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> > > Salt Water Grill

Salt Water Grill

Chowpatty (Girgaon)  

  • 23685485, 9820289619
  • H2O Water Complex, Next to Mafatlal Swimming Pool, Girgaum, Chowpatty, Girgaum, Mumbai
  • Continental, European

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Salt Water Grill Reviews

great place to entertain anyone u wanna impress

great location
amazing food
super service
value for money

this is how i would describe Salt Water Grill

The stakes are good, the starters are interesting and they have a good variety of drinks.. i like an interesting mint flavored coconut water..try it

this is one place u can safely take your girlfriend, wife, business guests , international visitors and anyonme u wanna impress and it will work 100%

always make reservations in advance.....and one think which i was a disappointed with is that they dont give u sea facing tables if u are with kids...

the items on the menu are expensiveeeeeee......however the location, the food and the complete package makes its Value for Money....


Location, location, location

I honestly couldn't believe I hadn't reviewed this place. Having been several times in varying guises; dinner for two with a special someone, half a dozen friends for an informal meal and a big work night out.
Without the location the Salt Water Grill wouldn't last a week. The food is good, but not good enough for the competition that it has in Mumbai, but throw in lapping waves, a salty tang in the air, sand underfoot and sprinkling of palm trees and you have a little oasis amongst the mayhem.
I have never had a truely great starter at SWG but the carpaccio is not bad and the pate with melba toast is crisp and tasty. In the main courses the risotto is king here. The tomato and marscapone rich and thick, the roast garlic with squid had a real depth of flavour, even the beef and mushroom - which should be all wrong, manages to impress. The steaks I hear are not bad too!
If you have room for desert the flourless torte is one of the best I have ever had.
Regarding the loss of the liquor licence - I think we should all have a minutes silent prayer to get this back. It was the one of the few places you could get a decent martini in Mumbai. However needs a backhander to get this done, please make yourself known.



Was here 2 weeks ago and had a wonderful meal. My sis-in-law was in town from London and wanted to come here - she had a wonderful time in Dec 04 when it had first opened. So we showed up with 4 month old Rohan. They gave us the table by the bar with a long sofa so that Rohan would be comfortable. Nice gesture although Rohan was happy in his pram.

They still have not sorted out their alcohol license so were serving soft drinks, juices and mocktails. (If management is reading this *PLEASE* sort it out).

Food was good but inconsistent. My duck salad was average but not as good as it usually is (this is my fav dish here). The mozarella-aubergine fried starter was a waste of time. Tasteless and rubbery. The mushroom salad was very good. Thankfully the main courses were very good: tomato and mascarpone risotto, ravioli and the rawas.

Skipped desserts here and headed to Dome.


holy c-rap batman!!

oh it was bad. the ambiance as usual is terrific, so long as you face the sea. the place looks rundown with the tent seating shut down (it looks pretty unkempt and is an eye sore)

the food itself was pretty below par, horrible appetizer (camembert crostini) unimaginative soup (tomato consome) main course was penne georgette (in zuccini and garlic) average,

the risotto (tomato and mascerpone) was explosive, fantastic but too little too late. I only bet on sure things, so didnt gamble with the dessert.

the service however was top notch, attentive but not intrusive, made sure everything was available as needed.

and yeah, they weren't serving any alcohol due to some permit issues.

time for a rethink.

damage around 2000 ($50)


Continues to please!!

I remember first going to SWG when it first opened in 2004. Awesome setting, great ambience, well selected menu, surprisingly good cocktails (try the watermelon caiparinha) and attentive service. Only problem in the early days was getting a table. Over the years, I have always visited SWG and it was never disappointed.

Anyway was there last night. Surprised it wasn't busy and I managed to get a table without a reservation. Was told when we got there that they were no serving alcohol (problem with the license!) which explained why it wasn't busy. I wasn't planning a big night and had already opened a bottle of Sula before I came so nothing having alcohol did not dissuade me.

IFood: had the oriental duck salad followed by the Himalayan trout. Both were excellent. SS had the mushroom trio and the ravioli. Again both were very good.

Service: Attentive and courteous.

Minus: The 45 gap between the starters and the main course was not acceptable. We had a nap on the deck chairs!! (Riyaz and crew please take note!!)



Great Place

Good place. Nice View.

Great Drinks.


Great Ambience, Food isnt too bad

Rest : Saltwater Grill
Meal : Dinner
Date : 29/4/2006
Location : Chowpatty, Bombay

Experience - We got there a bit early and fortunately it wasnt as busy then so we were seated right away. the place has a fantastic ambience and is a great place to stay and hang out. A bottle of wine, old friends, memories. The place is highly recommended even though the food was inconsistent. I would def go there again if only for a bottle of wine.

Drinks - Water. They werent serving alchohol for some excise protest. Goddamn revolutions ruined this world and my dinner.

Food : Hmm, this was a mix bag.
We started with a mushroom soup and broccoli and irish cheddar. Mushroom was great but Broccoli (vilest of reeds) was quite shameful. We went for a greek salad with feta cheese and grilled veggies with Ricotta. The greek salad was ok, the feta fresh but the grilled veggies were absolutely horrible and bland and i only got a dollop of ricotta. Not enough to create some taste.
The appetite not being what it used to be we got one main course and split it which was Spagetti in a Pomodoro sauce and it was absolutely incredible. Excellent taste (almost like being in New Yorks Little Italy) very good. The dessert was a chocolate monstrosity which was recommended and to be ordered 25 mins before actually eating it. Unfortunately i think they could have done with about 50 mins coz it tasted like bournvita. Absolutely useless. I mean i would have been better rubbing it all over my body and rolling in the mud rather than eating it.
But the place is made for its ambience and if they build some consistency in their food this would be a place to kill for.

Rating : Food 6/10, Service 8.5/10

Damage : 1800 ($40)


shwe27 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

October 23,2006


Ambience is everything

Finally, a restaurant that uses Mumbai's waterline to its advantage. If someone tells me they don't like the food at Salt Water Grill my response would honestly be, who cares! Sitting out in the open,that close to the waterfront and being able to see the lights on Marine drive, I say wow! Even the tacky lights wrapped around those coconut trees somehow look aesthetic! Luckily for Salt Water grill, the food isn't bad at all. At first I honestly thought it was a seafood joint till I plesantly discovered it was (if I might say) fusion-mediterranean/italian(hey if every "chinese food" place is now called pan asian I am entitled to make up words of my own!) . Not a huge menu and the portions can appear small in those HUGE dishes they are served on but they have a great baked brie dish and the cous-cous I once had was pretty good. Don't really remember the desserts but I do remember it's a pricey place, the kind you can usually justify if there's an occasion to celebrate (such as birthdays or if someone declares "guys we need to stop being so boring and go out to some nice places"!).