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> > > > Raafae's Route 61

Raafae's Route 61

Kurla WestCentral Suburbs  

  • 02233401365, 02261801365, 07208081133, 07208081144
  • 1st Floort, Shop No. S-4,Phoenix Market City,LBS Marg, Kurla Kamani,Kurla West, Mumbai
  • Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 300

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Raafae's Route 61 Reviews

fonci - Burrp User


31 Reviews

April 26,2012


Great aromas. Arrogant customer service

Most malls offer the same variety in terms of type of food and brands. The food court at Phoenix Market City is large and while the range of food is not incredible, the few new (different) outlets are refreshing. One of these happen to be Raafae's Route 61.
We were there around lunch hour and the aroma of roasting chicken drew us to have a closer look. Lebanese and North Indian food features on the menu. I picked the Chicken Shwarma (which on the menu reads - with a choice of garlic or mustard sauce). The other snacks like the Chicken Hummus Shwarma do not have any options on sauces.
I was in a conversation with a friend and before I knew it was presented my shwarma. I then asked for the mustard sauce only to be told, ' He has already put the sauce. Why did you not tell earlier. Now he has put the garlic'. There was no apology for not having asked what I wanted when clearly an option was offered. The cashier, Imran started getting quite rude about the fact that I should have said what I wanted while placing the order and refused to accept that perhaps it would make sense in a customer service oriented platform to say - ok next time we shall ask the guest to state his or her preference while placing the order. In fact even if they never bother to ask a single person ever again, if he just said - point noted - he would have had a happy customer rather than one who was antagonized by the unpleasant interaction.
The meal itself was interesting (cabbage, beets, potatoes, masala chicken, sauce) but portion size was small. I would like to have tried other interesting sounding options on the menu but don't think I will be heading down Route 61 again.