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> > > > Shiv Sagar

Shiv Sagar

Kemps CornerSouth Mumbai  


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Shiv Sagar Reviews






paneer da rang !!!! pav bhajidi rotti !!!!

wow.....let me tell you if ur hungry and looking forward to have good punjabi....!!!! dont go to any other sagar but shiv sagar !!!! the ambiance and service is decent but hey the food is like superb....!!! punjabdi yaad aa jayegi !!!! so jst go and enjoy the food .....and dont miss the PAV BHAJI as well....!!!!!! all in all.....a good place where u will get ur moneys worth !!!!!


kaian - Burrp User


19 Reviews

August 17,2013


Neer dosa at its best

It was by chance that I stumbled upon this restaurant. A typical snack place for any time if the day food. Going thru their menu my eyes caught the NEER DOSA. (Crave for it ever since I had it in udipi) well to my luck they were awesome. The rest of the breakfast was also delicious. If you are in the vicinity it's a nice place to snack.



Great Food, Horrible Service

The place makes some of the best South Indian dishes in South Mumbai but the service is unbelievable bad. They always mess up orders and then argue with you claiming that they are right.
I've stopped going to the restaurant but I do get it home delivered often


deepee - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 03,2012


nothing but attitude!!!

Ok here goes.... last evening, a sunday (02.12.12), mom wanted to eat a cheese dosa and tawa idli and since Shiv Sagar was round the bend without a second thought i headed to this place. I parked my car and called to a captain who was attending to a few walk-in customers. i waited until he finished attending to them.

Moments later seeing him free i walked to him and asked for the menu to which he said there aren't people around to take my order. I was like "hello are you the owner or pretending to be one... or soon to be the owner. i asked him i could place my order at the counter, to which he arrogantly replied "arey bola na... order lene ke liye aur dene ke liye koi nahi hai". now am sure no sane person would stay back having hearing this. i walked out with a smile on face and thought in mind "buddy you have just lost a customer... lost a reputation for the establishment you work for.... and most of all you are focal point for the restaurant's business graph to drop". Shiv Sagar get ready for a huge drop below into a one way zone".



third class service

this one of the third class service provider hotel