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difficult to get a good place to park. Solve this
Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

April 30,2015

Best Pizza

The pizza was good as always, but the Chicken tenders were really bad. They had almost no meat! I have always loved Ray's but their quality of tenders has been on a decline. I do wish they would get better! Good stuff. The Vegan Pizzas can have something more for the toppings like mushroom, capsicum, baby corn as well...Though pricing is very very expensive...!!! Fell like in New York...
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 29,2015

Fabulous place

The open air area is absolutely beautiful! Fabulous ambience and can easily make for a wonderful date place.Tex Mex Veggie, hot, fresh and absolutely appetizing. The peri peri wedges are nice as well. The fire and smoke pizza is too die for. Their Ray's Special & 3 meat pizzas stands out. The crust is bendable and is with the perfect thickness Little heavy on the pocket but absolutely worth it.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 08,2015

Pleasant and scenic environment

One of the most peaceful places at Hill road! To chill and catch up.
It's got a charm that is unmatched by any other pizzeria in the city.
I recommend you eat at Ray's for the best experience of indulging yourself in a slice of awesomely delicious pizza and pasta.
Any pizza with prosciutto topping is a must try. Go for the Pepperoni or Bacon pizzas. Aglio olio a special dish will please with its unique flavours.
Bombay Masala Sandwich with the right amount of mint sauce and veggies in it makes up a yummy deal.
Staff is friendly and attentive but it is definitely the food that makes you come here again and again.
It's a different feeling and experience dining her.
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  • Ray's Cafe & Pizzeriaimage
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

February 24,2015

Pizza of its kind

I was very excited to go to Rays, but the restaurant did not live up to my expectations, it's a very small place with very few tables indoors as well as outdoors having no privacy because the tables are so close. The soups were okay, it's only known for its Pizza which was really nice and crispy and well made in the brick-oven. They have pizzas in 3 sizes. We called for Tex-Mex pizza and BBQ in small size, Salad was also okay. Service was decent, they might need some more staff to handle the crowd.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

February 23,2015

Authentic NYC style..!

We had a lovely lunch with a Greek salad and a 16" Ray's Special Pizza and 12" California pizza. Very small and relaxed atmosphere. No fancy decor more like a fast food place but food covers up. If you want the real New York style experience with no Indian fixation for crust, you will enjoy the base which is crisp and thick and a little thin in the centre. Dessert was also tempting. But very Pricey. Try it out you wont regret.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Best for pizzas

When you are in a group of 4-5 people craving for pizzas but without spending a fortune and roaming in bandra..come here and have any pizza from the menu-take the huge 16" pizza and you will be satisfied fully! We had bbq cottage cheese pizza and three meats pizza and we were stuffed...staff was smiling and helpful..very nice place for pizza,much better than pizza hut or domino's,value for money too!
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sanketshah91 - Burrp User


May 07,2014


We tried the a pizza and pasta both of which were good. The drinks were good as well. It's a fairly standard food place which delivers as expected.The place is famous for its pizzas and they offer a lot of variety for the same.Ray's has the perfect thin crust. Their medium pizza is a 12" and the large is a 16" pizza! For those who eat all types of meat, definitely go for the ones with bacon.Excellent Mumbai Masala Pizza,and we strongly recommend Oreo cookie shake.
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ruchaghag - Burrp User


April 28,2014

Not worth it

The pizzas are average but over priced. Offering not much variety. I would personally prefer a pizza express or Domino's offering variety of pizzas at a reasonable price.
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Suhas karanth - Burrp User

Suhas karanth

February 10,2014

Delicious pizzas

I totally adore Ray's for their beautiful fresco ambiance, inexpensive pizzas that are absolutely delicious. I visited this place thrice in the past month and have fallen in love with their seating and service. The food is a delight. We do not find such amazing pizzas for around 300 a pop many places around here.
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riddz622 - Burrp User


January 06,2014

laidback place with comfort food

Rays is a great open air cafe to chill - amazing pizzas and oreo cookie shake ... comfort food at its best ... they also serve pizza by the slice ... small and cozy place for a relaxed evening with friends ,, go there for the laidback vibe and quick service ..
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Urmila Walke - Burrp User

Urmila Walke

December 13,2013

Slow Service, Decent Taste

Being Vegan, its hard to come across places which have a clearly marked out "VEGAN PIZZA" in their menu.
I went with this place and ordered the only vegan item on their menu. The list of optional toppings seemed endless and we ordered the same.
The pizza arrived after quite sometime but we were pleased to see the amount of toppings being quite reasonable.

What we didn't realize was that each of the toppings were individually priced and the overall price of a vegan pizza with relatively meager toppings shot through the roof.

Please have a better understandable menu or staff who know the services better.
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Aloke P - Burrp User

Aloke P

November 09,2013

Quality is dropping

I have been a fan of Rays simple romantic cafe and tasty pizzas since many yrs. how ever recently I noticed its just not the same bro! I can't put a finger on it but overall quality of the pizzas is dropping. Sad.... My hot girlfriend ordered soup of the day (mushroom soup) and sorry to say it was tasting sour and she had to send it back!! Meri izzat ki lag gayi na?
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kato99 - Burrp User


September 10,2013

Good experience.....could have been better......

Visited with wife on Sat Sep 07 - had a grilled vegan salad with a 9" Bombay Masala pizza. Salad was excellent - but a bit letdown by the pizza - we found it strictly ok.

Were thinking of ordering a sandwich - or may be a dessert - when we were handed the bill ! We found this rude - any decent restaurant would first ask whether we wanted to order anything else.... etc. Restaurant was practically empty - it was around 830pm on a Sat evening.

Damages Rs 475/-. Will we go again - probably not.
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deeptigoswami - Burrp User


September 06,2013

awesome food, great ambiance

A friend living in the suburbs had recommended this small eatery...... went in this mid week with cousins and loved the ambiance....... very friendly staff and great food
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Niharika Jain - Burrp User

Niharika Jain

September 06,2013

Hair strand in pizza

Ordered for a thin crust maghrta for dinner and found a strand of hair stuck inside the crust. It was a home delivery order and I made sure to inform the staff by calling back. They did ask if they cud replace. Should be careful next time!
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craveorcreate - Burrp User


August 28,2013


Ray's has a great collection of pizzas especially for hard core meat lovers. And they get their thin crust just right. It's crispy without being hard even after a night in the fridge. The ambience is allright, not the best for a cozy dinner if you're seated right in front of their counter. But their home delivery is great. The only downer? The humongous bill. But I guess you pay for what you get right?
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Kumail Mukadam - Burrp User

Kumail Mukadam

May 28,2013

A Pizzeria Experience

I have been a regular to this hidden pizzeria.

They have a limited, though sufficient variety of pizzas pastas and sides.
The pizzas are better than your usual dominoes etc. and have a thin crispy crust.

The ambience is really good and the place has a very italian feel to it.
Servers seem to be a bit shorthanded but manage to be attentive.
The place is reasonably priced as well.
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

March 30,2013

Yes to pizzas. No to desserts

his place is tucked back in the lane behind the old Nature's Basket and C'est La Vie away from all the traffic on Hill Road.

We decided to sit outside in the open. A very simple and a peaceful joint this is.

We obviously ordered a couple of pizzas, South western and the 3 Meat pizzas. We also added a Ravioli, BBQ Chicken Wings, Chocolate shake, Vanilla shake and a Carrot cake.

The pizzas arrived first. We opted for the medium crust. Beautifully loaded with meat and other toppings, this definitely was appealing to both, the sight and the taste. The south-western pizza was on the spicier side, with a over-whelming amount of toppings. Totally worth it!

The chicken wings were served next, disaster. Cold bland meat, coated with bbq sauce and the weirdest blue-cheese dip. BAD.

Ravioli, white sauce with chicken. Insane! The amount was less, but taste was yumm!

Then was dessert, we ordered carrot and was given banana, The steward didn't know. the cake was more of cinnamon I felt.

All this with a bill of 2000 bucks.

Yes to pizzas and raviolis (maybe pastas too), but no to desserts and chicken wings.
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doublehelix - Burrp User


March 20,2013

Good...but something's missing

Visited Ray's Cafe a few days ago for Sunday lunch. Pretty easy to spot since it is right next to where Hill Road Nature's Basket used to be. Now you'd say it's next to the new place, Funjabi Tadka.

Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Food (Taste): 3/5
Portion size: 3.5/5
Plating: 3/5
VFM: 3.5/5

Loved the ambience of the place. The place was pretty empty, especially so for a Sunday afternoon. Only one other table was taken. The courtyard tables were empty as well. The place has been done up tastefully with white stucco walls and white washed ceiling with dark wooden ribs. We could look out onto the courtyard from where we sat, and it was a pleasant view. Not quite right out of a Tuscan cafe, but noticeably more relaxed and enjoyable than most other Mumbai eateries.

We ordered some food. I started off with a single pizza slice -- pizza con prosciutto. My friend ordered a Greek salad for himself and a slice of classic margherita for his 4 yr old son. We also ordered some peri-peri fries. The waiter repeated the order. I thought he hadn't mentioned mine so I repeated it. He said he had mentioned it. OK good.
Their orders came up in ~10 mins. The Greek salad was pretty good, and a key part to mention is that these guys didn't skimp on the feta cheese. Many 'Western food' eateries here do that with the more expensive ingredients of a dish.
Fries come in too. The peri-peri fries were nice. I mean...the fries. The peri-peri powder tastes like the red chili powder at home. So I'm not sure why people make a big deal about it. No show on my pizza slice. When I asked one of the guys about it, he said he didn't know I had ordered anything. Loop back. 5-10 mins wait and my slice shows up.
It was good pizza. Not great. Not fantastic. But it was good. Probably one of the better pizzas in Mumbai. The prosciutto was good too but there was something unsatisfying about the pizza. Not sure what. Something.
So I ordered their Ray's Special Club Sandwich.

It had everything and the kitchen sink...and some fries and a bit of cole slaw too. The sandwich was tasty and satisfying and pretty heavy, but then you gotta see that coming when you read out the components that include chicken salad, bacon, fried egg, etc.
Certainly not the best chicken salad sandwich I've had but it worked with the satisfaction part.

10% service charge is built into the bill. Total damage for 2 slices (simple margherita, and premium meat), peri peri fries, Greek Salad, two 8 inch pizzas (including a special of the day), Special Club Sandwich, and a fresh lime soda (+tax and tip) was a little above Rs. 2000. By, the sounds of it, neither too expensive nor too cheap, but I felt something missing on the taste, which is why VFM is lower in the rating above.

Will I visit again? Umm, I don't know. Not craving a visit there.
An undocumented factoid - To deliver beyond Bandra/Khar you have to order above Rs. 2500. Not sure they'd go very far...but at least a suburb away.
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Loved the Pizzas

The Pizzas here are by far the best I have had ever... the sandwiches, burgers and salads are good too... try the Ham and Parmesan with basil pizza if you like Pork
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Vikas Harshvaradhan - Burrp User

Vikas Harshvaradhan

January 20,2013

best pizza's in town

This is by far the best pizzas in town. Check out for their special everyday menu. Just loved the veggie options they serve. The decor is quite italian and makes you feel cozy. Must visit place!!
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Anjum  - Burrp User


January 02,2013

Pizza and apple pie... yum!

I went to Ray's Cafe and Pizzeria yesterday with my friends.
The staff was very kind and service was prompt. Since the weather was so pleasant, we decided to sit outside. The feel of the place was cosy and the over all effect of the decor ,very cute.
We tried the cheese pizza (it was brilliant! so cheesy and simple), sun dried tomato pesto (it wasn't all the great) and the apple pie (this, and the pizza, are two things I'll definitely go back for.)
We opted for simple drinks - mojito and fresh lime water. Both were really good and refreshing.
Definitely going back here, hopefully soon. :D
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A Kapadia - Burrp User

A Kapadia

December 26,2012

Perfect pizza's

True new york style pizza! Rays makes me love bandra that little bit more! Love the food, ambience and people!
Maybe better desserts will be icing on the cake!!
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varnox1786 - Burrp User


December 13,2012

Value for Money

An ardent Italian cuisine lover, Rays is the perfect foodie haunt for me. Their pizzas and pastas are well cooked and quite budgeted. The location is a little hidden away but definitely contributes to feel of a quaint Italian cafe. All in all, definitely worthwhile for the delicious food and inviting ambience.
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mihirshah85  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Board Games n Pizza

Well i had chance Thanks to Aj n Ray's to have grt Pizza n Board Games some time back...
Grt Place.. Yumm Pizza.. SUper Fun.

Wanna come back Soon. !!
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burrp_sanket - Burrp User


September 17,2012

Simply Superb!

This is going to be our new go-to place for amazing food in Bandra. The menu is apt for an eatery of this size and believes in quality than quantity. The portions are generous and the dishes are made with a good level of international flair. The pizza's were outstanding and everything besides was equally good. The ambiance is simple and elegant. The only drawback of sorts was the unavailability of liqor but the restaurant is so good that it makes up for the lack of it. There is a fine wine shop right next door and the seating is such that you can see the wine bottle racks from where you are seated but cannot have them. I wish there was B.Y.O.B. option. Overall would highly recommend this place.
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vidhi_jhaveri - Burrp User


September 10,2012


my new favourite!!absolutely love the food.anything and everything i have had here is simply outstanding...awesome service and yummmm foood!its my aim to try out every possible dish here.
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Saloni R.  - Burrp User

Saloni R.

September 02,2012

Makes me love Pizzas again!

Love the chic, european cafe-esque ambiance at Ray's. With food to match! I personally prefer the outdoors section. The old-school wooden staircase connecting Moshes and the wine cellar at Godrej Nature Basket really do add to its charm...
The fire and smoke pizza was the perfect combination of spicy and tangy with a generous portion of Gouda cheese. The peri peri fries are not for the weak hearted! So spicy, I did end up using a lot of tissues, but lip-smacking they definitely were! Cant wait to go back and try the other fare at Ray's!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your kind words. We look forward to seeing you here again. Do join us on www.facebook.com/rayscafe to hear about our latest events and promotions or to simply give us feedback.

Aryan  - Burrp User


August 25,2012

This place is great

At times, we eat here. I call pizzas home, at work one day in a week is Ray's day.

Ambiance: There's a cozy air conditioned section, well laid out. An outdoor section which is great too, specially when you just wanna drop in with some friends for a bite and coffee. I like how the place always looks spick & span.

Food: I can't get enough of their African Peri-Peri, that stuff is crazy good. I prefer the regular crust but their thin crust is very popular with some of my buds. They have a veg sandwich that is amazing, coming from a non vegetarian. Quality of stuff they use deserves a mention as well.

Their Ice-tea is really good, desserts are very nice. I ordered the Gooey chocolate with vanilla ice cream between two of us & we had major fight over it.

Service: Again is great, if you walk in dog hungry & ask them to get you something, anything quick (garlic bread or the like), they oblige. Some of their server's suggestions are great if your looking to try something other than the usual.

Two thumbs up, there are very few places where I enjoy my meals. Only one complaint that I is that area is a bit packed in the evenings & its difficult to get a good place to park.
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Shaishav m - Burrp User

Shaishav m

August 03,2012

Good food and drinks!

We had been for dinner with friends and we all loved the food and juices we ordered.
Nachos are a must try in this cafe and also the 'Thin Crust' pizzas are yummm.
I just wish the cafe had some more space (tables) in the a/c area.
Overall, good food with calm ambience.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi, sure i would "like" it. Good luck for your business.

Viral Thakkar - Burrp User

Viral Thakkar

July 08,2012


I like the place but it is not that easy to find, has parking facility, beautifully designed place with an awesome ambiance, very good Pizzas and crushers and reasonably priced!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Viral,
Thank you for your kinds words. Do join us on www.facebook.com/rayscafe to keep in touch with our latest events and promotions

padfoot - Burrp User


May 25,2012

Cozy and Tasty ! (But pls train the servers)

I went there with my husband last Saturday (19th May) based on its burrp! reviews.
The place took me by surprise.. I didn’t expect this café to be so beautiful. It's al fresco dining seemed very cozy but we chose to sit inside since it was a hot Saturday afternoon.
The menu was exciting and we were in the mood for some nice spicy food.
We called for Flaming Fries (that day's special) and a 9" Fire and Smoke Pizza. The pizza arrived first and the only word for it is "WOW !!".
It had the perfect combination of spices and was mind blowing... Like literally !
The fries arrived next... they were ok... The server said they'd be spicy but they weren't. Maybe we expected too much after the super pizza.
We wiped out our dishes in no time and were longing for some more awesome food.
So, now comes the part where I explain why I didn't rate this place 5.
We wanted to have some pasta as our next item. So we called the server and asked him which pasta he would recommend. Below is our conversation:

Me: Which veg pasta would you recommend ?
Server: Anything ma'am
Me: Ok. How is the Pesto with Linguini ?
Server (dazed): Nice
Me: Ok. Get me that
Server: In white sauce or red sauce ?
Me (completely confused): Isn’t pesto a GREEN sauce ?
Server: I don’t know ma’am

I looked at my husband wondering if my knowledge of Italian food was wrong. I asked the server to send someone else to take our order which he promptly did.
Our next server made our life much simpler. We finally ordered Pesto with Spaghetti and a Very Berry cooler. The pasta was very very good and the cooler was decent.
All in all, I would highly recommend this place. The damage was 1200 for 2 people. But its ok coz we over-ordered (we were greedy for tasty food).
Keep up the good work Ray’s !!
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Hitesh  - Burrp User


April 08,2012

Worth a visit.

I've eaten quiet and ordered out of Ray's quite a few times. A kind of hidden on Hill Road. Its a " wont see it unless your searching for it kind of place. But the ambiance is unbelievable and very cafe like.

The Pizza's are really nice and exotic. I'd recommend the Fire n Smoke and Hearty vegan for the vegetarians. I love them.The Pesto pasta is high up on my list too.
Honestly, though the appetizers and drinks are sort of average, the rest of the menu makes this place a "must try".
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Praveen Kumar - Burrp User

Praveen Kumar

March 18,2012

good food...avg decor

hearing about this place from many people made me try this place...i must say that i found the place to be quite hidden and in between places....a little too small for my comfort...but the food was good...pizzas were nice...the virgin mojito was very refreshing too...would have loved if they served wine with food..but would still try the place for some amazing peperoni pizzas!
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veganontheprowl - Burrp User


March 12,2012

Vegan menu reviewed

Ray's is probably the only restaurant in Mumbai to have a special section in their menu for the Vegans. So a hundred points to them for that. Even though it lists 4 things a lot of things in the menu can be altered to be vegan.
This review is based on two of my experiences with Ray's. The first was a home delivery. I'd called for the roasted vegetable salad along with a hearty vegan pizza. The pizza was great, but the salad was way to bitter. I don't know what they did to it, but I couldn't eat it.
The second time I went and ate the Veganopoly Sandwich which was quite filling but they could probably afford to give a little more salad on the side.
It's a great place to eat and hang out and I hope they get a little more diverse in their vegan menu.
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Bharath M - Burrp User

Bharath M

March 07,2012

Ray of Pizza

Visited the place on Saturday night with friends - my second visit. Being a foodie, the 16 inch pizza (size) appeals to me a lot! Good pizzas, especially the smoked bacon and onion. The 16 inches could have had more topping, I felt. And i miss the alcohol.

The staff are very courteous, patient and attentive (i did not have to wait more then 10 seconds for my next pizza slice, as soon as i finished one). The outside seating was cosy, and pleasant (thanks to favourable weather). After finishing our pizzas, we sat there and chatted a while (nobody hurrried us). Good pizza, cosy place, great weather and good friends - great combo!

At the end, while my friend and me fought over the bill, they took both our credit cards and split the bill between us!! (something new to me!).

While I would like to give them 5 stars just for the staff, pizza and ambience, 1 star is retained for the toppings (16 inch) and booze.
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Sushanth Murthy - Burrp User

Sushanth Murthy

March 04,2012

The best Pizzas in Bombay

I've lost count of the number of times that I've frequented this quaint cafe ... on Hill road, if you blink while you are on the lookout for this place, you will miss it .. the place is right next to Godrej Nature’s basket .. they share a glass partition and you can peep in directly into the store’s well stocked wine cellar ..

Since Hill Road is bustling with traffic all day long, would recommend you come in a little early to find parking .. there is no valet parking available ..

I first landed here to celebrate my promotion at work in April 2011 .. thereafter a birthday party.. then another birthday .. then I ran out of reasons ... I come to eat pizza!

The first time that I'd visited the place, it was serving alcohol (now it doesn't) and I'd ordered an orange sangria .. it was beautiful!!

Theres the inner air conditioned seating and the outer seating .. the inner section with about 4-5 tables is where the pizza counter is located .. there is a green chalk board showcasing the days specials .. and soft music playing all day long .. the place is open until midnight (I've landed up at 11:30 p.m. once)

Was there last nite with my wife and a couple of friends .. since the weather in the city has been relatively pleasant by March standards, we decided to sit outside .. between the 4 of us, this is what we ordered to eat:

1 African Peri Peri Chicken : 16”inch
1 Rays Special : 16”inch ….. this is a classic .. simple no frills pizza .. recommended!
1/2 Smoked Bacon and Onion : 12”inch
1/2 Pizza Con Proscuitto : 12” inch

Yup we over ordered but then we packed up the extra slices in doggy bags ..
While the pizzas were awesome, theres one thing I noticed for the first time .. the base sauce for all the pizzas is more or less the same .. it’s the meat that imparts the flavour .. the smoked bacon retain its smokiness and the pepperoni was greasy ..

For drinks, The kiwi blast is not recommended .. you wouldn’t be missing anything .. the tall glass of hazelnut was awesome .. and the nimbu pani tasted just right .. but honest advice, nothing goes with better with greasy food than a tall glass of good old coke!! I recommend coke whether you order a pizza, a burger or just about any grub .. We ran up a tab off Rs.2700/- (service charge @ 10% included)

The other thing about Rays is the quick service .. it doesn’t matter what you order .. a 16”pepperoni or a pasta or coffee .. it takes 15 mins flat .. and the staff is always courteous

The other thing is they serve pizza by the slice .. while the menu on this front is limited, it helps when you are hungry enough just for another slice or 2 .. you don’t have to order an entire pizza .. its light on your stomach and the pocket ..

On previous occasions, we’ve ordered the New York Cheese cake and the orange flavoured chocolate mousse (must must must try).. and a whole lot many things and there has never been any reason to complain ..

All in all .. a delightful experience .. I will keep coming back

P.S. I don’t know if it’s a figment of my imagination but in the Kareena Imran starrer movie “Ek mai aur ekk tu” .. a scene of a pizza parlour in Vegas bore strong resemblance to Rays Cafe!!
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

January 15,2012

Lovely, quaint place

This is a lovely quaint place with outdoor sitting. Very peaceful and laidback- you almost forget you are in bombay.

I had the mumbai masala pizza by the slice which I think cost Rs 90-100. It was very nice but next time I will order the thin crust pizzas as I prefer my crust well done and crisp

I sat in the outdoor section and I thought the service could have been better. Though friendly, I often had to keep waiting for someone to step outside from the AC section , so I could ask for something.

Overall, a lovely place to escape the noise and pace of Mumbai life and lovely food.

I will be going back.
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beyondeating - Burrp User


January 15,2012


After reading so many good reviews ,I was very eager to try this place out.
The restaurant is located on hill road ,the entrance to this place is in a small lane next to Godrej nature's basket.,making it slightly difficult to locate.But once inside its spacious not as small as it looks from outside.

It has two seating areas one an outside verandah & another space inside, the entire setting gives an old world country side qauint little eatery feel.
It has a variety of pizzas and other bread items.
We had ordered the mumbai masala pizza and a bagel with sour cream and onions along with two mocktails and all of it was sufficient for the two of us.
The pizza and the bagel tasted good and so did the mocktails which were fairly priced.
The staff was also very friendly and helpful.
We spent around rs 700 for two people which was very reasonable.

So overall,its a nice place to enjoy a quite afternoon with good food & good service
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gvishal46u - Burrp User


January 03,2012


We went to Ray's because our New Year plans fizzled out and since some friends had suggested pizzas here my kids insisted on going here.
Everything was perfect. The ambiance -soft lighting, al fresco seating , the lemony fragrance was just a little hint to what we had in store for us. My kids ordered their favourite Margherita and my wife & I settled for a salad and the Prosciutto e rucola pizza (Imported Prosciutto ham and rocket lettuce).
The pizzas were the best I have ever eaten (and I have eaten pizzas in Europe Canada and the US) in India and are comparable to my favourite pizza place in Atlanta.
The Caesars salad was fresh with ample Parmesan flakes, the dressing was delicious and the seasoned croutons were crunchy & yummy. Even the stewards were so attentive (They bought cushions for my 3 year so she was comfortable and gave her a kiddie portion of french fries on the house). I love the fact that they also deliver in Bandra and being a complete foodie I highly recommend this place to anyone.
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r12345 - Burrp User


December 30,2011


I don't know what most of the people reviewing this place are eating (or thinking).. Or may be they've just never eaten a good pizza before (and even smokin' joes or shiv sagar would qualify as GOOD at this stage)!!

The pizza here is completely tasteless.

We ordered a half and half of 'Mumbai Masala' (if they could copy the name from the pizzeria, the least this place could also do is make a pizza that can compare with the classic Bombay Masala) and a 'Classic Veg' with mushrooms and black olives added on to a 12' thin crust.

There was no tomato base on the Classic Veg half of the pizza. Apparently, they cant put sauce on a thin crust otherwise it will get soggy (at least come up with a better excuse)! Surprisingly, the Mumbai Masala had enough of a tomato base (albiet with a weird masala) on the same base!!

The only credit they receive for this bad meal, is that the fondue was average (good cheese but very watery consistency) and the bill arrived promptly.

We had to return the pizza and leave.

I'm never going back.
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Xxplozive - Burrp User


December 09,2011

good pizza

If you're lookin for a good piZza place, this place has a solid selection. They don't have beer and their drink selection is limited. The pizza is much better when you eat in rather than take away. Get he Bombay masala and the pepperoni.
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a9thmay1985 - Burrp User


September 29,2011

what the best for me

liked the review of your place ..want to come down soon with my date....

let me know the menu that is your specialty and please my guest too...
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vishesh - Burrp User


September 18,2011

Value for Money

Finally we have some new york style pizza's here!!! For all you US returns who have miss the cosi, singhas, Bertucci's, etc. and other local authentic pizza joints in US and are craving for same here in mumbai, you have to check this place out, you sure won't miss out on the fun!!

Menu had limited but really good options for both vegetarians as well as non vegs and I feel when you have limited options you more or less never compromise on quality and that's exactly what happened here too! We ordered their original pizza which had a mix of mouth licking melting sauce and light cheese, a Classic veg which had onions and green pepper toppings and sun filled tomato that as the name says had tomato toppings. All the 3 were really good and were thin crust. The crust here should have a special mention, it was really well done and crispy and so the pizza felt really light more like brick oven. All 3 pizza's ordered were 6'' inches which is 4 slices and we were 4 of us. Since we had traveled quite a bit due to the mt. mary fair at bandra with the traffic being chaotic we had to walk quite a bit to get here and we were so hungry by the time we got there but were not disappointed at all. So we then ordered additional individual slices to make up for travel since we knew we had to walk all that much back to the car and all in the all for 4 of us the bill was only a paltry 1000 bucks including drinks which was worth every penny.

I would definitely give a thumbs up to this place for their quality of food and ambience, for a moment i thought i was in some downtown manhattan cafe. I am definitely going there back again to check out their sandwiches and other pizza options next time. Finally, I can say I don't miss the states so much now when it comes to pizzas, I found my new york pizza at this place. Hats off to the owners for getting a winning recipe and training the local chefs with international quality standards.

Best Regards,

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Lawrence Kao - Burrp User

Lawrence Kao

August 26,2011

Update: Last they were late, this time great

About a month back, I had rated Ray's 1/5 because of their delivery service had failed me. It took a long time and after a while I was forced to cancel my order.

Around a week later, they sent me an email apologizing and insisted they wanted to make it up to me with a free pizza. They even called me a week after to check if I wanted to take them up on their offer.

Today, I called them to give them one more try. The manager was very nice on the phone and the delivery arrived quite quickly, about 40 minutes from when I called. The delivery man, Chris, was very nice and courteous. I just wish this had happened the first time around.

The pizza was very good as well. I had the Ray's Special with thin crust. Being an American and having lived in London for many years, I've had my fair exposure to thin crust, thick crust and everything in between. If I were to rate Ray's on a global scale, I'd say it's certainly well above average. It's not NY's Lombardi's or my weirdly favorite the Etna pizza from the UK's Pizza Express, but it definitely is on top when it comes to Pizzas in Mumbai. If you don't get a chance to eat pizza often, or don't have a chance to visit NY, Ray's is a worthy place to get your fix. I will definitely try their regular crust next time I order.
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Reply from restaurant management

We're so glad you gave us the chance to serve you and even happier that you loved the pizza! Do come and visit us on Hill Road soon and bring your friends along. You can stay in touch with all the latest news at Ray's on FB:


virajmuthye - Burrp User


August 19,2011


really interesting place, great pizza, quick service....... had the old world sauce-less pizza and the greek salad, liked it..... the most interesting location in a long time, well hidden and comfortable......

definitely a place i will go to again very soon....
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Reply from restaurant management

We're happy you discovered us! Thank you for your kind words. We hope to see you again soon. To hear about new menu items and special promotions, LIKE our Facebook page


phat_boy - Burrp User


August 16,2011

great pizza!

the Jamaican jerk chicken pizza is simply amazing and unique!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks! So glad you liked it! Visit us again soon and stay in touch with us on FB


connomumbai - Burrp User


August 08,2011

Awesome Food & Drinks - Almost Addictive :)

We visited this place in a large group and almost all of us have become completely addicted to it :)

This place is great for:
- THE BEST EVER Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese
- Coolers
- Coffee
- Jamaican Chicken Pizza

Stay Away from: Their Burgers

Overall a great pizzeria with a very relaxed atmosphere
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Reply from restaurant management

We are so glad that you and your friends enjoyed your meal at Ray's! Stay up to date with all the latest news from Ray's on our Facebook page


Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

July 25,2011

One of the best pizzas I've had. EVER.

After a great Saturday evening, I predicted a relatively slower Sunday. With no initial plans and a few friends having plans, the remaining of the group got together for dinner at Bandra. Started with a Chicken Burger at A1 bakery, followed by a Chicken Mayo Roll and yet another Chicken Burger at Hearsch Backery at Hill road (separate reviews for both these places), we decided to head to Ray's pizza for our final dinner. Just about a 3 minute walk from Hearsch Bakery located right behind Nature's Basket near St. Stanislaus school, we had high hopes. Just so you know, Ray's is one of the BEST pizza outlets in New York, with atleast 21 different variations using the same name. The one on Main Street in NYC is the original.

This place is easy to miss. There is a really narrow lane from Nature's basket that weaves left and right with circular concrete slabs showing you the way, you are welcomed with a big 'Ray's' board. Surprisingly, this should really be OUTSIDE on the road and not inside the small bylane. Once you enter, they have a nice gazebo style placing in the open and you can also sit in the restaurant inside. The moment you enter, the first thing that hits you is the aroma of cheese and herbs they use. And that smell stays in your head till a good few hours after you leave that place. Heavenly is an underrated word here. With about 7 tables cramped in a small-ish room, the decor is minimum. A neatly folded paper napkin houses the forks and knives (Pizzas are meant to be eated by hand!). Anyway, the menu looked quite nice and they had specials. There are electric ovens on the far left hand corner where the chef seemed to be most of the time (it did not seem as if his name really was Ray, so downer. Joking)

The waiters were plentiful for that place with 7 tables. About 3 waiters kept their eyes on every occupied table to see if the patrons need anything. Barely will there be a moment where you need to wait for the waiter to catch you eye. Mocktails came in about 7-8 minutes from ordering, followed by the pizza in less than 15 minutes of ordering. Service overall is good.

Wanting to be a little safe, we called for the Barbeque Chicken 12" pizza (about 500 bucks) with a Very Berry cooler and a Sunset-something cooler. The pizza came in a very thin aluminium pan and the pizza was the authentic NYC-style thin crust. The toppings of chicken were obviously very sparingly used. The 12" pizza being sliced in 6 slices, not one slice had more than 4 1x1x1 cm chicken cubes. The pizza sauce was just brilliant and the cheese was generously used. The cheese and sauce on the pizza were literally dripping off the pizza the moment you picked it up - Infact, even after the pizza got cold, the cheese seemed to be dripping too! A big thumbs-up for the Pizza at the least. The coolers were pretty good too. Especially the Very Berry cooler. The Sunset cooler seemed to have a jelly-filled bottom layer and not to my taste buds. Had we not gobbled down the 2 (large) burgers (each), another pizza would've been on our table in a jiffy.

1 pizza, 2 coolers and a Coke came to about 700 bucks for 4. Note that we were about 75% full before entering Ray's and this place might really pinch if you have had not eaten anything for a few hours.

Ray's seemed like an authentic New York style pizza experience that every foodie should really try out. Their specials seemed to have a Sloppy Joe, which is essentially a hot-dog with gravy and is quite delicious (by previous experience). Given their quality of food, I think I will let the high prices slide. Also, since it claims to be a NYC-style joint, I'd love to try their Greek-style pizza with feta cheese and spinach. That's my order for my next visit, and I know I won't be disappointed.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you so much for your generous praise and for taking the time to write such a detailed review of Ray's. We're happy that you enjoyed the food and that the service was appreciated. You can become a fan of Ray's on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rayscafe and get updates on new menus, special promotions and more.

Lawrence Kao - Burrp User

Lawrence Kao

July 15,2011

Never got the delivery, over 1.5 hours!

I work in quite a prominent building on Linking Road. Not sure how the delivery boy couldn't find our office when every other one can. Waited 45 minutes, called, they said it would come in 10 minutes. I had to call again, they said would come again. After 1.5 hours, I called again, they said the delivery boy had come back because he couldn't find it. Why didn't they call me in between the 1.5 hours to either ask where I worked or that my order wouldn't come? Ridiculous. If I could 0/5 stars, I would have.
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Reply from restaurant management

Hello, here's the update and new review: About a month back, I had rated Ray's 1/5 because of their delivery service had failed me. It took a long time and after a while I was forced to cancel my order.

Around a week later, they sent me an email apologizing and insisted they wanted to make it up to me with a free pizza. They even called me a week after to check if I wanted to take them up on their offer.

Today, I called them to give them one more try. The manager was very nice on the phone and the delivery arrived quite quickly, about 40 minutes from when I called. The delivery man, Chris, was very nice and courteous. I just wish this had happened the first time around.

The pizza was very good as well. I had the Ray's Special with thin crust. Being an American and having lived in London for many years, I've had my fair exposure to thin crust, thick crust and everything in between. If I were to rate Ray's on a global scale, I'd say it's certainly well above average. It's not NY's Lombardi's or my weirdly favorite the Etna pizza from the UK's Pizza Express, but it definitely is on top when it comes to Pizzas in Mumbai. If you don't get a chance to eat pizza often, or don't have a chance to visit NY, Ray's is a worthy place to get your fix. I will definitely try their regular crust next time I order.

Divya Vinekar - Burrp User

Divya Vinekar

June 19,2011


One of my very good friend introduced me to Ray's and I was really very impressed! Just been here twice but I've always wanted to taste more and more stuff from this place! The first time I had a pasta that had white sauce and boiled asparagus. I was a liiiiitle doubtful about the asparagus initially but then it turned out to be really GOOD! :) The second time I had a Chicken Pasta Salad and loved that too! Nothing high profile, just about perfect! And what I love the most about this place is its lovely ambience. Cosy, peaceful and pieceful food!! Love how the menu is not in some flimsy file or a booklet. Good service, hygenic place and I can just go on and on.. :D
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks for your kind words! Do come and have a meal in our outdoor courtyard now that the monsoon has cooled down the city.

Ballerina  - Burrp User


June 08,2011

Very Okay

The place has a nice tucked-away feel and it feels great to just be away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The service is quick and polite.

We had ordered a 4-cheese pizza, which just did not live up to our expectations, considering we'd had similar ones elsewhere and came out swooning. The tomato and burnt capsicum soup was bitter and was separating into water and base after 5 minutes. Then we ordered pesto linguine but it was undercooked. The flavour of pesto hadn't got infused into the pasta and it was difficult to eat it like that. The worst was banana smoothie, which nobody bothered to clarify was artificially flavoured and hence ended up tasting like paracetamol.

And a whopping 1000 bucks for two people for such food didn't leave a good taste in our mouth - literally!
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FreakyBawas - Burrp User


May 17,2011

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie..

thats amore......."is the feeling when you are at the best pizza place in the city.....on the numerous times we have drudged our way from town to bandra ...we have gone in hungry and come back satisfied always with the aromas still lingering and our lips smacking
the 5 stars are also because they now serve Wine (by the glass and small bottles) ...the cafe style seating outside suits the ambience and i love the fact that you are a few steps away from the main road and yet cant hear anything cause your senses are overwhelmed by the aromas and the taste buds are awaiting.....they have a great pepperoni pizza,,,,theres extra thin and regular crusts too and im glad they dont do any chesse stuffings that the fast food joints have made .....the magarita is awesome tooo and theres good options for veggies too...
This should be declared a heritage site and we should preserve the best pizza place this city has for years and our grand kids
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Reply from restaurant management

WOW is all we can say!! Thank you so much for your generous praise - you've made our day! It's wonderful to know that our guests come from SoBo to our Bandra pizzeria. We look forward to welcoming you and your kids and your grandkids for years to come!

fagun suchde - Burrp User

fagun suchde

May 09,2011

Best Pizza in the city

Seeing that this place has many detailed reviews I'm going to keep it short. Ray's in my opinion has the Best Pizza in Bombay. The mocktails I'd avoid as we found them to be sweet and with too much concentrate. Have never tasted the burger but have heard good things about them.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks so much - that is a great compliment! We make our dough and sauce fresh everyday and we're glad that our customers enjoy our pizza. We appreciate the feedback on the coolers - we will make sure that they taste better going forward.

sumita.rajan - Burrp User


March 28,2011

Must Visit

So what began a search for Moshe`s, lead us to Rays Cafe. Right behind Natures basket, Rays Cafe is a small cafe which has both indoor and outdoor seating. We went there on a saturday evening and the place was almost full. Cozy, comfortable ambience, had the sun not been out..we would have preferred sitting outside. Rays has a limited alcohol menu, they serve only wine. Sampled the Sangria with oranges in white wine for the first time, and was not a big fan. stuck to my white wine. Amongst the starters we ordered the potato wedges - loved their pizzas, we ordered half a Margherita and another half with toppings. Overall had a great time. A must visit for all those who love good thin crust pizzas and some wine.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Sumita, thanks for the kind words! Please do visit again and sample our sandwiches and salads. Stay in touch with Ray's and learn all about new menu items and special promotions at


Ashley  - Burrp User


March 26,2011


though this place is hard to find, but once you are in you get a very Goa kind of feel.Pizza here has been always served & made fresh.have been to this place a few times, i would totally recommend this joint to all pizza lovers.Please add some more Veggie pizzas in your menu.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Ashish, we will certainly add new veg pizzas in the menu soon. Thanks for being a loyal customer! LIKE our Facebook page to stay in touch with Ray's Cafe.


Mumbai Moo - Burrp User

Mumbai Moo

March 20,2011

Doing All The Small Things Right

I'm not sure what anyone can really complain about when reviewing Ray's Café - perhaps the fact that there is no franchise investment to take advantage of yet ;o)

I found Ray's whilst shopping in Nature's Basket. It looked like a proper little oasis, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Hill Road. And once inside, you realise it really is a great find.

Al fresco seating in the sunny terrace area outside or stay cool in the cosy air-con section. It all gives the vibe of a happy place. And the staff only add to that feeling too.

The menu may appear limited, but so are the ad-on options when purchasing a Rolls-Royce. You don't need to offer all things to all men, just do the small things right. And Ray's does just that. Consistently too.

Where the sq/ft value of real estate in this fair city can get as high as USD 2,000, it's comforting to know that the equivalent in pizza can be had for Rs.500 or less. And all with good quality ingredients and freshly prepared too.

This café is more than average. And it's high time the overall rating above reflected that! Basically, if you have a problem with Ray's Café, then you bring the problem with you. Problems are never on the menu here...
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Reply from restaurant management

All power to you, Mrs Mehta! But please note that you're adding to my gym routine due to me requiring more cardio by tempting me with your fine spread ;o)

ganesh_s74 - Burrp User


February 05,2011

Excellent find!!

Had first seen this place during one of those rare visits to Nature Basket. Today was a bachelor's day out for me with wife in Pune and son at a friend's place for a sleepover. I decided to try out Ray's.
Quaint, small place, with close-set seating, some seating embedded into the wall, sloping roofs, neat and clean. Each table had a glass with fresh flowers which unfortunately were attracting fruit flies... mistaken to be mosquitoes by a pair of elderly women on the neighbouring table.
To start with I went for favourite and safe bruschetta accompanied by red wine. Excellent bruschetta, though a bit garlicy for my taste. The red wine was good... i mentally ticked it as something that will give Sula a run for the money. The overall experience was growing on me... pleasant sights, good food, warm foody smells, heady feeling, quality gossip from the neighbouring table.
For the main course went for the pizza of the day on a thin crust. Good fare... mild, the meat and spices were not dulled by the cheese and the taste was good. I ordered for a sauvignon blanc... and regretted it.... bordering on the sweet, avoidable.
The waiters were non-intrusive and made their presence felt only when asked. My waiter could have been more helpful with a better explanation of the pizza of the day. But no complaints. The service was good and fast. The bill came faster. For a single person wine and food cost me 890/-. A tad bit on the higher side, but I was not complaining.
Will surely visit it with family!!!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Ganesh, we're so happy you discovered Ray's! Thank you for your positive words of encouragement. We hope you'll visit again soon. Stay in touch with us on Facebook


maithilikabre - Burrp User


December 20,2010

Best Pizzas

The place is located in a small, quaint corner. However, the small size adds to the charm of the space, which is done up simply.

The service is run by a very concerned and efficient manager , who finds you the table as per your preference and drives the staff. An impressive management can turn even an ordinary small place into a great one- just by efficient service.

Coming to the pizzas, they were juicy,with just the right sprinkle of cheese. The chicken could have been more generously tossed though. But overall, the pizza is something to go back to in all the crowd of pizzas that floods Mumbai.

The Tiramisu that followed later was great as well. However, would've appreciated a real Iced tea, instead of the mix.

As for the prices, I think they are good for the standard of pizzas. If one compares to a generic pizza, they may seem steep. But then, these are definitely not generic!

NIce small place with great pizzas- Perfect!
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Reply from restaurant management

Great to hear from you. Thanks!

Nisha Samson - Burrp User

Nisha Samson

November 17,2010

A 'Ray' of Sunshine

In my quest for precious little eateries in Mumbai, I am thrilled to have discovered Ray's. Having turned vegetarian this year, I am extremely particular about where I eat and this precious Pizzeria wins.

Ray's Cafe and Pizzeria is a quaint little place behind Godrej Nature's Basket on Hill Road in Bandra. It's set-up in a darling cottage and has a lovely, warm, welcoming feel to it. The owners have done well in staying true to the structure. They have a precious al fresco area and of course the air conditioned section inside.

I love Ray's for its non-pretentious service, tasty pizzas, minimalistic decor and good service. I visited them last week and ordered a Hearty Vegan with a couple of Fresh limes. The pizza was delicious, the fresh lime was good and the service even better. What's really lovely is that the servers know just when to make an appearance. They're there to take your order, leave you in peace to enjoy your pizza and will then pop-up when you want another slice. There's no hurry or rush in presenting the bill after you've finished eating. They let you be; you could be reading a book, working on your lappie or just dreaming away, they allow you that and this is what is so heart-warming. Additionally, the music is lovely too.

By the way, their prices are easy on the wallet too. I paid just Rs 510 (including taxes) for 2 fresh limes and I Hearty Vegan (9 inch)!

The only drawback is limited desserts and just one eggless option at that. However, I can't be bothered about the lack of desserts when I had a lovely experience and tasty food. Of course, the place is small, however, size is inconsequential when an experience is fulfilling.

Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall experience: 4/5

All in all, Ray's is a lovely little cafe that allows you your space (in its limited space), serves you tasty pizzas, is relaxed and allows you to be. So go on, find your sweet spot here, quaint little Ray's beckons.
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Dhaval Udani - Burrp User

Dhaval Udani

November 16,2010

Nice pizza and well-priced as well...

Went to Rays Pizzeria tonight. Loved the quaint little setting and almost reminded me of eating in open air cafes in Italy. Alas the weather of Mumbai would not allow us to sit outside so we ate inside.

One of the first things that surprised me was the prices of the pizza. A veg 12-inch pizza in an Italian restaurant for less than 300 bucks in a restaurant is quite a steal I'd say. Not to mention that the dough, sauce and cheese were really tasty and enjoyed every bite of it.

However the sandwiches priced between 200-300 are on the expensive side but again they are very tasty as well :-)

Have to go back again to the place to try out the pasta!
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Reply from restaurant management

Hi Dhaval,

Glad to hear you enjoyed the food and the ambience.

We hope to see you again soon.

samitgandhi - Burrp User


November 16,2010

Super Expensive...

We went to this place 2dy for lunch....The ambience of dis place is good...(d ac section little conjusted)...It was 2 hot outside so we decided to sit in d ac section...The place was full as its a very tacky and small place...hardly 4-5 tables...
We requested the manager to give us d table which was empty(it was a table for 4 when we were just d 2 of us)...The manager denied...hence we decided to leave d place...as soon as we were about to leave d manager said its fine u'll can take a seat...It was so funny and amateurish at the same time...
Anyways we finally settled and explored d menu...The prices out here are sky rocketing...
We are pizza lovers hence decided to order 2 pizza's...D prices were so high out here that we ordered a regular 9"pizza(they have 3 sizes..9,12,16 inches)...
We ordered 1 sunville and 1 vegan pizza...
The pizza especially d sunville was good(obviously charges are also high here...so got 2 b)...d vegan 1 was average...
The major cons out here are: -
1)it is super expensive.
2)d place is 2 tacky and very limited seating out here.

It could have been much much better...if the prices would have been economical and it would have been more spacious...
For a while we felt as if we have come to some restaurant in goa/italy(not only for the ambience but for the prices)...

A request to the owner please don't fool us...We are Indians and not foreigners...

i gave 2 stars 2 dis place...1 for the sunville pizza(though it was expensive its good and 1 for the incomplete italian concept)....

Avoidable....There are better restaurants in Bandra.
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boss21 - Burrp User


October 21,2010

A rip Off

Pros -
Ambiance was good ,
service was fast .

bugs , mosquitoes
too pricey ,
the oil and the ingredient r not of good quality , land up with acne and acidity .

----- u need RS. 800 at least to eat a decent amount for 2 .
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

October 17,2010


I finally got down to checking out Ray's in Bandra. It seemed very different from what I expected. It's small, quaint and very airy. It seems like those little places on European streets that you would stop at for a quick bite. Very homey atmosphere! However, it is pricey but wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

For drinks, we ordered the Mojito and Green Devil. Their Mojito is fantastic; really mellow, really minty. The Green Devil has a strong base of Khus and is a little too flavourful for one's palate - give the Devil a miss, I say!

For our meal, we had a slice of Magherita Pizza - again, quite yummy. It's thin slice and slightly broader than your regular cut-slices. We also ordered the Chicken in Tomato Cream Pasta which was really delicious. We took ours with spaghetti; the sauce was perfect and not too red. Very flavourful with the right amount of garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. It was definitely one of the better pastas I've had in Bombay so far...

Now, Total Damage = Rs. 645

That was a lot for what we had... I'd rather pay the same amount at Indigo Deli/Sandwich & Co./Sammy Sosa for bigger portions! :-(

I would love to drop by soon again cuz there were other interesting sandwiches, salads and burgers on the menu but it is far too expensive.
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Reply from restaurant management

Surely! :-)

NIRAV MEHTA - Burrp User


October 16,2010


I have been there twice now , and both the times we found the the freshness of the pizzas very impressive.One of the best pizzeria in suburbs for sure.
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Sharoon Gidwani - Burrp User

Sharoon Gidwani

October 01,2010

Its on a downhill slope..

I have been a die hard fan of rays having visited it many a times and have relished the pepperoni pizza..But I visited it a few weeks ago with some pals who Id raved about rays too... ...ordered the herb mushrooms which were totally bland no flavour whatsoever then went onto jamaican chic pizza, which had such few pieces of meat...you could barely justify the cost..guys you have to be more liberal with your toppings..else you will lose all your clientele !
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Tarun Mathur - Burrp User

Tarun Mathur

September 05,2010

It's a keeper!

Background: Just shifted to Bandra, promised myself I will not think twice before trying new places out. First port of call - Ray's. Finding - it's a keeper!

Food: The menu is liberal - there's something there for everyone. In terms of value for money, I'd say Ray's is quite up there on the charts, but would experience a mad flood of patrons if the prices could go down a bit. This is where I have docked a star. 300+ per person for not-the-heaviest-meal-of-my-life isn't quite my regular every-alternate-day place. The salad was fine, nothing fancy; but the pizza (Jamaican Chicken) was just great! First, the sauce (which I gather is made fresh everyday) is easily one of the better pizza sauces I have had in Mumbai and actually differentiates itself from other joints with it. The ingredients were great, though the chef could have marginally helped the cause by being a little more generous with them. But we were licking fingers soon enough, so that's quite all right.

Ambience: The best thing Ray's could have done for itself was to find a place as comfortable, cosy, warm and awesome as where it is right now. The simple colours and decor and especially the strategic location of Nature's Basket's wine stock behind a glass partition in the background make you feel as close to your dream house in the Italian countryside, as you possibly could without the necessary moolah. The music volume is just right for personal/business conversation.

Service: I thought the attendees were quite sharp and prompt. The chalk board with the specials is great! I think it's a WiFi spot too.
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Hirdesh Mordani - Burrp User

Hirdesh Mordani

August 28,2010

Ray's - Delightful, Scrumptious, Authentic.

The first time I ever went to Ray's was a couple of days right after they opened; For lunch. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and by God was that a pepperoni pizza. I was so ecstatic by the flavors running through my mouth and taste buds, I actually came back for Dinner and brought along a couple of friends too. Having Ray's Pepperoni Pizza is almost close to having an Orgasm. I make it a point to visit for lunch or dinner at least twice a month for my dose of pepperoni pizza.

They're sides are exquisite as well:- Garlic Bread, French Fries, etc.
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Foodfan40 - Burrp User


August 25,2010

Super pizza in a cute setting!

I have visited Ray's three times since it opened earlier this year and have to say that it is one of my favorite places to eat in Bombay.

The atmosphere: very cosy and comfortable. The outdoor seating area is great.

The service: the waiters are attentive and mostly know what they are talking about.

The food: the pizzas are my favourite item on the menu. The crust is of medium thickness, and the cheese is melted to a lovely golden brown color. You can taste the freshness of the sauce and ingredients compared to the cardboard-y and synthetic taste of the big pizza delivery chains.

Their salads are good too, especially the Greek salad that has a large amount of feta as well as Kalamata olives.

I like the chalkboard that features their specials of the day, so every time you go there is something new to try out.

They offer the usual desserts, like apple pie, gooey chocolate cake, etc. I hope they introduce some fresh fruit desserts soon.

Beverages: they have soft drinks and juices and on the weekends they serve wine and sangria. They can improve their choice of coolers. Also it would be nice if they could serve beer, as it goes great with pizza.

All in all, Ray's serves consistently good pizzas with friendly service and a large menu of other things for non-pizza people (if such people exist :-)). It's a nice spot for lunch with the girls or dinner with the whole gang. It's also the perfect place to bring the kids to.
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rshankar - Burrp User


August 23,2010

Not worth more than 1 visit

Heard a lot of hype about this place.. Went there yesterday (22-Aug Sun) evening.

Items had :

1. ONE `12" pizza (50-50) comprising a classic veg and four cheese.. requested for the THINNEST crust pizza

2. ONE verri berri cooler


The base was by no means THIN..
The diameter was actually 10" only !! Maybe one has to order their 16" pizza to get atleast 12".. (Ethics !!!)
The four cheese part was just below average; there were hardly any veggies in the CLASSIC VEG component.. (spat will come the response.. you need to buy toppings separately..)

Summary - A very unsatisfying pizza experience


It was just tall glass of REAL mix fruit juice !! What was the "berri" value add? God knows..

Summary - avoid the beverages..

They took a long time.. considering the thin crowd..

There were a lot of mosquitos.. which means malaria is free.

Only good aspect was - the staff are not unpleasant...

They forcibly put in a S/C of 10% to the tab !

We were so unsatisfied with the food that we went to the Veg Hummus place down the Holy Family Road to satiate ourselves !!

Verdict :
Not visiting this place again.
When the "RAY's hype" wears off..

If you want a REAL PIZZA experience, head to INDIGO or Spaghetti Kitchen at Lower Parel.
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Raj Khalid - Burrp User

Raj Khalid

August 16,2010

Avoid Rays in Bandra

I am sitting in front of my first Ray's Pizza. Let us cut the hype, "New York style pizzza" Yeah? well when you bite into a slice of NYC's pizza the cheese is melted and sort of strings out as you eat. Ray's cheese sits there, does not string or pull and the entire mixup tastes rather like paneer on tomato paste.
The Ray's special 12" had 32 pieces of pepperonni on the same indifferent base.

All this at an overpriced Rs 726/- for one 9inch basic pizza and one 12" pepperoni pizza. What sucks is the service charge even for a delivery. What service?

I honestly think this is one more overhyped place in Bandra. Tragedy is that so many people have not eaten in Europe and USA so they all assume this must be good. I do not think this will last long unless they can get the pizza to justify the price.
Maybe their sandwiches are better? I am not going to risk my money on them.
If they want to put their money where their mouth is then let them offer a no quibble moneyback guarantee. In case I want to return the pizza after one bite from one slice they should give me back all my money. That is standing behind what you serve.
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antigolf - Burrp User


August 01,2010

My Second Review

I must say Ray's has got me craving pizza. Not only that, they've got my wife (who normally does not like pizza) asking me if we can go there again. So within a week I went back again,this time with a few friends. We ordered 2 Pizzas. One was a plain cheese, the other was the Old Time. Wow. This time, the pizzas were even better. Their plain cheese pizza has got to be one of the best plain cheese pizzas in town. I raved about it last time, and I'll rave about it again! Also their old time pizza was a pleasant surprise. What was an even more surprise was their dessert. We ordered their apple pie... it had the perfect crust, not too sweet, enough cinnamon, the only thing I might change would be to hope for more filling next time around and more evenly heated slice. Their vanilla ice cream with the pie also was great (according to my friends).

Can't wait to go there! Oh and I just saw the owners reply to my previous post. I do hope I get to try your salads, sandwiches and pasta... but it'll have to come after my pizza. Joining your facebook page as we speak. Cheers!
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antigolf - Burrp User


July 25,2010

One of the Best pizzas in town

Ambiance: 10 outta 5. Brilliant, lovely, cozy cafe.. exactly how a pizzeria should be!!

Pizza: Wow, We gulped down our large pizza in like 5 minutes flat, and were wishing we had a 16 inch pizza!! The pizza itself had a great sauce, the cheese was fresh and "cheesy". the rest of the ingredients also were grade - A..

For authentic pizzas, it definitely blows all the pizzas of Mumbai outta the water (still have to try to pizza at grand hyatt). As their pizzas are made in a brick oven with more authentic taste and ingredients, the price is perfectly justified.
I can't wait to go there again, this time.. I will spend more time savoring the pizza :)

@Rochester: why would you go to an authentic pizza joint, and for lack of imagination order a mumbai style pizza.. wouldn't a cheaper dominos be more of a fix for you? I completely disagree with your issues with price. Good Ingredients in this city come at a price.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your positive comments! I will be sure to pass them along to the entire team. Once you're done enjoying the pizza, do try our sandwiches, salads and our all new soup of the day - the perfect thing on a monsoon day.

LIKE us on Facebook to get all the latest Ray's news


galwyn - Burrp User


July 01,2010


Went to Rays not expecting much ordered a drink the very berry splash.It was very tasty. My wife ordered a cold coffee she said it tasted like heaven after much debate we ordered a Mumbai Masala because we had read such mixed review. We absolutely loved it the word Mumbai is perfect it had the right amount of Indian spice punch. We will definately go back to try the Pastas.
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Ruchi Mehta - Burrp User

Ruchi Mehta

June 30,2010


My friends and I decided to try out this cool-sounding Italian place at Hill Road last night for dinner. The moment I entered, I got a nice feeling... that it would be a great dinner!

Food- All 4 of us called for Pizza. I called for a Mumbai Masala (sounds familiar doesn’t it?) with American corn as the topping. To be honest, it sucked! It tasted like there was jeera (a spice we use in our Indian sabjis) in it. The main thing in a pizza is the sauce; now if that only tastes bad, the pizza will obviously not taste good na... no matter how good the cheese!?! Now this is not just my opinion. My friends too thought the same. My friend Fash had this Black currant-grape cooler which was yum!

Ambience- Lovely, sweet looking café painted in yellow and white, located at Hill road, behind Nature’s Basket. The place has a sort of warmth to it and it feels homely. There’s an A/c section as well as an outdoor section. Very chilled out place too. They play great music! Last night was George Michael night.

Service- Good service. Our food came pretty fast so no complaints.

Price-The food is heavily priced, that too for food which doesn’t even taste good! A non-veg topping, example ham, which Fash called for was 150 bucks! A regular 9” pizza is for 175 and a ham topping is for 150! So ridiculous!

Verdict- It’s a place I’d go to only for the ambience and maybe a drink. The food was not good. I didn’t want to try the pasta ‘cause it was 350 bucks!
Rating- 2/5.
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Drish.Ashar - Burrp User


June 24,2010

Best pizza in town

I've eaten a lot of pizza all over the world, but no slice in this country has ever come close to Ray's. Large variety of toppings, Fresh crisp base, with a perfect balance of tomato puree and the finest mozzarella cheese. The place feels like Italy and tastes like it too. Make sure you order a portion of their garlic bread, its very well made and different from most others you would have tried. Can't comment on any other food cause I haven't eaten much else apart from the pizza but people who I took with me tried salads and hot dogs, and they seemed very happy with what they were served.

One things for sure, after you visit Ray's you'll run out of reasons for ever needing to visit Italy ever again.

Open kitchen where you can see your pizza being freshly made under the most hygienic conditions.

Prices are very reasonable seeing that all ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality. Consistent Quality of food and service.

Surely one of my favourite dining experiences in Mumbai.
If you're a Pizza fan I'd also reccomend Brightlands if you ever visit Mahableshwar.
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MumbaiCentral - Burrp User


June 20,2010

Great expectations

We went to Ray's with great expectations because there have been some good reviews in the media. We ordered the Proscuitto Ham Pizza - the pizza was good and quality of the Proscuitto was great, but there could have been more of it (it's the most expensive Pizza on the menu). Also they just layered slices of the proscuitto on the pizza which made it a little difficult to eat the "traditional" way. We also ordered the Hot Dogs, which looked great on the menu. The bread was not strong enough to bear the sausage, maybe because it wasn't so fresh. The side relish was nice but there shredded cabbage did not make up for saurkraut! We also ordered BBQ chicken wings with a blue cheese dressing which was the last to arrive. The blue cheese dressing was a disaster - it was probably a bottled brand and not a freshly made one. Considering Godrej Nature's Basket has a great selection of cheese and the two share a common wall, it isn't too tough to procure the ingredients and make the dip yourself, is it?
The place looks nice and the staff is pleasant enough - I'd say it's worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood. Stick to the Pizzas!
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Spreading Joy - Burrp User

Spreading Joy

June 06,2010

Small , quaint place

Went to this place on a friends recommendation. It was smaller than I had imagined it. It has a outdoor sitting area but being hot, we chose to sit inside the airconditioned indoor area.

Had the mumbai masala pizza which is supposedly the most popular pizza here. We ordered the - by the slice - option . Taste wise it was very nice but I would have preferred it crisper.
The table next to ours had ordered a regular full pizza and theirs seemed crisper and better so next time will be ordereing a regular, thin crust, crisper pizza and not by the slice.

Had a Khus cooler drink......was decent.

Service is nice and friendly and they charge 10 % Service charge on the bill.

Would be visiting again, yes.
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Denis  - Burrp User


May 26,2010

Very disappointing

Went there a couple of times, both times quite a disappointing experience.

1) Italian cafe without wine - non-sense? And while you sit - you actually witness wine section of Nature's Basket shop, which makes it even more ironical.

2) Pizza is FAR from authentic. Bread part is just tasteless. I recommend the chef to visit Italy one day.

3) Salads are tasteless. We had to leave them untouched.

4) Drinks list (non-alcohol) is very limited.

The only, ONLY advantage of the place - is it's coziness, never-mind the Hill Rd which is just 5 meters away.

I think this place could become a great Italian restaurant, only if they had proper management...
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Farhaad Sadri - Burrp User

Farhaad Sadri

May 18,2010

Cute Lil' Cafe

Ray's ambience is very quaint & cosy ... it's kitchen is open & seems quite clean.
The food is satisfactory, but is ideal for a quiet romantic meal for 2.
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Narendra Murthy - Burrp User

Narendra Murthy

April 29,2010

Hidden and Excellent

A small place located on Hill Road but great when it comes to food and

beverages. The location of Ray's is somewhat strange i,e if you are going

towards Bandstand from Bandra Station on Hill Road then you may not even be

able to locate this place as it is right behind Godrej Nature's Basket

whereas a person going towards Bandra Station can easily spot it.

Once you enter Ray's you have the option of either sitting in the open air

seating or the indoor AC seating both of which looked great. We had ordered

beverages and french fries. The Mochachinno(do excuse me if the spelling is

wrong)and the Cappucino were great as compared to the Baristas and CCDs. Staff is friendly and courteous but the pricing was a little steep.

Overall i found Ray's to be a great place to visit.
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Sahir K - Burrp User

Sahir K

April 08,2010

An Average Joe Ray's

Compared to the Ray's in NYC..which we actually thought this was a branch of..we were disappointed..however this is a Ray's with its own identity rather trying to establish one, yet failed to leave a lasting impression on anyone of us...I have worked in the pizza business in Chicago for quite a while now and thus I say..we ordered their garlic bread, which came in pretty small serving size, and each bread was of very tiny size, however not bad tasting, good regular tasting garlic bread..NOTHING special about it..the jerk jamaican chicken pizza, which i thought would be rich with flavor marinated chicken, was very plain tasting chicken on the contrary and a very scanty amount on the entire pizza..the cheese was not of the best grade, but not bad..however I was not looking for a not bad pizza that night, keeping in mind this is a new pizza restaurant opening up in BANDRA (W)..I agree with all the other fellow reviewers..the staff was hovering around all the time, and yet it was hard to get a hold of them very quickly..they need to be more well versed with the menu too, and give better suggestions..rather than trying to sell the wine, they need to have their pizza as the selling point...not meaning to be much of a wisecrack but maybe buffalo chicken pizza and some ricotta cheese on their pizzas maybe along with spinach too..just a suggestion...wish this place good luck...but they need to work much harder to sustain or rather grow from where they are now...
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upalidg - Burrp User


March 27,2010

Good pizzas but no pizazz

After reading a lot of good things about Ray's pizzeria on some blogs, we decided to try it out last night. From what we knew, they didn't serve alcohol yet and because we really wanted to check out this place, with a heavy heart we decided to forego our Friday night quota of drinks. So when we were given a wine menu it felt like a really good bonus. The list had a cople of white, red and rose wines alongwith some wine based cocktails. We ordered a mimosa, a sangria and a chenin blanc. Our advice? Stick to the stuff straight out of the bottle. The mimosa and sangria were really watery - which to their credit they did change after we pointed it out, but the new drink wasn't much of an improvement.

The pizza menu had some interesting choices like jerk jamaican chicken and prawn and cheese - which was out of stock - and the pizzas themselves were really good but the service annoyed the beep out of us! The waiters were continuously hovering and they kept trying to take our plates away while we were still eating. At one point my friend asked the waiter if they were running out of plates in the kitchen!

While the decor is pretty and the food good, the untrained staff and bad svc left us feeling dissatisfied - you would too if someone kept trying to take your plate away when your pizza slice was in mid-air. I want to give this place another chance because it has potential, so I hope they take feedback seriously and make some changes
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

March 25,2010

Ray of Hope

Rays Cafe is a hidden find, tucked away behind Godrej Nature's Basket on Hill road. They've tried to create the ambiance of an al-fresco European cafe but the only type of warmth you feel here is that of Mumbai's temperature.
Luckily, the food makes up for the dull service.
You can make your own pizza, toppings being very expensive.. Add mushrooms @Rs.30, olives and jalapenos @Rs.60 and pepperoni @Rs.150. *sulks* We called for a pre-set 9 inch Classic Veg @Rs.210. The pizza was as close to authentic as it can get...The cheese was as delicious as the ones I tasted in Rome and Florence. It had a beautiful flavour! The simple lemon ice tea was oh-so-refreshing, perfectly washing down the hot pizza. I guess the heavy pricing was justified after all.
3.5 on 5
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Manoj Pillai - Burrp User

Manoj Pillai

February 27,2010


gives a look of an Bristo- looks quite inviting with the Cute lamps on the wooden tables- Quite good for an Romantic Setting.

The Masala Teas are very refreshing
Pepperoni Pizza for a 9" costed Rs.325/- with a thin crust and 4 slices
Sandwich costing Rs.325 has a good generous filling.
Potato Wedges- costing Rs.90 were excellent
an average Meal for 2 costs round about Rs.1100/-

Little Slow perhaps lack of staff ; but friendly Staff

Credit Cards are not Accepted .
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Jay  - Burrp User


February 14,2010

A Pizzeria with love...!!!

as i m the first person writing the review,,,i have been a little easy on Rays....

ambiance: a perfect 5/5... amzin how they have utilized the place, they bright colors with diyas on each table.... just makes u feel special....
a perfect place for a romantic dinner.....

it has both the options for dinning ...inside ie a/c and the open air....i preferred sitting out in the open....not tht the inside was bad...
this place is surrounded by a small structure... ie godrejs nature basket.
as u sit outside, u have a great view of the godrejs wine cellar ...
the tables r close by....but its not a problem if u want some privacy...

food: its a 5/5 agn...
we ordered garlic bread n a mumbai masala pizza....costing 90 n 260 resptvly
the garlic bread was just too good to be true...its a must must must try... it simply melts in ur mouth....n unlike other breads u dnt hve to keep on chewing....
the pizzas r vry diff from dominos, pizza hut or even pizzeria...
they havnt been downgraded to Indian standards where u put a lot of vegetables...

price.... not at all xpensive as mentioned by burrp.com

this is the best n worst part...
as this is a new joint...the waiters r not much aware abt whuts whuts...
but they xcept it...they simply ask thee owner/manager..n come back...
they were super polite..n always smiling to a limit..!!!
they never ever showed n tantrums or forced u to hve smethin...or even kept on advising iu....
now the bad part....


overall...a must visit place....just go for it...
its a very good place for a romantic date....
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shakshi - Burrp User


May 12,2012

grt pizzas

receommended by a frnd, its a grt find.. and awesm pizzas..
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tabrez15 - Burrp User


June 13,2017

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