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safalg - Burrp User


August 12,2013

ok food 7 bad ambiance

first thing when you enter the restaurant what the hell i'm doing here...kids running around making noises..screaming yelling aaaaaghhh.. you have to wait atleast 30-45 minutes for your food to come... i love the pav bhaji here coz it comes quick and its tasty..if you want to have a full course food you have to be patience for it to be arrive if you font have patience skip this place
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kirtishah49 - Burrp User


March 19,2013

Weird ambiance ... average food :|

The ambiance is something tht strikes first to your mind... bt not positively though... tried some nachos with beans and quesadillas wich were strictly decent.. the indian food tried tasted good though... average place..
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Sachin Chavan - Burrp User

Sachin Chavan

June 04,2012

What were they thinking when they designed it?

Excellent example of poor design (both layout and decor). Garish red seats arranged like in a train boggie (no, it is not trying to simulate that experience either!).

No focus in the menu... 'we serve everything' kind! Well, but what do you do well? Umm??!!!

Well, pure veggies have hardly any dedicated fine dining places these days. So though this doesn't count as fine dining in my books, most strict veggies woud feel differently. If you have the equanimity of an ascetic (or want to develop it) you can focus on the food and ignore the ambience.
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Manali Shah - Burrp User

Manali Shah

January 24,2011

Good food, bad ambiance.

Shiv Sagar has great food and the portions are quite generous too. It is also one of the very few places to serve Mexican food in Thane. Cheese Nachos with Mexican Beans and Quesadilla are super awesome. The chinese and Punjabi dishes are great too. My grouse is that the prices here have been steadily increasing over time. Nachos used to be for Rs 90 when the restaurant opened and currently, it is at Rs 125.
Also, don't expect to have a quiet meal here. Kids are always found running around and making a lot of noise. I understand that kids might cry etc, but really, there's no justification when kids run around all the tables and the waiters, and even the manager makes no attempt to stop them. Eventually, we had to catch hold of a kid and ask them to stop running around. That really spoils your whole experience.
Also avoid ordering in on weekends and holidays as they take more than 45 minutes to deliver then. And never call in for dosa as they invariable get soggy by the time they reach your doorstep.
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Randip - Burrp User


February 17,2009

It is the best Family resturant

This place is in same arena as that of Mahesh Lunch Home.
It is the best place to go with family, They have every thing you would ask for
Its resonable to pocket and the food quality is good
Try the Paneer Ludhiana and it was good.
The Nacho with chease sause was rather BAD, But in all the place is good
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Sharad Tater - Burrp User

Sharad Tater

October 29,2007

Something for everyone

It has a huge menu, boasts of chinese, north indian, mexican, italian, continental and what not. It was my first visit, and I was very hungry so I sticked to Indian.

I have tried their tava sabji with dal tadka, butter roti(Tandoori) and plain rice. All that served was really lip smacking, and I liked the rotis and dal a lot.

Service is pretty fast, and very good ambiance. I will go there sometime soon to try out other cousin as well.

Worth a visit.
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