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Home/mumbai/Rude Lounge


29 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Steamy Saturday Aug 13 - Aug 31

  • Rude Lounge presents Steamy Saturday. An amazing show put on by the Rude Bartender as he performs Fire flairing LIVE! Also, you get a flame shot on the house – FREE!

    Day: Every Saturday

Tricky Tuesday Aug 13 - Aug 31

  • Rude Lounge presents Tricky Tuesday. The Art of Chilling isn’t just a phrase! You get to live through and enjoy it as well. Enjoy 1+1 Fosters Beer on the house all day!

Moody Monday Aug 13 - Aug 31

  • Moody Mondays are the days when the ladies get 2 pegs of vodka on the house absolutely FREE!

Freaky Friday Aug 11 - Aug 31

  • Rude Lounge presents Freaky Friday. Are you a Wine addict? Then a Freaky Friday is your lucky day! Get 1+1 wine glass on the house all day long!

    Day: Every Friday

Bollywood Night Aug 11 - Aug 31

  • The latest and hottest collection of the Bollywood beats gets played at Rude by the crazy Rude DJs!
    Day: Every Friday

Thirsty Thursday Aug 08 - Aug 31

  • Love getting high and buzzed up? If Beer happens to be your ultimate keyword then crash in on a Thirsty Thursday for 1+1 Beer on the house all day!
    Day: Every Thursday

Wacky Wednesday - Ladies Night Jul 09 - Aug 31

  • Rude Lounge presents Wacky Wednesday - Ladies Night. The Rudian women folk are always pampered! Ladies are gonna be getting unlimited vodka on the house all evening through night FREE, right after the clock chimes 7pm!
    Day: Every Wednesday

Rude Lounge Reviews