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> > > Poison


Waterfield Road  

  • 26423006, 26423007, 9820123177
  • 001/b, Krystal, 206 Patkar Marg, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai
  • European

18 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Poison Reviews


I'm Poison's Ivy!

I'm a complete Poison baby. I've practically lived in the Hyd one when it opened, I've been to the Goa one and now that I live in Bombay, I'm a regular here as well.

You'd think that Bombay would be full of party hubs but it really isn't. When it comes to out and out clubbing, Poison is one of the very few places in the city that's actually happening, every single weekend.

The journey begins from the time you tipsily trek down the winding stairs in high heels and your fashionable best and can hear the DJ's pumping music from behind the console. What I love about this place is the high level of energy that exudes not only from the crowd, but also the DJs and the bartenders. And I'm a big sucker for DJ Lloyd's music - he knows how to keep the crowd happy whether he's playing bollywood, house or hip-hop!

Drinks are a little steep at Rs 700 for a large whisky-soda but it is possible to flirt your way to free drinks... ;-)

Also, it's great that it stays open till 3 am. So all in all, my favourite club in the city...


Bad to Worse - Going Down the Engima Lane

I have been to Poison a lot of times in the past but made a visit on a weekday after a long gap -- and was i not stunned! From everything that matters is a club - music, ambiance, crowd, drinks - all things suck here.
Too many guy stags floating around in every corner of the club standing with one empty glass checking out very other person of thier preferd gender. Along side this, you would have a 50+ year old group who had thier shoes off and were dancing away in the most odd stricken manner.
And finally to top if off - there were these drunk dudes who would barge into every group while his other 'dude' would pull him out!
It was a fantastic time watching these revellers because the music was def not worth to hang around.
Now for the drinks - who quoted this place in the category of expensive? to me its to be categorized as 'very expenseive'. Can you imagine a pricing where a glass of coke will be priced the same as a glass of red bull - 200 bucks?? 700 for a cocktail and that too which is sub standard?
All in all, Poison was such a disappointment. To me its going down the same way as Enigma (Mariott) has. Enigma which once used to be a terrifc clubbing joint is now famous for other reasons (if ppl may know) - Poison is taking away the same shady role.


yolanda - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 10,2008


Bar tenders need training

Spacious but packed, good variety of music. I would personally prefer more rnb and hip hop. Service at the bar is poor, better system is needed.



Typical Me-Too Mumbai Club

This place is yet another me-too product:- same old Bollywood commercial beats, same old packed place getting more packed and smokier as the night progressed, same old teeny boppy 20 year old kids all amped-up on booze dancing away.

Time taken to get drinks was ridiculous, a lot of elbow shoving and pushing was required to get to the bar area. There was a mini section playing retro songs and relatively less packed which turned out to be more feasible to hang out at, for lesser drink-fetching times!

Pros: parking, retro-section provides breathing space!

Cons: F'ing packed, long waits at the bars, clientele was definetely 18-20 yr old inclined, way too much commercial music, F'ing packedddd!!!!



They say such a world exists where one can forget about everything else but music...
Poison is such a place, where it is about nothing else but music, music, and music! Amazing sound system lifts your soul and transports you to another world. Make sure to check this place out and you are guaranteed to love it.


Poison in every sense of the word

To sum it up 'Ew', thats it.


Sweet Poison

So far the best club in Mumbai in terms of the crowd and sound system.


Absolute crap & highly over-rated!!!

Well admittedly I have been to this place aptly named Poison just once..Was Poison for me..The pros first...Best sound system in Mumbai for sure..Thats the only good part..The service is not just bad,its downright condescending & arrogant..Waiters,managers et al..All of these sobs seem to think they own the place..Don't know about others but service is the most important thing for me anyplace I go..Would advise anyone with any self-respect never to spend their money(hard earned or otherwise :) ) on this place..It just sucks..Gimme a Hawaiin Shack or Enigma anyday..


Fire Aqueel !

Well Poison is definitely one of Bombay's Top Nightclubs, no doubts.

Very Spacious, Good lighting effects, and Great Sound system !

The only Chink in the armour is the Famous DJ Aqueel himself !! Someone bring him back to the ground , Please.

The most recent visit was a big disappointment, all cause of the gentlemen named above. His assistants play good music, but probably Aqueel was high on his usual Dope that he ended up playing slow Tracks from the Hindi movies Saawariyan, Om shanti Om etc.........The enitre Dance floor was standing still !! and was pissed, but mr. Aqueel continued playing !!


Sound System Top Notch!

I have been to Poison only on Wednesday nights since all i listen to is Trance/House. I must say the first time i was there was back in 2005 ( I think) when solar stone were down here in Mumbai. Though it was an experience never to forget, the sound system was a big let down. Did not go there for almost a year after that but as fate would have it I was at Poison on a Thursday dancing to Pearl dishing it out! Man O Man was that a night to remember! the sound completely blew me off and yes as someone said here, the bass really makes your hair stand up!!!
The sound system is an absolute treat, amazing clarity. Really makes you wanna let your hair down (unless its not already standing up cause of the bass) and dance your heart out.

Poison is easily the best club in Mumbai. I have seen the pretties women at Poison, which is one reason why i love going there. The booze is incredibly expensive (atleast for me).
A Beer (local) costs Rs.150 while the foreign ones will set you back by Rs.300 and all this for a pint.
Vodka large shot is for Rs.400. A breezer is for Rs.200.

The club definitely has strict entry rules (especially for stags) and the entry + cover sets you back by Rs.1500. Pretty costly but the place is worth experiencing atleast once.


Addy07 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 23,2007


Big is not always good...

Well to start off with .. not many good places to party in mumbai and when u have some.. they turn and become snobbish...
poision is just one of those stories...good place and crowd.. really strict on stags and entry, booked with private parties, and the entry staff not very pleasing or helpful at all.. but music rocks!!
well for a price that they charge they should be a little more considerat towards thier guests otherwise a good party place


amit7145 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 13,2007


Entry to poison without any 'Queue'

Hey guys!!Now You dont need to stand in queue to enter poison.

You can now call up on their phone numbers (26423006 / 26423007) and book your entry in advance by using your credit card.Whats more,you do not share the card details with any one,you simply enter it on your phone pad and the payment is done.They have installed a software in their telephone systems which makes this possible.Once you book your entry in advance you just need to share your mobile number at the entrance and voila you are let in. No need to stand in the regular queue for this. And as always its a rocking place to be. See you at Poison.



I'm poisonous!!!

What makes me poisonous on saturdays?

ONE - The only club to introduce digital video mixers in Bombay.

TWO - The sound set-up - done by Manish Mavani (A reputed sound expert in Bombay and a true ROCKSTAR - this guy simply rocks!!!)

THREE - strict club rules - (very important) Poison is firm on its club rules - It is one aspect that can take a club places.

FOUR - ALLDAH BLING - which comes with guys like DJ Aqeel and regular guests from the film fraternity.

and THE WINNER IS......... The air conditiong system.Its good. It beats all other points mentioned above :) GET POISONOUS!!!



Since the moral brigade is out in full force there are very places in the suburbs where you can let your hair down till the wee hours. Poison is one such place.
I luckily made it here pretty early on a weekend around 10 and the place wore a deserted look. And the five plasma TVs on the raised platforms played nothing but songs from Carlos Santana's live concerts. After 7 odd songs, my spirits sank lower than the Manhattan I was having.
But slowly people started started streaming in and DJ started playing good music. But the DJ seemed inclined more towards Bollywood tracks.
Nonetheless, this is a great place, with a lot of room to stand (not sit). Will definitely visit it again


Probably the best in Bandra

Hopped over here on Saturday after a few drinks at Aurus. Poison on most nights lives up to its hype. The bouncers do a good job of making sure the pimps and hoes don't make it in. What results is a fairly decent crowd (with some grungies) of people that just want to dance, drink and have fun. The best part about this place is the sound system. The bass will actually make your hair stand up. Saturday nights is mostly what I will lump into "dance" music - a mix of mostly club beats, some top 40, and very little hip hop. Entry was 1500/couple or stag, of which 1000 is entry fee, and 500 can be redeemed for drinks. The few gripes about this place were that the guys were very mediocre-looking; was way too crowded; music could be better. Other than that, probably one of the best clubs in Mumbai.


amp22 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2007


It ROCKS !!!!!!

Oh man...This is the best hangout place you can ever visit :0
Had been there on Valentine's Day...and it was worth of it.
DJ Aqeel was too good for the night and crowd was going crazy & wild.....Best ladies...Best service...Best booze :)
Don't miss it :)


The best crowd

Well having partied at almost all the happening places in mumbai, Poison crowd is the best
The best thing about this place is that it rocks on all days of the week.
You will find the wildest women here (looks like backless and strings is the dress code here)
Great DJs
Amazing music
Sexy Plasmas
Expensive Booze .... a large Bacardee costs 400 bucks



The hip-hop spot on Thursdays! really feels like a good club, the DJ Booth is surrounded by PLASMA's the dance floor is well designed and service is great and always something good happening with a great crowd... GOOD POISIN!! NEEDED POISON! Whats ur poisin ?