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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: fish fingers
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned Friends

Additional remarks from reviews:

alternative / progressive rock and heavy metal mus
treat for Music lovers
good buffet lunch
Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

March 31,2015

Okay for a not so expensive party

We went to On Toes for an office party. While the waiting staff was quite helpful and efficient, most of the food was about average. The fish fingers were good and fresh while some of the other starters were quite forgettable. The DJ was good and had the audience on their toes. All in all, an okay place to go to.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 02,2015

On Toes Fails to get you on your toes

Their menu boasts of a large spread spanning across Mughlai, Chinese to continental but it fails to make a impact in any of these cuisines. Even indian starters are a bit oily and are not having the same flavors that i would get from restos located in the same area.

However the prices extremely reasonable with good satisfying services.
The DJ is great and the ambiance is classy and very vintage.
Fairly decent seating area, two large screens at each end, two TV's for those who cannot watch the big screen.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 24,2015

good place for drinkers and for chilling with friends

Very pub like ambiance, friendly and cheery,best spent drinking with friends, as my hubby has done with some of his office friends. most of the people around are like that, drinking more, eating less. I had some pasta (always with red sauce) and nachos and they were good,just the way I like them,no complaints. Regular pub goers type of people would definitely like this!
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neelindap - Burrp User


November 12,2014

Forgettable experience

Nothing much to say about this place.

Went in for their buffet.
Service is all right,though kept serving me veg starters,despite ordering a non-veg one.Again,nothing quite exquisite about the food.Average enough eat,both starters as well as the main course.
For some reason,the food felt cold and a little stale.

Desserts are probably the saving grace.
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dipakranawat - Burrp User


July 08,2014

Toesome Awesome...

For some reason or the other my plans to visit this place kept getting postponed. When I finally made it there, I was really excited.And they didn't let me down. Good food. Good ambience. Good service. I visited again with friends and had a blast. It is a must-visit place.
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peculiarblend - Burrp User


July 08,2014

Heaven for sports freaks

I've been visiting this place for over eight years now. Back in those days when I used to work for a call center for while. This was the closest place in 2008 besides few cheap local bars.

I have watched most of the matches here than at home

I frequented this place because of the friendly disco jockey who plays our favourite rock music.
Captain is a welcoming guy.

We do not order food from here we just sit there and enjoy our drinks but we have tried it a few times. I have nothing special to recommend to be honest.

If you like Dal khichdi then you must try it especially during monsoons. It's delicious.

They have two giant screens where matches can be watched with friends, couples and even when you just wish to spend some time alone with your whiskey or gin.

All and all, a fabulous place to be for a suburban.
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Abhishek Rathore - Burrp User

Abhishek Rathore

June 25,2014

This has been a good place to visit

Everytime i pass by from this place, i use to avoid it thinking it must be like the one at Vile Parle. But, my friend had some other opinion about this and told me to try it out once. So, me along with my friends visited this place. The place was dimly lit with two huge screens, one at the entrance and other at the back of the restaurant. The only good source of light was the screen. But, that isn't the problem, every pub or lounge is lit this way. To start of with, we ordered a beer tower. veg
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Sanah Suvarna - Burrp User

Sanah Suvarna

May 29,2014

good place for parties

We had celebrated a farewell party at On Toes. To our surprise, the place was extremely reasonable with good satisfying services.
Their buffet had many dishes to choose from. Good desserts too!
The DJ was great and the ambiance is classy and very vintage.
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

May 29,2014

On Top of my list

Everytime i pass by from this place, i use to avoid it thinking it must be like the one at Vile Parle. But, my friend had some other opinion about this and told me to try it out once. So, me along with my friends visited this place. The place was dimly lit with two huge screens, one at the entrance and other at the back of the restaurant. The only good source of light was the screen. But, that isn't the problem, every pub or lounge is lit this way. To start of with, we ordered a beer tower. veg & non-veg starters. The starters were real good, both the starters were suggested by the waiter and they turned out to be good. Generally, waiters recommendation always turns out to be weird and crappy. The staff is real generous and quick to get things at the table. The only weird part about this place is the DJ. He generally plays the full track and doesn't mix it well. Although, the choice of songs are good and he does listen to requests and plays them instantly.

The place is real chilled out with good staff, good music, good food and pocket friendly.

Happy Eating!!

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rahul01011985 - Burrp User


March 29,2014


The board said " NO HAPPY HOUR GIMMICKS" I was very surprised , today when every place is advertising happy hours, extended happy hours etc , this place has a board like this !! we go in see the menu, the alcohol is the most reasonably priced, ANTIQUITY BLUE @ RS 90, PITCHER @ 399, COCKTAILS @ 250/- taxes are extra but still very reasonable. these prices are there throughout the week so its a great place to visit any day, you never need to worry about happy hours being over. Ontoes food has always been good , music retro and with this pricing, it makes a great VFM place. Cheers !!!!
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ankit4000063 - Burrp User


March 15,2014

Ok Ok

I visited this place with my friends and completely loved the place
When it comes to food, the food was good and food portion was good too
The service was prompt and the staff was courteous
Overall it turned out to be a nice eventful evening for all of us
Looking forward to go visit it again
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sonal bhatia - Burrp User

sonal bhatia

March 13,2014

Superb place

On toes is one such place that I can go anytime. One doesn't have to think twice before going there. Right from the food to its price, everything is perfect here. You get Indian, Chinese and even Italian. All under one roof. Inspite of the place getting full on weekends, the manager gets you a place quickly. The Locha Naan, paneer chilly, cheese chilly bites and dry manchurian are a must here. All in all definitely a must visit place to get a complete experience.
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Himanshu  - Burrp User


February 23,2014

Cosy Venture

I have been to on toes couple of times so far and must say that its a nice place to hangout as a couple or even with the friends. Spacious, adequetly stuffed with your favourite liquor and good music. Service is pretty good too but at times its very delayed... I mean it took almost half an hour to get our Bill!!! But overall its a decent place to get stressfree
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desaitejas - Burrp User


December 05,2013

Pub at Malad

You canb buy 6 buffets and get 1 FREE at On Toes at Buffet Price: Rs.330 / Person. That's really cool about this place. In this place cuisines served are Chinese, North Indian, Continental and Italian which comes to an average bill Rs.200 Approx per person. Its been travelled long way to be known as the best place for some mouth watering sizzler's and both Indian as well as Chinese cuisine. A true blend of food, fun and laughter, On Toes serves you some delicious cuisines seasoned with soulful music and accompanied by a great variety of cocktails. The On Toes Pub is probably more popular with its range of liquor and wild music.
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chiragnidhi123 - Burrp User


November 29,2013


basic food.. nyc place.. good for couples .. good ambience.. delicious food.. nyc fondue.. a bit dull place.. need to lighten up d place... basic food.. nyc place.. good for couples .. good ambience.. delicious food.. nyc fondue.. a bit dull place.. need to lighten up d place... basic food.. nyc place.. good for couples .. good ambience.. delicious food.. nyc fondue.. a bit dull place.. need to lighten up d place...
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pradiprathod1 - Burrp User


October 13,2013

Great place to visit...

Have been here with friends on a bdae party. The ambience was good and so was the service. The choice of food was alot. The prices are reasonable for food as well as drinks. A must place to visit.
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Tushar Chavan - Burrp User

Tushar Chavan

August 05,2013

Retains the Original Flavour

The offers here are awesome. i believe it is one of the restaurant which gives you value for the money.....On Toes offers the best music experience you feel the need for in a Pub... the large screen that plays Live Games
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Rishabh Shah - Burrp User

Rishabh Shah

July 27,2013

Value for Money

Its a good place to have a beer and watch some game with friends.
They have got 3 screens which adds on to the ambiance. Its a treat for Music lovers especially Rock.Prices are very decent and the food is really good.A must visit!!!
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Nilay Kambli - Burrp User

Nilay Kambli

May 06,2013

Sat night hangout...

Have been here couple of times. One of my fav pub to hangout. Great classic rock music being played concert videos/football match live. Good food. Do try Sicilian pizza it's super yum thin crust pizza. Cocktails god too along with our fav nibble bhindi fry.

Ambience is also very cool all the rock and roll legends inducted on the walls and western pub kinda look.

Staff is nice too. Not too pleasing though, average.

Note: It starts filling up from 9-9.30 pm on Sat. Even though you won't have to wait for an hour.
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franticfoodie - Burrp User


March 29,2013

Good place for friends

Good place to hang around with friends... the music can definitely be improved....
F&B is VFM.
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rocky313 - Burrp User


July 07,2012

they are just not good enough

been here a few times. absolutely amazing taste. every-time i have had problems with some foreign particles in my food which is absolutely unacceptable.

i tried their place in Indore too and it had the same problem.

not sure if i am unlucky with the place or they are just not careful from where they source the raw food from. i doubt if i can be unlucky so often. i guess its just their imperfection at work.
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tranceaddict - Burrp User


June 02,2012

Awesome music... 5/5 for VFM!!!

ITs pretty much a regular pub but what differentiates it are the alternative / progressive rock and heavy metal music vids played on a pretty decent sized screen... Nice place for some different genres of music...
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?/\/\O?  - Burrp User


May 21,2012

Nice to be there

It is well known for its good buffet lunch Gr8 quality and quantity.
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viraljoshi - Burrp User


April 16,2012

cool place

Love to be at this place...!! specialy on weakend with Dj amul:-)
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agarneha - Burrp User


March 17,2012

a Good Restraunt

I recently visited On Toes malad with my cousins .. its a really nice place. the food is good. the service compared to before has improved. the ambiance is comforting . the music is good . Buffet is the best thing to have here . its a great value for money..
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subodhgoenka - Burrp User


March 05,2012

An awesome get together for me n my frnds.

we recently had a get together at On Toes Malad, and it was fun. The offers here are awesome. i believe it is one of the restaurant which gives you value for the money. The chicken is too amazing and we seriously loved it. The atmosphere is quite calm and cozy. Even the service is good.
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ryclo.121 - Burrp User


February 07,2012

Perfect for a Quickie

Hangout joint during my working days in Malad.. off from work and off to Ontoes!!! with the great offer and the amazing chicken chilly as my favourite.... On Toes offers the best music experience you feel the need for in a Pub... the large screen that plays Live Games.. the World Cup Final being one of the best moments at this place..
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ubiquitous.a - Burrp User


December 07,2011

Horrible food and confused service

I visited On Toes, 2 days ago with my wife to only find that the entire staff is confused on service. I placed an order for exotic baked vegetable which was served after waiting for 45 minutes. Taste of the food was awful. Sicilian pizza seemed to have only toppings and was unpalatable.

This place is a sure no no from my side.
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Sima Kapdi - Burrp User

Sima Kapdi

November 22,2011

very noisy

place seems good when you enter..very noisy when its full. The crowd is mainly family and big groups as the sitting layout is such.
Food and service is ok.
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Harshita  - Burrp User


September 08,2011

Restaurant is Horrible

OnToes the Pub might be awesome, but the restaurant is a complete disappointment!
Not well maintained. The food is overpriced for its quantity.
The waiters don't know their speciality... every cuisine is the same for them - Indian and Italian!! Also on specifically asking if the quantity of pasta was good enough for 1 person or 2, the manager said '2' and when the final order came, the pasta was almost half the appetite of a normal person. We had to relook at the menu and order something else!
Food is completely overpriced - for the quality as well as the quantity...
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Ankit Rana - Burrp User

Ankit Rana

August 07,2011


great place.....awesome food and great service.....nice place for a group party....they know how to manage a big group
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Siddharth Mehra - Burrp User

Siddharth Mehra

July 22,2011

REALLY BAD EXPERIENCE... Cockroaches and rats...

Had gone with colleagues for dinner at the on toes restaurant in malad. I don't know what to say, firstly there were cockroaches on the table, when we pointed this out the waiter simply picked them up with a tissue paper and later after we ordered the starters, a rat just ran across the common couch, scaring all the patrons, we left immediately. The manager tried to play it down and wasn't exactly courteous, he offered 10% discount on the final bill, that too only when the other patrons started to create a scene. For a franchise of such caliber to have such low standards of hygiene is simply obnoxious. We ourselves didn't want to create a scene but if i were there with my friends, we wouldn't have paid a single rupee. REALLY REALLY BAD EXPERIENCE.
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Nilay Kambli - Burrp User

Nilay Kambli

May 22,2011


AWSSSUUMMM EXPERIENCE from the moment i walked in with my friends n bro till we left... sat nyte @ 9pm..

will keep it breif...
5 points for the 5 stars...
1. classic rock music playing loud..
2. gr8 ambience...
3.gud service..(attentive waiters..)
4. supa tasty food..
5. live football(Barcelona) match on 2 huge screens.... n music vid of rock song on projector..
(dats y i guess Score was empty on sat nyte..hehehe)

wat we ate..... 2 pepper n salt chckn, 1 paneer tikka, 2 sicilia thin crust pizza, 1 lasagne napoletana, 1 chicken hakka noodles n 6 cranberry breezer = 2753rs. only....

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Tanya Cordeiro - Burrp User

Tanya Cordeiro

April 15,2011

Good Buffet!

Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 5/5 (Unlimited everything)
Food Variety: 4/5 (Could be better; very limited main course items)
Ambience: 4/5
Pricing: 5/5

For the food that was served, the ambience that complimented its flavors and the service delivered; I am beyond happy to pay the prove of 349/- for a Sunday Lunch Buffet. It is about 300/- on weekdays but the 50/- extra over the weekends is understandbale.

The ambience could be more grand had they to add some decor, like patterned vases with tall stalks and flowers. Decorative Table CLothes than plain old cream colored materials (common everywhere). It does not replicate sophistication (if thats what they're trying for); but they could try being a little mod with the lighting too.

The main courses were good; but could be better had they to provide a decent variety. Pea Pulav and boryani was there; i dont know if the meat from the Biryani took a walk; but we certainly didnt find any pieces. The gravies tasted similar but good flavor. The deserts entailed a black forest cake, ice cream and 2 indian deserts that im not really a fan of.

In all a good experience, but if you're going to Croma's anyway and would want to avail of a Buffet meal; i'd recommend The Beach Shack. Now that an ambience that's intriguing and different from the rest, The pricing stays the same at 349/- over the weekend for a Buffet Meal.

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pratikmaz - Burrp User


February 15,2011

Good Experience for Buffet Lunch

I got an opportunity to visit On Toes at Malad West on 14th Feb 2011. We opted for the buffet menu. The dining area is really good wit decent seating.The menu was a completely Indianized one wit one chicken dish and one veg Potato cheese fingers for the starters..Main course was good with a good combinatin of Veg and non-Veg food.The Jade chicken starter was extremely tasty.So was the Goan Fish curry. Deserts were made out of a chocolate pastry,one ice cream, pedas and fruit salad.
Overall a good experience for an all inclusive lunch buffet of Rs. 245 per person on a weekday.
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Dhaval Desai - Burrp User

Dhaval Desai

February 11,2011

Amazing food

I always had a perception that on toes was a pub, when my wife took me to this place in Malad (W), I was very skeptical about the kind of food I'll get. To my utter surprise I loved the veg food they served. Lovely lovely place, decent staff and very well priced. I'll go again to this place just for the yummy veg food.

Keep it up on toes
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

January 08,2011


I think this is one of the very few "5-stars" I have given here! Right from the first dish till the last, each and every dish was simply yummy!

Lets begin!

What we ordered(all veg) :

1 Bruschetta
1 Garlic Bread With Cheese
1 Sauted BabyCorn
Broccoli Coriander Soup (2 into 3)
1 Masala Papad(came with 2 pieces)
1 Paneer Tikka Masala
2 Butter Naan
1 Coke
1 Fresh Lime Soda

Total Tab - 1260 rs (includes 60 rs service @ 5%)

Firstly this place is relatively decent with no crazy service charges and VAT.

Initially we went to have a full course Indian dinner, but then we were so stuffed with Starters, we had to skip and settle for something we could still have and enjoy!

Portions were decent for all starters, Garlic Bread could have been bigger as it was quite nice! ;-)
Babycorn and Bruschetta...excellent!

Soup, 2 of us liked, 1 didn't like as much!

Fresh Lime Soda, although looks very easy to make, very few get the concoction right, either its too sweet or hardly any...but this one was just right!

Panner Tikka Masala and Naan was a potent combination!

We wanted to have desserts but sadly no place at all in our stomachs! :-(

Overall we all were extremely satisfied and really happy with this place!

On Toes is way on top!

P.S. - We went at 8:30 pm and it was 10% full. When we left after an hour, there were people waiting outside! This place is doing good...on a weekend try to be early!
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yashkhanna371 - Burrp User


January 07,2011

Not Up to The Mar. Learn from your neighbors

This place is really average. With restaurants neighboring like Score Sports Bar And Grill & Little Italy the competition has been raised to a whole new level and this is one restaurant that cannot keep up to the mark.
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tanu014 - Burrp User


December 20,2010

Nice Place!!!

Been dere for 1st tym for lunch buffet with my friends ...... ambience's was ok.....starters and salads were gud.....luv d pizza and chicken tikka........fish finger was pathetic........desserts were yummy main course was average....my overall experience was gud i liked there food the only thing they need to work on is there main course......
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itsmsconsultant - Burrp User


November 11,2010

Good But Loud

I really liked the ambiance. But the music is too loud. Food is OK. A lot of choices on the menu though. You can feel "masti in the air". The more you gulp on your drinks, the more relax you feel in the blue lights. Good to be with friends. I found it a little over priced.

Management - Keep the restrooms clean. Please.
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A5 34 Grnfld - Burrp User

A5 34 Grnfld

October 04,2010

want to be ON TOES

The On Toes resturant is a bit boring, but the Pub is happening. One of my favourite place to hang out. Good place to booze, eat and chat our hearts out.
Appetizers are the best. Pastas and pizzas are also good.
Good service.
Ambience of the pub: 10/10
Food: 8/10
Service : 9/10
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akash.z.gupta - Burrp User


September 11,2010

Very highly over rated place

I went to this place based on the reviews I saw on this website but it turned out to be a total miserable.. here it goes..

1. Ordered Long Island Ice tea - just took them less than 5 mins to bring and guess what - first time in my life it was tasted like a cough syrup.. Worse Long Island I ever had..

2. Then I thought of having margarita - and there also I got clean bold, with very strange test.

3. After that moved to beer - which was normal (best part)

4. Starter - ordered Manchurian dry - and it was so damn spicy that had to order roties to consume it..

5. Music - I felt like I went in 2004-2005.. none of the song they played in the three hours was came in last five years.. (I guess The Reason of hoobastank was the latest they played)

net net, a worse place for the Friday night and never recommend any one to go there again..
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traveller2010 - Burrp User


August 22,2010


this was the first time i visited this place.
good place to have a beer , watch EPL. with friends
they got 3 screens which adds to the ambience
Music lovers its a treat (esp Rock)
they not only play the song m but also show the video.
which just adds to the experience
prices are very decent. .
must visit
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aish11 - Burrp User


August 19,2010

ok dok

Had been ther for a friend's birthday.
The starters definitely need an upgrade.
not much variety for main course either
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malhotra731 - Burrp User


August 09,2010

Consistently Good!

We had always tried the Indian and Italian food here so this time it was Chinese ki baari. Chicken Fried Rice with chilly chicken and prawns in sesame sauce was our pick of the day and we were not disappointed.

The service was good as it always is and the place looks more peaceful and inviting in the night.

Keep up the good work!
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August 03,2010

GREAT MUSIC ! good food !

The Pub at ON TOES malad is awesome, DJ Borris plays great reto-rock music. The videos with the music on the big screen is a great visual treat. Food is also very good, the pizza's are excellent, the indian kebabs are also nice. They serve Kingfisher draft which is very nice since most places now a days serve rc draft. 400 pucks for a pitcher all inclusive is good price. Really look forward to visit this place very often. Keep going OONN YOUR TOESSSS guys !!!
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June 17,2010


We went to ON TOES at malad for lunch buffet with 20 office people, the spread is good, nice mix of Indian & Italian dishes, the starters we had the paneer cheese papdi and chicken kalimiri were good. The main course had 2 veg , 1 chicken , 1 fish, a pasta, garlic breads, lots of salads, raita etc. the rotis were served hot on the table. desserts were also nice specially the cake. For 245/- per head its great value for money !!
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mayakapoorr - Burrp User


May 21,2010

could do better

We went with a group of friends to this only pub around this area. I must sa the food is bad. Its below standard for the amount of money they charge. Forget the money, I think most people are ok with paying money as long as there is some tase in the food. Nway, I did not like it and nor did any of my friends.
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


May 12,2010

ok place.

dis place has...
-good food.
-good music.
-service is ok.
-big screen for match.

-d location is ok.
-d ambience is just average.
-crowd is average.
-pricey(better go to a good place).
-drinks r expensive.
-d way to d res-pub suckss....u have to go frm croma(beat dat)....
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kunal2978 - Burrp User


May 10,2010


went there on saturday night and they were playing good music and videos of Queen concerts etc. ordered a chinese combo dish and got a complimentary IRON NAIL in it!! Initially i thought it was a chicken bone but as i fished it out of my mouth, i realised, to my horror, that it was freaking nail! I made the mistake of not retaining it cos i cud have gone to some newspaper and made a worthwhile headline out of it!!

Predictably, they were quite apologetic about it and offered me a complimentary dessert to make amends. Given the fact that there was a nail in my chinese food, i really dint know what i could find in dessert and honestly lost my appetite by then.

the least they could have done is waive off the bill but guess thats too much to ask for from them. a few apologies and a measly complimentary dessert was all they could muster. they seriously need to work on their customer service

used to like this place till now but after this incident, let me just say, it has left a bad taste in my mouth.
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biogirl09 - Burrp User


April 23,2010

Ok service, ok food!

Read good reviews for this place on burrp and headed on a thursday night. Good thing was a separate section for dinner tables and pub. We headed to the pub section, it was decently filled. Loud blaring music...got too much at times. We literally had to shout to convey our orders to the waiter. He kept on asking again and again, what do ya wnt? wat do ya want? Hard drinks were good. Glasses can be better though. We just ordered two dishes. The chilly cheese dynabite (highly recommended here) but was real ok. It was too greasy. Sadly, the other order (BBQ chicken salad) was incorrectly read or interpreted..but turned out to be a weird dish with no salad part attached to it. For the two of us, we paid 1050 bucks...not a bad deal. A good pub for suburbs...will visit again. Though the crowd is real ok.
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foodiee2010 - Burrp User


April 16,2010

must try the ITALIAN !!

I always thought On Toes was an indian food place, have always loved the khichdi and raita and locha naan.. Was there on thursday night with friends, some of us wanted to eat indian, and some Italian, we decided to go to ON TOES at malad, we ordered the tabasco pizza , a pasta barberiisca i think, with masala garlic bread , palle patato and nachos for starters. The pizza's were to die for, nice thin and crispy, they make it in the clay oven, which i think adds that extra floavour. The italian was the best i have ever eaten, much better than Little Italy next door, The chocolate bomb is a must after the food.
My Recommendations at ON TOES


Great place, good drinks, friends paying what else can I ask for !!!!
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

April 08,2010

Good ambience, OK food, Expensive !!!

Talking about the restaurant (the pub & restobar are separate), its a decent place... good ambiance.. I like well-lit bright places.. Service was good.. For the taste & quantity, I found prices on the higher side.. We ordered 2 starters which were both so-so.. The bar menu is again costly, so this is a place for a drink or two only unless you have a good reason to spend :) Nothing special that makes me mark this one for next time... But may want to visit the pub next time (with all the +ve reviews at Burrp)
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arvindmathur - Burrp User


April 01,2010


ON TOES pub at malad plays the best retro n rock music, the d.j has an amazing way of surprising the crowd with music videos specially the Micheal Jackson one, its simply superb. The drinks are very reasonable rs 399 for a pitcher of kingfisher beer. The foods also good whatever i have eaten.. The place is on my favorite list and is a mesmerizing experience..
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Ray M - Burrp User

Ray M

March 10,2010

The Buffet is Good VFM !!

Went here for lunch the other day. I would say its a good deal @225 per person. Still there's two non veg and two veg starters to choose from , one veg soup , and a main course that has one Fish and one mutton dish along with 2 veg dishes. The desserts include ice cream , chocolate mousse. and cake. Overall....good value for ur 225 bucks !! would highly recommend this place.
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Dev Devadiga - Burrp User

Dev Devadiga

February 17,2010

Worth Visiting

Was there on the valentine day......very good starters and excellent place.Cocktails were also good.Value for money !!!
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BHASKAR2010 - Burrp User


February 17,2010


The pub area at ON TOES malad is a great place to hang out, its got great music, it has the best food and the drinks are correctly priced, what i liked about the pricing is that all the prices are inclusive of taxes, so its quite reasonable. The d.j does a great job with retro music. They have great Italian pizzas, and the locha naan is to die for. All in all its a great place, an awesome experience , a must visit for fans of retro and rock music. !!
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max_2077 - Burrp User


February 15,2010

Value for Money

I went there on 14th feb 10 with my wife. The food was value for money. Drinks were reasonably priced and well served. The romantic songs from 80s and 90s were decent, however I missed the in house DJ. I was a decent experience but do not expact too much.
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RMANE - Burrp User


January 16,2010

Value for Money !

One should try the Saturday Lunch Buffet at on toes malad, we were there today afternoon, six of us , the lunch buffet @ rs 345 is a good value proposition, they serve 4 starters , pizza, there is a good spread of salads. The main course has vegies, chicken, Fish, pastas, garlic bread , rotis etc. The thin crust pizza's are awesome, they had a strawberry cheese cake, mousse, cake, ice cream for desserts. The taste, the service is excellent. Meal for six cost us around 2000 which is great for the variety, the taste etc. They have this special buffet on sundays also, want to go back again tomorrow, any one interested ????
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arvindmathur - Burrp User


January 15,2010


I have always been a fan of great food and love to try new stuff, recently visited the malad branch of ON TOES, and was really impressed with the warm friendly service, and delicious food, we had the CHEESE CHILLY KEBAB, Veg KURKURI FOR STARTERS, the kebab was SUPERb a must try, the captain recomended we try the thin crust pizza and its much better than Little Italy pizzas, we had a mix of indian and italian main course and loved it, for desserts we had an ORANGE KULFI, ITS A REAL ORANGE WITH KULFI INSIDE, NEVER EATEN ANY THING LIKE THAT BEFORE it was DELICIOUS. over all a truly great experience...
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Ruma Malia - Burrp User

Ruma Malia

January 12,2010

Finger-Licking Bhindi Fry

Went here here for a quick late-night dinner before club hopping and once the food arrived, none of us really wanted to leave. Served as a snack, the fried bhindi sprinkled with red mirchi is to die for. By the time the main course arrived, we were almost full with the staff re-filling the plate frequently. Veg Satrangi's tangy tomato gravy and the addition of sprouts to the Mixed Dry Vegetable made all the difference to what we thought would be a regular North Indian meal.
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foodiemonster - Burrp User


January 02,2010

Good Food

The buffet lunch here is now for Rs. 245/- for weekdays. The food was good but the place was too crowded. The music was not heard at all. The cheese corn balls had little too much turmeric in it. The service was good, but due to too many ppl, the starters was taking too much time to be served. The chilly cheese dyanabite, that i had heard was a good dish to taste,it was not that great for its price.(Rs. 190/-). In all the buffet was good for its price, the food was fresh. Go and try it out.
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Anand Ahiya - Burrp User

Anand Ahiya

October 28,2009

Good Food Great Time

We went to On Toes it was a pleasent atmosphere and the staff helpful . We started with Chicken Sholay Kabab and tawa prawns both the starteres were excellent with no color added and fresh . The kids ordered Fruit punch and fresh lime bothe were cool and with right amount of sweetness to it. For weg we had Sp Veg Kabab which were also to the liking for the six of us. For main course we has Fish curry which was a right mix of spices and taste. The veg sp was a bit of a disappoint. the Rotis Kulcha and Rumali Rotis were good and crispy. With 2 pitchers of beer the damages came to 2746/- for the six of us which was worth it.We would definetly go back again.
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ABHISHEK2911 - Burrp User


October 28,2009

Good Lunch Buffet

We tried the weekday lunch buffet priced at Rs 225/- all inclusive, it has starters, a soup, salads, vegetables, chicken & fish for main course, they also had pasta & garlic bread.. for desserts they had kept fruits, cake , ice cream.. I think its FREE for the price they are charging compared to the variety they offer.. The place was buzzing with office crowd in for a quick lunch and one side had some kitty party ladies.. Overall a good experience and total paisa vasool !!!!
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Reetu R - Burrp User

Reetu R

October 01,2009

Mind blowing starters !!!

u must try chilly cheese dyanabite, palak cheese roll..even da dal makhni is good..the place is overall very nice..i'm a frequent visitor of dis place !!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Reetu,
We value your patronage. You should also try our Cheese Chilli Kababs and our speaciality, the OT Dal Khichdi.
We look forward to serving you again.
Have a Nice Day!
Team, On Toes

Tiger09 - Burrp User


September 16,2009

Hang up place

OnToes is my favorite place to hangout with friends - one of the few places that is keeping retro music alive and well, and serving some great bar eats along with it as well.

OnToes has been one of my favourite places to chill after work even since the first time I ever stepped in. Starting from the ambience, which is a tribute to all the rock gods through the ages, to the music, which is usually segregated according to the classifications of rock, the place is a complete winner.
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maltijain - Burrp User


May 27,2009

Good Music, Great food

We visit the place often because its the best pub around our office, it plays good mix of retro music which then progresses to rock.. The food is good, the staff is very friendly and prompt. The place is big so its not stuffy like most pubs are now days.. I think what draws the crowds to this place is there correct pricing...

Must try is the fry bhindi , cheese chilly dynabite and chicken afghani kebab.
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RAJATSHAH - Burrp User


May 26,2009


I have always been a fan of On Toes for its Dal Khichdi and palak raita, simply love their locha naan too.. Went there with family on Sunday for Lunch. They have this Sunday buffet which has a great spread of starters 4-5 i think.. good main course spread, veg and non veg.. excellent salads, cake , mousse, fruits, ice cream.
They also serve Thin Crust PIZZAS, pastas with the buffet from the live Italian counter that they have just started. at 325 all inclusive its a steal.. The Italian food is excellent.. wonder why On Toes dint start it earlier.. over all a great experience. !!!
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Nauzer  - Burrp User


May 18,2009

Okay for a one time visit...

We were three people on a Sunday night around 10 or so.

On toes pub not a great place compared to Slice of Lime nearby. Great if you like retro music all the time. I don't. We had a pitcher and two cocktails plus a chicken lollypop as a starter. The damage was around 1200 bucks.

Okay for a one time visit. Nothing much to come back for I guess. One thing I noticed was the liquor in 60 ml measures was cheap compared to regular hotel prices. Though did not take any...

There seems to be pizza/pasta place combined with this. Did not try that.

Headed to try food at the lemon grass cafe next door....
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ankurbafna - Burrp User


May 11,2009

Best food in town..

if u r a foodie thn ur next stop is at ontoes malad...good foodd with prompt service...seperate pub and restaurant is a very nice idea cozz u can party thr with ur family n frnds both

providin with best retro rock muzik in town,,cheers!!!
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anujbindal_04 - Burrp User


May 10,2009

Rockin Muzik wid grt Food..

Ontoes the favorite place to hangout wid frnds....one of the place still keepin retro muzik aliv in young hearts..grt music with the best food in town
OnToes has been one of my favourite places to chill after work even since the first time i stepped in. Starting from the ambience, which is a tribute to all the rock gods through the ages, The music is usually segregated according to the classifications of rock.
Apart from music the service is exellent..the staff is really gud n undersatnds the customer requirements..
Talkin about food..if u hav not tried cheese chilly dynamite n locha naan at ontoes thn u hav no reason to exist on earth..now im dyin to try out the new ITALIAN TWIST started by thm..
Prices are also very reasonabl and easily affordabl..

Keep it up..grt food, muzik, and service
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pushpendra pandya - Burrp User

pushpendra pandya

January 24,2009

Thanks Ontoe's for being there!!

I was in love with this place since it was opened here in malad. I have been to Ville Parle Ontoe's but here one could always feel home like. Now that depends on every individuals "First Impression is the last kind of thing", We people who can't travel to town every now 'n then we are proud of such place. The place is in right location where the call center paradise is just round the corner with the likes of mindspace with includes employees from places like 3G, E-funds, Firstsource, Intelenet, JP Morgan, Epicenter & many many other local ones also.

I myself & my other friends from ontoe's were quite disappointed when they (Ontoe's) changed the dj sunil from malad ontoes. Guest used to come becuase of his friendly nature & kind of music which was setting the moods for most of us. Anyway i guess we'll have to get used to the new dj guy & his style of music.

All and all Overall Fantastic place to be !!
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DBINDAL - Burrp User


November 08,2008


On Toes is a great place, good food, good music in the pub, great hospitality. They also have a very nice lunch buffet, total value for money.
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Ankit Rana - Burrp User

Ankit Rana

August 07,2011


Great food and great service
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