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> > > Sharda Bhavan

Sharda Bhavan

Matunga East  

  • 02224141271
  • Laxmi Narayan Road, Matunga East, Matunga, Mumbai
  • Meal for 2 - 200

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Sharda Bhavan Reviews






Simple. Sober. Tasty.

Though not as attractive and busy as its nearby competitors, Ram Ashraya and Madras
Cafe, Sharda bhavan is a peaceful and simple southie place to be in. It has the best Neer dosa in Matunga and the best upma in Mumbai. Though its idli and sambar are not great, the smile on the owners face makes up for it.


Jayashri  - Burrp User


158 Reviews

November 11,2013






Simple and sweet South Indian snack !

Simple, Small and Super - That's summing up my experience at Sharda Bhavan!

Simple - Bcoz of its very ordinary but neat looking, Irani cafe styled seating. There's no luxury of menu cards being brought to each table. Just a small board put up on the wall, show-casing the food that Sharda Bhavan has to offer. This old, card styled menu is unique in its own way. The name of each dish is printed/written on a card and inserted in the spaces on the board. You know what is available by looking at the cards which are intact in their spaces. If the cards are half pulled out, it means that that particular item is not available at that time! How convenient

Small - Sharda bhavan is not big as its neighbours Ram Ashraya and Madras Cafe. It is certainly not as popular as them too, but nevertheless, the food is great! The best part of Sharda Bhavan is that it remains closed only on Wednesday while the other South Indian joints in the area remain closed on Mondays. So there definitely is hope for the hungry foodie who is in Matunga on a Monday!

Super- The pricing of the food is almost at par with the other places in Matunga i.e. very reasonable. I've been there 2-3 times so far and have tried most items on the menu. Loved the crisp Sada dosa and especially the Masala Dosa. The potato masala filling is nice and almost devoid of spices. And the quantity of the masala is fantastic - perfect to eat with 1.5 dosa! Sadly, Neer dosa was not available both the times we asked for it, inspite of the menu board showing the Neer dosa card perfectly in place. The Idlis were a bit disappointing too as they were not as soft as expected and seemed as if they had been kept in the open for quite sometime before being served. Upma and Sheera were made in ghee and its aroma and taste, both were wonderful. The Sambar was very authentic Kannadiga styled Sambar and not slightly sweeted like the others in the vicinity. Masala milk and Coffee were tasty.

With the limited options on the menu, rest assured, you will not face the problem of confusion on what to order! So, if you seek a less crowded, sasta, saada and sundar snacking option in Matunga, you know where to go!



old is gold

sharda bhavan has not change since it started . Ambience, furniture, plates n show everythning same . Here you get real authentic south taste . sambhar too good . Rates even are too competitive . so 1 can go with low budget also .


aj4000 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

August 06,2013


old fashioned

this place remains old fashioned despite so many changes around the locality and in the restaurant world. they still serve the same way as they did several years back in terms of their items. In these days of schezwan and other varieties of dosas available else where they still serve the traditional items offered by udipis in Mumbai and have their own following and regular customers. there are a lot of people who swear by thier idlis and dosas


skj91501 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

August 06,2012


Simple Food, Old World Charm

Went here on a lazy sunday afternoon with friends, Its a clean airy restaurant with the staff working there for years. Marble floors, wooden tables and chairs and very clean and hygenic. A limited menu of upma, idli and dosa, nothing fancy but everything tastes yummy. Started off by ordering there upma, which is very light ad served with cutney and sambhar. Went ahead and ordered the idli, which were amazing, really hot and soft, melted in the mouth. The dosa was ok, not really crispy and rather plain, The onion uttapam was great!! An old world restaurant from another era a place which is stuck in the old times. Great Stuff!!!


Best South Indian in Matunga!

Each Matunga restaurant has its own set of loyal customers. I swear by Sharda's sambar and kadhi vada. I have tried others but have always come back to this restaurant. I have been a regular to this place for over 10 years and they still manage to keep their flavors consistent. Highly recommended!



Nothing beats a good South Indian breakfast. Crisp dosas with spicy coconut chutni & boiling hot sambhar coupled with a steel tumbler of piping hot filter coffee. Matunga is well known for its South Indian food. The Mani's & Madras Cafes are well etched in the travel guides of India. But do look out for an older eatery just outside Matunga station. This place is not for snobs who worry about the quality of the tables and the fans but for anyone who just loves great South Indian food at a great price. Like me:)

For more such reviews log on to


shanko - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 13,2011


Excellent Kadi Wada

This place has good authentic South Indian food. Though I have only been here once, my father has been eating here since his college days. The dosa is good here with decent sambar and chutney. But what I loved is the Kadi wada, it's simply awesome.
The staff here is very good and always has a smile on their faces.


Dhaval Shah - Burrp User

Dhaval Shah

21 Reviews

September 20,2011


Old is gold

First my dad, then my elder brother and then I, this restaurant runs like a legacy in my house....the waiters and the owners still know my dad and my brother so it always feels great, not at all expensive and tasty food. but mind it by 6pm things start getting over and they have a unique menu board, as things food items get over they remove the board out to imply its no more is a must have and also the bonda!


Simply beautiful and Amazing food

It is my fav restaurant for south -indian food ,I went here once after my class and after that there was no stopping ,i went everyday except on the day that it is closed.

All the Dosas are really amazing but the highlight is the PINEAPPLE SHIRA you cannot afford to miss it under any circumstances it is truly amazing,But they make it only on specific days so check for availability otherwise they have some other shiras which are also pretty good.
Price is very affordable


doctalk - Burrp User


10 Reviews

October 05,2010


Not so great

Went to this place this morning, a default decision, taken because Mani's lunch home was too crowded. We had idlis, upma, masala dosa, medu vada, and a plain dosa topped by four filter coffees.
The ambience is great, open with 1950's fans well polished and massive brown regulators to accompany them. First I thought the joint was Tamilian as Bhavan, is usually a Tamilian appellation.
The idlis were decent, the vada was undercooked and non spicy, while the upma was too fine and oily. It is not really authentic, the food is actually Udupi, the sambhar and the chutney make that clear. It has no Tamil flavours, but neither does it become authentic Udupi. The sambhar is decent, the chutney so so, and the filter coffee is okay.
I found the food quite anglicised in a way, bland so to speak. Maybe it is all that Mumbai influence!!
Okay for a one time visit, the ambience might make you go back once more.


Fingerlickin' Southie Food!

Located bang opposite matunga railway station. From the exterior it looks like a dingy apartment converted into a lodge for the number of times i have passed it and not realized it was pearl amongst the gems for southie food in matunga! Personally, this is my favorite southie restaurant here and perhaps in the whole of mumbai.
Things that are generally on my platter when i visit this place is:
1)Idli-Sambhar: It's priced at just Rs 16 but one of the best for those craving for some real healthy food. The idlis are so soft that it would actually melt in your mouth,they taste even better when they're completely dipped in the mouth watering sambhar,the sambhar here is different and has coconut finely grated in it,just making the taste of idli even more soothing to your olfactory and taste buds! I think the idli is the best the menu can offer, even their
2)mysore sada or masala priced at 20 and 25 each is quite good,but the food is not on spicy side,it's more than makes your stomach have a better time after having the meal
3)Pongal rice with sambhar- Delicious rice cooked with dollops of ghee,finely chopped veggies and grounded peper,thats what this dish is all about. It makes you feel at home when you have this.It hs the right proportion of ghee,veggies and the pepper.Perfect if you don't want to load your stomach with the other junk and prefer a light meal.
If you like southie food,without too much of spices and your sambhar with your cocunut instead of the stereotype sugar and whatnot added to degrade the taste of it,then you should surely give this a try and Sharda Bhavan will surely not let you down!


Piping hot food

Mornings are the best time to pay a visit there (but Sunday mornings can be a nightmare). The Upma is excellent and so is their chutney. Worth a visit any day.


Taste, Value, Hygiene, Service.

One of the oldest restaurants of Matunga, Sharda Bhavan still manages to stay a notch above the rest of Matunga's eateries in matters of hygiene, quality and taste.

The idlis and Vadas are as fresh and delicious as they can be, the sambar and chutney awesome, so are the dosas and uttapams. My personal favourite though is the Kadi Vada, the best i ever had in a restaurant in Mumbai. Good corteous staff provides prompt service.

Dont forget to round up the meal with a fresh filter kaapi(coffee).


Authentic, authentic, authentic

Sarda Bhuvan is one place one are bound to come happy out of (if you like authentic South Indian). You see a lot of people go to snazzy south indian places eating Sizzler Dosa and God knows what else and then compare them with authentic restaurants like Sarda bhuvan.

Anyway, Sarda Bhuvan is one the most authentic places I have been too. The variety is strictly limited to the variety of an average South Indian family's kitchen. The place is clean with modest ambience.

Overall rating: 4 on 5


sharda is great

Good and healthy food . a very warm and welcoming staff. resonable.


Southie Delight

This place deserves 10/10. Why? because the quality has been top-notch, and the service is excellent. They don't compromise on ingredients, the idlis are made in the traditional way, ie. on copper thalis. Dosas are perfect, not too crispy, or like a wet tissue, the white chutneys are similar to what Mother makes at home.