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Pure Sin Chocolates Reviews

maithili09 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 18,2013






All for the Love of Auburn

Hmmm.. Can a box of chocolate be ever sinful. Maybe. Watch Chocolat – a movie with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. And here, the chocolate is sin. Eating them the work of a sinner. Ultimately, the mayor of the town - where the story is based - finds himself doused and asleep while stuffing his face with chocolate in Binoche's shop window one morning - giving into all that he believes is crime – going against all he has been maligning ever since Vianne Rocher (Binoche's character) opened shop in this little French town. Well so when we hear the words “pure sin” – you might think of the many things mankind brands as sinful. And the chocolate is prime. At least in the dictionary of epicureanism.

Couched inside a modest-looking plot that houses an apartment building, on the ground floor, in Bombay, at Churchgate – Pure Sin Chocolates started as a chocolate shop almost about 20 years ago. The owner Aarti, started it as an experiment offering these small, little gifts of delight - wrapped individually in paper tied with ribbon.

The names of each chocolate, today are way funky and a demonstration of the care and particularity with which each chocolate flavour in this shop has been constructed and presented. Try Chinoz in Brown – a rich cinnamon layered variety whose taste hits you as distinctive the moment you pop one in your mouth. Or Karma – that has a bedrock of caramel and almonds all fighting for chewing space in your mouth. Berry D’Cheez is a cherry and berry flavoured gob which is quite crumbly both inside and out. Since it is sort of “winter” in Mumbai – don’t refrigerate your chocolate – since they lose their smooth melting consistency. Just keep them in a drawer and take a pick at any one whenever you desire – That’s what I do. I eat with gluttonous satisfaction – since I don’t think chocolates are the biggest sin around – to commit.

At Pure Sin – the chocolate colours have many shades and textures all coagulated into a single blob of individual truffle-like shapes. A mark of careful consideration to detail – as mentioned earlier. Almond Mudpie – is a soak in the sea-shore and the mud for your teeth.

Pure Sin's chocolates have the potential to lift you out of an ordinary mood and take you into exhilaration for that time. That’s what most good chocolate – known or not – should do.

So let not any mayor in your city tell you that chocolate is sinful. It’s a necessary sin in my opinion. The sin that most will be happy to carry out with pleasure. Charlee Brown is the company’s new entrant on its very expansive menu of chocolates. With an in-your-face peanut twang to it – again the movement of this little piece of heaven is powdery, caramely and chocolatey.

Pure Sin deserves a great score – for A) remaining in business for so long despite the storm of competition and innovation in chocolate and dessert making in Bombay, and B) for their inventive chocolates that have quality and that even Vianne Rocher (and how irredeemable her chocolate looks in the movie) touch.


Pure Sin is missed (DJKJ)

These are Chocolates to die for. I moved to Australia in 2011 and ever since then I crave for these yummmmmm chocolates. I have asked many people coming in from Mumbai to bring them from me but as the laws are very strict in Australia they are not allowed to bring them into the country due to being a dairy product. I wish Pure Sin would start an outlet here. The most divine chocolates by far...The staff at Pure Sin are also amazing.... They make you feel at home and do not rush you into buying till you have tasted what you want and are fully satisfied to buy. Pure Sin Chocolates are by far the most delicious chocolates I have eaten till date and the moment I land in Mumbai next year, my 1st stop will be Pure Sin Chocolates... Bring them to Australia.. :(


A sin worth commiting

The chocolates by Pure Sin are a must try. I tried the Almond rocks, they were crunchy and one piece of chocolate has not one but many pieces of almonds. The pista rocks is also an amazing one. In all, a place must visit for all the chocolate lovers.


Yummy & Silky!

Just try it yummy, try once i ensure you are tempt to eat more....specially roasted almond with dark chocolate. And it is a perfect gift for chocolate lovers......



The chocolates rock!

I've tried a few of their chocolates but the one I like the best is the almond rocks. The huge chunks of chocolates are filled with nuts and the taste of the chocolate is really nice and rich. Loved the fact that the chocolate is not cavity inducing sweet. Can't wait to try the remaining flavours! :)


A Perfect Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover, just have it. Roasted almonds and dark chocolate is perfect.


Rightly Said...Yeah its a Sin

The moment you put this chocolate in your mouth, I assure that they would be the best one you had in your entire life..I tasted roasted almond, a must try one for all those almond lovers..they were so perfectly roasted and tasted so good that no one can eat just once:P
To end up,i would just say a must try one for all chocolate lovers...


Pure Chocolate

You want to get your tongue a tempting flavour here's Pure Sin Chocolate. Its rich flavour of chocolate and roasted almonds make you have more. Its a quality gift to be given and shared in any occasion with the choco sweetness.


Rocking Sins!

The chocolates are sinful but what is even more interesting are what they are called - What the fudge!, The Dark Mint Rises, Cinn of a Peach....The ultimate and a must eat is Almond Rocks - appropriately roasted almonds in dark chocolate. Salivating to eat more. Assorted chocolates make for a perfect gift - whatever the occasion.


Sinful, yes!

They have the best chocolates in Mumbai, no doubt about it. Each and every flavour is heavenly. Almond rocks with perfectly roasted almonds and dark chocolate, orange with dark chocolate, coffee flavoured...oh! you won't stop eating.



so yummy......

amazing experience with Sin chocolates...i was so delighted to visit the shop, i would love to visit the shop again....



After having grown up on Ooty's Kingstar Chocolates, my quest for the best chocolate shop in Mumbai had resulted in a huge disappointment. All the local chocolates I tried lacked the special 'punch' that made me go mmmmmm and eat another ten more. This was before a client introduced me to Pure Sin. Go to Pure Sin if you don't mind paying for quality. If you leave the store without tasting Berry Got d' blues - Blueberry cheesecake chocolate & September Crush- Apricot puree with chocolate cream mousse you are doing yourself a disservice.

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April 20, 2012response from management at Pure Sin Chocolates:

Thank You for your review ma'am.Please do come by again and try out some of our new flavours.

Sandeepjt - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 15,2011


I lost my innocence.

Pure Sin has to be a secret outlet to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. These people have given life to the lyrics of the candy man song. “Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it in dew, Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two?

The candy man, The candy man can, The candy man can, because he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!

Who can take a rainbow. Wrap it is a sigh, Soak it in the sun, and make a strawberry lemon pie?

I received my first Pure Sin assortment after years. Whatever they have done to improve these chocolates, keep it up. I could not choose a particular favourite.

Well if this is Pure Sin, I have certainly lost my innocence. Good job.




The best chocolates of town are the ones from Pure Sin.. I am a regular buyer and believe me, there can be no other place as good as this for chocolates.. I have been telling all my friends to try this.. It's worth every bite and worth every rupee you pay for it..!! Thanks Pure Sin.. :-)


Neha Rajput - Burrp User

Neha Rajput

1 Reviews

November 07,2011


Worth the Taste and Price

A very dear friend of mine suggested I should try Pure Sin Chocolates, so on my way back I decided to visit them. The Appletini had a great balance with apples, liquor and good chocolate. The drunken Mudpie had a beautiful fusion of different liquors, almonds and chocolate. One has to try their Berry Got’d Blues it’s an amazing masterpiece of blueberry cheesecake chocolate. It would be a waste if you didn’t try their Mr. & Mrs. Brown. Throughout the pieces, distinct chocolate flavors were presented well.

Pure Sin Chocolates know what they are doing with chocolate. They are not over priced which does not prevent me from recommending them.