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Raji098 - Burrp User


May 15,2014

Good for a meal

I went to this place around 4-5 times. Food is good. But, it is very crowdy in the evenings. Sarovar A/C is good if you go with friends. Serving is good and decent. Price is also moderate (300-450 Avg. per 2)
It is located just beisde the Railway station of Kandivali, West. So it is always crowdy. But, it is one of the good restaurants you can opt for if you are very hungry and want to have good food, especially South-Indain :)
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bharti_v14 - Burrp User


November 20,2013

Decent place

Have been going to this place since a long time the food earlier was very nice and not very heavy on the pocket..but now the quantity of the food has drastically reduced and prices have increased..some of the Chinese dishes are nice like the paneer crispy and all south Indian dishes are nice. They need to improve their service standards and need to be a little more hygienic. South Indian and your regular sabzi dishes are a hit here.
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Tushar Shetty - Burrp User

Tushar Shetty

October 13,2013

Dossa Lovers

Right outside the Kandivali west station you would find this age old rest.

Super Place if you like to have South Indian Breakfast early morning in peace

It a busy place and Ideal place to catch up if you are to discuss or Meet up some one suddenly and thinking about any reasonable on pocket place.
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Ketan Mehta - Burrp User

Ketan Mehta

September 10,2013

simple restaurant

Located at exactly outside the station and its a multi cuisine restaurant.Its service is very quick.I like its south indian food and its pav bhaji.Food is good and ambiance is moderate. Rates are reasonable but quantity is very less.
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Purvi  Verma - Burrp User

Purvi Verma

May 10,2013

Good food

Sarovar is one place i have been going to since i was a child. Its just like your normal udipi restaurant serving south Indian snacks, thalis, north Indian food and desserts. But Sarovar stands out for its location, its bang opposite Kandivali station, Good portions of food, even if you order a plate of idli at Sarovar You'll be full for the quantity they serve is great. They have added pastas and salads to their menu which are also good.
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Devang Shah - Burrp User

Devang Shah

June 05,2012

2 Star only.....

I did not like the food.
we had ordered punjabi.
No taste.
Service ok.
I would not suggest this place.
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

January 08,2011

Ok ntn great

well this is also jus lyk all oder udipis out here, same old stuff sweet sambhar tasteless chutney. Had ordered set dosa, mysore masala, onion uttappam . The food came within 20mins since it was a weekday.

set dosa - dun go by the name, they wer small 3 uttappams, onion, carrot, tomato. I lykd it, sumthn really new i have never seen it.

Mysore masala - since i was happy to see my set dosa wid sumthn new in it, thought mysore will also be sumthn new, but to my surprise it was same old orange colored stuff. Too much of color in it. Y put so much color???????????????????????

onion uttappam - well ntn to say about it.

din lyk the sambhar and chutney. They wer nt at all good.


happy eating
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Abhishek Bhalerao - Burrp User

Abhishek Bhalerao

November 05,2009

Rude Waiters

Awwk Awwk !!!! this restaurant is not a quite place there is alot of hustle and bustle here. The waiters have" I don`t care attitude." The food is OK!! I generally eat Thali or Rice Plate
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Chirag Saraiya - Burrp User

Chirag Saraiya

June 29,2009

Bad Food.....Very Good Service

It was a very bad experience in terms of food quality, i don't know what kind of oil they use but it was really poor quality. We ordered chinese. Soup was Ok but everything else was disappointing. we left the food as it is after having 2 spoons of rice, manager came & apologized for the same. Service was quick & very polite staff. Thats why given 2 stars. No more Sarovar now
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