We didn't get a chance to try out their Burgers and Paninis but we did see it on the menu and on other tables...and they looked delicious. Out of curiosity, we checked the prices for them...and they were so affordable! I guess we'll try them on our next visit.
Food Experience:
I called in for a Veg Lasagna. What impressed me at first was the presentation. The Lasagna consisted of garlic bread and extra white sauce at the base of the Lasagna. The garlic bread was one of the best I ever had. Just the right amount of garlic, lots of butter and it was amazingly crispy (unlike most joints). The white sauce was “finger licking good”. The Lasagna experience was delectable. My mom called in for the Non Vegetarian version of the Lasagna and was rather pleased to have ordered it. She kept raving about the quality of the chicken.
I then called in for a quesadilla with baked beans and corn. It was served with sour cream and salsa. It was simply “yum”! Two pieces of nicely stuffed tortillas with loooooooooots of cheese! Writing about it makes me want to go there again, which I do intend to do very soon. I called in for a Kiwi cooler...I cant recollect the exact name on the menu though. Needless to say, it lived up to my expectations and was very refreshing.
The best part of my meal was the Gooey Chocolate Cake! Guys, this piece of dessert is simply incredible! I’m not exaggerating here! I ended up having two of them! Must have! Must Have! Super Like! Super Like!
We were so impressed by the food; we carried home some coca-cola chicken lollipops for my brother. It is really one of its kind and a must have! Not only good to look at, but very nice to eat as well as per my brother, who is a major foodie himself.
The good thing about OTG is that the owners are very much involved as we noticed on our visit there. Tom Mathew made it a point to personally attend to not just us but to all other guests as well, as we noticed. The service staff was very attentive, helpful and polite which you dont see too often these days. We also noticed that the service staff had disposable plastic gloves on at all times when serving customers, which adds to their hygiene standards...again something you don't see often even at expensive high-end restaurants.
OTG seems short on service staff, but I guess certain teething problems do exist with any new establishment. Yes, another negative point was the size of their bathroom, which was very tiny. However, it was extremely clean and tidy, which is again not common at restaurants. Lastly, I would have preferred cloth napkins instead of paper napkins....but that's an individual preference and may not really matter to most others.
Overall Experience:
I had a remarkable time at this place. In fact we're planning on throwing a party here very soon for about 20 friends. We're in talks with the management for the same. This place has something for everyone....Italian, Mexican, Continental, Burgers, North Indian....some dishes from Kerala as well. Apart from the delicious food, I think they have a winner in their pricing, which is too reasonable......we need more OTGs in this city!! Mid-Day’s review is a very accurate description of this place. It's a MUST visit!



OTG all the way!

On a cloudy, saturday after noon, all I craved for was some really good food at some comfortable joint! and just about then, i happened to visit OTG!
Here's how my experience was..!


To start with, we decided to call-in for soups, and having settled on the very basic "chicken manchow soup", we kick-started a very pleasant afternoon.
The authenticity of the soup was incredible! Infact, it was just enough to drag me back to that place!

The menu at OTG was so tempting that one visit seemed short! but to my luck, i'd skipped breakfast! So the manager was kind enough to provide me a variety of delights ranging from the "chicken lasagna" to our very own "kerala chicken" (my personal favorite).
Each of the dishes, cooked to perfection. So much so that I had absolutely no regrets in bouncing-in at the place!

After having topped myself to the neck, their pomogranite and strawberry flavored mock-tail was just the relief i was longing for! It was a trip to heaven and back! (no exaggeration)

OTG offers 3 desserts, of which i had 2 rounds of each! And so, i need not even say anymore! However, the "gooey chocolate cake" was a winner!


OTG has a very casual seating and service, which makes it a warm place for casual hangouts! To me, it seems like a hit among youngsters!


As compared to other continental restaurants, it's a rather cheaply priced place!
And infact, the authenticity and hygiene provided at OTG actually requires a price RISE!

All in all, it's absolutely worth it! And, one visit there cannot be your last, not only because of the food, but also because of the staff! Mr. Tom, a very warm person himself, often caters to customers personally, and is very open to advice!

So, visit, and indulge!
happy eating! :)



awesum blossom :P

OTG is really a awseum place... all must try.... i had chicken aruba... ah! it ws indeed very very tasty... n the drink- blue bang... it ws sooo refreshing... and d gooey chocolate cake.... well..! speechless ... the ambience was lively.. and even d service was quick.. loved it.. each item they served us they checked with us whether it ws good...
must try... really LOVED it :P :)

- aish:)



Ambience: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 3/5
Food Pricing: 3/5

Ambience: Decent seating arrangement. Lounge music, 2 flat screen TV’s, spacious set up and adequate lighting. Nothing particularly great; thus the 4 on 5

Service: The Manager (Not sure of his name) asked us for feedback on the dishes and accepted what we had to say. We were displeased about the fact that they don’t serve water. Water is charged. There’s no concept of ‘Regular Water’. Secondly, when we called for water, a small bottle of Aquafina + 2 small plastic cups were placed at our table. We had to pour water into those cups ourselves. Even the mocktails we ordered came in longer (a bigger size) plastic glasses. Team, cutlery is paid a lot of attention to. The tables were bare naked. No set of tissues / menu cards placed on the tables either. A fork & knife is served wrapped in a tissue at the time of laying an order on the table; spoons are given only when asked.

Food Quality: The chicken wasn’t out of the world neither were the “buttered” vegetable slices with the finest (thinnest) scrapings of lettuce and something else we couldn’t really identify. The taste was alright; but I feel there’s more that can be contributed.

Food Quantity: Listed under is an in depth description. Knock yourselves out!

1) We began our meal ordering 2 MOCKTAILS, a Blue Bang & a Peach and Apricot Crush. To be honest, it was Sprite with a dash of peach/apricot juice served with a poorly rinsed mint leaf and a slice of lemon. The Blue Bang just had the shade of blue making me believe it was Gatorade spiked with some flavor drops, again, served with a poorly rinsed mint leaf and a slice of lemon. Both, in plastic glasses.
2) Cola Lollipops – Yes, we chose this as our starter. The bell pepper pulav (“Chef’s Special Fried Rice” that it is served with) without a doubt was tasty. The ‘Special Dipping Sauce’ tasted like Manchurian gravy (Served in a small plastic bowl placed in the centre of the rice, the 4 chicken lollipops placed ion each corner of the plate). The lollipops won the trophy for being the skinniest we’ve ever seen. #enough.said
3) Main Course – I chose a Poulet Belle Helene; the “Creamy Mushroom Sauce” tasted like the Chicken Shaslik gravy. The “Stuffing” of mushroom and cheese looked like a tablespoon cheese with black spots and the scrapings of mushroom. Mind you, the ‘stuffing’ would have been more if it was really served with a breast piece. The piece of chicken served makes me think she was starved to death. The Poulet Belle Frijole was the other dish we ordered. This indeed tasted delicious. The gravy was spicy just as the manager promised and thankfully, this chicken didn’t die of hunger if you know what I mean. Main course consisted a small serving of rice, gravy and a piece of chicken, served with few “buttered” (to us they just seemed steamed) french bean and carrot slices. Scrapings of lettuce as I mentioned earlier was served too.

Food Pricing: Yes, you are located in an expensive area, your food items on the menu are dishes of high value, but please remember, the servings, service & variety (in the plate) need to be paid attention to. Not happy.

Won’t be coming here again. But glad I dropped in for a visit, I know how much exactly to believe of the picture displayed on the mid-day article as well as the + reviews below.



August 6, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Tanya, let me start off by apologizing for the late reply. I'm pleased to inform you of our recent Anonymous review and feature in the latest issue of Time Out, which Im sure you know has their publications in New York, Paris, London, and other major cities all around the world:

I would also like to thank you for rating On The Go a 4/5 for both Food Quality and Ambience. We really appreciate it.

Allow me to continue by addressing some of

August 9, 2011response from the Preditor05:

Hi Tom,

I appreciate your clarification on the above. I only wish you were company the day we chose your restaurant to lunch at on a Saturday afternoon. I'm certain you'd have thought differently. Thank you for your detailed explanation on chicken lollypops. I make them at home myself and the quantity of meat without the batter as you mentioned is obviously lesser. If only you had to see the meat+skin on the bones served as cola lolly pops, i guarantee you'd think differently.
Anyway, i wont take much of your time b


On the Go, Genuinely Tasty :P

Hey guys im writing this review for Tom's new restaurant On the Go where I have experienced some AMAZING italian and continental food alongwith some really unique salads. At OTG one can find genuinely good food from fresh and imported ingredients for that authentic flavour that we all crave for when we order for anything. The variety here is also very nice ranging from continental and italian and mexican right to a few yummy keralite dishes. As far as i know, all my friends have never been there just once, cuz every1 who has tasted the food there once is BOUND to come back! :P Hope u guys dont miss out on this place....


July 21, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Hi Prabhat13, thank you for your comments. Yes, we make sure that all our produce and ingredients are fresh and of high quality at all times. Im glad your friends keep coming back to OTG for more....our repeat customers are our biggest compliment. Do check out our new lamb dishes which should be available from next week. Thanks again!

B A - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 16,2011


Great new restaurant with tremendous variety

I live and work right around the corner and this new place has been a godsend. The menu has an incredible variety of cuisine choices so no matter what I'm in the mood for, I can usually find something that works. The food quality itself has been great for everything I've tried out on the menu but I do have a few favourites:
- the Kerala fried chicken is a tasty snack that isn't as unhealthy as it sounds (or at least that's what I keep telling myself)
- the chicken chilly with steamed rice has just the right amount of spiciness to it
- the chicken salsawich is a surprisingly filling tangy panini-style sandwich

Which brings up the point that the menu is somewhat lacking in meat options that go beyond chicken but as these guys are still tweaking and adding things to the menu as they go along, perhaps this will be remedied in the future.

Their prices are really quite reasonable for what you're getting as well so I don't feel quite so guilty about eating there fairly often. Portions tend to just about right or just slightly less than what you would be getting from fast food restaurants in the immediate area but OTG seems to make up for that with taste and quality.

If you do choose to dine in, it's a comfy experience in a clean, freshly-remodeled interior. The decor itself has a bit of a retro 50s American diner feel, with some neon accents thrown in for good measure. It'll look even better once their mostly empty display case gets filled up with what I hope to be desserts.

OTG has become my go-to option for quick and convenient meals and I imagine that once the restaurant establishes itself in the neighbourhood, a lot of other Bandra residents will become regulars as well.


July 18, 2011response from the bandrafoodie:

Dear Kwagga, thanks a lot for your comments. We truly appreciate it. When planning the menu and working for several months to perfect the dishes before opening, having a good variety and ensuring that all of it tasted good was a priority and it continues to remain that way. The whole idea was to have enough variety wherein our customers can keep trying new things everytime they're here or call in to get food delivered. Im glad to hear that you feel the same way.

In regards to your comment about fewer meat options, we are happy to info