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> > > > Papa John's

Papa John's

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 28816363
  • Link House, Chindholi Bunder Link Road, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai
  • American

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Papa John's Reviews

Worst Pizza

We ordered 2 pizza's Medium size and it was one of the worst pizzas we have ever tasted. We ordered Chicken BBQ and Volcano something and it was bad...It was like chicken khakra with some added flavours....


Suffocating Place, Bad Pizza and Service!

Me and a friend of mine went to Papa Pancho's last night for pizza.

I had it in the USA and loved it. It's apparently USA's best pizza chain.

I obviously expected a lot from it.

But no.

The place was pathetic.

We entered the place and it appeared as though the AC was not on. I felt kinda suffocated.

Finally, we sit on the table and they don't serve us water!!
We were waiting though.

We ordered 2 Pepsi's, Cheesesticks, a Spring Fling Veg Pizza and a BBQ Chicken Non-veg pizza.

The table was very greasy and we felt really uneasy.

The Cheesesticks tasted like plastic slapped on bread. It was SO TASTELESS!!

The pepsi was awesome. It wasn't flat as compared to Pizza Hut.

The Barbeque Chicken Pizza was not upto the mark. The BBQ Sauce was sweet and it didn't taste great. The pizza crust was perfect, just the way I like it. The chicken in the pizza was so chewy!

The Spring Fling Pizza was apparently really chewy and it had very few toppings.

We were two hungry teenagers who usually devour a medium pizza, coke and garlic bread each, but we couldn't even finish half the pizza!

The ambience SUCKED, the waiters were snooty and came only after we repeatedly called out to them.

We were feeling really choked and suffocated because they switched off the AC's!

All in all, it was a *PATHETIC* experience.

I will vow to never come here again.

Total waste of my Rs. 750


nehaa - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 12,2008


Non consistent

When I had gone there with family the pizzas and garlic bread etc.. were good, but found the staff a little unfriendly.
After that went for a party for my kids birthday again the food was good and the service was excellent... infact I thought of celebrating my sons next birthday there.
After that I ordered a pizza and salad home.... Had mentioned to them that I do not want onion in my salad, but they didnot bother, when I spoke to the girl who had taken the order, she said she would send a new one, I waited for more than an hour, by then didnot really feel like eating anything. Called to talk to their supervisor, and he said he is not aware of the issue and the girl had already left for home.
They dont care for their customers once the money is in....
Now that is an AMERICAN PIZZA !!!


papa don't preach

Great service, extremely kid friendly, fantastic garlic sticks, sufficient quantity of pizza, though on the 2nd & 3rd visit found the dough a little dodgy, but over all prefer it to dominoes.



Update - not good

After my first good experience, have gone a couple of times to the place. However the experience has worsened at each successive visit. The Garlic Parmesan breadsticks remain great but the pizza's quality has degenerated - I happened to have the same Papa's Tikka pizza last week - but this time, the toppings were few and far between. The chicken pieces were bland - felt like boiled chicken with some red sauce slapped on it.
The base itself was too thick and chewy - basically it has gone the Domino's way.
Service remains efficient and the place spic and span - but the basic fare has deteriorated. Wont be going there again


the best, must have

Papa Johns is an old college fav from back in the day. Was passing by Link Road and saw the outlet and i just had to pick up some. Unfortunately it took them about 25 mins to hook us up but that was the only negative.

It was friggin fabulous. It looked like it did back in the day and hell it even tasted perfect. The sauce is the key. A plain margarita 14 inch was 295.

I think this is the best pizza (chain wise) on earth and i am glad they are finally here. I hope they end up coming down this side of town soon.


Pradosh  - Burrp User


41 Reviews

October 22,2007


Another Yankee Pizzeria

This one proudly proclaims itself to be the No.1 Pizza in the US of A. (I googled on it and it is true - it has been ranked ahead of Dominos and Pizza hut in the last eight years in a UMich satisfaction survey)
Well, does it actually translate into good pizzas - well yes ! The pizzas had a typical thick base, but unlike the hard to find toppings at Dominos and Pizza Hut, here the toppings are slightly more generously applied, so that you can taste the topping instead of just smelling it.
I had a Papa's Tikka - chicken tikka and fresh onions - the chicken was nicely done and the taste was nicely balanced - the indian masala didnt overpower the bread/cheese taste.
My partner, on the other hand, had a Spring Fling, which was assorted veggies on a spicy pizza sauce - ok but nothing great.
But the best part of the evening was not the pizzas - it was the breadsticks - grandly labelled as Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks. I would recommend everyone to give it a try. The breadsticks are a bit on the longer side - and come in a bed of a yellow sauce, which had a buttery feel to it, has hint of garlic .... but sumptious combination nevertheless.
Didnt have the time or enthu to sample the pastas and salads on the menu - and mention must be made of the AC which was turned WAY down ... felt like we walked into a refridgerator !!
The menu is not indianized enough to be a hit with everyone (esp. for veggies), but for decent pizzas and an amazing breadsticks+sauce, this place gets 3 stars