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> > > > Shalimar Restaurant

Shalimar Restaurant

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226439782, 02226434067, 02266940827, 02266940828
  • 230 Ashoka Building, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Mughlai, Tandoori, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 500

21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Shalimar Restaurant Reviews






Authebntic Mughlai cuisines

When in Mumbai and you want to taste authentic Mughlai cuisine, look no further than Shalimar. They serve finest tasting Mughlai dishes.Try their butter chicken, their tandoori dishes they are a delight to eat.The place is very clean and hygienic and is very well maintained. Try going there on a weekday as one might find it hard to get a table on weekends.


Mera pyaar Shalimar :)

Going perfect with a famour ad tune this restaurant serves yummy Shawarmas and really reasonable prices. and the portion is really filling



Butter Chicken

The staff of this restaurant is pretty rude and don't know how to treat the customers. But they make one mean Butter Chicken. I keep going back there just for that.


complaint cahier

sir we are suppliers of ur restaurant. ur cashiers are very rude they behave like slave with every one. Please look into the matter. they even behave with cops who are at lower level.



Not worth

Its an expensive place, also the food is not that great...Quantity too less.Would never visit this place again..


saby  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 19,2011


Hookah price sky high

i n my frnds normally go here for hooka. just one week ago i had been there and the hooka was damn expensive... like 400 bucks !!!! totally not worth it..
plus they have incresed all the other food prices and reduced the quantity and lowered the quality too....!!


ILL Mannered Staff

Been here once the staff is ill mannered. Should work on training the staff on basic etiquette, food is also okay nothing great.


Great food

There are only a few places we know we can ALWAYS count on for good food at an affordable price. Shalimar offers a strong variety and won't destroy your wallet. We always ask each other why we don't come here more often at the end of the meal. Absolutely love this place, especially for tourists who want to try quality food on a budget.


nice muglai food

Trouble with some of the best non veg Muslim restaurants is that they do not serve liquor but even without it I think it is worthy of burrp award for its delicious food, just speaking of it my mouth begins watering.


sss_burp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 13,2011


One of the worst service

I happened to try this 1 when on my way back from a south Mumbai 1 afternoon. The service was I have to say this, " was horrible". After placing our order and waiting for 30 minutes the food arrived. Although the food was okay in taste, but the content wasn't as per expectations and the service staff was way below standard of the restaurant.

Another couple too had their patience tested and the man had to complain for the delayed service.

I wrote this review here since I read that this restaurant was voted as the best North Indian restaurant in Mumbai. If true this ranking has to be revised.



Shalimar gets Zero Star - bad food + worst service

I pass by Shalimar quite often as I live right off linking road, and this place being right on Linking road is hard to miss. I also had their Rabdi Falooda once in the past, and liked it so thought the food would also be good. So I decided to go with my wife to have lunch this Sunday.

The restaurant was packed, and we had to wait for 10 mins to get a seat. Well, the Menu is moderately priced (read: not cheap, but not very expensive either), and lot of variety. I asked the person who came to take order about which Chicken dish will be good and he suggested Murg Tikka Masala, and so I went with it. I also ordered Dal Makhani, and roomali roti to go with it. When the food came, the Murg Tikka Masala was literally swimming in Oil, and hardly had 4 small pieces of meat.. and the roomali roti was soo rubbery, and very difficult to chew. Anyways, I somehow managed to finish my roomali roti, but my wife wasn't able to so we decided to order Murg Biryani (half). I called the waiter, but he took forever to come (even when a lot of people had left and hotel was not that crowded by then). When he eventually came, I asked him to bring Half Murg Biryani (from the Menu). He went in, and came back and told me that Half biryani is not available, and only full is available. I told him that Menu clearly states two options - half and full, and what does he mean by half not available but full available.. as he can just give me half out of the full portion.. but he said that the Chef is not willing to make half, he will put in effort if it is full biryani order.. So I told him that is it that the chef wasn't willing to make gravy that he also put soo much oil instead of gravy in the Murg Tikka Masala, and he shamelessly laughed.

I was frustrated, and just asked him to get the check. I am usually very generous in giving Tip, but this time I didn't tip him at all and just left the place with my wife who hardly ate 20% of roomali roti and just 1 piece of chicken.

All in all, I will not go to this place ever again. Worst experience. I want to give it a zero star, but burrp has no such option so I am forced to give 1 star.



Great food, good ambience, bad seats..!!

From the outside, you would never guess the ambience inside would be so cozy...I went in just coz i was in the area and i cudnt see a btter place for having some chicken i got a pleasant surprise when i went in coz the lighting and ambience was just perfect...they even had a tv showing ManU's game against birmingham..but the seat was horrible...!!! i thought my seat was broken but when i checked all the other seats were like that...whatever...wen we opened the menu..we got a lot of options...we ordered a chicken lababdar , a paneer tikka masala and rumali rotis..n trust me the food was great...the gravy was just perfect....the service was ok too..nothin special but nothin bad as well...can visit again if i go there..



Go for Murg Tikka Masala..

One of the Best Chicken tikka masala in town! I end up eating more than 2 times a week at this place..just opposite the Shoppersstop at Bandra. Decent & Quite place with some good food. Chicken Lababdar is also goos but the best is their tikka masala with garlic naan. Go there after 7:30 in the evening, else you will have to waot for the naan to come.. not too expensive..yet good & can make you come again.


decent place to eat

Ambience of Shalimar is good. Its simple n quiet inside. Food was good. Had ordered Triple schewan rice, got good quantity n taste. But the waiter was hesitant to serve us. I guess he was puzzled after keeping the dish on table. Lol. Let's see if I come here again n eat something else. 4/5 for Shalimar.


Shalimar ... Read it 'Shall I Mar' your mood?

If there is one place that one shouldn't visit, it is shalimar. I guess some irked guy who had to bear with the restaurant 's aweful service n equally pathetic food.. must 've written the good ol' eatery plaque... Lousy Food, Hot beer and Bad Service. Indeed Shalimar goes one step further to displease you all the more.

The customer service is miserably bad and irks you at times. Food that meet the quality that it was once recommended for. The waiters literally ignore your food orders, get you wrong food items and in a hurry to see you off ASAP.
There is no value for money. For 120 bucks, a bowl of mix fruit custard is a watery white thing and with only bananas surprisefully added. The waiters dont listen to you and dont understand you. Adamant and obstinately in charge, they will insist on food items you dont wanna select.
For 350 bucks the sheesha is perhaps the costliest in Bandra but there are hrdly any flavs and the CS guys behave as if they dont know you... Full marks for topping my list of terrible restaurant experiences!


Good enuf to hang out with friends

This is a small place near Shoppers Stop, Bandra (W).
Nice place, very good ambiance.
The hookahs are amazing, very smooth and regular change of coal in a couple of mins without asking.
Coming to the food part of it, goes pretty easy on the wallet. Not bad at all for the quality and the quantity. Does take a little time but its worth it.


ashishr - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 26,2009


Low quality service and food

Shalimar used to be a one time favourite to me for around 2/3 years, Chicken Junglee / Chicken Sandwich with coffee used to be my regular evening snack there, although I faced issues like rarely at times u by mistakenly overcharged for the food you havent ordered, till the time you dont know, no one spots it. and there is always a sorry awaiting :). Incidents like stale wafers with vegetable sandwich was just a common thing, the good thing was always I found ample of place to sit for long hours without being disturbed, The staff was also there was a major problem as the staff kept on changing, comparatively to a very faster rate than the job hoppings in IT industry :). Overall I guess the place has lost its charm which used to have. Come on Shalimar, its a buyers market. You gotto serve good to survive :)


Request all burrpers - Dont ever visit this place.

I have been a regular customer of this restaurant for quite some time, say 5 years. I even recommended many of my friends. I like their Dal Makhni (Black Dal), one of my favourites. But I believe this place has changed now after a period of time. This is because of change in the service attitude of the waiters & staff.

Last week I had gone here to dine with my friends. As usual I ordered Dal Makhni. The order came after a waiting period of 20 minutes. I asked the waiter for a bowl for serving the Dal, "we dont provide bowls" was the reply. When I asked how can you refuse your customers, he stated "its not in our system to provide bowls". I was shocked to hear this from the place where I was a loyal customer. I just coudn't believe it. I refused to have their food & told him to take back the order, now look at this - the waiter just took back the food we had ordered without being unapologetic stating "OK, I will take it".

I called up the manager, but he didn't give much attention. I felt they are doing some favour in serving their customers.

I fired the senior manager for such a lack in service attitude, but there are no words from his mouth. He is just silent & listening to me. Finally I just left, as no staff was bothered to address me.

I swear I would never come to this place. This was the first time I had such a bad experience in a restaurant.

I want to know how can gave an accredition to this place as one of the 'Best' restaurant in Mumbai??? plzzz.....this place doesn't deserve to be best. I would say withdraw your recognition from their place.

I request all burrpers to boycott Shalimar, there are many other restaurants in the same area which are better in food & service, but never come to this place.


Desserts- must try!

This place serves really good mughlai food. Mutton biriyani here is absolutely yummy! The roomali roti & tandoori chicken also taste really good. & oh, they serve amazing desserts. People with a sweet tooth...this is the place for you! Try 'Shahi Thukda' which fried bread slices dipped in condensed milk & served with dry fruits, honey & saffron..It tastes divine!!


    - Burrp User

9 Reviews

December 04,2007


Good food

This place greets its guests with a glass of cold water... any restaurant that serves cold water is good....

try the usual fare of mughlai food.... its awesome...
the tiranga kababs
the nice rotis and the boneless chicken biryani...

Now the thing about biryanis is that they are usually quite tasty but what spoils the whole experience is that they have too much kachra in it (read, spices and tiny lil bones).... no such problems with the shalimar biryani.....

lovely biryani rice, tasty but not too pungent biryani masala and juicy pieces of chicken. Its a little oily so i m sure those weight watching types will not like it but hey for the foodies.... its the ultimate.

The service is good considering the fact that we were 10 bikers from the Inddiethumpers motorcycle club all hungry from a ride.


bandraboy - Burrp User


22 Reviews

September 13,2007


Rogan Rockin Josh!!

This is a super quick review. I have called for the super delicious Rogan Josh and Roomalis as always and it is looking so good. I will write the full review after I finish eating!