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Ravindra Shirsale - Burrp User

Ravindra Shirsale

September 05,2014

Very Good Veg Resto

Its a old and reliable vegetarian food option. The service is sloppy but the food options are great. Its always packed but is worth the wait!
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krithika7 - Burrp User


November 06,2013

Tangiest Pav Bhaji of the century!

I crave for the pav bhaji.. if you love the taste of red ripe tomatoes, you muct not miss this place. For years, the taste of their pav bhaji has been unique yet consistent. Go for the pav bhaji I'd say. Word of caution- Pav is soaked in butter- you can ask the guy for a no butter one if you are calorie conscious. Tawa pulao is also nice. Faloodas and juices are nice too.
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

August 13,2013

Sadguru = pav bhaji

Have been a regular patron of this joint since decades now. The one thing I can vouch for at this place is their pav bhaji. Its easily one of the best places dishing out scrumptious pav bhaji laden with generous amounts of butter.I have personally not eaten pav bhaji better than this elsewhere. The place is very neat and tidy with excellent service. Their punjabi and chinese dishes are pretty darn good too. Prices are normal.
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angadsandhu - Burrp User


July 28,2013

one of the best pav bhaji

I have been going to this place since years and the food has only got better and better. pav bhaji is what I love to eat in this place, veg spl. pizza are also a delight. the ambiance is overall good. sitting in open can be irritating becuz of noice of cars and smell . the a/c tables are gd and there aint a big price difference.
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annadvani - Burrp User


June 25,2013

Smelly place

How does one describe a restaurant that is serving delicious indian fast food but with an open drainage overflowing in front & smelling worse than a pig sty !! This place is always crowded , famous for its pau bhaji and chaats, but hygiene both in the restaurant with filthy floor & its overworked staff and outside with the overflowing stinking sewer is a big put off.
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The Taste Test Anu and Sat - Burrp User

mecca for pav bhaaji lovers

This is the place for all pav bhaaji lovers. The most awesomest pav bhaaji is available here.

Every trip to chembur is incomplete without at least having one plate of pav bhaaji and cocktail juice at sadguru. Have seen this place grow from a small pigeon hole outlet to its current spread, with air conditioned portions. Each time we go to sadguru it has expanded by one more shop.

The cheese grilled sandwich is also something that you shouldn't miss.

Remember to try out the faluda here.
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milansonigra - Burrp User


January 14,2013

Execllent food and super quantity

its serves the best fast food in town. the Pav Bhaji, chats juices punjabi and chinese dishes, milkshakes and also diet food options are all very tasty.
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pinkupethu12 - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Good food on the higher side

They have the best south & north Indian cuisine. Their dhal kichadi is unbeatable! Love their pav bhajis, sandwiches & malai kulfi too. Its a good option for office people as they also deliver it in & around. But the only hitch is that they are quite on the higher side.
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Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

September 15,2012

Always crowded!

It is a very prominent fast food joint opposite the BMC swimming pool. No chance you will miss this eatery, for there is always a crowd in waiting at the entrance.

This place is known for pav bhaji ever since I can recollect. Quick snacks are good and served faster. Punjabi and Chinese dishes are oily. Quantity wise they are quite good.

The place is always noisy and crowded. Seating is too cramped and stuffy. Service is very slow except if you order pav bhaji (guess since they are known for it, they always have it ready). Take away or home delivery is the best option. The servers are not the best you'd find. Not too pocket-friendly. A meal for 2 will cost you Rs 450-500.
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Meeta  - Burrp User


July 15,2011

fast food that is close to best

This place has been around for ages, and the most well known way to discover this place is by the aroma of delectable pav bhaji that surrounds the entire area. Quick bites are the best pick here. Make sure to try the ever favorite Pav Bhaji and their Cheese Grill Sandwich (heavenly). It is pricey for a fast food place (85 bucks for pav bhaji alone) but it surely leaves one satisfied with the meal. The proper Indian meals are like any other, and oozes gravy and more gravy!

Verdict: Top pick for a yummy pav bhaji and good ol mumbai fast food experience.
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Ameya Gaandhe - Burrp User

Ameya Gaandhe

May 29,2011

Poor Sevice

Here one of the oldest hotel in Chembur have seems gone wrong in timeline, the service (waiters) don't listen to you properly, they don't clean your table while new customer comes & sits above that your food arrives still you have to call that person show him the mess & than he'll clean the table while doing that he'll put your food aside on same table??????, some times gives food you never ordered, while if you ask them why it happened other waiters laughs at you, last visit (was with my mother) I had an argument waiters & management over this matter now fix in my mind will never visit this hotel again any matter no problem.
If you have an option please go to some other hotel & you can avoid the problem you'll face.
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Devendra Bansal - Burrp User

Devendra Bansal

October 05,2009

Bad taste of the staff...

I am facing too many frequent misbehaving by their staff since the last 6-7 months...lagta hai unka dimaag kharaab ho gaya hai...dhandhaa joron mein hai it seems.

I bear with it just for the good stuff available there !!!
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

September 09,2009

best udipi in this area

This is the busiest udipi in chembur! near M Ward BMC office.
The service is super quick and i'll tell you wat to order.

Dahi Puri... Pav Bhaji... Masala/mysore dosa... masala pav... juices n milkshakes all EXCELLENT.
They also have yummy chinese fried rice and manchurian - desi style! i love it. avoid the sandwiches though
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Mahima..  - Burrp User


May 27,2009

good place for a quick bite....

Though sadguru seems to b alwys full at all times of the week...i find the food strictly decent....
always end up eating the onion rava dosa which is gud....my mum is a fan of the dry fruit bhel...though i dnt c hw by jus putting hideous amounts of cashew on top..it becomes dry fruit....
the masala pav is jus abt ok though really oily....
pav bhaji is wot the place is mostly famous fr n they dnt disappoint....evn if u ask the man fr less butter on the pav he jus nods his head and gets it drenched in butter...
chaat is decent...i would definitely recommend the fruit juices...since they mk it thick n nice...especially the cocktail and ganga jamuna....
i wouldnt call the place exactly cheap..coz they have definitely raised prices....but yea food(rather snacks) fr 3 will cost arnd 300 bucks...
they do free home delivery..but evn dat only wen u order fr mre thn 100bucks...(it used to b 60 once upon a time)
I like the place but i prefer the othr sadguru near chembur stn...cheaper n equally gud food....
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ICElvlAN12 - Burrp User


September 03,2012

Bit expensive

Food is good but have become expensive of late
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