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> > > Red Box Café

Red Box Café

Waterfield Road  


66 Reviews / 66 Ratings

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Red Box Café Reviews


Pleasantly Surprised

I've been to many bars/pubs in the Bandra are but was pleasantly surprised with the ambience and decor of a RED BOX!
Music was good, drinks were good, lights were perfect, menu selection was nice.. the only set back was the music had to be shut off at 12:30, wish it would go longer.. cheers.



Good for drinks, Too Noisy - Loud

Good for drinks, Too Noisy to spend too much time.... music is bad and they wont even reduce the volume a bit or change the music if you request!!!

So, if you don't want to talk at all or if you got a loudspeaker installed in your throat somewhere, you can go here and enjoy the drinks & food.

Yes, food is good - love their italian & continental food, as well as the drinks.

Just a bit better music & little love towards their customers would have got them more stars & of course, repeat visits.


Narula - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 24,2011



i visited red box cafe a few nights and my wife wanted to have a good lounging evening with good music and a few drinks. Impressed by the ambience or rather the interiors, we finally decided to dine too. a couple of chicken appetisers were really good, however, much of the variety wasnt as good too. since both of us are whiskey drinkers, we had visited under the impression that red bix has a very good collection, but it was rather average. i d say the staff was polite too. i wont wanna be mean and criticise, overall i d say it was a time spent.


Over Hyped??

i went to this place for a calm dinner since i had heard a lot about their sizzlers. The food was just above average. The sizzler, morsel though, was decent. But nachos were not even passable. My biggest qualm is about the service. They did not serve food even after asking twice.
Go there for the good music and worth the price dishes.



fav hangout

Dis is my all time fav place to have a good meal and my steady backup if plans elsewhere fall thru:-)
My best frnd and i always make it a point to come here every couple of months n we've rarely been diasappointed.D last tm we went,we had nachos which were yummy bt the qty was less and also all the cheese sauce was on the bottom n the dry chips on top!!!!
my frnd had a lemon iced tea(which she loved) n a char grilled chicken sizzler which was wonderfully juicy wit a tangy sauce.I had Satsivi which is grilled pomfret in walnut sauce wit mashed potatoes n sauteed vegetables n garlic bread-out of this world!!!other main dishes lik the BBQ chicken n toulouse chicken r also yummy.
the staff is warm n friendly.d waiter misunderstood my order n got extra garlic bread but took it back promptly when we informed him,without any fuss at all.the music n decor r lively n well suited to d crowd.d dessert menu is lackin but san churros is rt across the street:-)



class sizzlers....chicken is def soft n tender n d sauce dey use is yummy(all sauces)....staff is polite n attentive....can say a hangout place or a romantic date spot...Offers r good on drinks....Not too expensive....


quite good

We wanted to celebrate our friend's bday. Went to Red Ant cafe and Bonobo first on Linking road. But they were full. So went to Red Box cafe.
The ambience is quite gud. We ordered drinks ( LIT, baileys, etc. ). For starters we ordered a charocal chicken starter and paneer starter. The non veg starter was amazing. We had another round of drinks. I ordered JD. They had a in house DJ. The music was loud but it was in sync with the surroundings. I really loved the music.
For main course we ordered two sizzlers ( which I heard are their speciality). The sizzlers were quite good, esp. the non veg sizzler. The service was fast and the waiters were polite.
Overall, its quite a good place for hanging out with friends, for a date or any other occasion for celebration.


Red Box

Red box is one of my favorite joints to have a sizzler and beer. I used to hang out a lot at the Lokhandwala Red box next to Ad Labs. The food continues to be good but last 2 times I went there the place looked unkept. There were mosquitoes and we told the waiters to put something to take care of them. The food is awesome and almost anything you order is nice, but they have extended a section after renovation and seem not to bother about that side. The Music rocks, Nice place to hang out hope they take care of Mosquitoes.



Quite Happenin!!

whenevr i have been ..its always the same.....vibrant n lively! go for the chicken salad sandwhich and the sizzlers...they were just awesome. the crowd is good too. Its light on your pockets too.


Sexy place

Love the ambience and the music..simply sets up the mood..
The food here is really yumm...especially the sizzlers..
The crowd here comprises of both..friends and family...overall..a pretty decent place for having proper lunch/dinner with a few round of drinks..


RonJosh - Burrp User


13 Reviews

January 29,2011



Ive been to this place many times. with friends, family, dates. Its one place for everyone.
The staff is attentive, the food great. i love the Sizzlers and the starters. The Potato starters are crispy and awesome :)
Going there again tonite :)



Average first impression

Went with a bunch of colleagues to check out wat the hype was all about.The service is excellent and i dont think anyone could ask for more in dat department.The ambience too is quite chilled out.No complaints there either.The downside however is the food which failed to impress.The sizzlers were quite good but the overall meal however was just barely above average.For the price they charge i was definitely expecting sumthing that had a stronger yum factor.I wil find myself in Red Box again but it surely wont be for the food.


PABMUM - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 15,2011


good place nt badddd

d place was really nicee.......d music was also reallyy gudd though they shldd make it a bit loww...nice songs......n nice foodd a good place to hang out n chill wid ur frmdzz.!!



Good food, nice ambiance

Loved this place. Had an awesome dinner with an awesome person for company.

We had ordered Chicken Pamesan for starters. Roasted chicken sizzlers formed the main course. You should totally try these when you happen to be at Red Box. It's decently priced as well.



Good Food Good Music, Nice Staff

Been there twice last month, nice ambiance, good food esp sizzlers... staff too were quite cooperative, we wanted to shift to a better table, n were able to do so without any hassle.

Overall a Good place to Hangout.



Excellent place....

Have been to this branch of red box many times....I love this place as it is supa energetic and very trendy...I like the food,drinks,music and the ambience here...Its a must visit place to chill out with a bunch of pals over a soccer/cricket match...Its a chilled out place...


Excellent hangout after office hours

Excellent place to go n chill after your office , they really play good & loud music , Their new menu card offers really good choice of food. i visit this place atleast once every week



Should be packed in a box

The food is very disappointing, the staff is courteous but at the end what matters to me is a very good mix of quality food & exceptional service which was missing here.
Also they are overpriced for the kind of portions they serve.
May god bless them and they improve


Vic  - Burrp User


10 Reviews

August 29,2010



Decent stuff but overpriced, what as though they have celebrities running around serving with a f*cking smile and hot pants.

Not worth the price unless you pockets are over flowing with cash & you don’t have f*cking clue what the f*ck to spend on then this is the place.

If you did not like what i wrote or don’t agree then four f*cks to what you think. ;0)

-+up the irons+-


My Fav place to catch up with frnz

Excellengt place to hang out with frnz ...yummy food & good music... service is also good ... they do remember their regular customers and surly provide a good service ....




its a nice place , done up well, service pretty ok, and food nt bad,overall a good place to hangout with friends...


Finger lickin sunny side up burger

It truly is a find! I still crave for that sunny side up burger which was loaded with sin. A must visit when I land in Mumbai


Strictly ok, overhyped place!!

I had heard a lot about this place from my friends, so finally landed here one day. Started with a cocktail and a starter. The cocktail was nice but the starter was jusst ok. The veg nuggets werent fried well. I wasn't sure if i wanted to continue my meal here but then i thought of taking the risk; thinking tht i probably ordered a wrong starter. I went ahead and ordered a penne pasta in pink sauce with extra topping of olives. This was a safe bet i thought. When the waiter got the plate on my table, i confirmed if the pasta was vegetaerian (as the mushroom looked a bit like chicken) and he had a confused look on his face as if he didn't know if we had ordered veg or non veg and as if he was just handed over the dish by someone to be kept on the table. So we asked him to check. He returned with the same plate and a colder pasta after 10 mins saying yes the pasta was vegeterian. the taste was so very average: it tasted as if instead of cheese they had added only cornflour (which we could almost taste in its granular form) to the pasta for the white sauce.
The ambience is good but the music is tooo loud for a lounge. You cannot have have any conversation at all.
So overall not a very pleasant experience.


Love the place!!

I love the place! Just love the food and the ambiance. the DJ is really rocking and the music is fab!







Nice Place to Chill Out

Me with my group of friends have been there couple of times and always loved the place nice music,service and the food is good as well the DJ always plays rockin music you keep asking for more ...


Disappointing Food

The first star is for the music they play here. although its loud, the song selection rocks!
The second star is because Red box is probably one of the few places where you can go with a large group of loud friends (as the music is already so loud).
NO stars for food & service because both are below par.
When i visited this place after a really long time, I was hoping that their food wud have improved. Sadly, it hadn't. We called for pasta arabiatta which was sweetish instead of being tangy. Also called for one grilled paneer entree with BBQ sauce and rice. The BBQ sauce was horrible, to say the least. It tasted like mughlai indian gravy... ugh!!!
We didn't bother calling for anything else, luckily! I left with a frown on my face and a dent in my wallet.




My first impression of this noisy lit up place was..Hmmm..not bad. We didn’t have to wait too long for our table, which was a good thing given it was a Friday night and places were filling up rather fast.
The waiters seemed to be more engrossed in watching the match on the screen above our heads. We had to literally wave our hands and heads to get their attention!! We ordered the first round of drinks which included two glasses of wine and two cocktails. I must mention, my drink which was named Miracle was indeed to saving grace to this review, apart from a couple of other items I will definitely be mentioning in due course. We also ordered starters alongside. There was a chicken dish with lemon herb or something which sounded interesting. Along with that we wanted to order the chicken sheesh taouk but the waiter insisted we go for their special chicken satay. After specifically mentioning medium spicy the starters were extremely spicy but they were quite nicely cooked. The chicken satay on the other hand was neither tasty nor special.
After settling down, we realized that the AC above our table was leaking over us! But without any hassle we were moved to the next table and to make the table available to some more people, they smartly turned off that AC!!! We didn’t realize they did that until the next hour!
Anyway, we ordered another round of drinks: more wine and a sweet martini. The Martini was so bad that from the moment I had that drink till I reached home, I couldn’t get rid of my urge to throw up. It was probably their left over drinks mixed together at the end of the day!
We got rather hungry in due course so we ordered a sizzler, 2 plates of chicken salad and one prawn cocktail. The waiter claimed that the prawn cocktail wasn’t too great, but after his previous suggestion of tasty chicken satay, I insisted he bring me the prawn cocktail. Now when he got it, it wasn’t chilled like how its supposed to be. So I sent him back with it…to freeze it :)
Anyhoo, the salad was really funny…both the salad dishes looked the same except that the Java Java had bits of pasta in it. Other wise they both consisted of 7-8 pieces of grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce! That’s all. Last time I checked, that’s how starters looked to me…not salad!! Turn off again! The saving grace was the sizzler with rice. Quantity was good and it was quite well cooked.
Ambience isn’t all that great. You had kids running around making you wonder how it is that people actually get their kids to such a place where every other table has a group of youngsters downing drinks and swearing at each other. And oh yes!...the place is loud. Theres a DJ who plays a mix of music. We even tried suggesting a few songs he could play but he started playing them while we were just moving out.
On the whole..damages for 4 including drinks ~ 6.5K
Ambience: Aaah well..pass!
Food: Play safe.
Drinks: Bleh!
Service: Just be strong :)
VFM: Kinda yes.. :)


save yourself the trip

the first time i went to red box, it's because i was brand new to bombay, and someone said it was her "favouritest restaurant ever".

so i figured i'd check it out.

i've been there three or four times since, and so find myself in a position to make an educated summary.

let's look at pros and cons:

* the menu's extremely limited
* the food's terrible
* the prices are outrageous
* the ambiance is lackluster
* the music is tasteless, and blaring
* the servers aren't attentive enough
* the ceilings are too low (i hit my head)

* there's this one starter that's really good, but i can't remember what it's called. something to do with stuffed chicken.

overall, the place fails hardcore. i'll most likely not be going back.


not bad

Fantastic ambeince is the first thing tat will come to ur mind when u enter this place...the food's good too and the deserts r awesome ( dont miss those)...



This place gets full marks for its Ambiance. If you like good music with your food, yu should definitely go here!
The food is great....the Sizzlers...the mocktails..brilliant!
Make sure you have enough cash!!! Its surely a fancy place!
You can even make requests for songs. And you can bump into movie stars(we bumped into Boman Irani)
all in all, nice place!



good place but whats with the loud blaring music!

good food,could-have-been- more-attentive- waiters,decently priced..
why do they play such loud music that one cant make a decent conversation with the person next to you.
i thnk if thats taken care of it will make a good place for food and drinks without burning a hole in the pocket.
yummy penne in red sauce(a little too spicy)
avg pizza-the base sauce was way too sweet.
amazing desserts!



great food

been there thrice .mushroom soup is delicious pastas n moctails are great,service i ok
ambience is good.



I like, I like!!

I've gone to this place like a couple of times and I still can't get enough of it... I simple love the RED decor, the chairs, the walls, everything...

Most of the times its crowded and there's no place to sit so you have to wait outside till there is a table vacant. The food is mainly Italian, and the pasta's are delicious!!

I enjoyed the loud music which gave me a high and relished the yummy food... The ambiance is simply rocking.

Its on the expensive end, but worth the money... Way to go redddd boxxx!!



Great desserts Pathetic service

Desserts are amazing, pastas are goood but other stuff on menu is bad

Service is Pathetic and after tht you dont feel u've got value for money.

Just buy desserts as take away and eat em at home


chandani - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 23,2009


pathetic horrible

The place is to loud. the staff has no manners to speak to the coustomers, they charge you an extra vat of 5% which is they charge you 25% on wines, but actually the vat on wines is 20%. When informed the staff they started arguing. The manager told the staff that please keep this face in mind from next time if this person comes in dont entertain them. Its a disgraceful place to be


shh27 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

October 22,2009


well...its very NOISY FOR ONE

..Once u enter one things for sure its not a place to have a dinner conversation as Music is good but BLARING !@!

I must say the concept originally was good but somewhere it was lost in TRANSLATION !! well all im saying that its a Bistro -lounge -Family?? well not family hangout ...
Good food but the Service leaves a LOT TO BE desired.... et not that Im a stickler for things but the washrooms on all occassions Ive been to the place both @ Lokhandwala & Bandra are either outta water or not clean.
Food is good ,portions are decent but alcohol menu can be bettered.

Overall is good if u wanna han gout with affordable food et drinks .. :)


Painted the restaurant red!!!

The ambience is designed in red with yellow lights... really nice in the evening... the red lights shimmer on the road too..

Good food (although drinks are a bit expensive).. but must try pasta.. and the deserts at bread box (the in-house bakery at red box) are simply mouth watering, be it black forest, pineapple or truffle...yum..


Deco is inviting

The place is nicely done.....i loved the the name suggests...its RED....
i differ with many of the previous reviews.....
the music was good was loud but not that much...we were able to talk and enjoy the music....
nice track selection...
all the drinks tasted well...mix was in proper quantity...
especially virgin blue lagoon(mocktail) and similar one with vodka...
vodka with peach...that was also nice...

ambience 5/5

the manager was courteous enough to tell us the table will be free in minute...and came again to tell we are cleaning and will be letting you in...


Overall Experience - Ordinary

I was looking to grab something to eat along with a drink on a late week night. Despite the overall -ve reviews about this place, i dared myself to this place (also because they were open till 1).
On entering, I asked the manager of a table where there would be the least music (taking tip from the fellow burrpers on the over loud music). He pointed out to the table right next to the door and then we figured a better one where we got seated.
The menu is great on variety so are the drinks. IT took a really long time to get a mojito which was poorly done with cubes of ice rather than crushed ice (101 on making mojito). It took another 5 mins to amend it but still the drink was below par. We ordered for bruchetta sorta dish which was really good. We then ordered for the chargrilled veg sizzler which was excellent as well. Our last order of veg burger was a bummer. It was cold, the bread was stale and dont even get me started on the patty. A total disaster (infact we took just one bite and let the entire burger go).
Ambiance and service, both are a let down. The decor and setup of this restaurant is great, i wish they put some hears onto the feedback people give them about thier acoustics to provide a overall suting ambiance. Service = snails pace and waiters are clueless.
I may go back to this place for the sizzler though. Damange for 2 with drinks - 1200.


Should try

One of the fav places that i often visit , Place is good though a bit expensive. Food is excellent and yres they play LOUD but good music ... its the right place to be at after a hard day at office where you can have "WHO CARES" attitude.


Excellent Food

You want to try good continental food. Red Box Cafe is the place. Excellent food. The Ambiance is also something I was quite impressed with. Extremely courteous service and a good selection of Music is played. I personally found the music a little loud or maybe it was because I was sitting right under the speaker. Apart from that an excellent experience.

The service is quite friendly and extremely good. The DJ is also got a great selection of songs though some of our out of the box requests were missing

Damage for 3 people with drinks - Rs 1184


well lost its touch

used to love red box (bandra) for drinks & food but this place certainly seem to lose its touch in short the staff specially managers r good, food is not that good at all certainly losing their food quality & valvet parking is worse they scratched my new sx 4 and didn't have decency to say sorry also. in short this place is good if u wanna enjoy some drinks nice ambience & music


the phone call that put me off

Well the ambiance looks very interesting from the outside and there's always good music blaring. So i decided to check it out - irrespective of all the negative reviews on Burrp. We were planning to go across for a friends birthday and while I was excited about trying a new place, another friend said we should make a back-up reservation just in case Red Box lived up to it's bad reputation.

and I'm so glad i did that. We didn't even end up going to Red Box since the attitude of the guy on the phone put me off completely. He called thrice to confirm that we (a party of over 10) would be coming. And since it was a birthday I asked him if we could get a cake. He said that wasn't allowed but if we pay Rs. 300, we could bring in the cake. Now that's some kind of skewed policy - if you don't allow outside food - stick to that. Don't ask me to pay you for i thanked him for informing me in advance. My friends and me took our birthday cake and had an awesome time at 5 spice. Now that's a place which I would give 10 out of 5 stars to just for having the right attitude.



Unwind with Music

Ambience: I like the way they have done up the place. Its pretty funky and different from most places. Its in red as the name suggests. Music is good and loud so not the place to go if you want to chat. But you could always sit outside then. Its a great place to go for drinks, to listen to music and unwind. Unfortunately our table was right next to the door but to my surprise we never realized it. There are people of all ages from youngsters to a much older crowd. I think this place has amongst the best crowd around. Its a pretty largish place so a lot of tables and easier to get place.

Service: Yes service was a bit slow being a busy night but nothing I could complain about. Our drinks and starters came very quickly and main course soon followed. Been here a few times and have never had any problems with the service.

Drinks: Ordered a kiwi margarita and a Long Island ice tea. First time Ive had a LT thats strong as its supposed to be given the alcohol that goes in it. The kiwi margarita was decent though nothing extraordinary.

Food: Ordered a paneer starter and a veg char grilled sizzler. The paneer just melts in your mouth though is on the sweeter side. The char grilled sizzler served with french fries was decent. Have also eaten the creole paneer which was good. The portion size is good especially for the starter.

Damages: Paid 1500 for 3 cocktails, a starter and a main course. I think starters are about Rs 160 and main course in Rs 250 - 300.

I would definately visit this place again. Pity its not nearer to home or would be visiting regularly.



intellectually challenged

my husband and i are writing a book on india (a travel guide) for which we are recommending places all over. The funniest is - when we went to Red Box in Bandra, and told the manager about hoe we had heard a lot about them and wanted to recommend them in our book - he actually told us, that we had to "take permission" from so-and-so!!
I mean firstly, he probably doesn't know the term "freedom of press" (god or the devil cudn't stop us from writing about them - yeah maybe our publisher!!)and secondly - we wanted to praise them and recommend them!! are they dumb or what!
i'm so glad the tourism of india didn't exhibit the same attitude by telling us "yes, you can recommend india as a holiday destination to europeans, but first, you will have to seek permission from the central govt!"
very funny!!
i dont know about the food, i'm sure it's great (all my friends love it!) but for their attitude ,lack of intelligence and communication skills - they get one star!
ive never come across such a stupid staff. very entertaining, but stupid!


hokie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2009


Good Food

I thought the food was good and the ambiance was good. At first I thought it was an interesting concept, but then I soon realized it was hard for me to hear anyone given the loud music playing in the background. Ended up just watching other people eat and barely being able to hold a conversation. Don't sure it would be the best date place either since you cannot hold a conversation over such loud music.



OH MY GOD please help!

If there is an award for the worst place in Mumbai- it has to go to RED BOX CAFE. Horrible is an understatement!

Someone please send the managers and waiters to learn some manners. Are the owners reading this!!! I certainly hope so cuz the rude staff will really help CLOSE this place down!!!

Also it would be great if RED BOX CAFE would hand out a pair of ear plugs at the door, as the music is so LOUD you can't even think! I've been to other 'pubs' and trust me not of them take their decibels so high!

We never stayed long enough to eat and the drinks were all wrong!

I cannot imagine who would like this place... its really quite terrible.

All in all- A nightmare


jothegreat - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 04,2008


Great Food!

Ive been to this place a couple of times & each time the food has never disappointed me (the twin pasta sizzler is a must try). However, i agree with some of the others who felt that music was loud. And yes, they dont pay much heed to your request to turn it down. A vegetarian dish could cost you anything between 120-180. My rating is purely for the food.. I must admit has been consistently good! Go there ONLY for the food


sids01 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 29,2008


Great place to hand out !!!!

I have been going to Red Box since ages now....and I have never felt any rude service ever....Infact I feel the service is better than at most places that i've been to.

The pizzas are amazing especially the plain cheese margarita.

Music is a little loud and takes some time to get used to. The regular DJ plays some real good music.

Prices have been revised lately and are on the higher side.

All in all a great place to hang out and chill after a long days work :)



There are very few places that I absolutely swear off my list. And RED BOX is definitely one of them.

Walked into this place to meet some friends one surprisingly crowded Thursday eve and a table was arranged for without much ado. A table for 4 that is. As more friends joined us, the waiters were absolutely rude and most unhelpful about giving us another table, even though at least 3 were empty.

The music is LOUD. We weren't exactly a bunch of geriatrics, and are pretty used to loud music, which we enjoy, but RED BOX just took it to new decibels...when we asked them to turn the music down, the 'head waiter' rudely pointed out 'It's a PUB' on the table mat and shoved off.

We shrugged and got on with ordering food and drinks, which we realized we couldn't do unless we literally shouted 'cos even the waiter could barely hear us! When I went up to the waiter to ask him to kindly lower the volume just a little bit, he said ...

Arrogant Manager: 'Mam this is a pub.'
Me: 'I noticed. I've been to a lot of pubs, but that is no excuse for the music to be this loud. I mean, look around, noone can hear anyone.'
Arrogant Manager: No this is the volume we generally keep it at, can't change it.
Me: Can you give us another table then?

*At this point he actually slammed a menu card down and shouted ‘I'LL TRY'* Yup, he was actually shouting.

I mean, what the hell? If this is the way they normally treat their customers, I wonder why anyone even goes there?

We ordered a Veg. Mushroom Soup which was the only good part of the harrowing experience that was RED BOX.

While we were waiting for our pizza, and trying and failing at having conversations through the LOUD music, the waiter came and told us we could shift to another table.

Relieved to be getting away from the LOUD music, and looking forward to the pizza and finally, conversations that didn’t have to be shouted across the table, we walked towards the new table….and got our feet wet!

There was this huge puddle of water all around our table!! What, I ask, is a PUDDLE OF WATER doing in the middle of a restaurant??!! The pizza finally arrived and I’d rate it 3 on a scale of 10, with 10 being good. Not mouth-watering or delicious, just good.

I asked the waiter for salt and he brought me Tabasco. Twice.

Now this one’s the clincher…my friend asked them to charge the food and alcohol separately as she was paying by card. The food was to be charged to the card, and the alcohol we would pay for by cash. Now we have done this in other restaurants and they have willingly obliged, but apparently at a ‘Resto-PUB’ like RED BOX, they don’t understand the simplest of things. The manager said it can’t be done. My friend argued and told them how it could be done. She actually had to stand up mid bite and SHOW THEM HOW!! The manager and the waiters were being downright rude by now, and the manager actually slammed some stuff around once he realised his bluff (or was it just plain old ‘attitude’) was called.

All in all, a place I would thoroughly recommend all to AVOID at all costs unless you’re in the mood for an arrogant manager with attitude, assaulting your ears with the LOUD music, rude waiters that act like they are doing you a favor or water under your feet.

p.s - I'm only rating this cos they wont accept my review without a star!


nmhoon - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 05,2008


Awesome Food

The most amazing Banofee one has ever tasted



Bad food, bad drinks and bad service!

Red Box looks very interesting, and the decor of the place is the main reason for it, I think. It can seem a bit gaudy and tacky to people who like pastels and lighter shades, but I think it's quite a daring theme, and works quite well.
That is, sadly, the cafe's ONLY plus point.
The food we ordered, I think it was called a Moroccon sizzler was overpriced, and there was nothing authentically Moroccon about it at all! The drinks too are quite bad, and overpriced. The music they play is a weird mix between trance, gym music and pop...I don't think it went well with the ambience at all. Also, it was very loud.
All in all, Bandra has many other places you can visit, unless you are fond of wasting money on bad food!


Red or Orange?

Noisy and more orange than red was my first impression.

This place has a good decor, however, the Bandra location is extremely noisy with loud obnoxious music and awkward seating.

I tried the Pizza and Pasta Salad, Pasta was overcooked.....hello Indian ppl cooking pasta: try to remember that a la dente is the right way to cook pasta... and fusilli pasta has a spiral shape for a reason, it shouldnt look like spaghetti after its cooked.

The Pizza was hilarious, the crust was chewy and hard and while I was attempting to eat it with a knife and fork, unfortunately it didnt work out and I had to use my hands to tug on it like a dog.

The only good part was the beer, it was cold! lol


A bad RED experience

RedBox Cafe.. Sucks... !!!!!

First thing that you experience when you enter in it is the warm welcome but i am sorry to say that it was the last good thing about the place.

I didnt like the bright red colour which is everywhere you see.. kinda unpleasant.. and gaudy ..
the second thing was the loud music.. there was a speaker right on top of my head.. playin some .. horribly unpleasant stuff.. So the normal talk was like shoutin "CAN YOU PASS THE PEPPER" and made any decent converstion impossible..
to worsen it .. we found a hair in the salad.
and then .. the waiters.. we kinda playing holi .. and kept spilling drinks on each other.. which took a lil more time for .. my blue lagoon to land up on my table.
Then it was time for my morrocan sizzler which had nothin morrocan abt it.. so all in all .. if was want to go to a Nosiy RED place .. to waste your money go to RED BOX CAFE.



This place reminds me of some blond cheerleader who just looks good but can't even speak in proper English grammar.



Good decor, not much else

Structurally pretty much the same as the layout in China Gate (i think), it has a spanking red modernist decor that makes the place look attractive for a yuppy time out.

But apart from that, I think the place (like most other places) survives purely on the fact that most of us are not really very discerning when it comes to judging restaurants and just need places to 'eat out'.

There is a giggling maitre-d', slow waiters who do not top up water glasses or even present the right menu at the right time (the drinks menu arrived after the order was placed!), and you seriously have doubts about the place knowing its food when you have typos in the menu ('Baerly' for Barley, 'Worldrof' for Waldorf)!


Ballerina  - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 05,2008



The place is done up so well, it's half the battle won.
The food is good and service okay. But I felt it was overpriced for its pastas. The food is consistently good. They have some unique combos for their pizzaz... must try!

I have always found the place a bit too loud - not a place where you might want to sit and have a conversation with someone. But yes, go in a huge group and you'll have fun!


funky place with amazing ambience and music

The thing that impressed me the most is that it takes you just 10 mins on a saturday night to get a table here. The menu is amazing and has a good selection of starters and main courses not to forget booze. Prices may be on the higher side, but then we talking about Bandra.....

The music is loud but not to loud to hold a conversation. Will definetly go back for more.


Risotto to die for

The risotto here is my favourite dish by far. It's a must have, a must try. Simply to die for!


nice hangout!!!

jus went there out of curiosity u can say..
the ambience is pretty cool and the decor is really fascinating!!
the best part on the menu is the sandwich..but don think of trying with the drinks...
overall its a cool place to spend time in the afternoons....than in he common barristas....
Give it a try for sure...


Good food, ambience, music could be better...

Food (the non veg - didnt try the veg) and drinks were way better than most places in Bandra. Few people make a good Mojito - this is one of them. Chicken pepper parmesan and parma chicken are what I sampled. Just the right amount of seasoning and accompaniments. Service and ambience is good. Meals could arrive a tad bit faster. Disliked the music. My gym plays the same music - was a cross between a disco and an aerobics hall - didn't gel with the setting.


Neha M - Burrp User

Neha M

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January 25,2007


Just about Okie !

I went there out of curiosity , the place has been done up pretty well. the food is not half as bad if your'e in the mood to blow up lots of monies for a standard pasta and some garlic bread. the chicken marinara is pretty nice , though the desserts are a disappointment - that blueberry cheesecake only looked appealing , i wish it was half as tasty though!

Nice Ambience though, works if your'e trying to woo a lady but if you just want to go chill, this one's a tad heavy on the pocket !


gr8 ambience

this place has gr8 ambience...u'll find cool crowd during nights

food is okkie....not much to choose frm da menu...even da drinks not seem to b much happenin..

overall a good place for friends to bump 2gether..but don't expect to have a gr8 treat

...but anytime a betta place than the rest!!


Tanz D - Burrp User

Tanz D

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December 14,2006



i luvd the ambience..its gr8...n the food's good too...not sure about the drinks part though....but for the rates na ll the food is raelly gr8...anytime a betta place to be than at ccd's!!


Yashwin S - Burrp User

Yashwin S

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November 18,2006



Firstly like the other reviewer said, the interiors are excellent. I love the metal figures hanging from the ceiling.

The club sandwich is excellent. The drinks are very poor though. You're better off drinking water.

My friends thought the pastries were good as well.

Overall not a bad place to go for a quick afternoon bite.


it's not good

I was curious to go there to see what is this REDBOX thing is. I started out with a mocktail for 80 bucks - turned out to be too sweet and not that great. Only 1 thing I like about the place is there interior-DECO. Go at your own risk!


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