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> > > > Punjab Sweet House & Restaurant

Punjab Sweet House & Restaurant

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226429647, 02226553866, 02226402221
  • Dhiraj Arcade, 84, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 500

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Punjab Sweet House & Restaurant Reviews





Perfect Punjabi Tadka!

If you are looking out for a tasty punjabi thali look no further. The thali is perfect and so delicious.The chole bhature is so freaking awesome! Perfect place for an evening snack time! The samosas and the chaat is also very good.


heta patel - Burrp User

heta patel

5 Reviews

November 30,2013






A place to have above average punjabi food

Been here two times,, few months back,, waiting to go again
From the looks of it this place seems quite like a average udipis in mumbai,, but i would definitely suggest this place for people who wanna try a place for punjabi food other then what is usually available,,
Chole bathure were great,, and main thing you should try here is their kulcha,,
its no orginary kulcha,, they serve it as they serve paratha plates,, one kulcha plate is enough for a person,, they were mouth watering,, havent tried anything else yet,, but would do soon,,
Ordinary on pockets for a decent meal


Awesome jalebis

They have the best jalebis in Bombay, thin, crisp and sweet. Keep them in the fridge and they'll last you for 2 days.




my regular haunt for their lip smacking jeelebhis & punjabi samosas! 10/10!



VFM Place

been a regular visitor at lashkara...amazin paneer pakoras..have tried almost everything...good authentic punjabi food...decently priced, good portions,,,clean and hygienic place with good ambiance,,,a total VFM meal here..



No-frills meal

This small claustrophobic place is located on the mezzanine floor above the sweet shop. Nothing in terms of ambiance, except some Punjabi rustic themed paintings on the walls. A decent place for no frills rustic meal. I feel, one should skip the menu and stick to the basics – chholey kulchey (paneerwale) and chhole bhature. Maybe makke di roti & sarson da saag. Paranthas are also good, but there are better places for that. End the meal with halwa and lassi. Neat.

They would also bring up chaats, from their outlet downstairs, (at a premium, of course). A special mention for their mixed pickle, which is very tasty. The same can be purchased from their shop downstairs which also stocks good farsan and sweets.


srt10 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 11,2011



I love gng to punjab sweet house for a quick bite. The samosas, panipuri & tikki chhole are to die for. All in all pocket friendly and so tasty!! Worth every visit.


rshankar - Burrp User


32 Reviews

February 04,2011


Erosion of Values ...

There was a time (say till 2 years ago) this place used to dish out the tastiest filling Veg meal for under Rs 100 (in the non-AC Gr floor section). I have had a filling plate of Chole Bathure for ~Rs 45.. and that was definitely VFM.

Now they have abolished the non-AC Gr floor eating area and send you to the AC eating section on the mezzanine portion. The prices have all more than doubled. You can partly blame it on inflation, though.
The ethics have eroded.

Last nite we went there to try their famous Chole Bathure.. (Now Rs 90 per plate)

The Bathure (Maida Bread oil-fried) was already prepared and kept. The Chole was steaming hot. Any one who has used a microwave oven could easily make out that both the items were old and were heated in
a microwave before reaching your table.

When we demanded to know why the Bhature were like flat pancakes and not puffed up with hot air (Freshly prepared ones usually are like that.. Go check them out anywhere).. the waiter was adamant that they were freshly made and the flattened out by the time it took to reac the table from the frying pan.. Like we were born yesterday.

Moreover, the Bathure were too chewy.. something ubcharacteristic of freshly made stuff..

EROSION of VALUES and ETHICS... This place was one known for quality food that was VFM. Now they too have been pushed into the net.

This place is now out of my radar forever.


Extremely rude staff

I frequently visit this shop to buy things as I live in the area. I walked into the shop asking for a Juice for which I was
being over-charged as per restaurant rates even though the restaurant was ABOVE the sweetshop and i wasnt even in the
restaurant. I obviously refused to pay the extra charge and returned the juice packet to the counter but the reaction and
the behavior of the manager at the counter was apalling. He was extremely rude and that too in front of the staff. This is not at all expected by a place like this. This place has come up only because of the customers and i think they have forgotten where they started from.
I will never again visit this place and will advise others not too also!!!!
Absolutely disgusted !!!



Good and affordable place in a expensive area!!

This old and established sweet shop is next to 5Spice, Basilico, Cinnabon etc in Bandra West. Their snacks like samosas, chaats etc have always been good and well priced.

A few months back they have opened a small restaurant on their premises - at mezzanine level. It is a/c and probably can seat around 30 people.

We went there for dinner on saturday night and had chaats (dahi puri at Rs 60), chhole kulcha (Rs 90), mango lassi (Rs 50) and jalebi rabdi - and all food was good tasting and served quite fast. The kulchas were excellent - and the samosas (Rs 25) as usual were great.

The bill came to Rs 225 only ! Check this out ! It is good wholesome dependable food and excellent value for money.

A great change from the nearby expensive options.