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Mahesh Varak - Burrp User

Mahesh Varak

September 29,2014

Chicken Tandoori specialist

Went to sealord for seafood but loved chicken dishes.I had plan for seafood but it moved around chicken .We reached there around 2-2:30 pm.In starter we took chicken chilly .As I was expecting good quantity I ordered only one.When it came to our table it was only enough to me .But the I loved the masala in that and chicken too.
After having this we again ordered one more dish of chicken chilly and chicken lollypop.It was also not bad.
As we went there for seafood I decided to have pomfret fry.And I finally ordered pomfret fry.I was really excited to have pomfret masala fry.After a little delay he served us pomfret and green chatni.As soon as I took one bite of it,I threw it back to dish .It was very much stinging.And it was very much tasteless.Don't go for "pomfret fry" here .It was my bad experience.To charge up our mood one of my friend ordered chicken tandoori "back to chicken again".Thatz make me fan of this restaurant.Mind blowing chicken tandoori I ever had in my life.
Then we moved to main course having soft drink.In main course we decided to have tandoori roti . We order chicken chilly masala.In this also there's ingredients were awesome (Nice combination with good knowledge). In the end we had prawn biryani.Here is also little bit disappointment with prawns.It was not fresh.Then we had only rice without prawns.
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Harsh Sheth - Burrp User

Harsh Sheth

February 05,2014

Great Drinking Place with Good Quality Food

If you're looking for a relatively cheap place for a quick drink with friends or colleagues, Sealord is one of the best options in Sobo. This glorified Indian Bar serves great food (Indian & Chinese) & gives enough freebies (chakna) with Drinks. Don't expect anything fancy, its just a sit down drinking place. The service can become lousy sometimes & the attitude sucks but nonetheless it's a decent convenient option.
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sameer_ss7 - Burrp User


November 29,2013

Nice food and amazing non veggie food

This place is heaven for non veggies and particularly fish dishes here is the best. If you love relishing anything with fish in it then this place is for you. Been there for te outing and took one entire room and really enjoyed the food.... Non veggies for it try atleast once for its fish dish...
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Rucha Kamat - Burrp User

Rucha Kamat

May 21,2012

Thumbs up!

The thing that anyone would look for in a food joint is, every dish should taste different and not have the same damned masalas/curries; and Sealords lives up to these expectations.
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Jayeshhansa - Burrp User


October 09,2011

The best butter chicken in town

The place is very local like a local bar joint. But I must say it has the best butter chicken in town. We order delivery from there almost every week. If you are a butter chicken fanatic, please try it!!!
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Abhijeet Patil - Burrp User

Abhijeet Patil

February 11,2009

Watering hole!

We visit this place often and more often than not, to order a couple of drinks. The drinks come with a lot of free munchies (presumably unlimited!). I'm not much into cocktails but know that the long island ice tea here is potent from its effect I have seen.

Not sure of the veggie stuff, but chicken starters are good, (chinese & tandoor). For the main course stick to conventional moghlai/punjabi chicken dishes. Good place to throw a drinks treat for pals.

Avoid sizzling brownie and caramel custard for dessert.

Service has mostly been decent. Try and get conversational with the captain, a nice smiling chap. Only once was a waiter indifferent to delay in our order, but mostly have had a very good experience.
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Aniruddha . - Burrp User

Aniruddha .

April 21,2008

Cold Kebabs & Indifferent Stewards

Wouldn’t want to write off a place like this but this one really gets the monster out of me.

We enter into a More Bar , Less Restaurant place and somehow we knew that it wouldn’t be a pleasurable experience.

Not wanting to drink – we got onto the starters. The menu didn’t boast of many a variety and we stuck to some plain simple Manchow Soup. The steward taking the order and the guy serving the soup made a big goof up of our order, only to end up arguing at our table.

Pfffff..the soup was terrible and it never tasted even 10% of what Manchow Soup should taste like (A roadside Red Chinese stall could pull off a better soup anytime). We got onto the Starters and were suggested “Cheese Chilly Kebabs” and “Banjara Kebabs” for the Veggies and the Non-Veggies respectively.

The CC Kebabs lacked even the Cheese as well the Chilly – The filling tastes like tasteless Potato stuffed within some fried/microwaved coating. On checking with the steward about the non-existent taste of cheese, he just mumbled something about the it being made of Cheese and just moved away slyly. Less spoken about the Banjara kebabs were served downright cold and not at all tender.

We couldn’t muster up enough courage to move onto the main course and left the place to see the scowling steward giving us the dirty look. Total Wallet Damage – 350 Rs, which would be too much for eating that trash which was dished out to us.

A place fit for drunkards who don’t mind eating trash after downing half a dozen pegs down their oesophagus. Expect zombies as stewards, cold and indifferent, to make your meal more horrible.

Statutory Warning – Eat here at your own risk.
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