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> > > Scrumptiious


JP Road  

  • 02226311576, 09324153255, 09820772452
  • Shop No. 9 & 10, Everest Apt, Versova, JP Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Cakes
  • Meal for 2 - 600

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Scrumptiious Reviews

Better than expected

I'd never heard of this place until I tagged along with some friends.

The food was surprisingly better than expected. Their Keema Paratha is worth mentioning.

Deducting 1 star on account of the atrocious washroom.






Life SAver

I needed a home delivery in my area and could find no cake shop co-operating with me much. It was Scrumptious which saved the day by providing the cake. i have yet to taste it though...




These people started off very well in a small place in Versova and as their business grew, their portions started getting small. It's just a total rip off! Their quantities are so so less, you know you are being taken on a ride. I recently ordered an all day breakfast and all I got was two shrivelled ugly looking and tasting sausages, a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and just a pinch of eggs and some mushrooms! Once I ordered scrambled eggs with just egg whites, I got a shock of my life seeing the portion. Now I've decided to keep away from these fraudsters. How much does it cost to them to give a good portion and keep customers happy?




Ordered a 'Chicken Stroganoff' and it turned out to be really disappointing. Chewy chicken, absolutely no flavor - bland as a B-grade movie.

The caramel custard was worse, have eaten better custard on road side stalls. I would expect better food from a place that stipulates a minimum order of 300 bucks for home delivery.

And don't even get me started on the Crossaints, sucks like hell. Thick bread, crossaints are supposed to melt in your mouth.



VFM Frankies, super yummy!

This outlet of Tibbs is one of my favourites. You get frankies, sandwiches and other snacks here. The schezwan chicken frankie is delecious. It's spicy, yummy and filling. Frankies are priced between Rs 40 - Rs 60. The service is quick and this place is ideal for a quick VFM bite.



very very happy

loved everything about this place.its a no frills place located conveniently.have the most amazing rolls,parathas,sandwiches,cakes. everything is taken care of. coffee is regular nescafe which is good enough however the quantity is little too less and its priced on the higher side. so maybe that should be looked into. lots of space.attentive staff. all my crazy whims at 12am or 8am are taken care of. a nice change from the ccd.


A must-visit cake shop/restaurant

This place opens up bright and early at 8 AM. Wehave all sorts of breakfast items - parathas, omlettes, sandwiches ,freshly baked breads,etc. We are more than happy to cook up any breakfast for you upon request. We also serve power lunches and sumptious pastas with choice of your sauces and grilled steaks to suit your palate.If you need a freshly baked cake in a hurry look no further.we are happy to serve you with eggless cakes and desserts Our bakery is located in Yari road. Also, We specializes in hand made chocolates for Diwali gifting orders,corporate orders. We also take orders for kitty parties, birthday parties,baby showers,for schools etc.


A very happy surprise

I read about this first here at only. so it is only fair that I aknowledge the great work by fellow burrpers.
This place right under the Everest Building, if you are familiar with Versova/Yari road is a delight!
Okay I did miss the old bakery kind of charm. this is a bit too bright, in a forced way but you'd enjoy the cute posters they have put up. Not quite Big Chill decor but still....

We ordered a masala omlette which comes with a sausage and two white bread pieces (toasted on request and done quite well), french fries, french toast, 2 fresh lime water, mashed potato for the baby with us, chocolate mousse and a grilled sandwich (mushroom, cheese and chilly). The bill was around Rs 375 which I think is very reasonable.
And when the food is good you don't mind it anyway.
The omellete was soft and nicely flavoured, the french fries were excellent. I make special note of french fries because the ones you get in other burger kind of places are too salty, soggy or bland. These ones were perfect. They might have used the readymade ones, like other restaurants, probably but these were well done.
The mashed potatoes were too rubbery and bland and the baby didn't touch them but he as well as I LOVED the soft, not too sweet but just the perfect hint of honey, french toast.
The sandwich was filling and tasty.
I hope to check out their non breakfast foods soon.
The place IS tiny but this is Bombay, people!
I quite appreciate the fact that it opens at 8 too!


Best Bakes in Yari Road

If you need a freshly baked cake in a hurry look no further. The Scrumptious bakery is also located in Yari road. Also, Vishal specializes in hand made chocolates for Diwali gifting orders. Ask for the Chocolate Mousse cake or the Sour Cream Cherry they are tops.



A must-visit breakfast place

Found this awesome breakfast place by accident actually. I was trying to find an ICICI ATM in the Versova area and found this place located right next to the ATM.

This place opens up bright and early at 8 AM. They have all sorts of breakfast items - parathas, omlettes, sandwiches etc. They are more than happy to cook up any breakfast for you upon request. The lady at the counter was very helpful and would always smile.

We ordered a takeaway Chutney Sandwich and coffee. The sandwich was simply out of this world and the coffee good, though the quantity of the coffee was a bit less. A note to owners of this place - Please give us extra coffee specially in the morning just to wake our lazy eyes up.

They even have cakes, pastries and tarts (the pie kind, not the woman kind) too.

The prices are reasonable. Two sandwiches and two coffees cost us about Rs. 100.

Overall a very positive experience.