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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 22,2015

Golden dim light Dinner place

This place is conveniently located close to the airport and major star hotels.Best place to try serve a host of liquors and cocktails.You get to sit outside on top of a tall building. live music ,cool interiors and unique seating and golden dim lights , a perfect place for large groups. It is expensive and time limited. And servers are quite snappy and unpleasant. Food arrives in reasonable time and quantities are good for 2 person. Veg and non-vegetarian options are decent and taste great.
Recommended for a leisurely outing , but not recommended for family dinner as Too noisy at times.
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 25,2015

Excellent place

Food,ambiance is great,though I prefer something more appropriate for families,in my opinion this is better place for couples or friends. However,service could be improved,or maybe the day we went it was too busy so we did not get impeccable service. Food is excellent so I am willing to go back. My hubby loved nalli nihari. I loved malai kofta and naan,food was fresh and hot and made me forget the inordinate delay it took to come out.
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onlyhp - Burrp User


December 01,2014


Highly arrogant staff and poor service followed by a verbal spat between my group ppl and the staff manager where the staff manager said and i quote "we are here for doing business and if we giv u hukka at 6 no matter how bad it is we will take back at 6:45" this wer d words of d manager himself who gave us the wrong hukka wich choked all d time n we hardly smoked for 10 mins! Moreover the waiters attitude was no less den the prince of arabia and all in all this experience made this place which use to be my all time favourite a mere waste of time energy and money due to poor management and ill staff. Would recommend whoever reading this to go here only if u wish to spoil ur mood! Needless to say running a hukka parlour which is banned in the heart of the city this guys truly have balls to mess with the customers and the law! 0/5
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Kavesh Makhija - Burrp User

Kavesh Makhija

October 29,2014


Great food, the best chicken biryani. Sheesha was awesome. Ambiance is great as it is on rooftop. Service was okay.
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Kavesh Makhija - Burrp User

Kavesh Makhija

October 29,2014


Best place for sheesha, close to linking road.The best chicken biryani. Great service. Rooftop was amazing.
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Kinjal Chandaria - Burrp User

Kinjal Chandaria

May 08,2014

Nawabi Style

This place is situated at Bandra Linking Road. I had been here in Winter with cousins for some hookah and dinner. This place reminds you of "Nawab". The ambiance is Royal Nawabi Style. Good place for large groups to sit and relax for long hours. Coming to food, Kebabs are Must Try here. Since I wanted variety, I had ordered Veg Platter and I really liked it. In main course, Paneer Peshwari Kadai is really delicious with Butter Naan/ Garlic Naan. The Naan wasn't cooked well but they immediately replaced it. I was impressed. Negative point, the order takes too long to arrive. You get bored of waiting. Overall, I would rate it as 4/5.
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Peeyoosh1986 - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Good North Indian Food

If you are fan of north Indian food this is a place where you need to be. Dal bukhara and awadhi paneer are just awesome. Open roof Top , hookah being served are two plus points for the place. Only negative thing is the service at this place, seems to be under staff and waiters respond after calling them twice thrice.
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Rahul Bhansali - Burrp User

Rahul Bhansali

January 06,2014


A Place with crazt ambience AND D DECOR AND AMBIENCE KILLS IT ...
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tapan3010  - Burrp User


January 06,2014

Good Ambiance, OK Service, OK Food

I have been here for a dinner on 31st Eve as well as for a lunch on a Saturday... Let me tell you, the place is great at both times but sadly no change in the type of service - it was slooow on both days !

We were the only one to be served during first half of our lunch on Saturday. But still it took about 40 mins to get a tomato soup & starter. We had to ask about 4 times to get Mineral water !!

We ordered Jain food as well as normal food. Jain food was not that good with only tomato flavors ! Regular veg food was great to taste.

The car parking charges are non reimbursable (50/- per car). But I would still go once again for Ambiance....
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deveshsaboo - Burrp User


September 30,2013

Nothing Great About Sheesha

The place is good for nothing. Poor service, bad food, pathetic attitude of the staff..:-(

A big no no from me for anyone planning to visit this place.
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Jatin Israni - Burrp User

Jatin Israni

September 03,2013


Sheesha is a place which is always talked about and supposedly famous. When I entered Sheesha for the first time, I wondered what is so special about this restaurant? The ambiance is not that good, I found the space beneath the tables and chair's was not clean (and I have noticed this even during my later visits), the upholstery is not that good, the furniture and the overall things are old. Only advantage is the location of the restaurant which is on the terrace. Still when it comes to food, I will give a fair weightage to Sheesha.

The food in Sheesha is good, especially the Punjabi Style. Chicken made by north Indian style is a specialty of Sheesha. Good service.

If not for the ambiance, but for good food, I would recommend Sheesha to the food lovers. Best time would be for dinners and not during the day.
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Shaishav m - Burrp User

Shaishav m

July 29,2013

Low service but nice hookahz

Been here recently on weekday and weekend too. The service of staff is not at all upto mark. There would be around 30 tables but the staff needed to serve is hardly for 10 tables. For everything you have to call them like 4-5 times and remind them. This is the condition on both, weekdays and weekends evenings.
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Shruti Bawari - Burrp User

Shruti Bawari

July 27,2013

Classic place to chill out

Shacks all over the rooftop gives a great feeling of chilling out. Cool breeze and hot yummy food combination is marvelous. Come in group or as a couple, it suits for all age group and for all moments. Though its little expensive but worth it. Do visit at least once.
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jiyasid21 - Burrp User


January 25,2013

Cockroach in the salad! Dont step in there..

This is an awful place..To start with the waiters are sloppy and untrained. We ordered for Iced tea, and it was sour and the worst drink i have ever had. We asked for some sugar syrup so that we can gulp it down easily. And they gave us sugar water instead of a thick syrup..There was a cockroach dancing around freely on top of our salad which obviously is not very appetizing. The butter chicken was full of color and the entire main course was downright pathetic. On top of it when we spoke to the manager about the entire experience he started arguing about how hes sent out 20 portions of butter chicken today and not one negative feedback, let alone apologize for so much food color and cockroach..He was rude, arrogant and absolutely didn't give a damn about customer service. We ended up paying for the food and service which simply spoiled our entire evening. Save your money and time. Dont step inside this restaurant if you are expecting quality food and customer service..
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baalkeeg - Burrp User


July 12,2012

poor service

Visited on 08-07-12. Waiters untrained. food is greasy. Will not revtsit.
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kkshitij - Burrp User


April 29,2012


visited the place yesterday with friend who was well versed with almost all of the food items.Food was really good ,the lebanese chicken starter was delicious and the mocktails were good too, the main course was nice chicken khichadi and kali dal nice and yummy .
AMBENCE : we went there around 8.30 it was not tht crowded , quiet to have good chat was good experience overall though its a lil expensive u can try it .
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dontmesswithme - Burrp User


April 08,2012

You son's of *******

You people raised up the cost of hooka and when I came there the cover charge wasn't mention before ordering and we had to eat and drink for Rs.3000 even though we did not wanted to eat there. And guess what! your Hooka isn't that good!
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Priyank Ganatra - Burrp User

Priyank Ganatra

March 13,2012

Place for hookah lovers

sheesha is only the place where now a days you will get hookah, cost Rs 750..open air roof top...place is superb and also with good food..place is also for family and young crowd..
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temptations_19 - Burrp User


January 11,2012

Mixed feelings.

I've been here thrice. The 1st & 2nd time were good, but the third time was disappointing.
My friend & i were here yesterday, we ordered a double apple mint hookah, while we were enjoying it they took the hookah away within 20mins saying there's police checking. I mean isn't it obvious that the police will check as it is the only place that serves hookah now?
Plus there were a bunch of shady, loud, obnoxious, village type guys sitting besides us making a ruckus & shouting, screaming loudly that i could hardly hear what my friend was saying.
My only request is that please do not take hookah away from the customers within 20-25mins & then charge the whole price for it. :)
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Fouzia Shaikh - Burrp User

Fouzia Shaikh

January 11,2012

Not so Good!!

Had been there on a weekend..Trust me this place is not that great...Food is ok...Ambience is good.Lot of Hookah smoke everywhere..The smoke makes you feel irritated after a certain period of time...Service is also too slow.Not at all a Family place...And to add to all of this is that the place is too EXPENSIVE :(
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Pranav Joshi - Burrp User

Pranav Joshi

December 25,2011

Decent but nothing great

This place is on the 7th floor, above Shoppers Stop at Bandra.

The ambience is great; special in fact. Stunning ambience, wonderful lighting. 5/5.

The sheesha is okay, very expensive, but it's availability is the most important thing. Doesn't smoke as much as the ones in the past, but still okay.

The biggest problem is the service. Even when the place is half full the waiters seem to care less about the customers. Only their chief/ whoever he is, is good. The others just squabble among themselves, say stuff like "you should go, I am your senior" and other such shit right in front of the customer. Disgusting. And they take ages to get your order.

Place being Bandra the crowd is always excellent. Wish they'd play some decent music though.

Overall, a 3/5 - only for the ambience and the sheesha. This place could have been fantastic but the awful service has ruined it.
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Rahul Saudagar - Burrp User

Rahul Saudagar

December 19,2011

Hookah & Hooplah at midnight

7 of us cousins came here on the 10th Dec, Saturday night at about 11:30pm. Flavored hookah was something new for a few of us including me. Its OK, to be tried once, would not recommend this place for the same, as it is nothing great
Non-veg starters & main course was great & we ended up staying here till 1:45 am, when most of the waiters & staff had laid down their beds on the adjoining tables. The ambiance is suited for a drinks ONLY oriented crowd, definitely not a family place.
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swarooprooney - Burrp User


November 19,2011

Good ambience bad service

First thing first, the food is good especially non-veg. The chicken starters are yummy. The Hooka lasts real long, but my colleagues complained that veg food was not that good and to be fair i could see that in their faces. one if the best things there is khima non, it stuffed with chicken and tastes amazing. Non alcoholic beer too was good. ambiance is top notch.

Now to the service, for a expensive restaurant like this the waiters are way too cocky, there is arrogance in their voice which will irritate majority of customers. They treat you as if you know nothing about the food.
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Swappie - Burrp User


September 25,2011

Good place to chill

I have visited this place several times & it is definitely VFM- not so much for the food but the ambience.. Its perfect to spend time with friends or even as a couple.. The food is good as well;Chicken is awesome.. do try the Dahi Lahsooni Chicken starter..

All said, the washroom is shabby & needs an urgent makeover. Its dimly lit & the floor is wet at all times.. looks like a make-shift arrangement.
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yafeth talker - Burrp User

yafeth talker

August 22,2011

Cold kebabs

i went to Sheeshas after a very long time.I ordered lassoni kebabs to my disappointment they were cold and i mean like i felt they had taken them out from the refrigirator and forgot to heat it.The taste was ok but you expect your kebabs to be hot.the main course was ok.
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Aditya Somani - Burrp User

Aditya Somani

August 07,2011

amazing food

This place rocks for youth gr8 food and nice ambiance. and a gr8 service.
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sanjayg . - Burrp User

sanjayg .

June 28,2011

Along with Food get RATS Free

Today went to Sheesha after almost a year. When I went last time was made to wait for almost 45 minutes to get drinking water. Today went to this place hoping things would have improved. Today Sheesha went one step ahead. They offered us place which got mattress. When we were half way through our meals found big RATS running around. When we infomred waiters their reaction was what is so different about it. It seems it is their regular experience. Staff did not have a courtesy to even to apologies. After equiring about Manager (who is mr jaffer ) typical answer was given that his phone is offf, he is on leave and he is not well. When I called on his cell he seems to be having party with RATS hence could not take my call.

So in total , please don't waste your time. Find something else. It is nothng but useless dhaba which is exorbitantly priced. Waiters seem to be came from some jungle and very rustic. Manger is having not available.

Bottom line : Try your luck somewhere else.
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AbiAji - Burrp User


June 22,2011

The worst experience i have ha din Mumbai

I was there for Lunch yesterday and it was one pathetic expereince. Crows were flying all over and place was in a mess. Further, the steward had soiled clothes on him and seemed to be someone they picked off the road recently.
The food the least said the better. Pathetic Veg food. The nan was half cooked, the vegetable side dish had absolutely no spices and was raw. When I asked the manager Mr Mohammed about the cas.. he seemed to be cluleless. Such resturants which spoil an oppurtune time for you as a host, should be closed down. Pls avoid this place pls
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padfoot - Burrp User


June 03,2011

Not a great experience

I had been here 2 days back for a dinner and was disappointed. I've visited Sheesha quite often since many years but the recent experience was drastically different.
We reached here at around 8 pm and were guided to a table. I noticed the shamiana sort of structure being built since it was monsoons.
We started with a Tomato shorba and Mint iced tea. The shorba was COLD !! And by cold i mean COLD. And tasteless.
The starter (Aatishi Aloo) was nice and spicy. The maincourse was Paneer Peshawari and Dal Bukhara with Garlic Naan. The waiter said the veggie would be medium spicy but it turned out to be sweet. I understand that the definition of spicy varies from person to person but this one was sweet. And COLD yet again. When asked, the waiter said it lost its heat while being brought to the table.
The Dal bukhara and naan were very good.
All in all, it was not a memorable experience.
Usually, all my celebrations used to take place at Sheesha, but not anymore.
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poorvi vedak - Burrp User

poorvi vedak

June 03,2011

wind blowin away hukka smoke

i reached the place a bit messy after swaeting it out shopping on hill road. But once v took our seats...the next 3 hrs spent there were a rare experience due to a very strong,gutsy,unobstructed wind blowing continuously on us. Then came the hukka.....v all were fighting for a puff....it lasted long. Food was gr8 too especially the paneer afghani kababs with its crisp crust with that burnt flavour topped with butter....i cud die for....njoyd!!
But the drawbacks were that they don't serve ALCOHOL & the place is expensive :(
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kashmira.brid - Burrp User


April 08,2011


I had the misfortune of going to this restaurant yesterday....while the ambience is good....the service is pathetic....!!!...vegetarian food is below average....!!

We did the mistake of asking the waiter for the specialities....and ordered two veg curries and one non veg one....and to our horror all tasted the same!!

The guy singing the ghazals is out of tune and kills all the classics(Jagjit Singh would jump from the rooftop if heard it!)

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Om Sarmalkar - Burrp User

Om Sarmalkar

March 31,2011


Had a birthday celebration of one of my friend out there as it turned out to be so pathetic!! since ive never visited this place again!!
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Krishnakant Sarda - Burrp User

Krishnakant Sarda

February 23,2011

The food spoils the mood..

Lovely Ambience.. Nice Mocktails.. Hukka lasted really long for more than 2 hours.. Just the food was pathetic. Couldn't eat the whole meal. Left Half-way.. Overall an expensive place.. P.S. : The service charge they add to the bill is optional to pay. We denied to pay and we saved 500Rs on 5000Rs. It's not service tax, it's service charge(Another form of Tip). Ideally they should not include it in the bill, and if included it has to be specified that it is optional. But they fail to do so.
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kiwichick - Burrp User


February 17,2011


I had never heard of this place before....it was only yesterday that a colleague introduced this place to me.

I have to say, this place has left me rather impressed and wanting more! I can safely say that its one of the best Indian meals I have had whilst in Mumbai for the past 8 months. Excellent quality, portion size and presentation.

I am a big fan of the minimal, clean and simple work that has been done on the interior and the fact that its an open roof top is a breath of fresh air, especially with many tables ordering for sheesha....the smoke didnt become overwhelming for someone like me who hates the stuff.

Will definitely be back again soon for a meal!
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burrpburrp - Burrp User


November 25,2010

Smoke on roof top

Its another of those places where you can smoke shisha on the roof top, this happens to be on 7th floor. Very good place to sit with friends and smoke and eat. No drinks :( we ordered chicken starters and they were really yummy. The chicken malai tikka was my favorite but my friends loved the other chicken thingy. They were all good. Its bit on expensive side but I would go again.
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Pushkaraj H - Burrp User

Pushkaraj H

August 25,2010

Heavy on the Wallet

Too much expensive for the quality and the quantity of food served...Staff can definitely be more enthu...Only plus is its ambiance...i mean come on a view of Mumbai frm ny1's terrace will be good....A big no...
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AK  - Burrp User


June 21,2010

Pathetic Service n a Big No to this Place

Have heard a lot about this place but experienced it only when i was there last Sunday. It was recommended by one of my friends. A very bad idea to visit this place during monsoon. the Roof top restaurant is fully covered and no room for ventilation. On top of it they don't even have the fans in working condition. The staff doesn't believe in customer service.
we had booked a table for 4 and were made to sit next to the tandoor. we requested one of the staff to have us shift to another table as it was too hot there, but he said there are fans to take care of it and went away. We though as we had just come from outside we were feeling hot so settled there. but actually it was the heat from the tandoor which was making us sweat.
We placed an order for starters and it took quit a long for being served and by that time we all were sweating like anything. once again we requested the staff to have us move to another table but they simply denied and told us they cant do anything.
What a shameless person. I wonder whether he was trained or not?
Though the starters were good but didn't really liked it as the entire experience was spoiled due to pathetic service.
We immediately paid the moved from the place. They don't even provide 10% of service for what you pay.

Will never go to this place and ensure its not even being recommended in my friend circle.
Well i don't even want to give a single star to this place but Burrp does not give u that option :-(
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FoodieFaiz - Burrp User


June 20,2010

Ambience Steals the Show....

One of the best expereinces one gets..when they want it all...the food, the service, the breeze, the ambience...Sheesha at Bandra has it all! Havent been there since sometime now..as the best time is after 8:30 when the Ghazal begins..but yet one of my favorites in Mumbai..the food is good & authentic...the soup (paye ka shorba) is just amazing..as good as one gets in the Mohd Ali Rd. area during Ramazan! I go there mostly for the memories of the place & some well mannered staff that the place boasts of. Strongly Recommended..from me!
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Sumit Verma - Burrp User

Sumit Verma

June 19,2010

Good Enough

As a hooka place..this place is good, but the service can be a pain especially if you'r in on a weekend evening. The music is not great at times, and they also have live music on some days (guess it was on a thursday evening, with popular soulful songs and gazals). Food is good, hooka is also served well. But they could do with better service.
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Veena Dmello - Burrp User

Veena Dmello

June 05,2010

A Must ...

Been visiting this place for more than 2 years now.. its always brings a smile on my face.. have made a dedicated place to visit among friends.. they all loved.. the seating arrangement is ideal for any type of group you land up with.. cozy, friendly or just plain loud..

The food offers a great choice and its totally awesome..
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

April 18,2010

Lovely breeze, good food, staff could be better!

Walked in here a couple of times and haven't had a reason to complain yet! The location is excellent, the ride up the glass-lift is tuned to be slow to add to the effect of going up for a fancy meal.

The breeze is usually good, by virtue of the fact that there is altitude over the city. The ambience is nice, and there are various seating options .... you could sit with the dining or lounge setting!

The difference between good and great can be subtle, and I can blame the IPL and our cricket craze for that! On a friday night, when the restaurant is running full, the blokes who are supposed to be waiting on your table are standing crossed hands, looking up the big screen installed for the patrons viewing of the IPL matches!

Anyways, after a little stern look, it is all alright. We call for an appetizer, a main course and some biryani! The 'Murg Dahi Lahsooni Tikka' is our appetizer, which is a Chicken tikka in dollops of curd, tastefully served on a sizzler plate! Very nice and filling. We tried the Murg lahori for main course, since we wanted a sweet gravy and no brown gravy (very spicy!). Nicely made, very nice portion. Assortment of breads accompanied, and the portions were filling. We called for a round of biryani, which was good, but there was no dahi/raita which is usually served with it, and that made it a little dry!

Overall, interesting food and interesting times! reasonable charges, but they charge a 10% service charge!
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Rohan Mankikar - Burrp User

Rohan Mankikar

March 09,2010

Cockroach Alert!!!

Food was moderate - Some of the recommendations didn't quite work

Price was moderate-high (1555/4 = 389/head) - Non-Veg meal

Service was moderately bad (even the finger bowl had cold water!)

Cockroach Alert sounded after we saw one walking on the onions - The only solution provided was to change the table - No apologies given either - expected better service when you are charged so much!
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Akshay  - Burrp User


March 04,2010

Veg Food

Sheesha Bandra, the ambiance and other things are excellent but the Vegetarian food quality is too poor compare to the rates.

Never order a tomato soup guys......... its hopeless
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Manish Khatri - Burrp User

Manish Khatri

February 07,2010

Gr8 Ambiance..!!

This place was recommended to us for a visit....hence we decided to do so....n well, I should say none of us was disappointed...

The ambiance was quite good...some wt dark.....but den they had lights where it mattered...the crowd visiting this place is also gud...

Next thing i wud like to talk abut is the service....it was great...
we did not had to wait for more than 10-15 mins once we placed an order...let dat be for starters or main course or nething else... The management was polite n hospitable.

Coming to the main thing....The Foood... it was gud....we tried non veg....the chic nizzami tikka in the starters lived up to our xpectation of a good spicy dish....prawns koliwada though was a bit of thumbs down... Proceeding to the main course, the chicken matka was awesum...it was again spicy & really well made...the tandoor rotis were cooked upto the right temp & crispness...However, chicked lahori was really disappointing....it was not boneless...more ever...the chicken tasted as if we were eating rubber... :(
Also, i think they need to add up more items in the menu universally i.e. for drinks, veg & non-veg dishes too..
About the hygiene, well although we cannot peep into the kitchen...but i am pretty sure that the food is cooked in hygienic environment.... :)
Finally, abut the xpenses, well, it is some what costly...we were 5 n total bill was around 2800 bucks..

So overall, i think one shud visit dis place atleast once...the food is gud, n well the ambiance is gr8..!!
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terrencejoseph - Burrp User


October 07,2009

Hardly ok but oodles of pride

wont be completely harsh. The food is good but the management and service is pathetic. No class, no hospitlaity. End of story. Worth just 1 visit...that's if u lost ur way. There are better sheesha bars out there...
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mirarachel - Burrp User


September 18,2009

Pathetic service. Not worth it

The guy who served us dint even have a smile on his face. We tried out the place with a voucher. But when we ordered for more than 1k, his telling us, u will have to pay for the remaining amount, as thou we don't no. The manager we spoke to also was impolite & very rude. I don't no wat the owner of the place was thinking when he recruited such ppl.
Its not worth the time & money. Food was good thou.
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gauri.k - Burrp User


September 06,2009

Bad Service. Bad Seating.

On a rainy weekday afternoon the 12 of us decided to get-together for a luncheon at Bandra's famous Landmark Restaurant.
However we left with our wallets/purses lighter and a deeper sigh.

Firstly seating was horrible. A rainy afternoon where it poured cats and dogs, it ought to be understood the roof ought to be leak-proof. My colleague was nearly doused with icy cold rainwater and had to be shifted to a much-less-cosy makeshift seating.
Hence ambience was killed. Besides it was way too dark!

Hookah: Good

Food: nothing great. Vegetarian was good
Few of the hardcore Non-vegetarian folk enjoyed the Dum Biryani (after waiting for 30 minutes of what felt like forever!!)

Service: 0.5/5
Veg folks were tucking into their desserts when we finished our starter kebabs.
Hence, Non veg folks order your Main course first then perhaps the starters. (What's the point then?)

All in all go there once. Not meant for a party or a 10+ gang.
I wont even step in there again. Period.
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Vinita Mittal - Burrp User

Vinita Mittal

June 15,2009

Paneer is good...

Paneer is soft and very tasty here....try any paneer dish and it is good...
Had warki paratha this time....and i must tell you its yum....great taste...
ambience is damn cool.....5/5 for that..
dimly lit place.....different seating arrangements....
the moment you enter...you will like the place...
now a days they have ghazal nights...i will give it a miss as i am not a ghazal fan....
sheesha....4.5/5 ....smooth and guy will attend whenever you ask to change the coal....

but these folks really need to do something about the washroom here.....they are really bad and stinking...

had aatishi potatoes in starters....it was not good....small potatoes should be actuallty very small....size of potatoes was big and taste was not good...
next were panner ajwaini tikka....it was good...as told try any paneer dish here...it will be good...
in main course...had paneer again...
warki paratha was amazin....give it a try sometime...

a nice place to go with all kind of groups.....friends...family...office folks...
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anupwasthere - Burrp User


April 11,2009

A place worth visiting once!!!

Sheesha is definitely a place to go late in the evenings when it is pretty cool in Bbay. Has decent food, good open air ambience, nice hukka. Nothing is flashy about this nor is one thing tat stands out as being the best in town; however having said tat - its a different experience of dining if you have some senior folks or work colleagues to accompany you...

Food - Ok types food, but the rabdi with kulfi is awesome. The tikkas are really nice although the main course is bit of dampener.

Hukka - Only traditional flavors available here. Most times, hukka is smooth and waiters attend to it diligently.

Service - No complaints on this front. It is fast and with lots of waiters; this seems least of your worries.

Price - Definitely on the higher side.

Does not serve liquor. Expect an entire family kind of crowd and suggest you dont venture there if fun and loud banter is on agenda....
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Aniruddha . - Burrp User

Aniruddha .

July 15,2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall ..

Seesha in Bandra is a popular hangout with all hookah and good food lovers. Me too have liked my all experiences at this terrace style resto, but a recent visit left a tad bitter taste in my mouth.

We step out of the lift to enter the place, only to be asked to procure our college I-cards as this was a 21+ place. Taking precautions is fine, but we were a bunch of seven of us, all working professionals between the age of 23-25. The head steward even went to the extent of asking a particular petite friend of mine, if she was over 21. Not that she minded the subtraction of a few years from her actual age, but there could have been a more polite and diplomatic welcome to the place. Finally after convincing the required personnel of our ages, we settle down into our lounge seats after making our way over the fine gravel which crunches and crackles under your feet (a nice sound). The lighting for this place has been kept low to create an ambience for the hookah smokers, but then when I have to squint to read the menu, they could at least provide some candles/torches to facilitate reading the menu :P . We order a Mint hookah and settle down, snorting the fumes .. as things got warmer and we realized that the open air resto was covered cos of rains. We asked for the fans to be turned on, and we get a shocker of a reply that said that the fans would only be turned on after 8 PM (we were in at 7:30). So much for power conservation, that you allow your patrons to sweat and perspire in the humid environment.

Finally we could get to turn On the fans, and there was some relief and we came to ordering our grub, only to be turned off by the steward who took the order. The fellow turned out to be a wee bit more pushy with his recommendations - but nevertheless the starter course of Murgh Nizami Tikka, Tangdi Kulfi Kebab and Panner Ajwani Tikka had us all licking our fingers. The Tangdi Kulfi Kebab is a personal favorite of mine and it requires an acquired taste to savour this mildly nutty flavored kebab. The Paneer Ajwani Tikka could have been a little spicier - but nevertheless, the Paneer was soft, tender and delectable. We move onto the main course (which did take some time to arrive) and being so full with the starters , we moved onto the Rice directly. Murgh Dum Biryani was just total VFM and it tasted heavenly with the Raita. The Veggies ordered for some Corn Capsicum Masala and Cheese Masala Kulchas. Not much of a grass eater am I, but I would strongly recommend the Veg fare out here solely based on this combination of CC Masala and Kulcha. The Kulchas just melted in my mouth .. Yumm !!!.

The meal ended on a not so nice note again as the Bill took a hell lotta time to come, with us reminding the steward twice or thrice for the same. Plus they had messed it up by double billing for the Hookah. A mumbled apology and the bill was rectified. Didn't leave me with a smile on my face though. Overall a 4 on 5 for this place. A more detailed break up

Food = 4/5

Ambience = 3.5/5 ( They could make it a little more lighted for a clearer view of the Menu)

Service = 3/5

Location = 5/5 (A top of Shopper's Stop in Bandra -the main youth Hub in the suburbs)

Crowd Factor = 5/5 (A whole bunch of yuppies and the usual hookah grungies with a fair mix of Firangs) I am glad this place does not lick White Skin as most of the restos in town do.

Value for Money = 3/5 (A damage of 1773 Rs between the seven of us is a tad expensive)

Overall = 4 Star :) . Am going back again
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Asim Khan - Burrp User

Asim Khan

August 07,2007

Sheesha - Cyrstal Clear

Good food - roof top, under the sky, cool wind, with a hukkah - wat else do you need? Nice place, lovely ambience - they dont serve many hukkah flavours, so they are limited in that sense. I jus like the food out there, everything tastes great. Anything even daal chawal. Really a moroccan ambience
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Anish Tripathi - Burrp User

Anish Tripathi

June 24,2007

sucks at home delivery

heard the food here is great - tried ordering but would'nt let me order because my order was less than Rs 1.200 hmmm - there are more fancier places that deliver for less the amount - but oh well i dont think i'm ordering from there again!!!!!!!
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Karan Karayi - Burrp User

Karan Karayi

June 09,2007

great all-round experience

this place has an amazing ambience, good food and a hefty price tag to boot. but it's great for a) romantic liaisons b) evenings out c) to show u have the moolah to throw around :P

disregard that last one

the service is good, omnipresent without being obtrusive and the food is good, pleasing to the palate without being unforgettable

go here once and savour the experience...it's almost worth the dough you'll have to shell out
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Vishtasp  - Burrp User


April 14,2007

Good Food and great ambiance

If you ever need an evening to relax and unwind under the sky in Bandra, this is the place (if you can tolerate Ghazals in the background). Good place for going out with friends and family or even your loved one.

The food is nice though heavy due to loads of ghee (what else were you expecting of Peshawri Food). Non-veg starters are excellent, paneer nice and creamy, biryanis yummy, dabba ghosh is avoidable.

Service is courteoues and helpful. Meal costs approx 250 - 350 per person. Good place if you want to spend a long evening. Difficult to get a place on weekends so suggest that you book!!
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Avlesh Singh - Burrp User

Avlesh Singh

January 12,2007

nice but expensive

Other than the prices everything else about this place could be described by just one word - awesome! The roof top seating is wonderful and service is really great - only when people are not queuing outside for a table.
Visit for a change from routine dining.
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ankita  - Burrp User


December 09,2006

a real gud place!

Sheeshas is a perfect place to chill out wid frds n family...d food is first class...scruptious one..n d ambience is anytime mind blowing wid d dim lights n sky view..n u will be lucky if live ghazals come ur way there...
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sunny panchal - Burrp User

sunny panchal

September 30,2006

Loved the ambience

Amazing food,service and ofcourse the roof top restaurant had a lovely time with my friends, a place to remember where you can go with your friends and family but a bit expensive for me .......
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Prashant Khandelwal - Burrp User

Prashant Khandelwal

September 14,2006

nice hangout for dinner

nice roof top restaurant... decent food but gud ambience.
and all that with very affordable price list.
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Anish Tripathi - Burrp User

Anish Tripathi

August 15,2006

upscale mochas

nice outdoors but they need new sheeshas the ones at mochas are much better.. sheesha is like an upscale mochas!
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