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> > > > Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 02266927540, 09637871170
  • 2/3 B, Powai, Mumbai
  • Indian

0 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Reviews

Kritika  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2014



These guys dont even know how to organise and manage the event. For a capacity of 2000 ppl they sell 5000 tickets. Ruining the New Year for everybody out there.
There was no food, no drink after 11:30. Now they are running away after having done all this. Hidden in their holes. DONT EVER GO TO AN EVENT ORGANISED BY THEM,.


Simply the worst

Total disaster!!!!!! Hotel Renaissance,Powai, Mumbai reputation has gone down the sewer!!!It's not much about the money!!U ruined New Year's eve for us!! Thank You Guyzz..Plz don't organize events going forward!!


gags97 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2014


Wort new year party..

it was such a pathetic experience to attend new year party at this hotel.. total disaster.. total mismanagement.. such a pathetic hotel.. who the hell calls its 5 star hotel.It doesn't even deserve a 1 star. For the new year party they said we are giving passes to only 1000 ppl but they sold it out to more then 6000 people. And then there was no food no drink. nothing..don't ever go to this hotel..


Too good

A great place to relax during weekends. The spa here is really nice. The location of this hotel will make you forget that you are in India. Too good. The clear water of the lake and the lush greenery is simply breath-taking.


shahkumud - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 15,2011


Wonderful combo of food, service, ambience

It was a very nice experience. Had organised a get-together buffet dinner at Lake View in Renaissance. Very nice experience, great service. Just one suggestion; if they could put some music on, it would add to the charm,.



Avoid the Midnite Buffet

I have been to Renaissance's Lunch Buffets (for business).. and had found it decent. When we heard that they have a Midnite Buffet at the LakeView Cafe, we decided to give a try on Sat nite (2-Jul).

The phone-desk informed that the fare costs Rs 650 per head (all inclusive) and descibed the menu as a good variety of Continental, Asian and Indian food. (Which turned out to be mis-information)

We reached the place at quarter past midnite. There was no sign of busy-ness or activity of laying out the spread.. (Hello.. its past midnite !!)

A survey of the offerings revealed that VERY LITTLE was on offer.. two cold salads (Veg and Non-Veg).. 2-3 long-loaves of bread.. a bowl of cold hummus (that was the continental part !!), some fryums.. these were the STARTERS...

The shock came in the main course.. it was Maharashtrian food (the simplest of all) comprising brinjal-gravy, dal and fried rice and rotis.. THATS IT !!.. VERY SMART - They did not mention this in the telephonic enquiry.. We would not have gone all the way down to Powai... :-((

Dessert - while most of them where cold desserts and had eggs, the only eggless ones were 2 types of pastries and cut-fruits and of course, ice-cream.. one had to make good with that :-(( When the waiters were informed the same, they brought us a hot bowl of undercooked gulab jamuns as a consolation...

We informed the friendly waiter-in-charge (Mr. Puneet) and the Chef (Mr.Parvesh) that we were thoroughly disappointed.. the chef offered to make something afresh and bring it to our table.. it was too late by then.. Mr. Puneet was very apologetic and offered to waive the Bill.. We prevailed and paid the Bill.. it came to ~ Rs 740 per head.. far off from the Rs 650 informed to us over the phone..

Verdict for the midnite Buffet

Ambience and Service - 8/10
F&B, Variety / Arrangements - 2/10
VFM factor - 2/10

Overall verdict - 2/10..

Never going to Renaissance Powai for the Midnite Buffet ...