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> > > > Oro Lounge & Kitchen

Oro Lounge & Kitchen

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 65263777, 65263776, 9223463777, 9833989909
  • Trends, 1st Floor, Chincholi Bunder Junction, Evershine Mall, Link Road, Chincholi Bunder, Malad West, Mumbai
  • Continental, Fusion, Italian, Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 800

23 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Oro Lounge & Kitchen Reviews

naviinra - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 20,2012


Big cheats

This place cheats its patrons by over charging on the drinks. They will say that till 11:00 pm they have good offers on drinks but when they bill they dig a big hole in your wallets.

Please avoid this place at any cost......




This place no longer exists. There is no ORO lounge & bar in Malad.So it should be removed from Burrp listing. The mobile numbers doesn't work neither the landline numbers.



Not so good arrangments.

One of the most horrible pub went over. We have went for 31 Dec party but were totally disappointed. We have came form Pune for the party but were totally upset.
The DJ got closed at 11.30. Police came and took off the DJ. whole night was spoiled. Food was not good.
I suggest not to go this pub ever in life....



Awesome place for clubbing in Malad Gr8 experience

I have been to Oros a number of times on saturday's and never has it disappointed me.The music is teriffic, the drinks are priced correctly,DJ Sumit was awesome and crowd was enjoying.Ambiance, Crowd, Food, Price and Music was good. This place remain open till late. So suburb people dnt have to grumble anymore that no place to hang in suburb after 1:30a.m. except 5 star hotels.
The music is rocking!!!!!! And the crowd is classy.
Stewards and Dj the whole team of thes place is awesome just gr8 experience.
Many varieties on Bar our group had tequilla wch they gave us one + one free,then we had flamingo tower and injection shots,in short we enjoyed our nite our whole gang is gonna cm again
And d best part is they are opened sometimes till Late...
Oro Rocks


Gaurav AG - Burrp User

Gaurav AG

1 Reviews

September 24,2011


Sasta majboot tikau place....!! ;)

I went there few days ago... though we had our freshers party over there I thought it would be a disaster place... But after actually entering it, i decided to take my words back...
Sexy atmosphere with chilled was excellent. And guys who want to enjoy only bollywood music and no english ones...seriously skip this place. Trance and house music rules this place.. I loved it.. service is good.. alcohol is also quite inexpensive. It wont burn a hole in ur pocket..!! ;) Dance floor can only accomodate 30 ppl at a time.
So this was a short description abt dis place...


rahulm28 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 23,2011


Best Night Club In Malad

This is one of my favorite joints because of the food, the ambience & specially the music. Now where to start - every friday night the place is in a different high..the drinks are slightly expensive but where is it not when you step out for clubbing....a decent mojito is priced @ approx 400 bucks and shot of 30ml jameson would cost around Rs 350 (approx including taxes)

I just love the food here..the jumbo prawns & conti dishes are to die for...the continental meal is really delicious & filling...I don't like the deserts though, as they screwed up my hot chocolate brownie..but all in all you won't be disappointed if you try the seafood or chicken veggie friends were much happy though with the pastas and enchiladas.

For the ambiance, the place is perfect,interiors are given attention to the same time, the place has a overall relaxin & sexy vibe to enjoy the night...they might be a little strict @ the door, I would say make a reservation for the dinner & enjoy the evening...

Our overall damage for food & round of 2 drinks cost us around 4k (3 people for dinner & 2 for drinks) Anywz experience was enjoyable Good going ORO..,.



Good Time NO More!

Well for someone who had posted a 5 star review its very sad to re-post a 1 star review for the same place,but then the place has just lost its zing.Get a Good Dj for starters and change your chef as he simply does not make anything called continental food.
Service needs to be a little fast and glasses shouldnt be chipped.
And PLZ for gods sake serve me the alcohol that i asked for and not a mixed drink!
Well guess i should stick to bandra pubs only because i dont think you guys can match up to that level anymore.

Zero Value for Money!



One year away from mumbai and your fav place turns into a shit hole!!

Yes...One year in dubai n am back and i walk in on a weekend at my fav place just to be shocked!
Interiors Changed(More Shady now :/ ) Dj's changed(Wannabe on console)wadeva happnd to Lover boi???Music sux now.
Food menu has shrunk (and yes there are a hell lot of options in continental food..plz check various other resto's Cafe Mangii,Indigo Cafe,Pop tates if nothin else) and YES it SUCKS BIG TIME!
Service is damn slow and the waiters look irritated...dunno why and it reflects in their service.
Saw 2 Cockroaches crawling by...Plz guys get a Pest control Done asap.
The Crowd ...well i guess the table opp to us they had not seen gurls in shorts before...or i guess girls dont visit this place anymore bcoz we couldnt see anyother gurls around apart from us.

Well am not gonna be back in this place again...striked it off from my list...Luckily a frnd of mine played man friday and took me to a new place on d block..Soda...saved my evening!

Guys what has happened to Oro...wadever happnd to the Awesome Music..great Food Awesome Service...Maybe its the Change of Management(couldnt see the earlier guys around)trends has taken over i Guess...Well what a waste...Guys Learn from the earlier management and get Oro back in Biz....or it mite just fade away...(heard it was shut down for almost a month n den it jus went way down wid change of management)

Hope i enjoy and relive the old Oro days again before i go back...but i guess its highly unlikely!!



Good Place, Gone Horribly wrong..

Good Ambience, Great low sitting n Normal sitting as well as per ur requirement, Music is fcuk n dj is equally arrogant(wannabe types).. U hardly hv anything on the menu to choose from.. The mgmt must undergo Disaster Mgmt Course, hospitality is an Alien word for them.. Oro's must be the last option on ur party hitlist.. The only thing for which you can go to Oro's is Humiliation... Cheers!!


June 20, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Hi D33jay, Thanks for your feedback. The DJ will be briefed for his arrogance. About the menu, we only specialize in Continental food and if u do knw, there arent much varieties in conti. Sorrt about that. If there are any issues with hospitality (which i am surprised), i'll take that as a valuable feedback n work on it, coz all our customers prior have loved our hospitality n managemnt here. Thanks again, but will work on your points mentioned above. Cheers


Oro's on the verge of shutdown ?

The place was deserted on a Sunday night, does that tell you something ?
there are more options in alphabets from A to Z than in Oro's menu, it ends before it begins.
Also if you are planning to drop-in with a voucher, be prepared for some special attention. Half of the dishes in the menu are suddenly not available to you, there would be rules by the "MANAGEMENT" who will ensure that you never come back..

To everyone's surprise they serve only Continental food..(stop laughing , i am still wondering which continent would that be..)

Moral : "Enter at your own risk"


June 20, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Hi Rahul, Thank you for your valuable comment. I remember you as the guest who wanted to use 6 vouchers from Deals n You today @ Oro. As i mentioned to u wen we spoke that only 3 can be utilized as those "are" n "will" be the terms and conditions always wen you bring in the vouchers. If that disappointed you and made u post the above comment its your loss. U are disappointed of not be allowed to be used all six vouchers and hence i guess u r upset. As far as our Menu is concerned we specialize only in continental food (fyi, if u do knw wat cont

June 20, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Hi Rohit,
-I got over the disappointment of not using all the vouchers and settled down with 3 vouchers on a single table only for more disappointment in store for me.
-The moment the staff knew we had vouchers the quality of service dropped , options in the menu became thinner , even with a few tables occupied they took ages to bring the dish to the table. I say this because i had been to your place earlier without the vouchers though and had a wonderful time with attentive service and lot more options.
-My point is why have the v

June 21, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Hi Rahul, There is no reason of the quality of service being dropped if with vouchers or without. The service here is standard. But since u felt it @ ur end, I will definetly look into this. This is of primary concern, we do not differentiate customers based on this. As far as Mexican rice is concerned am not sure as to your comparison with "Tava Pulav" but we serve authentic Mexican rice, i'll take this as a feedback and check with my Kitchen Staff. Really sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks alot again for your feeddback. Cheers

nice place with grt potential

went there lst nite n to my surprise tey wer playin MI vs DD on large screen. good music played during the breaks n after the match. most importantly, we were served good CHILLED BEER (somethin i badly crave wen t weather is so freakin hot). vry nice food... v ordered the apple chicken, chicken mexican, nachos, bruschetta, etc and the service was good as well. last bt nt the least... thnks for honouring my vocucher ;-) i left to come bak soon :)


Must must visit

Ambiance: 4/5 (comfortable seating, small TVs, great music)
Food: 4/5 (loved Bbq Chi, Cheese Nachos; excellent Biryani)
Prices: 4/5 (couldn't exp happy hours, but 15% off on TOTAL bill on Citi cards)
Service: 4/5
I guess its a 4/5 overall. A must must visit!!!


April 7, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Thanks for your review and opinion about Oro Lounge and Kitchen. We'll make sure to provide you with excellent service when you return.
As far as the TV's are concerned we have installed a Projector for Special Matches and Events. Only one of our section has two small TV's, the rest have a 50" and a Projector.
Our Happy Hour Timings are from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm on weekdays and 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm on weekends. But with our tie up with Citibank you can experience a flat 15% discount on your total bill throught the week with no time

May 23, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Hi Rohit,
based on reply, I tried using my Citibank card at Oro last week, and I was denied the discount, stating that the that drinks were ordered during happy hours! This is kinda sad, and different from your comment above that mentions no time constraints on the discount. I didn't make a fuss out there, thought I will take this up with you on Burrp.
The TxID was 22311638 on 18/05. Hope you will do something abt it. Thanks

May 24, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

As per the tie up we have with Citibank, no two offers can be combined, i.e you can ethier get the happy hour discount or the citibank discount of 15%. Its mentioned on the backlite which is present inside Oro. Hope this answers your querie and dismay. Cheers

Not Bad

Ambience: 4/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Food Pricing: 4/5
Service: 3/5

We had a nice evening. The energy levels were soaring high as we gathered to watch an evening cricket match and excitement was inevitable. The food was alright, we had a very pleasant evening. The service could improve by getting the dishes ordered on time, and being more attentive to customers needs. It'd be great if the waiters spoke in english.


April 7, 2011response from management at Oro Lounge & Kitchen:

Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback. As far as service is concerned we will definitely look into the issue. Our waiters do speak in English but will brief them again. It's feels good to hear that you enjoyed the cricket match telecasted here. Do drop by for the IPL too, we are coming up with special offers for this IPL season. Hoping to see u back soon. Spread the Love.

Something New

Good Place...Good Food ...Good People..

Something that Malad needed from a long time.
Although not many people know about it but i guess the management knows it has to do some advertisments for the place.
Like the Rock Shows and Guest Dj Events they have.
One of the places which surely would rock the suburbs in due time.
Worth a try guys!!!


tania_a - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 12,2010


Good Time!!!

Got to know about this place from a friend who works in mindspace.Was in Malad for some work and wanted to relax and gulp down a few JD's before heading to home.
Checked a few places in the area but couldnt find a sutaible place for myself...maybe i was expecting more from Malad being a Bandra guy.. but luckily bumped into a frnd who guided me to this place.
Situated on a busy street u could easily miss his place especially with the kind of entrance it has(above some restaurant wid a funny name '' Trendz")a small staircase with neon blue lights leading up to the 1st Floor leads me to this wooden door with Oro embossed in SS on it.Looked Classy reminded me of Aurus.
Open the door and you find yourself in this Classy Spacious Lounge bathed in Electric Blue with and Dim Yellow Lights...Couches and Sofas...A well stocked and wide bar..Stone walls...Classy...and i mean it...Suddenly it was like i am in Bandra or Colaba.
There were hardly 7-8 tables occupied in this huge 20-25 table place but being a Monday Nite you can excuse it...
A steward helped me to my seat suggested me a few cocktails and infact convinced me to try out one...Its was his smile that worked..topender or something he was called..But after a hard days work who wudnt like to see smiley faces!!
Monday being a Retro night i dint expect House music but still i decided to try my luck and spoke to the Dj in a superman tee who said he wud turn it up wid house post 11.
No Smoking allowed inside so i smoke in their so called smoking zone :P..and there i see they have posters attached of gigs and events which they have on weekends.Good Dj's and some Dj's which i have never heard of, Live Bands on thursdays too..Amazed me bcoz i never expected somethin like this in Malad.
A Cocktails and two JD's later..a small jig on a House number d Dj played for me..i call for the bill..The ever smiling steward tries to persuade me to have a couple of drinks more..but the i have to drive...all the way back to Bandra..i leave the place with a great experience especially in the part of the city where i didnt expect too...Also now knowing that there are other Pubs in the city which are at par with our Bandra and Townie joints! Oro you should open up in Bandra soon..a place like yours would do wonders...Would visit this you soon..Definetly a place to try out guys..Dont miss on this one!!!




I have been a regular at ORO. Food, booze, music and crowd - everything is good. Though they should advertise a bit more and get more crowd.

It is a lovely place, with good music. Once they had got a percussionist and that was mindblowing.

A definite try.



first impression

they've got good interiors,nice bar
but the place is very dead
music is bad
if u need a quiet outing , then the place ain;t bad


Worst Service - A very very Bad experience

Go there only if you want to spoil your evening. Bad music is played & DJ aswell as manager is impolite if you request for music.
Beer was served very warm. They have a lot to learn in terms of Hospitality, just having some big speakers & sofas doesn't mean a good place. All over time spent there was a waste & spoiled our evening.



5+ stars

ORO Lounge & Kitchen is an exemplary example of a luxurious lounge for the tired and frustrated BPO employees and other public in general. The first time I ever visited this place, great service was already evident as the owner himself greeted me at the entrance.

The color scheme and the seating is arranged keeping in mind the stress people go through in their daily routine and since it is located in te BPO hub, stress on the minds of BPO employees is at the extremes and the blue and purple shades makes a very soothing ambience.

When I was at ORO, staff occasionally checked to see that my needs were attended to without being obtrusive. Platters of tidbits and other finger foods are made available to me. I was awed by the spacious interiors as from outside it doesn't seem to lure really.

The in-house DJ played all latest and awesome numbers and a lotta them were my personal favorites. Also on request a few more numbers were played. However, the best part of ORO are the "injection shots". If you ever visit ORO, do not miss them orelse, it will be like going to Eygpt and not seeing the pyramids.

The crowd consisted of all youngsters and fun-loving people. It also has happy hours, however havent been during those but am sure they would be great too. Food and Booze is at a very reasonable rates and not too heavy on pockets. And ohhh !! the smoke zone is such a relief for non-smokers like me and since it is located at quite a distance from the main dance floor is a blessing !!! It is also a boon for all the love birds as there are a lotta "khopchis" where you can snuggle.

All in all ORO is a great place to be. It is definitely the new upcoming place in the suburbs. Now I am fully convinced of ORO's service and the music. The staff here makes you feel special while the lounge service is impeccable.


One of the worst lounges I have been to

We went to this place hoping for a good experience. But the service was just awful. Although the place looks like it has potential to be a good place, the staff has completely screwed it up.

We were served with beer that was expired (8 month old Tuborg, when the expiry was written as 6 months). Neither did we get any apology from them, nor did the manager come and say something to us. The staff is extremely impolite and I dont think they are good at their job. The music was awful when we went, but I have heard they play decent music on some days.

The whole place was filled with guys, not a single girl was present. And overall the crowd wasnt quite what you would expect in a lounge.

Overall, I would say STAY AWAY from the place until they can get their act together. Stick to Pop Tates until then.



Cool place playing great music.

A great place with amazing music and nice location. What I loved the most is the live drum sets they play. Its got a very nice ambiance and the owner Ninad Vengurlekar is really very friendly.



Thumbs down

Went to this place reading the review on burrp. It is easily located. Though from outside it luks like some spooky place. Though once inside it luks like u will have a great time out here. The sitting is a bit uncomfy u might have a sore back. The music is very loud since its a closed conditioned space the music will hit ur ears badly. U cannot talk properly, u have to raise ur voice so that the person can hear u. The waiters also face the same problem.

Booze is priced about 155. And to our added shock we were told that they will charge us for extra bitings. Charging 155 is not enuff for them?? 40 bucks fir cheeslings and 45 bucks for peanuts. This is awful. No matter for how many drinks u take they will serve the bitings only once.

Now to the food part we had ordered 2 starters vch were good. The maincourse quantity was pretty sufficient but it did not taste dat well..

Hope u carry cash with u. Cuz if u dun then u might fall into trouble. If u wana pay by credit card or debit card the waiter will tell u that the machine is not working. Then to our surprise he will come with the card and the receipt and hez like it started working. Man wake up guys u cant fool bombay people.

Instead of having a good time had awful time.


Little Of Lounge

A ground floor entrance on the crowded Chincholi Bunder junction is not exactly the perfect spot for a lounge. All the more so, when there is no valet parking and your other options are pay-n-park at the Evershine Mall nearby or drive till the next signal to find a free spot near Goregaon Sports Complex.

After the unassuming exterior, the electric blue lights guiding up the staircase do come as a surprise. However, it’s short-lived when you discover that the crowd is practically non-existent at this not-so-tiny place, barring two tables. And this at ten on a weekday night; though it is by no means the ultimate party time, hit any other spot (Slice Of Lime, Vertigo, Fever) in the vicinity at this hour and it’s likely to be more than 70 per cent full with the call-centre crowd.

Being just a month-old joint, one can give it the benefit of doubt and settle for some drinks and grub. The staff is pretty helpful when it comes to short-listing from the extensive Value-For-Money menu inclusive of Indian, Italian and Mexican. However, they are a little confused about their basics. Listed under mocktails, the Blue Hawaiian is made with pineapple juice, some crushed mint, crème and hints of Blue Curacao (liqueur). Ask the staff whether the drink is non-alcoholic and yet contains Blue Curacao, both your questions will be answered in affirmative.

The vodka-based Margerita with strawberry syrup is just fine. Do note they serve it straight up, minus the ice or frozen. If you like it otherwise, let them know while placing the order. Moving on to the snacks, here’s another surprise in store – cheeselings! Yes, just what lounges fail to adopt from air-conditioned bars. Among the starters, the Corn Jalapeno Tangerine is tasty but slightly oily and crumbly.

Getting down to the music, it’s hard not to feel disappointed. Just days into the launch and a technical failure means cancellation of the Monday Karaoke Night. The staff is only polite to inform you about the next special, the Tuesday Girls Night. But with the DJ frequently missing from his booth and the house numbers being mixed at leisure, there’s little reason for the ladies to make a special trip.

Looks like it’s going to be a while before this one evolves into a lounge as we know it.


Good place to Hangout with friends..

A great place with amazing music It was saturday when i visited they have hip hop and house music which is played alternately.

The thing i like the most is, they play house music with live drum sets. Dj Sumit plays great house music in assitance with drummer Anish, We can say "If Dj Sumit is your favorite DAL then Drummer Anish is the tadka. And together they make an very excellent dal tadka."

The owner Ninad Vengurlekar is very co-operative. Interiors, ambience & service is good. They are serving picther of Fosters @ Rs.295/ only.. I think management should attract some more excellent crowd.

I will surely attend this place again.