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> > > Pankaj Fast Food

Pankaj Fast Food

Matunga East  

  • 09867858371
  • Shop No. 7, Next to Chedda Stores, Matunga (E), Mumbai
  • Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 100

1 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Pankaj Fast Food Reviews

Tingle your tastebuds & soothe them later...

Pankaj Fast food is a relatively newly opened joint right next to Chedda stores, opp. Matunga Rly. Stn.

Essentially this place comprises of 3 Different stalls:
1. Sandwhiches: to the left of Relax Hotel.
2. Chaat: To the right of Chedda Stores
3. IceCream (Kulfi): 2 shops behind the Chaat spot.

So basically, no real ambience, its an open air thing, right in the middle of one of the busiest & crowded streets of Matunga.

Worth Noting & Appreciating: All the employees at all three stalls are well trained & courteous.
Hygiene is VERY WELL maintained. The workers themselves sweep the footpath around the shops periodically, every now & then and also maintain good trash cans within arms reach. They Do not allow overflowing of the garbage bins. The counters are also kept quite clean. Even though it is monsoon there were hardly any flies bothering us.

Stall No. 1:

Veg. Grilled Sandwhich (50/- Rs.), Veg. Cheese Grilled Sandwhich, Cheese Chilly Sandwhich etc.
Standard menu.
absolutely filling & delicious Veg. Grilled Sandwhich. Remniscent of Lucky's @ Parle, Snowman's @ Breach Candy.

Plus points: 2 Grill machines = faster service & less waiting time, although people do throng a lot so a certain amount of waiting is expected.
and Also: Lovley Green Chutney- with a dash of Pudina to it...added a nice accompaniment to the sandwhich.

Overall: Reasonably priced, Piping Hot food, Good Hygiene, Decent service. So a thumbs up!

Stall No. 2: Chaat Stall. Pani puri, Dahi puri etc.
This stall is quite popular, inspite of the presence of another pani puri stall just 6 shops away.

Pani Puri is mouth watering, perfect blend & zing in the paani, mixture is decent & just enough to touch your buds, "meetha chatni" is nice & occassionally tangy too. Puri's are also decent. The Dahi puri was very nice too.

Plus points: Again for Hygiene - plastic gloves by handlers, well cleaned premises.

Overall: a satisfying roadside chaat experience.

Stall No. 3: Kulfi! Seved on your platter or as a candy. Variety of flavours. malai, kesar pista, strawberry, mango, chocolate...good range.

Malai Kulfi 10/- Rs & others 20/- Rs.

Very tasty, right flavours, not extra sweet and no creamy layer in your mouth afterwards. Very well formed, doesnt melt & start dripping instantly.
Extremely satisfying & soothing after all that you have gorged upon!

Plus points: The size of the other Candy Kulfi's is bigger than the Malai Kulfi - so very thoughtfull of them to mount it on TWO candy sticks than one, hence avoid breakage & spillage.

Overall: Three Thumbs Up to this place(s). Worth going if you are in the mood for a good snack or a quick bite. Satisfaction Guaranteed!