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> > > > Panache Lounge

Panache Lounge

FortSouth Mumbai  

  • 9820131398, 22642284, 22695756
  • Bombay Mutual Annex Building , Rustam Sidhwa Marg, Fort, Mumbai
  • Continental

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Panache Lounge Reviews


Cold People

I went to bombay as a foreign tourist and was not allowed entry to the club i was all alone and they wanted me to be a member!!! how silly is that ... people find some other place than going to this club!!!


ritzz05 - Burrp User


25 Reviews

September 09,2011


Pleasant experience

Okay so this place mite not b very popular cz evn at 10 in d night v ended up being the only one in the lounge....nt a very good sign.... but the ambience,food and the service is really good...its a quiet place not very buzzing with people.... a lil pricey...but overall a quiet and pleasant experience.Nothing negative to point out.



Very classy

Had been here with hubby this afternoon. It was raining, so the ambience was very cosy. The place was almost empty and that served us well, as we don't like crowded restaurants. The seating also is apt for the floor space. The decor is minimal, and so is the lighting. The food was awesome to say the least. We opted for the cajun chicken and the gavthi chicken with tawa roti. Both were finger-lickin' good. A must-visit again for the great service as well.



very nice!

went there yesterday night, it was very quite being a working day perhaps and we were the only guests! the highlight was the service, very courteous, attentive, helpful and not intruding! my rating would be:

ambience : 3.5
Service 4.5
food: 3.5

pricing: dinner for two costed us about 1200 minus the drinks and dessert!

overall a very nice place, worth a try!



Mindblowingly Disappointing!

So the first thing i read when i open the panache listing on Burrp is "Known for - Class and Ambience" . Five of us decided to go on a thursday night, since we had a couple of vouchers that gave us a value of dining worth Rs 1000 purchased for Rs 500. We enter to a completely empty restaurant barring one table of two (so much for ambience) and i speak to the only guy in suit (later mentioned to be executive) about the vouchers and whether there were any issues if we could use the same or not. He said it was not a problem, all fine till then.

Seating in the place is not very comfortable since the tables are very low and makes eating very uncomfortable.

We ordered a Mezze platter (Came with hummus, mutabbal and a third thing with pita bread) which was pretty good. The cheese fondue was also decent. Everything from then on went downhill.

The saffron chicken risotto was horrid - the chicken was bland, wouldve tasted better without chicken. The Quattro Formaggi risotto - even worse. The 12" pizzas were 10" (being generous here) although they weren't half bad.

Total damage at this point - 2700. When we called for the bill, we presented the vouchers for redemption. Five minutes, a lady walks up to us and tells us I can't accept both the vouchers since you haven't spent enough money on your meal and cannot cover my profit margin with if I accept both the vouchers. I wonder if she works in the same hotel industry as the rest of the hotels & restaurants cause she definitely hadn't learnt anything called 'Respect' or 'Value' for Customer satisfaction.

After trying to understand the reasoning for a good 20 minutes behind the non acceptance of the vouchers, we got no reason other than 'profit margin' / 'terms says so' (which they didn't). And when we asked her for the owners contact details so we could voice our dissatisfaction directly, we got fed stories like they had left for the day and that they lived in rajasthan. Must be a Bitch of a commute!

The staff barring this senior manager were friendly and helpful, but for her attitude and sheer disrespect for customers, i give this place a rating of 1 star for the restaurant.

To add icing to the cake, the valet returned the car facing the wrong way in one way street.



Horrendous continued

The voucher said "anything on the menu" is applicable for the voucher.

But like i mentioned before this place runs according to the mood of the senior manager and she said drinks dont form part of the menu.

I could go on and on about the dissatisfaction provided by this place.




This place is an utter disappointment.

The valet guy at the entrance when i give him my car "saab, mujhe reverse me gaadi nahi aati, kya aap reverse kar ke de sakte ho" The valet didn't know how to reverse a damn car how the hell do i expect him to parallel park in the streets of fort only god knows.

Anyway, moving ahead. I had a prior reservation for 5 ppl. One of my friends happened to have a voucher wherein anything from the menu totaling to Rs.1000/- would be charged Rs.500/-. This was mentioned while making the booking and the executive confirmed the booking.

The restaurant cannot seat more than 25 people and yet it was COMPLETELY empty at 930pm. Shortly after us another group of 5 came and that was about it.
The menu looked good but the food no way lived it to any expectations.

The Risotto was quite terrible. I did not have more than 3 bites of it.
The 12 inch pizza was more like a 9 inch pizza.

The appetizers didn't appeal too much either.

The total damage for Panache would be about 800 per person including one mocktail. Alcohol was expensive too.

So, we called for the bill and submitted our vouchers. After about 10 mins a woman who calls herself the Senior Manager but roaming around in casuals you'd wear for grocery shopping comes and tells us that the vouchers would not be valid.
She then said she'd accept just one voucher because they care about customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction-my arse.
We told her that we had confirmed the voucher applicability while making reservation and also before sitting on the table.

She fought for half an hour trying to explain why she could not accept the voucher because of the profit margins and because its the way u do business.

So i asked her if i could speak to the owner of the place and she said that they had left for the day. A little later in the argument about the vouchers we asked her the email address or something of the owners so we could voice our dissatisfaction. She says oh the owners live in Rajhasthan and you can't contact them.
So, unless the owners travel to and fro Rajhasthan everyday, she was obviously just talking horse crap.

She said that if we ordered more then she'd consider using the voucher. So, basically, the bill the customers pay is decided according to her whims and fantasies while the bill is being prepared and you are kept in the dark about how much you will end up paying until the very moment u look at your bill.

I have never been more disappointed visiting a restaurant.
No wonder this place is totally empty.

Burrp requires a minimum rating of 1star. However, my rating for this place without any exaggeration would be -8stars.

Never visiting this place again and will discourage any person who thinks of visiting this place.




Saturday the 25 June was suppose to MJ nite special ...........but it was everything but MJ nite ........we had like urge the DJ to please play 1 MJ track .....big disappointment ........the food is not as per standard described ...............



Its really an awesome place. the food is very good and the staff is very very hospitable. indeed a superb experience.



Great Place. Must try.

Located in a quiet corner in South Mumbai this place is a pleasant surprise upon walking in. This lounge consists of a fine dining area on the ground floor and a fabulously done club upstairs with some very unique interiors and lighting. The overall seating arrangement is quite comfortable and gives one a feeling of being able to spend hours at a stretch. With great music playing in the background and 3 screens one can enjoy, all the live cricket matches at ease sitting by the well stocked bar. The food is well seasoned and the seafood and mezze platter is especially yummy! Deserts are pretty good for the sweet tooth too. They have a well stocked bar with all the premium alcohol brands. Place is a little empty due to being newly opened but whatever crowd you spot, is classy and chique. Overall a must try at least once.



Super Food & Music

The Ambience is great .. the music is good , the place is not so crowded yet , cause many people dont know about it ..
But the Food quality is excellent they serve continental , italian .. their mezze platter & the pizza's are quite good ,their desi fondue is a must try , i enjoyed the rissoto & the blue berry cheese cake ..
Not many lounges or clubs in mumbai have a full service restaurant .. so this is a refreshing change ...
They also have a lunch buffet priced at 499 & 599 with beer & the quantity & quality is excellent a little over priced , but you get a pint free of fosters so it doesnt pinch then .. you can talk to them incase you have a group ,they would probably bring down the price if you bought a couple of vouchers ..
Its great for a lunch or dinner place & they also have a place the clubbing are that they give out for parties .. which has a capacity of about 200 ppl , so for a birthday or a bachelorette or any other event , the food , the music & the ambience is not to be worried about ..
Parking is also not an issue as they have valed , especially since in fort parking is a major concern , these guys are open till 1.30 so after a party or before a party its a great place to go to ..
Its a beautifully done up place , so its worth visiting atleast once ..
They have these cricket match screenings .. good fun to watch at in a club
The crowd is usally elite , since a meal for 2 will cost about 1500/-
But its worth the price ,so i would definately recommend the place .