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> > > Revival Indian Thali

Revival Indian Thali

Lokhandwala (Andheri)  

  • 40392200
  • Morya Landmark II, Off New Link Road, Lokhandwala (Andheri), Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 250

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Revival Indian Thali Reviews

Pooja Sikka - Burrp User

Pooja Sikka

5 Reviews

November 16,2012



The quintessential part of a thali restaurant is its service, which was pretty bad here. We went there on a Saturday for lunch and the place was very crowded, had to wait for 40 min. However once we got to the table, the service was slow, food was cold, and the worst was that a couple of items on the menu had finished (though was replaced by other stuff, but wasn't the same). We had to repeatedly follow up with the manager to get the food served, which itslef was very average



Good food bad service

Food is Good, Extremely bad, ur waiters and guys who picked phone are really bad. he banged the phone on me...really tell him to learn courtesy


Good Start, Bad ending

The concept of Thali always excites me and my taste buds. The variety of food, the different flavors, and the plethora of choices in one single plate is a foodie's delight. Situated in the lane opposite to Infinity in Andheri, Revival Indian Thali comes as a traditional place with food and staff alike. We reached in a bit early to avoid heavy rush, which actually could be seen outside even before the restaurant opened for business.

Ambiance: The first thing that makes you look up to this place is the interiors. It is not a huge place, but is much more refined, decent and welcoming than Rajdhani. It scores a couple of points more than Rajdhani in this aspect. Also, however brief it might be, there is a person assigned to just say "Namaskar" to you at the entrance. It is a very warm gesture to welcome your patrons for dining, and if that is not enough, the laughing Buddha at the entrance surely does the trick.

Food: A meal in Revival starts with a small matka of warm Tulsi Paani. I did not ask the significance of it, but thought of it as a gastric cleansing agent, which helps in increasing your appetite. The usual suspects then took to the bronze plates, such as the chopped salad, chutneys, Dhokla and something new that I never had before, Patrano (Colocasia Leaves) Samosa. It was one of the interesting items on the plate, more than calling it amazing. It was followed by 4 different types of Vegetable preparations, most of them which were common and one, whose name I still can't remember. The chapati's were nice and soft laden with Ghee and so were the Bajra Rotlo. Then came what I thought of as the stand out dish on the plate, Gujrathi Kadhi. It was perfectly cooked and spiced with the right amount of tempering to it.
One of the other noteworthy item was the smoked and spiced Buttermilk. It is one of the best things to have after such a heavy meal on the table. In the end, came the most eagerly awaited dish of the evening, Aamras. Even before we entered the restaurant we had decided to savor the Aamras in the end for which we even called for one puri. Considering the price of the Thali, Aamras was the only thing that was limited, but still we didn't complain until we had the first spoonful in our mouth. It completely ruined the standard we had set about this place so far. It was just not "Aam"ras, but a way too sweet mixture of some fruit, which also happens to be yellow in color. Never in my wildest nightmares had I thought, that I would let go Aamras, but that evening I did.

Service: Coming to the main service, it is a tad bit lethargic. The refills on the other hand made us wait for some time and on occasions, even had to be reminded. There was just a single person per set of items to refill the plates, which was causing a bit of confusion (apart from the large group on the other table).

All in all, the Aamras did leave a bitter taste at the end (not literally). At Rs.250/- per head it was a very average Thali apart from few exceptions.


Brings You Home

With frozen toes, curled up in my blanket, my hands arrested, leaning my head on that frosted window I gazed at the snow; it was a chilly winter, that year in Nottingham. Yet, when I closed my eyes and thought about home, I could breathe the smell of fresh rotis soaked in desi ghee, the sweetness and creamy texture of white butter rolling in my mouth, that piece of ‘gud’ at the end of the meal which just sticks on to your palate and plays with your senses for hours later. Even the thought filled me with warmth and brought a smile on my cold lips.

I would often get lost into my own world while writing long and boring assignments. Then again, don’t we all? My mouth still waters when I think about a large, well prepared thali with four different types of vegetables, curries, dal and kadhi served with delicious rotis soaked in ghee. Not to forget, the papads, achaars, chutneys and delicious sweets. In many ways my visit to Revival was a realization of that recurring dream I used to have in Nottingham. I mean who are we kidding, which one of us in todays time and age has the time to even think about preparing more than one sabzi and dal? We save the trouble of making kadhi and khandvi for special occasions.
To read more visit my blog



Good food. Bad service.

Guys pls tell your waiters how to serve food. Most of the time they spill the food from one plate to another or on the table and at times on guest's clothes also. I was so afraid every time they come to serve that I used to be away from the table. There is no proper person supervising the table. We called for something it comes after 10 MINUTES. Thats not how a thali restaurant works! learn from MAHARAJA BHOG. they are awesomely courteous and super servers.


July 4, 2012response from management at Revival Indian Thali:

We are very sorry for your experience and we will keep that in mind. Please do visit us again and i am sure you will not have such a problem. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our waiters.

Revives you.....

Whilst I always have a problem with Gujarati thali - they try to create a fusion - thanks to their end to cater to variety of people; I'm also a glutton for punishment, because I tend to try everyone of them,

I was a bit disappointed with Rajdhani being sold of by the Barots, but then the branding changed at Crawford market and I continued hearing good things about it. However, taking a visa to just go and eat a thali does not figure very high on my list of priorities.

But then surprisingly, maybe Kamlesh took pity on me and opened right across to where I stay and so off one evening we trooped to try it out.

The trick to eat at a thali restaurant is to normally go within the first 45 minutes or in the last 45 minutes (why? Cannot be written here, can't give away secrets can I?)

Nicely done, well appointed, the menu that evening was pure Gujarati - 2 Farsan, 2 sweet with one being aam ras, 4 vegetables, dal, Kadhi etc..

The service was quick, food excellent and we were left satiated in under 30 minutes. Keeping in mind that day's menu I found it much better than Maharaja Bhog and Panchvati Gaurav.....but different day, different stokes.

I would definitely turn on another day and try it out.


July 4, 2012response from management at Revival Indian Thali:

Thank you for your comments and we are very happy you enjoyed your thali . Do visit us again and give us a chance to serve you better .

July 26, 2012response from management at Revival Indian Thali:

Weekend menu needs to be jazzed up a bit, last weekend - sat - was too dull. Had taken overseas visitors there, but then moved out.

Revived :)

I tried this place last week and had a vry good experience. this the their 2nd branch (1st being in crawford mkt). i'm nt a big fan of veg thali but my mom is one and revival made me change my opinion abt veg thali. so i took my mom to revival and she just loved this place. we loved the bronze thali, bowls n glasses in which we were served. the first thing tat my mom said was tat their thali size looks bigger than others. staff is vry friendly and the service is good as well. its like eatin at home they way they serve you the food loaded with ghee n makkhan. ambience n decor is good as well and u feel like you hav come to a trditional gujju/maru place.


July 4, 2012response from management at Revival Indian Thali:

We are glad u had a good experience and enjoyed your thali. Do visit us again and we promise to serve you even better.