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> > > > Sahibaan


Bandra WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02226439936, 02230969618, 02232964005
  • Shop No 03, Carlton Court, Turner Road,Near HSBC Bank, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Seafood, North Indian, Chinese, Oriental
  • Meal for 2 - 800

17 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Sahibaan Reviews






"S" for Superb Sahibaan

Its been 10 years right from our courtship to 4 years after marriage. we both have been diehard fans of sizzlers in sahibaan.

The momos and the fried prawns are favorite of me and my better half. be it with friends or just two if us .. the food and the over all experience in sahibaan has been consistent for past so many years

Its always fun to be there and munch on the fried noodles that are given till the order arrives and smoky sizzlers are just YUMMY ..
more 10 + years to go for a wonderful place that always made me nostalgic and refreshed my taste buds .







Its pretty okay, but I miss the time when Sahibaan also used to make briyani. I know, its odd to see a chinese restaurant making briyanis, but they are the most preferable.

The only problem is that their delivery bag and the packaging at times smells of raw chicken. Sometimes when I have their noodles i get too tired or makes me go to sleep after 1-2 hours.


Light On The Pocket

Sahibaan is my go to restaurant when im low on cash and looking for a hearty meal. their Chinese Thali which includes a soup, a starter a rice/noodle dish and a gravy, is Value for money, especially when you have to survive on a budget.
The food is good but the price is what makes it amazing.


Horrible service

Sahibaan, Bandra has degraded over the years. They take more than 1 hour to deliver an order and I live couple of main roads away- and food arrives cold. This isn't the first time that happened, rather its the 3rd time within 2 months time I ordered. who the hell gets a food at 11.20 from an order placed in 9.50 in the night? I had to listen so much from my folks because they can't send food properly- FOOD!!

They're not worth it. Why give business to someone who can't even send an order to their regular customers. I hope their owner Nasir is reading this.



Must Try

This place is small & bit pricey but good food.
Must try over here is Dragon chicken, its has a tangy & sweet taste both when u put first morsel in ur mouth & a crunch of cashew "Though the r sparingly found in ur dish". Smart thing to do is order a combo or thali & then go for starter, main course this would fill you up & also give u variety to have with a drink.
Would certainly go back for Dragon Chicken.


damien_omen - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 07,2011


Value for money

Its one of my favourite places for chinese food in Bandra..the food quality is quite good (esp the sizzlers) and the place is not very pricey as well!..a nice place overall..a bit too crowded but thats fine with me!



Vegetarians Stay Away

I have visited the Sahibaan on earlier instances to with my friends who are relishers of the non vegetarian food here. But few weeks back i happened to visit the restaurant on a busy sunday afternoon. After going through menu, i decided to order a vegetarian chinese thali. The Chinese thali had a manchow soup, spring rolls and hakka noodles and lemon water.After all the non veg dishes arrived an d almost after half and hour the vegetarian food arrived. Mancow soup tasted like garlic water with a bit of colour, no taste or flavour. The spring rolls batter smelt of egg, and hakka noodles too were nothing great to talk about. The ice tea was like sugar syrup sharbet. All in all the service and the food made me feel that vegetarians were no welcomed here


MarinGA - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 25,2010


Typical Indian chinese

Love the chinese here at Sahibaan...
Typical Indian chinese with loads and loads of akkha laal mirch and curry patta. Spicy and oily - just like we indians love it :)
Cheapest sizzlers in Mumbai I guess.
Always crowded and service is a little messed up! but who's complaining... as long as we have chinese the indian way ;)
One of the wisest decision when you are broke and ordering in.


sizzling sizzlers

Sahibaan is one of my favorite food joints when it comes to sizzlers. For a change, the sizzlers here are prised reasonably and you end up eating the whole thing (unlike in Kobes or Yokos where you leave the huge pieces of boiled vegges alone) The sizzlers here are smaller in size and much more tastier. The variety of food here is simply amazing. From chinese to Thai to sizzlers, everything is worth a try especially when its so reasonably prised. The only downside is that its a very tiny place and they dont have air conditioning. But I really recommend this place to especially youngsters who can have a great time here cos this is one of the very few restaurants in Bandra which dishes out fantastic food for a reasonable price.


Ok Sizzle

Initially this place was excellent for Sizzlers and the free iced tea thats with it. Over time luckyily the iced tea has stayed the same but the sizzler quality has gone down significantly and most of the times quite a few types of sizzlers and mashed potatoes are not available. However this place has good quality fried rice and is nice for a quick chinese meal. During weekends the waiting is endless. The price and non AC and too much waiting during weekends does not make it the best place to have a weekend meal!!!


Losing its charm...

Sahibaan used to be one of my favourite eat-outs... Loved the kung pao chicken there. However, the quality and service is seriously deteriorating. The last two times I have gone there, the service has disappointed me. First of all, it was really slow. They took forever just to serve water. When the food arrived they refused to serve it in our plates. Also the taste of the pot rice was not as good as it used to be. It was bland and tasteless. I don't know whats wrong with them but I think they should buck up!


My favourite spot.....not anymore

We wanted to have good authentic Chinese food. Working at Bandra, the best place i could think of is Sahibaan. Have always been a fan of this place due to its moderate price, good food quality and warm service. I dragged my team to this place and received the shock of my life. This place has become a Topsy-turvey version of my expectations. There was a clear increase in price, approx - 20% which we didnt mind initially since we were expecting good food. What surprised me that the chicken thali now only offered wantons & spring roles (will a sparse sprinkle of chicken molecules) instead of a nice big piece of lolly pop priced at 99. What was sad is that all the starters were priced 10+ with pathetic quantity. I could barely see 5-6 ultra small pieces of chicken among the loads of oil and onions in the dish. Worst, the combo meals priced at 159 are horrific. You get an iced tea, fries or garlic bread (which earlier was and) with a coleslaw salad which was barely one small spoon and a chicken stir fry dish. To my dismay there were only four peices of super small and thin shreds of chicken cooked for the heck of it. The spices were bad, oil was pathetic and loads of added colour. This was absolutely unhealthly that literally made me puke. This is definelty not what i was expecting. Hope the sizzlers have not seen the same fate of cost cutting. Its sad that once my favourite a big no no for me moving on. No recommendations from me for sure.


Srey  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

March 15,2010



Sahibaan is one of my favourite places in Bandra. I was introduced to it by a friend the day I stepped in Mumbai and I have carried forward the tradition by bringing in all my friend from outside Mumbai to dine here. It was one of those days when I decided to go try out my favourite three flavoured fish and this chicken dish whose name I now cannot seem to remember!!
We ordered the fish and chicken and decided to order sizzlers later on. The food arrived pretty fast. We enjoyed the chicken and fish thoroughly. The taste hasnt changed in all these years. We ordered the sizzlers and waited...and then it happened!
I found an open staple pin in the chicken...while chewing it! Well I just think I'm lucky I'm a bong! I'm used to finding a bone in my fish. Its a normal thing that we do while chewing. Infact I almost thought I was having the fish and was going to excuse them till I took it out in my hand. We brought it to the notice of the manager and cancelled the rest of the order. They were quite apologetic but somehow they seemed to have lost their charm in my head.
They said they werent billing us but we insisted and paid for one dish atleast. I mean its not everybody's fault that it happened. It must have been just one clumsy person to have overlooked this. But I'm not sure I am going to go back there...though I miss their three flavoured fish..ONLY!


Sahibaan, the Sizzler place

We gave in to our growling stomach and randomly decided upon Sahibaan (Turner Road, Bandra) to pamper us! It was my cousin's treat and that felt even better! :P

The restaurant has two levels of seating and is jam packed on most days and on weekends be prepared to wait for atleast 30 minutes before you get a seat. The fare they offer is very different. The cuisine is mainly oriental, and bubbling with sizzler dishes. If you find something on eevery table here, apart from the cutlery, it's sizzler!!

There is a great variety in starters and sizzlers in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian category. The drinks are basic like juices, iced tea (most popular), soft drinks etc. The iced tea costs Rs. 35 (lemon and peach flavour) and one iced tea comes free with every sizzler. Puddings are just two and three including caramel custard which apprently is very good, but we were too full to dig it.

We were four big eaters and we ordered three sizzlers - fish sizzler (with rice), two chicken sizzlers (with noodles) and 3 more ice teas apart from the three that came free with the sizzlers! I usually like peach iced tea more, but the lemon one is definitely a better choice at Sahibaan.

Three sizzlers were more than enough for us, but two would have been a tab bit less! The fish sizzler was superb, but nothing to beat the chicken sizzler. Also, noodles should be chosen over rice, for the burnt taste accompanying noodles is bliss!!

Non-veg sizzles cost between 135-225 bucks. A meal for four will cost about RS. 400. I'l definitely going there again...and this time i'll try the caramel custard also! It's worth a visit and it'll keep you coming back for more!!

They also have a branch in Worli. But the location is slightly off and errr not so grand and hence I always go with the Bandra one.


scrizer - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 20,2008


the last mile

Great place for a quality indian chinese meal that's easy on the wallet and big on the spoon. Good place to hop in while you are waiting in the mile long queue for 5 spice


....Of Sizzling Platters..!!!

Speak about eating out and Bandra inevitably crops up amongst the first options to us foodies. So this weekend’s gastronomic ramble takes us to Sahibaan. Situated just off Turner Road coming from Pali Naka, the junction is distinguished by a spate of eateries huddled around the corner of the crossroad opposite Axis Bank. Flanked by its richer cousins Pot Pourri and Lemon Grass on either side, this tiny joint doesn’t boast of much of an atmosphere, with an open seating and only a handful of tables. But once in, the varied kinds of patrons sampling the fare denote its popularity amongst one and all.
Menu: the first thing that strikes you about the place is the distinct individuality of the fare on offer. A welcoming reprieve from the run-of-the-mill “Chicken-Manchurian-and-Chicken-Fried-Rice” dishes, the menu boasts of a wide variety of unconventional in-house dishes. Popular amongst its regular patrons as a “Chinese Sizzler” joint, the carte has a wide spread of sizzlers spanning all kinds of meats-chicken, lamb, fish, prawns, even squid. The price of non-veg ranges from Rs.175 to 225/-. Not having sampled a sizzler in my previous visit, I can’t comment on its taste; but judging from the fact that a sizzler was seen on every table apart from ours, there seems to be little doubt about its merit. The portions seemed sizable for the price, and the aroma was causing a gustatory riot on our olfactory senses.
Each dish on the carte comes with a small description of its contents and sauces tossed in- a useful feature assisting the discerning clientine in making their choice. Amongst the starters, try the chicken/ fish/ squid in butter garlic pepper sauce (Rs. 125-135), a heavenly concoction that truly has to be savored one piping-hot bite after another. Slivers of meat lavishly tossed in garlic and green chillies sautéed in butter, its sets the pace for the delectable course to follow. Chicken/lamb with five beauties (Rs.135/-) consists of diced chicken cooked in five sauces. A tad too strongly flavored for my palate, it may go down well with some. The lamb in schezwan chilly dry (Rs.135/-) had the lamb too well done, resulting in the meat losing its own flavor, and tasting like crispy fried potatoes. Yet the sheer tang of the sauces it was tossed in brought our spirits up by many notches. But the Best Starter award would be won hands down by Jumbo Prawns in Chilly Garlic Sauce (Rs. 165/-). Chunks of juicy jumbo prawns pan fried and cooked with bell pepper, garlic and green chillies in garlic sauce, served with shreds of raw cabbage, they were a sheer assault on the taste buds, leaving us panting for more.
Amongst the main course, try Chicken/ fish/lamb in oyster/garlic/soy sauce. Chin chow chicken was also a savory choice, with fried chicken shreds lavishly spread in a spicy, tangy sauce with bell peppers. Chicken and vegetables in spring onions also were well done with just the right amount of savor to concoct a masterful fare.
A wide variety of rice and noodles are on offer- regular fried rice, Singapore rice, Malaysian rice/noodles, pan-fried noodles, schezwan rice/ noodles, and the usual American and Chinese Chopsueys. But again here the winner would undoubtedly be the Pot Rice. Served in a small earthen pot, it is tender rice slowly steamed in mushrooms and pepper corns with chicken/ lamb / vegetables, topped with bland herbal gravy. For the sheer subtlety of its taste, it is recommended only for the discerning populace. One luscious bite after another, you wish that the meal would go on forever. All the dishes in the rice & noodles come with a choice of chicken/ lamb/ vegetables, and are priced between Rs. 90 and Rs. 135/-. The main course comes with an added option of prawns, seafood and squid. This is priced from 95/- to 235/-. A word of caution though; the prawns and seafood options are a tad too expensive compared to the rest of the fare and may take your bill much beyond what one would expect from a roadside Chinese joint. A useful feature is a board listing the day/ week’s specialty. If u are of the adventurous types, be sure to choose your meal off this list to sample the best on offer.
Accompaniments: Regular cold drinks priced at Rs. 18/-. Lemon-Peach Iced teas priced at Rs. 35/-, these come free with each sizzler. Taste is at par with those available at other places. In desserts, they have Caramel Custard and a couple of other delicacies.
Service:Prompt and unobtrusive. Waiters are always willing to offer you a helping hand to choose a dish as per your palate, at the same time giving you your adventurous liberty. The portions were sizable and sufficient to satisfy 3 people in each dish. Very well done and importantly- well presented. Waiting times for a table though may be long on weekends, owing to the limited seating capacity.
Atmosphere: Not much to talk about. Situated bang on the road-side, you see cars whizzing by. They have a tape playing English songs in the background. A typical setting for a weekend eat-out with family and friends alike. Yet has a dignified appeal which is not lost in the chaos.
Parking space is aplenty on the road, but on weekends one may have to park at some distance owing to it being situated at an important junction.
Pricing: An average meal for 2 would cost anywhere between 300 and 500 bucks with drinks. It cost us 490/-, my carnivore pal and me being the gluttons that we are. Worth every penny, I must say!!!
All in all, a satisfying meal on a much deserved weekend. If you want to taste a spread of unique dishes in a variety of meats, Sahibaan is the place to be this weekend. Happy eating!



Good food, horrible service

The food was superb and the pricing is reasonable. The location is a bit of a put-off at Worli side. The biggest disappointment was the service provided where the restaurant captain and waiters were clueless about practically everything around them and what they were serving. Anyway, I will personally recommend the Honey Ginger Chicken.