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> > > Oye! Punjabi

Oye! Punjabi


  • 32992134, 32992135, 9867111636
  • Shop No 3, Ground Floor, MHADA Complex, Bldg. No 12, Link Road, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai
  • Seafood

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Oye! Punjabi Reviews


Incredible rolls!

The rolls are unbeatable, all the other rolls I've had in Mumbai pale by comparison.

Compared to all the 'franky rolls' sold by other places, this one comes out miles ahead.

One Regular Chicken Egg Roll is enough for a full meal!


Rolls da Baadshah !!!

This is my second feedback fr this joint (the first is on their wall :P)

The food is real good, delicious, rightly flavored and tasty.. Its a small little cozy place... They take time to serve the curries.... The Rolls are served in 5 minutes....Mean while, you can read the Graffiti on their walls....

The Chicken Kaali Mirch Roll is a "must try"...



the not so good side

they say a customer can make it or break it..although my review is right below this one, there is definitely a difference since the last time and this... is the appreciation getting to them??

this is what happened...
one fine day we plan to order rolls at work and they claim to have increased the charges for WHEAT option. Weird.
Next time I go there after my work to grab a bite and guess extra charges! when we figured out that they were doing it on delivery we questioned. We also mentioned the extra charge not marked on thier take away menu for which they had nothing to answer. So much so that the general manager instead of accepting asked to send the food back! Looks like their decision of charging is so impromptu!
Guys- Agreed that you do a good job, but this way you wont get it better...and you might want to take this into consideration.


Healthy and nice!

Oye! Punjabi offers some of the best rolls you can find. The variety they offer suits every taste bud. Their ingredients are fresh and the roll is prepared in front of you.
By far it outstands all the other franky/roll joints.

I order from Oye!Punjabi about once a week (they deliver at my office!) and I can always be sure the food is healthy and good since they have the whole wheat option.

Although I wish their would be an option where you get to choose what goes on. But, so far it's good... so much that my office gang has got hooked to it as well!

Just a point to make - wish their egg roll would be at a lesser price - @ Rs. 60 it's a little too much.


Serve Food With Love From PUNJAB

Last week i was working late in the office and then we realize its almost 11.20pm then me and my colleague decided to head back home. On the way back we were starving and we decided to have food at some place we start our hunt from bandra till andheri but didn't found any thing then suddenly this place comes to my mind.

I called up this place around about 11.55pm(their working hours are from 12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight) and placed a take away order. We reached at his place around about 12.10 and asked for the disposal as we decided to have food in the car only. He told us that they don't have any disposal spoons and plates but on our request he gave us his regular plates and spoons to eat food in the car and told us no need to have food in rush as we can return the same next day.

I was flattered by their hospitality and trust they have in their customers. This place is now number one (1) in my list and will definitely win by huge margin that other places in the same area and surroundings.

Talking about the food 5 stars from me says about the food. We ordered two(2) onion kulcha parantha's and its the bestest ever kulcha parantha's i had in Mumbai.

Again this place rocks.



Tasty food, late delivery

Having read so many good reviews about this place here, I decided to try this out for dinner. We looked up the menu here and placed the order for a Stuffed Onion Kulcha, Paneer Mint Roll and a Mushroom & Baby Corn Roll. We were promised a delivery time of 30 mins.

After several tick-tocks of the clock and a couple phone calls to OR&S, we heard the door bell ring. Hey, it was the delivery man. He was late by a grand 30 minutes. We made sure to give him a piece of our mind.

The food was very tasty. Specially the Mushroom & Baby Corn roll. The Kulcha was good, but a bit pricey. For one Kulcha with Choley and Chutney on the side, they charge about 70 bucks.

Overall the food is spicy, so please let them know if you like it mild.


Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

162 Reviews

February 17,2009


Yummy Rolls!

After the positive reviews on burrp!, the wife and I decided to give it a whirl. Unfortunately, as of the date of this review, none of the numbers seem to be working, so had to actually physically swing by to place our home-delivery order. We opted for the Chicken Tikka Roll, the Egg Chicken Adraki Roll and the Egg Kulcha. The rolls were a sound portion for us, which usually means that it would certainly be on the smaller side for most Indian appetites (we have small dinner appetites). Opt for the double size if you're really feeling those hunger pangs. The rolls were hot, delicious, well-cooked, and everything tasted fairly fresh. They were wrapped neatly in wax-paper and delivered within 30 minutes. My only complaint was that I could not taste a morsel of egg in my Egg Chicken Adraki Roll.

Again, at an average price of about Rs 60-70 for the non-veg rolls, and at the quantity you'd get in a single roll, some may not appreciate the recession-unfriendliness. The veg rolls average around Rs 40.

All in all, a very positive experience with respect to the quality and taste of the rolls. Subtracting a star here for the price to quantity imbalance, as well as the fact that the numbers, even though posted on their home delivery menus, don't seem to be activated yet.


foodie5382 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 17,2009


By the way....

I must add that the owners, Pappi Singh & Kamaljeet Singh, your typical, cheerful Sardars will add to ur eating experience if u happen to bump into them while ur there!
They not only take good care of their customers, they also enthrall u with their amazing punjabi humor!!!
another reason to go most definitely!!


foodie5382 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 17,2009


Best rolls ever!

if ur a roll lover but fed up (no pun intended!) of rubbery frankies, dripping with oil and without any flavour.....this is the place to head. the rolls come with delicious fillings and quite a selection in veg & non-veg (including a prawn roll). the best part though is the superbly made, flaky and crisp paratha that the fillings are rolled in. no grease. no chewy dough. just the way a roll should be...yummy & non-messy! the menu is pretty extensive and veggies will be pleasantly surprised at the options for them on the menu. veg no longer means just paneer & more paneer. i tried the baby corn, mushroom & paneer roll and it was really good. not dry at all, but just enough sauce, makes for a great healthy snack.
they also have typically amritsari kulchaas n very good samosas too.......i recommend this place to all in the vicinity...must try joint.


Roll bhi accha, samosa bhi good

Had seen the painted shop a couple of days ago.

On the way back from the gym, we decided to try it out. Nothing was ready..everything is made once ordered, fresh just like the old times.

Tried the samosa chat - lovely panju samosa with 2 diff types of chatni & onions, veg roll - aloo filling with onions, aamchur a bit of vinegar, egg roll could give bhima rolls a fight.

To top it up, my daughter tried the kulcha - soft yummy with lovely small chana.

Spoke to Pappi's partner also, who promised that they would keep the same quality.

So have to go back & try out the non veg stuff.