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> > > > Seijo & The Soul Dish

Seijo & The Soul Dish

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 26405555, 26401193, 26401167
  • 206, Crystal, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W)
  • South East Asian

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Seijo & The Soul Dish Reviews





Nice try but no cigar

They seemed to have done most things right - beautiful decor, the menu has the right apprach, the ambience is great, the location even great. But guess what? IT. DOES. NOT. WORK.

I want to like this place, and I will definitely come back to give it another shot.

But let me make a short list of areas of opportunity for them:
1. Not enough light to read the menu.
2. Dangerous walkways, side lighting that actually HIDES steps from your view.
3. Bad Menu layout for the Drink Menu. You can't tell the difference between the drink NAME and ingredients.
4. It took about 25 minutes for appetizers.
5. Poor service all around
6. Closes early on weekends????
7. Turned off lights when the restaurant was closed, even though customers were still there?

The waiter informed us that the kitchen would be closing in 15 minutes as soon as we arrived. That's fine - a bit disappointing, but fine. We decided to look at the menu and hurry up to order. Unfortunately, the waiter spent the entire 15 minutes hovering over us and asking multiple times if we were ready to order. Gimme a break dude, there is no light and I can't even read the menu.

We ordered our food and he ran away. Finally, about 10 minutes later, we found him again so that we could place a DRINK ORDER!

The food took forever to come out. Here's the long and short of it:

- Mixed Grill kabob appetizer: Shitty. Don't bother.
- Non Veg Caesar Salad: delicious and welcome, as a good salad is (unfortunately) a rare find in Bombay.
- Chicken & Celery gyoza: steamed not fried. Standard, nothign special.
- Lamb Pasta: delicious.


small place

I have been here once for dinner but and almost asked to be seated in the restroom which is like a egg shape - so i thought they were booths or reserved tables .. unfortunately they were rest rooms. So as you get on waterfield road there is no board outside on the street telling you where the place is.. luckily there is a club called poisin down in the basement and usually people are hanging around outside so u just follow the crowd and get directed to take the lift to the 2nd floor then u choose to go left or right.. the restaurant is on the right and the bar/lounge on the left..

The high ceilengs really do the effect in the restaurant area.. but the food is not all that great..

even the bar on the left is a bit small .. and was jammed with too many people in there.. and i was hoping it would remain open longer but it shut down too early .. drinks are way tooo expensive.. teq shots for Rs. 400 .. not worth it..



bar scene is fun...

Never had the food here, but I can vouch for the bar scene - always a cheery gang of folks that are just out to have a good time. Good music (usually) and you can always ask the DJ to not play Himesh Reshamiya, since he is single-handedly destroying music as we know it.

Nice place in the burbs to settle in for a fun night.


you will starve here...

Gr8 ambience... "lekin dikhave sey pet nahi bharta hain" They sort of missed that point completely..

The amount of food they serve you is about 1/4th of what you will expect anywhere else.. although it tastes decent enough... however, you are left with a growling stomach at the end of it. The drinks too are not upto the mark.

the service is quick..

they just need to improve on the anorexic diet that they offer...



Romantic, Chic Ambiance - Food Lacks

The most noteworthy aspect of Seijo & The Soul Dish is the amazing interior. From the warm and romantic lighting, to ultra-high ceilings, to chic/minimalist seating, one could easily mistake this restaurant for a high-end joint in San Francisco or downtown Manhattan. On to the food: while the menu is inventive and enticing, some of the dishes we ordered lacked in taste - the Eggplant & Red Pepper Tofu I had, while flavorful, was missing some oomph. I also suspect that the tofu was actually paneer, which is downright deceptive. The service was excellent. I would recommend this as a good special event or date spot, but beware, it is on the pricey side.