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ColabaSouth Mumbai  

  • 22028700
  • 41/44 Monrepos, Ground Floor, Minoo Desai Road, Formerly Athena Club, Colaba, Mumbai
  • International

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Prive Reviews


If you ever wonder why there is a certain age limit for drinking , visit this place. I don't mean to say that it is followed here. I just mean to say that a trip to this place would justify these limits. Who wants to see 16 year kids throwing up with the first pint of mild beer? Who wants to see kids blowing trying to blow smoke from their noses ? Absolutely wannabe crowd trying to get a roof to hide from their parents. I would not have cribbed about it if they had not ripped my pocket clean for this experience. I mean if the bartenders can not serve a pitcher of beer in 30 minutes then the place is a fail. I am never going to this place again. Leopold for life .


zuudd007 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

January 16,2012


Wannabe college crowd!!!

This place is all hype...its full of college students who drink outside and come in to party late in the night...all thanks to the guest-list concept......the crowd is hardcore wannabe type tryin too hard, how can anybody else enjoy wen there are ppl especially gals throwing up all around you, it gets soo crowded you cant get a drink , if u manage to get one, u'll spill half of it.....and not to forget the fights......


rits407 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 14,2011


Great experience!

I entered on a Saturday night around 11 pm & there was no crowd at that time but soon, at around 12pm crowd started turning in. The music was good and the crowd was good too. There were people dancing all the way & even in their private VIP places. a complete out of the world experience is the word that best describes Prive. a must party place.


Wednesday Nights At Prive

Chrome Nightlife & Ripple Nightlife Exclusively present ,

Wednesday Nights at Prive.

Amazing House/Hip-Hop music , Crazy Ambience and the most premium crowd in town.

Revert Back For More Details.
Pawan : 9619994288


odin2404 - Burrp User


13 Reviews

December 27,2010


My Oh My

There is an inherent difference between a night club and a high school cafeteria.

Prive successfully blurs that line:-

So, if you want to experience, a rush of new found testosterone carried off by 17 year olds (aren't they not supposed to drink?), smoking away (isn't that banned) in a space that would appear to be a cramped even in a rush hour local, and fights that leave you with a WTF expression - head to Prive.

And before I forget ... the DJ likes to throw in obscenities into the mike from time to time ... very cool very "classy".



pacmangs1 - Burrp User


28 Reviews

December 27,2010


excellent interiors

the interiors are very plush.super was very virar fast local.they had sold more passes than the capacity for the place.there was a fight behind me where a guy's face was covered in blood.i have never seen this 'live blood' in a posh nighclub in mumbai before.the bouncers took care of by evicting both the guys.full of teenyboppers who cannot handle their drinks.avg age must be 19 yrs.i had passes and it took me 15 mins to get in.there were 250 people outside at 11:45 pm who did not have passes and wanted to get in.never seen so much crowd outside any nightclub to get in in mumbai ever!!!!



Classy yet confused.

The crowd is GREAT.
Staff is OK (not rude).
Pricing is rip-off.
Music is horrible (need to get a sensible DJ ASAP).
Smoking is allowed (turn-off at times).
Ambiance: Great.



can't say much

I have been here 1z and what do I say abt this place…I fell in love with the ambiance….its so pretty and I just loved it…well speaking abt the crowd , I cnt comment on it much coz I had 2 leave early ..but til the time I was there the crowd was pretty good , but yah agreed it was al betwn the age group of 18-20.
i am waiting to go there again and stay there for a long time!!
3 stars for the ambiance!! cheers :)



The good and the bad.

Place: Easy to find, but trafficked like crazy.
Club: Elite.
Bar: Well stocked -- beyond doubt.
Staff: For me, they were friendly.
Pricing: Very Expensive. (A pint of beer averages about 400 rupees).
Ambiance: Club is well done -- but people smoking all over ruin the fun.
Crowd: Under age people mostly. Must say, good eye-candy everywhere but under-age teens spoil the show.


Nice Place, Awesome Experience

A very classy place to go, though you might need to be a member. A little expensive but a great experience. jam-packed on saturdays... i went on a wednesday too and it was the same... flowing with people. a great experience over all



Classy huh Sure!

It's classy enough for 15 year olds, dancing on table tops, smoking away. Apparently this place has not heard of the smoking ban, age ban & the curfew time.

Sure its classy!




Prive is an exclusive club which caters to elite guests. It has a table system where a group of patrons may book a table with a minimum cover charge. The club is expensive but pulls some of the best crowds of South Mumbai on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Truly, a place to visit if you really want to get the feel of a South Mumbai party!


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

November 05,2009


Teeny Boppers Galore

Went for a birthday party on a Wednesday night when Juggy D was playing.

I was sorely disappointed with the place after hearing so much about it. It is packed to the brim with no space to even move. Thankfully we had a private area so enough space. Took us almost 15 mins to go from the entry to the DJ console.

Unfortunately though the private area had its own bar it took over 30 mins to get a drink since they went to the main section and got it.

I totally agree with the previous review about the crowd. It is way too young. The less said about it the better. That night there were awards for the best (Read: skimpily) dressed women. An interesting thing is that after 130- 2 the place is practically empty. Deadlines methinks...

The only saving grace was the music. He did a good job and had people taping till the end.

Would only go again for the music given there is a dearth of good places around.



The feel of a High School???

I was at Prive this Wednesday night for a friends birthday, the night was being promoted by PlanB entertainment and the DJs for the night were Bunty and Sohail. To summarize the experience of the night, I will call it a rowdy high school feel.
The presence of hundreds of pimply teenaged boys with newly grown facial hair hanging out with their tiny teenaged girlfriends barely out of high school wearing almost nothing and flaunting what they definitely DIDNT have, yet.... disgusted me to no extent... Yeah and they all somehow were trying to behave like Paris Hilton..... I felt like I have actually walked into an unruly High School social packed like sardines. By the time I was out, my feet were stamped on like a million times by drunk kids trying to stumble into every corner they could find.
Now getting to the music, DJ Bunty has a horrible sense of music. He mixes badly and lacks flow, besides screaming plenty of mindless things(mostly abusives and explecetives) into the microphone. Again, which the mindlessly drunk crowd didnt seem to mind at all. And DJ Sohil who played later was even worse.... maybe the valets at the club could have done a better job DJing.
If the cops ever raid this place on a Wednesday night they will have a LOT of juvenile cases( I think 99% of the crowd was 16-17) along with underage drinking cases if the excise also joins in.
Lastly, If you are the parent of a 16-17 year old who goes to prive, please go and have a look at the ongoings there for a revelation of a lot of things.
And for all you people looking for a quality clubbing experience, please skip this place on a Wednesday and save yourself a lot of grief.



This members only lounge has been talked about a lot in context with its ever page 3 crowd, the music, the fact that its open till as late as 3-4 am, and the fact that despite there being a smoking ban in clubs you can freely smoke up here!
We got in here on a saturday night with 1000 bucks of entry/couple (no cover) and what we found was an overcrowded place. It was an effort to get to one corner from the other and it was stupid of the lounge to have the bar setups at the entrance and none at the rear end of it.
Music was good and everything heard abnout Prive stood true...hours/smoking/crowd/ambiance...everything..probably a little extreme...after a point in time the fun is over and you get frustrated for not being able to get a sq ft of space.
The last bit of the night would mean waiting for close to an hour for the valet to get your car.



hi ,as i was working in prive as a bartender it is amazing the food ,liquer ,dance is excelent no other club in mumbai ,thanks



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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

162 Reviews

November 14,2008


Prive: Mumbai's Elite

This members-only nightclub, complete with rose-petal-adorned wading pools, is a popular gathering place of the elite. Velvet ropes bar entrance to nonmembers, like New York in the ’80s...[read more on New York Times]


hip, pretentious, and oh so page 3!

Now you have to have a little attitude to enjoy this place - and you have to know someone as well! This members-only joint is located where the old Athena used to be in town. It's become quite the exclusive hideaway on the weekends, with plenty of noses up in the air strutting their stuff. But that's ok - we can all use a little attitude and shishi every now and then, including me. Women with a little extra flare in their fashion should not have trouble getting in, but gentleman, if you're not draped with beautiful women, might as well head straight to Bade Miyan for your nighttime snack!

The place not surprisingly has a good looking well to-do-crowd. You will find all the imported top shelf liquor here, from Belvedere, to Blue Label, to Dom Perignon.

If you're in town, have the right connections, and like to show off, this is the right place to be.