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Vasai East  

  • 9821213232, 9820113235
  • Maljipada, Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway, Next to Ghodbunder, Vasai East, Thane
  • Indian, Kashmiri, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 500

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Poush Reviews

Good Ambaince, but poor food & service

The place is got a geat location and a very unique ambiance. It's a long arrangement with 6-7 Shikara style seating on one side and tables on the other. There are 2-3 tables where there is an A/C section. The Non-A/c section had too many flies flying by, though the cross ventilation is pretty good, without the fan (if the power goes) it gets quite warm during the day. The washrooms and washbasins are pretty unclean (not awful), but that is how it is for most highway eateries.

The pricing is in a decent range of around 150 -250 for maincourse dishes. Breads range from 15-35 and sweets in the range of 65-90. Pretty OK.

Now coming to the food and service. Both were poor. The quantity is good, but lacking in taste. I understand kashmiri food doesnt use much onion, and hence it is a little watery, but the dishes ordered by us were a little too watery. The breads were too flaky and having a seat in the Shikara, all the falked parts of the roti / kulcha are lying next to you on the ' gaddi' with every bite of the roti you take. The flakiness of the rotis needs to be worked on a lot. Overall poor food quality and there are flies all over the place. Don't be surprised if you get one in your dish as well. But unlike other highway dhabas, no stomach upsets. The service is extremely slow and the turnaround of tables is very poor. The Shikara seating and availabilty of Alcohol is prime reason for slow turn over, but there doesn't seem to be a way out.

But honestly the Shikrara are and extremely comfortable seating.

The place is just about 4-5 km from fountain hotel (Ghodbunder Road junction) towards Virar on the Ahmedabad Highway (NH 8). Nice drive though. It is on the Eastern side of the highway.


Poush (not)

Visited Poush and wat a deceptive feeling it was! The restaurant was good (just the ambience.... lets talk abt the food now).... skillfully pounded lamb (not so skillfully afterall) dipped in authentic sour milk with a tinge of saffron and kashmiri herbs (ahem). Putting it in a nutshell.... we had kesar ka doodh with lamb meat balls dipped in it! Sounds familiar? DO NOT eat the Goshtaba please! Now we talk about the kokur kanti (more like kranti) cos it sets ur mood on fire after you eat it! Lotssssssss of oil..... lotsssssssssss of kaanda tamatar and some chicken (swaad anusaar) for convenience! Ahhh wudnt u want that now! So after reading this if you still want to set out for this mission Kashmir, we salute you!


Great Kashmiri cusine! :)

Made a quick stopover for dinner @ Poush after a picnic..The seating is very well done to accommodate small, medium and large sized groups..As we were a family of about 20, we were seated in a private room with the feel of a Shikara..
As for the food, i cannot comment on the authenticity, but delicious, yes, it was :) The Non-veg platter had 3/4 different succulent kebabs..For main course I opted for the prawns biryani..It was lip-smacking..So was the ghosht biryani which the rest were having..Dessert was matka-kulfi, which was decent..
However all's not so rosy and I did have a few issues during my visit..The service is DEAD slow...For the first 45 mins we were just served PAPAD!!!! & The music makes you want to stab either yourself or somebody else..I mean seriously, HIMESH tracks NOW!!!!!! Totally kills the ambiance :/
But the yum sweet pan on our way out quite made up for the let-downs ;-)


bhags - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 26,2011


Nothing as expected

We decieded to go to Poush for our first wedding anniversary. The website looked amazing and we thought that it would be the ideal romantic place to be. However as soon as we reached Poush we were highly disappointed as it was nothing like what was shown on the website. The rooms were badly maintained. they didnt even have a phone in the room for room service.Everytime we needed sumthing we had to call from our cell phone to a cell no given to us by them. But they hardly answered that number and my husband had to go out to the reception everytime we needed sumthing. The ambience was not great and the food was OK. I will not recommend it for an overnight stay but can be visited for just a romantic Dinner.


fieroz - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2011


Paethetic Food and Service

I heard about this place, Poush Maal which is reffered as “Poush” Essence of Kashmir, a Kashmiri restaurant / resort which is near to Ghodbunder road….

While driving towards Mumbai from Surat, I
usually stop over Sai Palace, Kinara or Pritam Dhaba near Ghodbunder road last weekend I thought to give a try to Poush Maal after reading about them on their website...
I stepped in with my girl and i was shocked... The website has all the false information, the boats are just junk woods placed on mud with loads of mosquitoes waiting for you to step in... There were hardly any people around on weekend and they have pasted snaps of Celebrities visiting their resort.. I am sure if these celebritites came here it would be for once and all...
So i skipped the boat and went over to restaurant, 2nd shock was Menu; there were hardly 7-8 items in main course... I ordered something which was my favorite non-veg dish "Roganjosh" and "Chicken tandoori" both dish were absolutely pathetic... Meat was half cooked and taste was awful, we left the food as is after first bite… the dishes were clearly an insult to Kashmiri food, if anyone was trying Kashmiri food in this restaurant for first time, they will never ever think of eating Kashmiri food again

Then I stepped towards counter and told him that food was not so good, but the guy sitting on counter was least bothered to listen and was busy playing games on his mobile…. A waiter standing next to him said Kashmiri food tastes like this… I just gave him a nod and then asked the counter guy to provide me a room to rest for the night; I selected “Super deluxe room” and paid him 1500 bucks…
That was the biggest mistake I did, I was under assumption that the rooms will be same standard as Pritam dhabha or any other hotels on Ghodbunder road, But I was so wrong, the guy walked me some where between very dark place, my girl was getting goose bumps and was scared to walk around, I still managed to calm her down and we reached towards room…
Rooms does not match the snapshot at all which is pasted on website, “Super deluxe room” had nothing super, it was very stinking, dirty, absolutely unhygienic and the worst was the place where room is situated… I was so frustrated by all the experience of this resort, I decided to cancel the booking and drive to Sai palace which is my favorite place and also keeing in mind that we can have good food for dinner..

I had to encounter the counter guy again, I told him I would like to cancel the booking because I didn’t like it, he simply gave me negative nod but didn’t look towards me because he was still busy playing game on his mobile… The waiter again standing next to him, said that they cannot cancel the booking once it is done… My level of frustration was on rage… I still spoke to him politely offering him to take the cancellation charges and to my amaze, he deducted 50% of what I paid to him..

I had no choice of quarelling with him because my girl beside was already scared and was asking me to move on from this place… I just gave a smile to waiter and said what ever they are doing is WRONG…..

So I will highly suggest not even think about this Resort, they are cheaters and an insult to Kashmiri foods and other Resorts nearby to Ghodbunder… I will highly suggest Sai Palace, Pritam Dhabha, Kinara or Havelli inn…

If I have to describe Poush Maal, I will refer as Patehetic Obscured Unhygienic Sore Harsh Maal


Awsm place n food -A KASHMIRI's review

I wanted to go to this place since a long time. So yesterday while driving towards vasai, me and my friends decided to go. 4 of us went there and it was really amazing. the ambience was superb. the service was superb and the food...yummmmm.... it was simply amazing. SINCE I am a KASHMIRI so my reviews abt this place matter. 'damalo' and 'roganjosh' are the 2 dishes u shud definitely go for. the food was closest to the home made kashmiri food. my friends also luvd d place. simply awsmmmmm


nemo_004 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 14,2010


Well.....not what i expected

After getting exposed to Kasmiri Cuisine at Kong Poush (Goregaon West), I thought that I should certainly visit Poush (Vasai E) as the combination of anbience (as promised in website) and the cusine would be deadly. Being a foodie, I was certainly looking forwrad to it for a week. My wife booked a package B (Dream date @Rs1599) via an SMS to one Mr. Ganesh (i still have copy of it in my sent messages) which promised a candle lit shikara decorated with fresh flowers, 2 glasses of red wine, 2 glasses of mocktail, surprise gift for couple, starter, kashmiri thali, desert.
Scene 1 - i enter the resort which is brightly lit up and looks beautiful. One cheerful person in the waiter's uniform guides me to my decorated shikara. Scene 2- But heyyyy??? where are the fresh flowers?? There are just a few flowers in a vase and no candles but something like a 40 watts bulb in a very dirty lampshade. I ask the waiter about the discrepancy and he tells me, let me call the guy who booked it for you. Scene 3- Enter Mr. Ganesh!! When I ask him, he says no said package A @ 999. Ok I am a liar if you believe him but I still have the message in my sent items which I try to pull wife says forget it...lets not start on a bad note and enjoy the rest of the experience,...agreed....exit Mr. Ganesh....Scene 4-one waiter comes and serves a pink drink and i ask him what is it...answer...Mocktail...i ask again...yeah but what mocktail..answer...a sweet smile and "I dont know"...i finish my mocktail (some strawberry flavour) which was actually good...Scene 5- enter another guy with a pen and notepad in hand...seems he is the guy who takes order..after i finish ordering my drink I ask him....what do you have in a thal...he says...we have stopped thals veg non veg starter...main course-one veg and one non-veg dish with roti or rice of your choice...i am a little disappointed as i was looking forward to the thal especially after I loved eating the wazwan thal at Kong Poush...scene 6 - tabakh maaz served which i ordered separately and it is good but nothing great...finished...waiting...waiting....wave at someone who comes and ask him to serve our starters included in the pacakge and a jaljeera for my wife....20-25 mins later...a paneer dish and a chicken dish in the same onion and garlic sauce with exactly the same taste is served...also a glass of jaljeera...this was rather funny...the waiter comes with a empty glass with the jaljeera powder and some boondi in it....keeps it on our table and then pours water ( which was not cold at all) from his jug in the glass...some novelty atleast...after finishing the not so tasty starters...and after some wiating period as no one seems to believe that we exist at one beautiful corner of this resort,,,i ordered another plate of tabakh maaz....another 20-25 mins....i see three people coming with the main course which seemed something like the thal.....remember the guy telling me we have stopped thals....ok...i am irritated and i bark at them....i just ordered another starter...let me finish that and then serve the main course or atleast ask me before you serve it...they go back...i finish my tabakh maaz and now knowing by experience that no one will come unless called....wave at a person who ever it is....and telll him..dude plz serve my food....another 20-25 comes..well dont want to get into was no where near to what I have had at kong poush...i somehow finish some rice and daal as the rest was simply not appeal able enough....the desert was ordeal ended....i am for the first time in my life looking forward to run out of a restaurant/resort.....well my constant reference to Kong Poush may make some people feel that I am biased but trust me...and if you dont please visit that's a very small place ( even they have shikaras inside their restaurant) but with a difference....their all waiters know their menu by heart...they can suggest what you should have as per your taste....they tell you whats there in a thaal...finally Sunil Mattoo (owner of kong poush) takes personal interest in guiding you through this wonderful cuisine from the paradise on earth - Kashmir.....well do say in a nut shell... i did not feel at home at Poush neither i felt that i am in a professional was more like some.....sunny da or bobby da or happy da dhaba on the highway but definitely even missing their rustic charm as well....sorry Mr. Takkoo (owner of Poush) but I will come again once before i write this place off my list of eating joints...but then i really doubt you care....goodnight....and heyyy you can courier me the surprise gift if you wish...:-)


s4gorik4 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 07,2009


One of the coziest place I have ever been

It was my B'day that Sunday when me and my friends decided to try this new place. It was raining and we had pre-planned for a candle night dinner for us. Coz of rain they could not keep the arrangement for us. However after reaching we spoke to "Uncle" the very charming owner of that place. He not only made arrangement for us to sit in the shikara but the warm service was fantastic. The place was very cozy and comforting and the decoration was simple yet special. Food was no doubt delicious and also in very affordable prices. I would try recommending most of my friends there...



A Perfect Sunday @ Poush

This is a very good place...My friend referred Poush and so on one Sunday we four me & my cousin and our husbands decided to try out this place the only Kashmiri restaurant in Mumbai
worth all the travel from Goregoan. The ambience was amazing with the Shikara, houseboat, colorful fountain with greenery and lovely flowers. As the Name POUSH means flowers in Kashmiri. It was 9.00 pm the place was jam packed. There is a reservation counter as u enter, we could see group of 15 and10 ready to wait for 30mintues and 1 hour for Shikara’s baithaks a comfortable seating. The guy name Vilas took ur names for Shikara name MUMTAZ. Our wait time given by Vilas was 20 to 30 min. so we decided to take a tour of the 3 acre of lush greenery.

To our surprise we found a swimming pool and cottages for stay. The dining area has three options, Biathaks (accommodates 8 adults in one). Shikara Mumtaz &Anarkali (accommodates 4 adults in one). The cane chairs &Table in the garden near colorful fountain and not the least if u plans a party for 25 to 50 they offer u the deck party on the top of the houseboat. it’s a great place to have a party…. Just let ur hair loose.. they play soft Kashmiri folk music and soothing instrumental music. They do arrange DJ music on request.

Luckily we got our Shikara in 20 minutes and we quickly settle into. I specially liked the Shikara with cushions & curtains makes you feel & dine as if you are in Kashmir & not in Mumbai. Only lacks is the weather. “DREAM DATE” think going to take girl here and propose. The warm, Romantic ambience is just right and at Poush you feel as if you are in Kashmir... it is as close to Kashmir as possible! Girls are crazy abt Kashmir so this is just THE place!

The Menu looked proper Kashmiri & north west frontier cuisine the best part is Captain Soniy insists on the specialty of the place and what to order and it worked because we were clueless about kashmiri food (except Phirni and Kawha).
We Ladies started off with a couple of soups - Saat Ras(mutton soup) and Palak Soup. Of the two, the saat Ras was the better one. Gent decided to have some drinks It offers the best selection of wines, liquors, beers & small section of cocktails. The place lacks prompt service.

The mutton sheekh kebabs & Dry Rista's are to die for! With the repeat Drink we ordered Kandhari chicken (near to tandoori chicken) well marinated & cooked in right flame.
For the main course nothing but the best which meant Goshtaba( curd gravy (yellowish-whitish) with pounded meat bal), Roganjosh and Nadier palak. We savoured this with crisp Lacchedaar parathas and Naans, followed by the saffron flavored Rice. All this tastes so good that you want the tastes of these to linger in your mouth forever. We finished our food with indulging into sweets with Phirni & Strawberry icecream.

In the end goes the magic, digest it all with a hot cup of kehwa (kashmiri aromatic green tea with cinnamon, cardamom, almonds and saffron)And yes, they have a tradition of washing the hands of the guests in tash-t-nar (portable wash basin) so you don’t have to get up from your seat! Amazing! I have not seen this at any other restaurant.

POUSH has come straight from the heart of passionate Kashmiri Mr Om Takoo. Hats off to him!
I am surely going back for more..

this is my FIRST Review for burrp! i will recommend you to go and try this place out for a splendid kashmiri & CLOSE 2 NATURE experience. Dinner for 4 costed around Rs 2000/-(with Liquor)

Not much for vegetarians
WAITING on weekends
Lacks Service



It takes only a visit there to become a terrorist

I was in a sheer disappointment when I visited this place in the month of January, after reading all "gung-ho" reviews about this place @ Burrp.

Location is rather the only good point in this "well-marketed" restaurant. I'd gone their in the afternoon and it was breezy. Thanks God for small mercies.

But then that's it.

Murg Shorba was more about corn-floored chicken soup and widely recommeded pakodas were only normal pakodas served with typical mumbaiyya-green chatnee. Thanks to this place, I came to know about mumbai food culture travelling all the way to Kashmir.

Tried their signature dishes i.e. dum aloo and meat balls in red gravy. Dum aloo was typical Mumbaiyya Shetty hotel gravy. Their other signature dish (i think roganjosh or some other thingy) was nothing but metaballs in watery red gravy.

Simply then I saw Kashmiri food becoming "Road" rage in Mumbai in time to come with all chinesy joints serving kashmiri food. The only thing they will have to do is to remove the dragon and paint some shikaras. The point is about the much "acclaimed" kashimiri food which was let-downer.

Kashmir in Mumbai.

Not really. Except a shikara in the middle and some ponds here and there, there is nothing resembling to Kashmir.

Waiters : Local guys who laughed sarcastically when I asked him " Kashmir ka kounsa special dish aap recommend karoge ? " !

Cutlery : I get better cutlery in Somwar ka bazaar....

Finally, i saw a "Burrp" certificate hanging inside the place prominently. I wanted to be the terrorist inside "mumbai ka kashmir" instantly !



Not That Great

I had been here just recently, its not that great as potrayed in the previous reviews...the place is near the highway so its nosiy and when called at the number given on this site, i was not informed about the details, its very very normal garden type resturant is nice but ambience isnt that great for anyone...there are insects around and its very scary ...its very small also ...nothing close to a good restort..i was charged flat 1000 for the shikara which wasnt great ...inshort pathetic...better go to a resturant than this place...



An Idle Place for Lovers

Hello....I came to know about this place from burrp! itself, and would like to thank burrp! for exposing me to such a great restaurant. The place is really cool for lovers and for families as well. Whether in a big group or small, you should be able to enjoy it. Is it far? Yes, but to get something nice, one has to give a bit more effort. If you don't have a car, forget about going here. Let's move on to the food quality. We ordered Rajma and Daal Tadka. The Dal Tadka was amazing as was the Rajhma. We moved on to a relaxing session of Sheesh (Hukkah) and the flavours were nice, burned for a long time. If I had to describe this place in one word, it would be "fabulous!"




My God I can't believe I am in Kashmir just in an hour. Have been hearing about this place from my dad & his friends. Got phone no from your site and spoke to Om Takoo owner of this beautiful place. Worried about the traffic jams me & friends decided to go. Luckily there were no traffic jams as such but slow traffic till Malad.As soon as we entered all worries gone. The place has so mush positive energy. There were Fountains,beautiful shikaras. a houseboat with two bedrooms, lush green garden, their restaurant with flowing colored curtains, seating in baithak type where you can sit Indian style and enjoy your dinner. Saw some people almost lying down and eating as there is ample space in this baithaks. We had heard & read about Kashmiri Food that we wanted to have only Kashmiri Food though they serve Indian food as well.
Asked the waiter if we could talk to Om Takoo before ordering our food. Om Takoo- tall, handsome, good looking Kashmiri himself. Listening to him about kashmiri food is a treat in itself. The kind of knowledge he has he should start classes on Kashmiri Food. Since my dad who himself is a hotelier had spoken about Om Takoo that how he started first Kashmiri cuisine restaurant in Andheri West near Lokhandwala, I had some knowledge about his background.
We left it to him to order on our behalf.
Started the meal with Sheen Quahwa ( Kashmiri Tea). Traditionally this tea is made hot but Om Takoo has made Sheen means cold Quahwa for Mumbai. There was DJ Music as well.
Followed starters-Chichen kanti, seekh kebab, kagargagh (mutton ribs marinated), Nadir palak Tikki. All very very tasty. In main course we had Dum Allo- never seen Dum aloo like this in any restaurant-aloo as red inside as outside. Rajmah-never had this taste before. Roganjosh -mutton dish but just delicious- mutton just melts in mouth like malai. Learnt it takes atleast 3 hours to cook that Roganjosh. Kokur Yakhnee- Chicken cooked in yoghart garvy as two of our friends just can not have spicy food. Whenever we visited other restaurant we always had difficulty feeding these two not eating spicy food. But here Om Takoo had so many dishes for them. And then Phirni arrived in small clay pots. Our stomachs said NO MORE FOOD but EYES said EAT.
Oh then this Pan- enjoyed that too.
Had a round of the Resort- shikaras, houseboat and rooms as well. Thanked Om Takoo for making this beautiful Kashmir in Mumbai with such tasty food. Booked a Party for My parents wedding anniversary on 27th of April.



Most Romantic Getaway from busy city life.

This is totally the place to unwind and indulge with your partner in this blissful serenity. Really a good getaway from the busy irritating city. Place is really for the hopeless romantics that wanna bond with their soulmates. Yup! i am indeed one of em. This is the kinda place where instead of the usual 'stay in the room with your sweetie routine and just make out', really does not apply coz theres so much greenery and serenity outdoors that you just cannot only stay in your room. Believe me, this was the 1st place where me and my sweetheart actually saw fireflies at night near our log hut garden. There were two or three but that is very rare (you know what i mean).

We stayed in the log hut room which was really amazing and so pretty that it was unlike any place we ever been to when we wanted to spend time alone & it has your own private garden with your own little tree house. Am uploading some pics taken out from my phone so you know why we really had a swell time. The log hut was an amazing experience and in spite of being completely out of wood, the rain does not get in. Gosh, but in the night...... you can hear the craziest sounds of insects and........well i wouldn't know at all coz we did not step out in the dark coz being like a jungle you really wouldn't even know if there were snakes out there. Our bathroom had this odd looking tiger striped lizard which really freaked me out. There are huge ass lizards around the place like gigantic or maybe like an iguana, don't say i didn''t warn you. So the best is to lock yourself inside and totally connect with your mate (wink wink).

Its indeed famous for the well known "POUSH" restaurant which serves true Kashmir's food and is decorated in the same way. The staff was very hostile and kind. What do you expect visiting places like these, it had a lot of weird insects and peculiar looking flies but thats taken care of with the incenses to shun them away. Food specially the biryani is just totally divine. By default just try that for lunch or dinner.

Well, enough said now. Go take out your mates you love sick puppies.


Posuh:Kashmir in Mumbai

Being a kashmiri myself, i wasn’t sure what to xpect at Poush: Essence of Kashmir.
However I was pleasantly surprised to see the place, the real sized house-boat, the shikaras the restaurant which is quite a unique one to say the least.
Now to the real thing, Food: honestly no Kashmiri likes to eat kashmiri food outside coz it does not even come close to what we know kashmiri food is.(e.g. Kashmiri Dum-Alloo that is served across the city)
However I was once again amazed at the menu and then the food, it came very close to what you could expect at home.
The starters were good my favourite being the kabar-gaha.
The main course as usual is the real Kashmiri food.
Especially the Ghostaba and the Roganjosh were the ones to cherish, also the Biryani is Delicious.
I am not a veggie but my frnds enjoied the veg food as well……and going by the taste of Poush’s non-veg food I am pretty sure the veg food must b gr88888.
All this at very reasonable cost as well...
Way to go.....Now I don’t need to go to Kashmir since I have 1 very close to me in Mumabi itself….