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> > > > Shatranj Napoli

Shatranj Napoli

Khar WestWestern Suburbs  


19 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Shatranj Napoli Reviews










Service charge reversal needed

We need regulations that allow patrons to ask Service Charges to be reversed if the service provided is pathetic. This is the first restaurant where i would want to apply this provision.







finger lickin good!

well well well!!! shatranj is an all time favorite. firstly, their on-the-house bread tastes absolutely delicous! there are so many of dem! :D although they could give a vinaigrette or pesto or any sauce of sorts to accompany the melted butter, but anyway, delicious! the bruschetta is great. gnochhi casalinga(orange kinda sauce) is simply amazing! like i keep going back just to have it! the ravioli is great and the pizza is thin crust. risotto is decent. but pasta is their strength. although they could better the ambiance and service by introducing table cloth. the rings of the bottle bottom on the marble jus spoil the image. the dessertss!! good lord! bailey's surprise is dis mousse kinda thing along with bailey(coffe flavored alcohol) and tastes really good. tre leches are excellent. all in all, im a regular. you ought to be too!



Great food but got cheated in Service Tax

So we girls had an excellent brunch as the food is too good. But we paid Rs 1200/- extra on a food bill of 4000/- because we got charged for the service charge and service tax with service tax being charged on the ENTIRE FoOd bill. This is absolutely wrong...ServiceTAX has to be charged on the Service Charge ONLY & not on the food. Or Service Tax can be charged on 40% of the food bill not 100%.
when we pointed this factor out to the management , they refused to budge and alas after 1 hour of argument we had to pay the 1200/-.

Hope we get aware n so do the restaurants n thy stop cheating customers.




Its been there since long. And is been good since long. Nothing can go wrong with the pastas and pizzas you order. The carbonara the arrabiata or anything in pesto is just the right kind. The food has been great every time we visited. The atmosphere and ambiance is great. The location is great. Its a feel good factor all over.. The crowd is good. A perfect evening one can say.


GO for the FOOD..NOT the Ambience

Shatranj as we can remember some years ago was quite the upscale restaurant we would love to haunt..i sincerely regret to inform those shatranj fans (since I was one) that it is not the same case anymore..recently went there friday night 9pm dinner with family..seated on the ground level, fellow reviewers are right there is definitely an unpleasing (slightly pungent) odor all around the place..there are fruit flies (and bad lighting) on the corner tables facing the olive restaurant side..the staff I encountered was decent not as bad as some other reviewers have had in the past (however most of them are definitely more interested in the Z tv daily soaps rather than serving tables lol)..Adhraki chicken starter was great, and then jumped right onto Pollo alla Napoli and Pollo Paprika pastas both delicious, their pastas are definitely something to die for; very hard to find such good tasting pasta at other italian restaurants in mumbai...Also good quantity and very very decently priced..but the place definitely needs an urgent makeover/ramp up..mayb redo it and call it Shatranj again or something..any renovation would much potential, such great food, location etc. request the management to please consider this seriously..thank u...


S3 SS - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 12,2010



Visited this place,cause we were very keen on having pizza,after travelling all the way from parle to bandra,"sorry,we arent serving pizza's"...PISS OFF NUMBER 1.
PISS OFF NUMBER 2...we decided to order some soup...seafood soup....was like tomato soup,forget was was tomato soup...with shrimp shredded into small pieces smaller than my finger nail.Very bloody irritating.
The starters were just okay...
Conclusion:The place ultimately sucked.the ambience was worse then a uptown beach side shack....The garlic bread was just okay...the waiters seem like they didnt care,nor did the manager..the restaurant was empty apart from 4 other people...DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED EVEN IF FREE


Go for the food not for service

Went to this place last night with family around about 9ish types and the place was empty..... Easily got the table for 5..

In starters we ordered - Broccoli Soup, Stuffed Mushrooms and Ceaser Salad. Broccoli soup was good, Mushrooms were okay and Ceaser Salad was not good.

In Main course we ordered - Penne Arrabiata, Penne Primavera, Grilled vegetables with rice and Cannelloni. Main course was damn tasty and good. I liked Penne Primavera and cennelloni most.

In drinks just ordered - Kingfisher beer(pint) - Not that great chilled, one Sangria, one fresh lime soda and one diet coke.

Overall good and quite place for dinner but service part is bad.




Please do not go on the pictures. The ambience is ordinary, BAD to say the least. The smell of the toilet was stuck in my family's breathe until we got drunk. The food is good enough, but not worth what you are charged for. In short, the ambience quite sucks. Miss it if you can!!!



Awful, disastrous, Chaotic

Awful, uncooked food, absolutely chaotic place with waiters breaking the crockery ever now n thn, terrible service, shoddy ambience, table cloth & napkins were worn out...over all a very bad experience... was suppose to be a fine dine place once upon a time but did not meet its standard by even 5% now.


gss29 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

March 03,2010


Great Italian food but ....

i was out at Shatranj last tuesday , considering it was a weekday and afternoon i was expecting less crowd but we realized that we were almost the only ones there - apart from a bevy of staff and one occupied table in the centre.
The floor was poorly lit and had a strange smell of stale air circulating. Also the airconditioning wasnt great ..cost cutting i guess..This part also had shabby decor and most of the upholstery was worn-out .

But the food was so good that it kind of took our attention away from all the above...


Cozy Good Food

I went to treat my friends on Birthday here. Simply elegant in its ambiance and welcoming.
Though the service is a little slow and the waiters tend to gather in one place and go unnoticed when we want to place the order.

But you will not complain once when you taste the wide range of food they have to offer. But not just that the food simply tastes amazing.
One will keep going back to the restaurant for its amazing and quite place to converse and enjoy


A for effort

This is a simple place, offering simple fare. The bar is dimly-lit, and perfect for a cool, quiet drink with friends.

The restaurant offers a wide menu, and the staff are keen to recommend dishes. It's easy on the wallet, and easy on the brain. A very relaxed evening can be had by one and all here.



A shadow of its former self

There was a time when Shatranj Napoli was the place to head to for a night of good food and great fun. Alas, the time is long past.

When I went there on a weekend when most of the other places we are packed. While the captain was polite he was not well informed and had a waiter hovering near him who told him what the dessert platter comprised. And though the place was not packed the waiters were all bunched in one place and we had to wait before we could catch someone's eye to place our orders.

But don't let all this take you away from the food, which was and still is the highlight of this place.

The gnocchi just melted in the mouth, and is highly recommended for the vegetarians.

The seafood platter is a mini-meal by itself. Try the chilli cheese garlic bread if you like the fiery taste or else you had best steer away from it.

The chicken lasagna
is good for two people. In fact all the portions are very generous, so do order with caution or you will end up having more food than you can eat. This is precisely what happened with the steak with mushroom sauce that I ordered. I finally had to send it away partially eaten.

The chocolate fondant
was simply amazing and the perfect finale to an awesome meal.

The meal itself made you want to forgive the peeling sofa covers, the lack of water in the washroom basin, the disinterested service, the valets all surrounding your car and then demanding money individually.

Incidentally, there is a rumor that this place is being renovated to become a more family-oriented restaurant. Maybe that move will return the grandeur Shatranj Napoli once displayed.


burtjee - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 13,2008


not a great date

i was out at Shatranj last Friday & i completely agree with anyarmy verbatim... "we realized that we were almost the only ones there - apart from a bevy of staff and one occupied table in the corner.
The floor was poorly lit and had a strange smell of stale air circulating. This part also had shabby decor and some incognizant wait staff. "

Apart from this, I noticed that most of the upholstery was worn-out & the staff were busy prioritizing their briefing session than heeding to the lone guests at the restaurant i.e. US

Overall - food was average & service was excusable
Still questioning, why I tipped in the first place!


Any Army - Burrp User

Any Army

10 Reviews

November 06,2008


(A Not So) Happy Diwali

I'm going to try and keep this short as I'm not one who likes to read pages and pages of restaurant bashing. But, in order to justify the one star rating, one must present a case.

The point being - why would someone give a one star to such a critically acclaimed restaurant. (Critically acclaimed because I saw a framed certificate from insinuating them as one of the best restaurants and not to mention it currently has a four star rating here).

I was there on Wednesday, the 29th of Oct 2008 meeting a friend over lunch. The prudent individual that I am and wanting to ensure a smooth dining experience, I made reservations in advance.

As we got off the car, the doorman wouldn't stop wishing us in his slyly expecting tone, chants of "Happy Diwali Sir" which was fine considering the occasion.

On arriving at this opulent location, we were ushered in through the main entrance into a deserted and once lavish remnant of a dining hall. Through the stairs on to the upper floor, we realized that we were almost the only ones there - apart from a bevy of staff and one occupied table in the corner.

Now this floor was poorly lit (maybe to save electricity to prevent global warming) and had a strange smell of stale air circulating. This part also had shabby decor and some incognizant wait staff.

After being seated (and moved - apparently there was a big group coming in to dine), we finally got to the menus. We ordered Italian, stuffed mushrooms and chicken as appetizers along with some beer. This part was bearable but nothing to write home about. We followed that up with some entrees of honey glazed chicken with pepper sauce and garlic bread on the side. The chicken was hard and the sauce was almost like having desserts. I tried to pacify myself with a cocktail - this time a Whiskey Sour which helped further in turning the afternoon sour.

This is when we decided to book our losses and exit from this crime scene.

Again, I'd like to be fair. Service here was average but the food, ambiance (or the lack thereof) and poor management is slowing leading this place to its downfall.

I wish someone else had written this review before me. You have been warned.


Gr8 food..

I went to this place for d first time to celebrate my frnd's 18th bday today..really liked the place. The ambience is really nice. The restuarant downstairs is ideal for a dinner with ur special someone :-)

U can hav a gr8 time dancing upstairs...they play really good music. Even I (not a party person at all) couldnt help but dance a little :-)

As for the food, I loved it! We had garlic bread, penne arabbiata & spaghetti in a very creamy cheesy sauce (its a shatranj napoli special). We also also liked d indian fare here...peas pulao, kadai paneer & rotis. For dessert, we had d bday girl's choc cake, vanilla ice cream & tiramisu. Everything was absolutely delicious!


indian italian chale raho

Was taken by an artiste some years ago after a party, ordered spaghetti in white sauce with some trepidation. Surprise it was just perfect as was all the other stuff we ordered.

Have been there numerous times later on, but never with the wife, so have promised her that would take her to the branch at 7 bungalows......Hope they do not let me down!!



italian and punjabi

i have been going hee since i was a kid...and they have been quite consistent with their dishes...and the food is pretty good and also light on the wallet