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> > > > Sarai


Khar WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226489311, 02226489317, 09821516388
  • 5th Road, SV Road, Opp Regent Hall, Khar (W), Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Sarai Reviews



Cant as it is shut down


Needs a Makeover !

Been there 2 times , with a space of a year in between both my Visits with friends.

The Once a ever popular place now definitely needs a Makeover, Space is a little short but people can manage, The lighting needs spricing up, the interiors need to be a little more spruced up but the most most important Part......Please fire the DJ !! The weirdo was playing Hindi movie love songs remixed and expected people to dance !

And like most people before me mention, its NOT packed to the hilt even when you are going in at Peak hours !


sugarjojo - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 20,2007


Quite ok...enjoyable

After 5 years i came back to india to enjoy... and we actually planned to go to Enigma but cudnt make it.. saw this place squeeze... wen we entered it was empty... and hip hop music was on... nobody dancing nothing.. so we tot of hang out there.. thinking its only for us...we had fun drinking and food was good too... best was the bouncers standind all around as if they were pillers... ehheheh ok ok place for timpass... good luck guys change your DJ if can.. hehehe



Clutching & Niiiice!!

Its a lot of fun at Squeeze on saturdays...DJ Swapnil plays some wicked sets from Club to Hip Hop to Janta and people love it. If you're not in the VIP lounge you tend to feel that you're amongst a majority of college goers. Overall a good place on Saturdays....other days are RISKY....don't forget to take lots of friends well there!!


Anu Gill - Burrp User

Anu Gill

16 Reviews

October 24,2006


Go in Groups

Best to go to Squeeze with your herd of friends. Often times this place is fairly empty, so if you've got your friends with you -- you are guaranteed some good times. The place is really small, but it makes the setting intimate. The drinks are decent.


I Dont liked That Place but Enjoyed A lot

I went there last night it was an Mtv party. The party was good crowd was good and even the band was rocking but if this party would have been organised somewhere else instead of squeeze i think people would have enjoyed more as the place was too small for the nice and huge party.


Thandaa on a Friday?!

Recently went there on a Friday night with friends from work and found it totally empty!!! It used to be so good before, wonder if the whole license issued messed up the scene at Squeeze.


* * - Burrp User

* *, *

9 Reviews

August 17,2006


A club in Mumbai

Squeeze is what i would call a club. Thursday is when i suggest you stopping by, arrive after 23h and fun is guaranteed but no bollywood rhythm...


It use to be happening

Went there last week and all that hype was just one simple room.. did'nt enjoy it as much but would go again only with a big group..
p.s - The Khyber from FORT is now open above "squeeze" - didnt know that hmmm