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> > > > Saptami, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport

Saptami, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 02240851800, 09004617824
  • Lobby Level,Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport,Sakinaka Junction,Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Continental, Indian, Asian
  • Meal for 2 - 3000 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

8 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Rampuri Food Festival Jul 24 - Aug 02

  • Saptami is organizing a Rampuri Food Festival. The hotel has invited Chef Rehman to showcase the best of Kebabs, biryanis, kormas, salans and special Indian breads. Chef Rehman has done extensively research on royal cuisines to dig out recipes from the Royal Khansamas of Nawabs & Nizams. He along with his team will dishout the best and exquisite food to make this gastronomic experience like never before.

    Rampur was an erstwhile small royal estate in the foothills of Northern India adjacent to the hill town of Nainital. But the cuisine of Rampuri Nawabs is no smaller in significance than the other famous royal cuisines all the recipes are inspired from the rich heritage of royal kitchen of Rampuri Nawabs.

    Though the cuisine is not as famous as the other royal ones, the rich aroma enriched with spices offes a unique taste. It is the only Muslim Royal Cuisine which has wide range of vegetarian dishes as well. The rich spicy taste of delicious Rampuri dishes at times leave behind the Awadhi, Kashmiri, Mughlai or Hyderabadi dishes

    The festival will offer amazing range of veg and non-veg recipes with equally delicious desserts. Some of the best vegetarian offerings during the ten-day long festival are Keema Karunda, Paneer Ausaal, Paneer Laqa, Baigan Bilaspuri, Shaljam Zafrani, Aloo Katli, Dum Ke Khumb, Kathal Korma, Dal Milak, Dal-E-Shabnan, Lobhia Pulao and Bari Pulao etc.

    The nawabs of Rampurs had unique taste of non vegetarian dishes such as Samak Seekh Kebab, Bhur-Bhura Kebab, Awala Murg Tikka, Taj Kebab, Subz Mashvi, Zafrani Seekh, Taar Korma, Murg Qaiser, Gosht Milak, Sanak Zigda etc.,

    The Rampuri desserts are also exclusive in taste, blend and retain its identity. Some of the famous desserts are Nawabi Yaquti, Mirchi Ka Halwa, Chukander-E-Afroz, Adrak Ka Halwa, Pyaz Ki Kheer and Rassawal is exceptional in taste and flavor

    Time: 12.30pm to 3.30pm & 7pm to 11 pm
    Lunch: Rs. 899 + taxes
    Dinner: Rs. 1299 + taxes

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Saptami, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport Reviews






I had been here for the Sunday Brunch...The ambience is no doubt Fantastic..the staff is very amiable and courteous..Salads to begin with Excellent..starters also excellent..but when we came to the main course..every dish was a disaster..mutton was so hard...Goan fish masala had no taste in it..other dishes were oily..finally i chose to leave the main course a side & tried the live counter..i asked the specialty there & d staff told me to try the prawn was so salty..a total disappointment !! i left d noodle & headed for the desserts because it looked very yummy..i asked about the specialty & i was informed that the mal pua was the best..when i tasted the mal was super over sweet..i couldn't eat more than a small bite of it.. i headed to taste some more since i wasted so many main course items and mal pua..i started taking just 1 small portion of each dessert to taste before i take the whole helping...I tried a small portion of every dessert and i tell you every desert was so badly cooked that i didn't take a helping...My god...My Sunday brunch at holiday inn was only the salads & starters that i enjoyed...Main course,live counters & desserts are disappointing !! what to tell you about the ice cream...i bet that even Amul ice cream are better off than the ones they prepare there...I'm never going to eat at Holiday Inn..






Very much average, only ambience is worth paying

The food is just average. You get a good ambiance that comes naturally within a five start hotel's lobby, and you sit around the actual cooking area. I don't know if any serious foodie would love to note lots of salad plates when the main course and especially starters are so limited in variation and taste.
Only two starters in veg and no veg section each, that too stir fired type of ( no slow cooked grilled or tandoori items). Chicken sukha tastes much better at any small mallu hotels in sobo, like Fountain in fort area.
In main course you don't expect to taste a basic malvani chicken curry or so bland thai chicken curry (in white) in such a place. Mean milee with pomfret was atleast better.
They kept two many pastries and moose to outnumber the desert section.
Service is good, although not much scope because they serve only from live counters , i.e. chat ( dahipuri and sev puri, laughable).
So not value for money, no great gastronomical experience, rather poor I should say.







A tru gastronomic experience

Recently moved this place from my 'wishlist' to 'visited'. Contrary to our regular dining visits, we decided to visit Saptami on a Friday afternoon and it was very pleasant. Although the restaurant is not bounded by walls, it still is housed neatly to offer enough privacy. Come to this place and it is indeed a fine dining experience.

Straight to work on the buffet, we had the appetizers served on the table alongwith some chat options. All the preparations were excellent with special mention for the chicken kebabs. The pan fried fish was yumm and truly had us going after it portion after portion. With a heavy heart, we decided to leave behind the appetizers and try some main course. I don't remember serving myself anything but the chicken chettinad. So much so we asked for a portion even after the buffet closed. Enjoyed every bit of the curry with naan and rice alike.

Desserts were good as expected. When you have chocolate mousse, creme brulee, ice cream, kaju katli, rice cake, walnut cake, chocolate pudding on the plate you just cannot return home disappointed.

Sapatmi offers a very cozy place to dine while you enjoy the company of your loved ones. Not once will you be intimidated by people around as the tables are spaced out well. Sure to visit this place again.


Decent Brunch outings!

Holiday Inn needs no introduction. But let me tell you how i have been discovering the food over here. We stay at in the central suburb and Holiday Inn is the quickest 4/5 * property for us. My dad always buys the membership and some how wants us to use it atleast once a month. Thus came my expedition at saptami. And it didn't disappoint. Always been there for the sunday brunch saptami always has something great on offer for us. With Sunday Brunch being the fanciest and the most expensive meal of the week saptami offers a lot. With 2 soups, to innumerable salads, to innumerables bite ons and 3-4 live counters. The live counters juggle between pasta, thai curry, khao seuy, chat, south indian and a lot others. Saptami is evenly priced with 3 unlimited mocktails on offer. You can also choose from alcoholic brunch where you get unlimited IMFL of on display. The desserts are in plenty never to forget and the chocolate mud pie is one dessert you will always find in there whenever you go.
Holiday Inn is priced at 999+ taxes for the sunday brunch and some 200-300 more for the alcoholic brunch. Not a bad choice for someone who gets a 50% because of the membership and is a foodie as i am.



Buffet power Lunch

Been here with office friends for a Buffet power Lunch. The ambiance & the fell is really good as per the standards.
The variety (Indian, oriental & continental choices)available is good. They have Pasta Live Counter which is made as per individual choice. The Cold cuts are also good. The Chat & starter were the best in the Lunch.

Limited item to choose for Vegetarians, However has good option for Non-vegetarian. The main course is just about OK overall

A wide range of deserts to choose from, but too simple & not very interesting.

Overall : 3 out 5 Star for the ambiance, service & Buffet variety of Food



Good food,decent quality and variety;can improve

Went there last week for my birthday lunch with family and i would say it was a good experience. The spread was good for the pricing offered, albeit they could have done better with the salads.

To begin with i think the pricing is 600plus taxes on weekday so it about 700 all inclusive.

Starters: were the poorest of the lot. There was only bland chicken salad, bland fish salad and mushroom salad along with the sauces and jalepenos,tomato etc. Would have preffered a better spread here.

Starters: Were very nice with the paneer chinese style, veg kebab and chicken malai kebab

Live Counters: There were three of them:-

Chaat: The chaats were nice with bhel puri and sev puri on offer.

Chinese: There was veg noodles, veg mushroom rice which was awesome and also the brinjal gravy which was good too. Maybe here they could add a chicken fried rice or something

Pasta: Veg pasta live counter was there. The sauces were nice. Here too they could have kept chicken but no complaints.

Main Course: There was chicken gravy, beef and grilled fish. The grill fish was the best dish in the whole buffet. For veggies there was paneer gravy, dum aloo, daal, rice and a garlic dish which was yum. Here too in the main course there was a veg pulav. Chicken biryani would be much appreciated.

Desserts: malai kulfi and a couple of indian sweets were there. They were nice but the best was the choclate mouse, thick choclate sauce and the choclate cookies of two types along with another pastry based desserts to go with the fruits. Ice creams were missing surprisingly.

Overall i would rate the buffet a 7 on 10 and a must visit for the variety and quality.



Worth the price!

We had gone on a saturday afternoon and the place was chock-a-block with customers . We were told to wait in adjoining bar . We had gone on the promotional offer as also numerous other diners which explained the crowd ! After 15-20 minutes waiting , we were ushered to our table. The place has nice ambience and the chairs are comfy. The lunch buffet had Indian , oriental and continental choices. In starters , they had chicken kebabs , cauliflower fry and subji tikkas , all were too good ! They had lots of options in salads , from tomato with feta cheese ( very fresh and mediterranean , absolutely loved it ) to lamb salad, seafood salad , potato salad and the usual cucumber salad etc . There were two dips too, There were three live counters , one serving fried rice , the other pasta and the third with bhel puri. The pastas were good and the fried rice was good. The main course was a let down . In veg section , there was nothing great ........right from the very average yellow daal to the paneer and the aloo ki subji .......everything was just so-so and nothing to talk about. In non-veg, they had grilled chicken in mushroom sauce which was good besides one option each in fish and mutton . There were also malaysian noodles, grilled vegetables , mashed garlic .....some sort of pulao , rotis/naans and papads.The desserts were good , with lots of options in Indian sweets /gulab jamun , cakes/pastries,cheesecakes and the usual ice cream.Oh , I forgot to mention that in soup , they had a prawn soup which even though tasty hardly tasted of prawns and a veg clear soup which was nice.The lunch buffet is Rs 599 and dinner is Rs 1099 + taxes . Considering the price and the food at your disposal , I will certainly say its worth a visit . Ofcourse they need to add some spice to the main course . The service is good though some times you need to remind the waiters to refill water.



jus show off

Had been here for lunch. Had taken the buffet. Had a look around wat all is der. Salads looked great, desserts looked great, veg section well ntn great in this, non veg section was good.

To start off with had taken the salads, one was chilled potatoes in some green thing must b chutney dun remember the name. The chutney was jus for the name sake, ntn great about it. Felt like i am jus having chilled potatoes. After having the veg thing i tried out non veg salads which ver decent enuff.

to the main course, well too less choice to eat in veg. ntn great to offer same was for non veg also, paneer sabzi in veg was jus pathetic, rubbery paneer... well well well i have had much better paneer than this 1. Rotis ver bad.The only thing was good in veg was the kashmiri pulao, which was eatable. Same was wid non veg section also, again the orange color thing here also jus like the paneer in veg. I dun prefer much color in food.

To the dessert part, they had ice cream, gulab jamuns, mud cakes, benagali sweets, and sum more to offer. The ice cream had ice in it. It seems they had placed the month old ice cream for buffet. cham cham was dry, gulab jamuns wer dry.

Truly disappointed with my exp here. Waste of money.


happy eating.