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Home/mumbai/Sai Nath Kulchas

Sai Nath Kulchas

ChemburCentral Suburbs  

  • 02225208197
  • Chembur Camp, Near Bombay Presidency Golf Club, Chembur,Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 100

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Sai Nath Kulchas Reviews






You hungry.THE place to come at anytime of the day

I have been here enough number of times to lose count. This is my place to go for comfort food. As u enter,you can see that this place is Burrp certified. Though it just a roadside stall and can seat on 5-6 persons at a time,people are crazy for his kulchas. Personally,i like Aloo Cheese Kulcha. The hot kulcha,along with chole and the onion raita is amazing. And the masala that he sprinkles on top of the kulchas,oye hoye,that seriously makes the kulchas yummy. If you stay in Chembur and haven't been here,you should just go and enjoy this delicious meal. The Aloo Cheese kulcha costs 80 rupees. Such an awesome treat for so little pricing. Woww



Chembur Cult!

At a stone throw from Vig; this place is more of a take-away than a dine-in place. You have to see it to believe it as to how a 4 cover eatery caters to dozens of patrons waiting in the comfort of their sedans. The father-son duo has been pulling off the entire show with great ease. The menu is very simple, Amritsari Kulchas and Chole served with sirke wale Pyaaz (Onions soaked in Vinegar), although these days it’s cucumber that has replaced the onions.

I ordered a Paneer and Cheese variant and trust me; never have I have bit into one in less than 15 seconds after it came out of the tandoor (clay oven). It is finished with copious amounts of butter and a generous sprinkling of coriander powder. The coriander really helps to accentuate the taste and give the plain simple Kulcha another dimension.

A meal for 2 again will cost you less than Rs 150. A must try when you are that side of town.


best kulchas in mumbai

i entered the shop and noticed the burrp review hanging on the wall saying best kulchas in town. that made me more eagar to try. as per my heavy dite and the awesome taste I tried paneer and chesse kulcha, also double chesse kulcha, and in this rains it feels great to have warm kulchas in breakfast that too at a very reasonable price


ICElvlAN12 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 03,2012


Awesome kulchas

Agree with lahsivarhor, very nice mouth watering kulchas, the only gripe i have is there is not proper seating available, its better to have a take home than to eat there.


Vishal Rohra - Burrp User

Vishal Rohra

2 Reviews

September 02,2012



Have you ever skipped your breakfast on a lazy weekend and want to go for a brunch? If yes, just have a Paneer Cheese Kulcha, and I bet you are almost heavy (varying on your appetite).

The Best Kulchas are served out here.. surely surpasses VIG's its competitor on the same street.. Must visit a place!!!



This is True Amritsari Kulcha!

The paneer and aloo kulchas were jus amazing....30 rupees for each kulcha....the taste is still lingering in my mouth...I noticed at the shop that their kulchas have been rated the Best in Mumbai by burrp...hmmm...nice... :)


Essjay - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 11,2012


Great Chole Kulcha!!

Was driving down from Nashik and wanted to snack at 5PM, had hearda bout Sainaths from a friend, so drove dowm near the gold course and found this small shop serving the best kucha and chole in the city. Tried the Paneer and Aloo Kulcha with chole, onions and picke. It was amazing!! the kuchas were served steaming hot from the tandoor.

Please note the place is really small, seating for a 4 people, n frill, really cheap and great food!!



super kulchas

I just love the kulchas here it's great in taste this place is small joint but food is good


jasujunk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 12,2011


Not as Good as before but still the best in Mumbai

Since last 10 years, me and my friends have been travelling all the way from Goregaon to Sainath's in Chembur because we really relish their kulchas. Over the years, their kulchas have become smaller, they have become stingy in applying butter and even the taste has changed. However, I will still recommend Sainath's as nowhere else in Mumbai will you find better kulchas than Sainath's. The best kulchas in the world however are found in every street corner in Amritsar.



one of my frnd suggested me to visit Sai Nath it d bst.....
i went...n ordered paneer kulcha....its was seriously freakin awesome......
i loved it..!

just the place was somewat uncomfortable......but overall......its awesome..!!



New definition for KULCHAS

i had heard abt this place in 1999 frm my skool frnds..dey spoke a lot abt it..but i never bothered going to this place..when we go to restaurant to eat punjabi food..we call for de best vegetable along with roti/kulcha/ for me kulcha was always something tht replaced roti..but de main taste was of the vegetable..

But thts not the case here..u can eat kulchas without any vegetable n u will still relish every1 has mentioned abt de diff style of kulchas..cheese, panner, aloo n MIX..cheese for 35 rs n aloo 25..u get complimentary chole ki subzi ( i ve uploaded de pic..its yumm) n yes u can call for as much chole u want..n this kulchas r like really heavy..u cant have more then 2..i wud recommend to go for cheese n may be mix/aloo..

the place is very unhygienic..der r 2 tables n it can accomodate 5 ppl..they even serve chaas(buttermilk) ka bottle.. tht too is good..but i dont drink it in this season i `m not too sure abt de water..

the best way to eat this kulchas is..get ur car..switch on the ac n relish de kulcha..


best kulcha's ever had

amazin kulcha's try each flavor in each visit.. all r worth it... though my fav wil always be allu kulcha... i wish d place had a good seating arrangement.. apart 4m tht jus an awesome place...


Oye...Come here for Punjabi Kulchaasss...

A modest road-side place located very close to the BPGC (Golf Club) main entrance. It has been there since long...unable to actually remember when I had first eaten there !!!

Options are pretty limited but what I love the most is the option of getting the Kulchaas served in your car. Freshly prepared kulchaas (original amritsari style)...Aloo, gobi, Cheese, Paneer, etc. Charges range from 25-40 bucks per kulchaa...which is worth it's value !!!


Best Kulchas Ever: Underrated Gem

If you live in Chembur or move in Bollywood circles there's a good chance you have heard of this. The food is easily the best of it's kind in town, and very under rated even with all the hype.

They usually have 3 options available on location; Aloo, Paneer & Cheese & will combine it as per your tastes. They use generous amounts of butter and the food is certainly unhealthy, but it just tastes so damn good & the result is tastefully done!

The ambience of the place is very crude, more so than of a typical roadside sugarcane stall. The entire carpet area of the shop is probably 100sqft. The seating area is very cramped & can accommodate a maximum of 4 people at a time. There are no chairs, you sit on a presumably granite attachment to the wall. The Kulchas are made in a tandoor right in front of you & served on steel plates with a generous quantity of onions & chole. It is arguably an unhygienic establishment, I suggest ordering bottled water. If you have a weak stomach or are overly concerned with digestion or food poisoning issues you probably shouldn't visit here, but in my opinion it's a very worthwhile risk to enjoy the taste of the Kulchas. I've never caught anything bad from here in years, neither has anyone else I know. There's a small TV on the upper right which usually plays CVO-eque Hindi movies or cricket. The owners & regulars can drink alcohol.

If you aren't adventurous enough to venture out to the aforementioned location, they also offer home/on-site catering services & have a very successful business, their clientele including some big bollywood names. They offer non vegetarian options with the catering service and very occasionally chicken is available to order at their shop.

I'm not a paneer fan so my favorite is the aloo cheese.

They have got some well deserved press coverage here:

Timings: Approximately 10AM to 9PM

Highly recommended!



Great paneer kulchas!

I'm Surprised no one's reviewed this place!

Haven't eaten here lately but have always loved the paneer kulchas (generously stuffed with paneer unlike other places!). Heard they even have non veg kulchas which i haven't tried yet...but i can completely vouch for the paneer kulchas...they're worth a try!