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> > > > Shree Thakker Bhojanalay

Shree Thakker Bhojanalay

Charni RoadSouth Mumbai  

  • 02233133178
  • No. 31, Dadiseth Agiary Lane, Opposite GT High School, Kalbadevi, Charni Road,Mumbai
  • Gujarati
  • Meal for 2 - 800

20 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Shree Thakker Bhojanalay Reviews





best gujrati thali ever

this is a place known for its authentic and pure gujrati food. the taste is simply home style and the freshness of the preparation can be experienced in every bite. they serve thali's which are more than filling with snacks and sweets included. reasonably priced and served with a smile. satisfying experience....always. the saddest part -sunday evening its closed. parking...






Amazing Thali food ....

This place caught me by surprise . like Totally .
Decided to try it ..considering it has been winning The Times Food award last 7 years .
Its tough to please a Non vegetarian with good Veg food ..but here i was head over heals with their food .
the moment u enter u are seated in the theme restaurant army of servers will serve u about 15 dishes in the next 1 minute . 6-7 vegetables ..5-6 dals , curd ,snacks , sweets , chaas , some 7 flavours of Rotis , namkeen and lots more .

and if somehow u survive eating all this ...they then come and offer u rice , khichdi and more starters .

Total VFM place . Totally recommend to all Gujjus and Non Gujju's

PRO tip : go there hungry ..dont have breakfast and lunch if possible .




In a thali there will always be an item or two that is so-so or passable. Not in this one! Each and every item served was delightful. The pooranpolis were to die for...extra thin crust and superb filling enriched by the dribble of ghee on top. A must visit place.



Dont forget the aamras

A complete value for money. Lovely place to have a stomach full of meals.Oh, the khichdi just melts in your mouth. Make sure you go during mango season. Their aamras is just insatiable.



Delighted and completely satisfied

Many have written a lot about the food here. Yes, the food is amazing. It is way better than rajdhani and golden star thali. Their food has a more Rajasthani & marwari touch.

They have a senior fatherly figure (let me call him dadajee) sitting on the reception desk sometimes. And that's what totally floored me. When I visited them, I was accompanied by my son. Dadajee started playing with my son, due to which I was able to finish my thali tastefully and peacefully. The gesture was very loving and I will not forget this, that in a metro city like Mumbai, there is a restaurant that has a heart. Highly recommended.



Winner all the way!

If you are in Mumbai and it's Gujarati thali that you are craving, it would be a sin to even dream of any place other than Thakker's at Kalbadevi. Thakker's has been established since 1945 and has been proudly and confidently holding the mantle for best Gujarati thali restaurant ever since.

Situated in the busy Dadiseth Agyari Lane at Kalbadevi in South Mumbai, Thakkers, which is situated on the first floor of a humble old building in the same lane, can turn out to be a bit difficult for newcomers to locate. However, the ordeal (if any) experienced before reaching the place is forgotten once you get a place to sit inside. The service is prompt, polite and quick. Watching your empty thali is just a matter of minutes before your food marathon begins!

Starting with the chutneys and pickles, they move on to Farsans followed by 5 preparations of vegetables, which change daily. Depending on the day you visit, there are various options in the Indian breads viz, rotis, corn paratha puris etc. The standard dal and kadhi are served on your choice - whether you would like it sweet or spicy. The curd and buttermilk are something which you ought not to miss here. Those with a sweet tooth need not be disappointed as they have fruit custard and another sweet which may be either shrikhand, aamras, basundi or any bengali sweet, depending on the season and the menu for the day. The final serving comes in the form of rice which can either be pulao or just simple plain rice with the traditional thick lachka dal which is best enjoyed with dollops of ghee(my favourite!). Definitely not for the calorie conscious!

I have visited this place for more than 20 years now and not once have I left the place without a full heart and even fuller stomach. Yesterday, being Holi , was another reason for me to visit Thakkar's with my family. Happiness continues...


I had the best meal of my life!

I just cannot stop thinking of eating here tonight. I was there on Thursday for the first time, and I say with all sincerity that this was the the BEST meal I have had in my entire 40 years of eating out.

I found this place easily given its large footprint on the Internet.

It is a small cute place. The meal begins as soon as you sit down. As soon as you take in the first morsel, you brain is filled with flavor fireworks. Every dish is an art form.

The owners are present and giving instructions all the time, ensuring each guest is taken care of. Service is immaculate.

There was a 90 year old gentleman at the cash register, and his hand was trembling as he took the cash from me, but, he was still there. I salute his commitment! Thank You Sir!

I was back on Friday, but, a little late at 9:30pm. The place was overflowing with guests inside and outside. I could not wait, as I had a movie to catch. I was dreaming about this place all night.

Today, I shall be back there, waiting at the gates at 6:30pm. Hope to get another meal before I go back home to Bangalore.



Haven't been here? Kidding me? It is an unmatched place for a Gujarati Thali. Must put it in your "To Do" list.


gluedtofood - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 09,2012


Terrific Sunday Hogging Spot!!

A train journey till Marine lines will lead to this small little thali place hidden in the tiny crowded lane in Kalbadevi. It resides on the first floor in an old building which is a little difficult to spot. But considering the popularity of this place you can easily trace this place. The service is very prompt so much so that the moment I sat down the server came up and said “Napkin hata do!” and started pouring in the chutneys. and then there was no stopping..chutneys were followed by salad, snacks, papad, vegetables, rotis smothered with ghee, bhakris with more ghee, dal, kadhi, rice, sweets and a never-ending refill of chaas. *burp!* . The place really lives up to its hype and has been consistent with their food taste and quality. This place has that old world charm. And the best part the menu keeps changing everytime so you get to enjoy a new thali on your every visit... Must visit!!!



If you want the best, you have to sometimes put in extra effort. Foregoing the ambience or location, this is clean veg food! choice of roties. Wisely enough the vegetables and dal is served in small katories (bowls) - so there is less wastage generated!
i am very fussy about veg food but this place there is nothing to complaint about except due to it's great reputation, you should be prepared to wait up to half an hour. If you are a couple, you will be lucky for an early call.
don't regret anything as a clean wholesome meal experience awaits.....


ankitdaf - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 26,2012


Amazing experience

I'll be concise, though its hard to be so when you're happy with their service

- The food is awesome.
- The staff is polite,and very hospitable
- The owners are extra courteous and take great pains to make you feel comfortable

I would totally recommend all of you to go ahead and try it out.


bellybytes - Burrp User


38 Reviews

February 23,2012


Total value for money

Sitting under the gaze of a portly Ganesha relaxing on his side, the five ladies who lunch enjoyed a Gujerati thali. Quick service, tasty food and any number of helpings. For just Rs. 250 per person we had rotis - atta, phulka with ghee, jowar, makka, bajra. Then there was rice or toor dal khichadi. We had a bit of mohan thal, dhokla, fried bhajias, roasted and fried papad, kadhi, daal, mixed bhaaji, kathol, aloo mutter bakarwadi and five different kinds of chutneys. The dessert was a choice between fruit custard, shrikhand and gulab jamuns.

I thought it was totally worth it even though the entrance through the lane was quite a nightmare. Besides there was no lift available for the restaurant which is on the first floor but frankly speaking this is just a mild inconvenience for this gastronomic delight which is clean, tasty and fuss free.

Will I go there again?

Definitely and will also take my guests for an authentic homecooked meal.



Good and tasty thali

Very authentic and tasty thali.
Good pricing and varieties in thali.
Everything served hot and fresh.
Service is excellent and friendly.
Only bad point is it's location.
Location is not accessible by car,have to walk through narrow streets of kalbadevi.I suggest to go for dinner as it is less crowded on road to walk.Highly recommended.


best thali

Located in a very crowded area right in the heart of the market this place serves authentic gujarati u'll find in the city of mumbai.Being a gujju its a staple diet for me but i love to come to this place time and again i never knew it existed until i was invited by a relative and thereafter i just kept hearing more and more about this place.Excellent quality vegetarian food.Just make sure you are dead hungry before you come here as the staff is very hospitable and make sure all the guests are well fed.


goldenbhel - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 27,2010


Best of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

My family and friends we all love to it Shree Thakkar's thali. They serve hot chapatis, bajra roti, juwar roti, mouth watering shrikhand and moong dal halwa, as well as pooran poli and Aam rus in summer is out of this world. Very edictive and delish. It's favourite of many film and TV stars. seen few of them eating there. If you havn't tried it yet? go ! must try it . It is the Best of Best.



adventure worth the time

Arrived in Mumbai late one evening, with the express idea of having the best gujju thali in town. Shree Bhojanalay was recommended by a local.The trip to find the place was quite an adventure. The find was worth it all!
The food was fantastic, the service attentive, and hospitable,and the place very clean.The owner ( Gautam ) was there, as was the patriarch of the family: in his 80s, spry, and personable.Altho it was past closing time, we did not feel rushed.
I expect to make this a routine stop for us when we are in in Mumbai in the future. Food was better than at Kailash Parbat, Rajdhani,and Som.
Thank you folks for making the evening worthwhile and memorable!



Good Gujarati Thali

For quite some time I wanted to visit, 'Shree Thakker Bhojanalay', for Gujarati thali. I would have loved to visit this place for lunch, but the traffic scenario in Kalbadevi forced me to reschedule my meal to dinner. After visiting and having a hearty meal at 'Shree Thakker Bhojanalay', I still won't be able to pin-point it's exact location.

'Shree Thakker Bhojanalay' is located on the first floor of a building in Kalbadevi. As I was walking up the stairs, I was expecting a spartan eatery. The durbaan opened the metal door to the restaurant, and I was pleasantly surprised to find an inviting air-conditioned ambience. The owners of the restaurant immediately guided me to a table. Almost every table in the restaurant was occupied, and most of the customers appeared satiated with the food and experience.

The waiters filled my thali in no time and I was already feeling overwhelmed by the sheer variety on offer. I was disappointed with the 'Khichiya'; it was fried half way which made it have a raw undertone to it. 'Saphed Dhokla' was nice and soft with a generous sprinkling of pepper powder. 'Mirchi Bhajiya' and 'Batata Bhajiya' lacked any crispiness, and were way too soft. 'Khasta Kachori' was simply stunning; the kachori was really crisp with a great flaky texture to it, topped over with amazing light chutney and sev. 'Parwal', this dry pointed gourd preparation was at best average, nothing special. 'Mug', the yellow green gram dish should have had more punch, tasty nonetheless. 'Batata Shaak', was not too spicy but really high on taste, the intermingling of onions and potatoes was divine. The coin sized 'Puran Poli' was pleasant, the puran stuffing was just right not too sweet, plus the wheat dough covering, which was baked to perfection, added to its appeal. Both the 'Gehu Rotis' and 'Bajra Rotis' were really soft and nice plus were served hot. The lumpy 'Khichdi' was delightful combination of lentils and rice. The 'Mithi Dahi Ki Kadhi' was gentle on the palate, but I would have liked a more generous use of green chilly in this concoction. The curd or 'Dahi' was really thick and had a nice malai layer on top. For dessert I opted for 'Gulab Jamun', the khoya used was really soft and was coupled with the optimum use of cardamom powder.

The service at this thali joint is really fast. The waiters will feed you till you are about to burst. The owners also lend a nice touch to the restaurant. Food wise, it's good, I feel their 'shaak' and 'kadhi' need to be higher up on the taste barometer. Overall, I will surely give three stars to 'Shree Thakker Bhojanalay'.


Simply awesome Gujju Thali

I visited this restaurant in 1993- finding it in the bylanes of Kalbadevi seemed a really daunting task. Found the food incredibly awesome to state the least.

I recently got the opportunity to visit it after 15 years and must state that the food quality remains unchanged, the best gujju thali in town. The variety is humongous, be it farsan, sabzis, rotli, rice, meetha.

An indelible culinary journey.....


**Good Gujju Food**

Reachin this place is a biggg prob..
Lanes lanes cycles thelaas etc etc..
Difficult to walk and even more difficult to drive.. .. ....
On a week day afternoon i was in this particular area so decided to try this eatery..
The place is nicely done up(not tht up market!!)
The Staff looked very attentive and happy to serve(a big plus in thali places)..
The food though was too impressive,cant recollect the names but the mix veg kathol and spl.dhokla are the best i have ever eaten..even better than my own home(i am a u know..)Lott of variety..Well made(not too oily etc)..
Wat i really would compliment is that their owner(Mr.Purohit)was personally attendin the customers and takin' their feedback..Which i believe is very imp and rare in todays timess..
Will definitely go back for good gujju food to this place(but only if i m in that locality)..
Baoo Majjjaa Aayvaa..


Simply Superb!!

The best Gujarati food I have had in a long time....Rajdhani pales in comparison....each of the dish seems like coming straight out of Mom's kitchen... thali consists of rareties like hot jalebis and what not...

of course reaching there is the big issue (cramped gullies and by-lanes of Kalbadevi) but the food is more than worth it....