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Silver Beach Cafe



26 Reviews / 30 Ratings

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Winter Special: Spiced Hot Toddy, Mulled Wine Jan 12 - Feb 28

  • This winter relieve your senses with Silver Beach Cafe's Hot Toddy a pleasant preparation of ginger, cloves, cardomom and cinnamon stick served with honey and hot water. Some of their delicious servings also includes Mulled Wine or Hot Spiced Afrodisiac. Perfect drinks to cheer you up this winter only at Silver Beach Cafe!

Special Gluten & Guilt Free Dishes Jan 29 - Feb 28

  • You won't have to sacrifice flavor if you’re looking for a gluten-free delicious and super healthy meal Silver Beach Café’s extensive menu now includes newest gluten-free options that will prove to be a sure shot delight to all!

    Striving to create something unique, healthy and with a European twist, the menu comprises of dishes like:

    • Roast chicken & french onion soup with caramelized onion
    • S haved green apple,  Walnut & feta salad with mirin lemon dressing
    • Cream of winter broccoli & walnuts
    • Guilt free salad with iceberg lettuce, flax seeds, nuts, sprouts and
    • Watermelon, feta & mint with toasted almonds
    • Yellow pepper, poached fish and curry asparagus salad
    • Cinnamon spiced poached pear, walnut & goat cheese salad
    • Quinoa, veggie & kidney bean croquettes with sun dried tomato pesto
    • Spicy south african peri peri stuffed chicken with roast vegetables
    • Chicken stuffed with spinach & cottage cheese with roasted wedges & curried espagnole
    • Spicy south African  peri peri stuffed chicken with roast vegetables

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Silver Beach Cafe Reviews






Amazing Place, Amazing food, Dull ambiance

Silver beach is one of my favorite restaurants. The cheese fondue and Forest mushroom & spring onion thin crust pizza are a must to have! The food and service is amazing. However, the place is a little dull as the lighting isnt appropriate and the music isnt all that great. Yet it is one of my favorite dinning place.







Nice Place

Located in a quiet by lane in Juhu, Silver Beach Cafe is a nice place to have a lazy evening snack or a dinner. The location is such that the car parking is generally never an issue; plus, you can also head to the nearby beach for a nice stroll after the dinner!

Food quality is pretty decent; however, at times they are a little slow in serving the guests. Ambiance is cozy in this cute little place!


azuli - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 01,2013






Love Silver Beach Cafe.

Ok, so as a Londoner (born & raised) who had never visited or met anyone who had visited or stayed in Juhu (or Mumbai for that matter), it was pretty predictable that I would do my bit of research on where to eat & where to avoid during my ten night stay. Indigo was one of the places that were mentioned multiple times to me by locals on forums & the reviews on this website certainly made me want to bring forward my flight to a sooner date. Don't get me wrong, I adore traditional Indian cuisine; coming from a half Indian background & being brought up with the complex & aromatic spices, I couldn't wait to sample the 'real' food in the 'real' place. However, four nights into my stay, I began to crave the familiar tastes of the West. Conveniently there was a Silver Beach Cafe situated at about a four minute walking distance from my hotel (oakwood)so on my fifth evening, I made my way down.

The atmosphere was relaxed & chilled. Dimly lit, but not so that you couldn't see where you were going, with a warm glow & decor reminiscent of some high-end European eateries (think wine-rack walls) - this is the place to visit after perhaps a long day of work or college. The staff were attentive & gave us a choice of a few tables instead of ushering us to just one (it wasn't totally busy but was quite full nonetheless). Menus were brought out but I knew what I was going to have, I had looked at the menu weeks in advance on burrp ;-)
I didn't have a starter as I wasn't too hungry & wanted to save some room for dessert & decided to have the sandwich with french fries which were crisp, fluffy & not at all soggy. A small salad was served with this that included arugula amongst some other leaves & was a cute little dose of healthiness alongside the calorie-laden, sticky, cheesy fiasco. For dessert which I didn't know whether I could fit in, I had the Chocolate Pizza which was a sin...
Haven't eaten such a dessert ever before the nuts , marshmallows with a suttle chocolate sauce was irreresistable .
. I will certainly be returning to Mumbai & when I do so, sSilver Beach Cafe where I'm heading for nosh. It's reputation is well deserved & who cares about the price when you're being served such high quality comfort food?


Great place, good food, okay service

I could file Silver Beach cafe under the date night spots, only I did not turn up on a date there so my focus was on everything else :).

After a movie at PVR Juhu, the quest for a new place around there was underway. Mangii, Alfredos and all of the others are trusted yet done to death by me, so the walk begun to Silver Beach Cafe. Like everyone mentioned before, the place is a little hard to find, but the Zomato coordinates helped.

I was instantly impressed by the decor of the place. Dim lighting and floor to roof glass windows on a Saturday night. Perfect to catch up on conversation and have some dinner along. The restaurant was old-school in the sense they used a lot of leather to do up the ground floor, but the styling was impeccable. On the Mezzanine floor, however, the decor worked as minimalist. The music played was from the 80s... from Roxette, to Bryan Adams. I think I was loving the place.

They had open seats on the mezzanine, and we proceeded there. Once we got our table, the menu's came by, again leather bound and parched paper inside. They put up their story at the front of the menu, and then the list of items they could serve.

We rolled through the pages, the breakfast menu, and then the various courses. It looked interesting. They had bothered to be experimental, at least with the soups to start. I've been looking for Carrot + Orange soup all over Mumbai and never found it till I got here. Instantly ordered.

We were planning to eat light, so after considering all the starters in my head, I had to move on to the mains. Pizza it was going to be since finding a good Thin Crust Pizza in town, is a li'l hard, unless you considered Domino's to be at par as well. Their flavours were interesting too. Blue Cheese on Pizza is a risky call, due to its strong flavours, but what the heck, we wanted to try it. We called in the Blue Cheese + Smoked Chicken Pizza. I was informed by the staff that it was going to be a 10" Pizza.

Not in the mood for alcohol, we settled with some of their mocktails, the Lemon Slush and the Watermelon cooler.

The food rolled in pretty quick, albeit a bit too quick. The soups arrived, and while we were still going with the soup, they came and parked the pizza on the table as well. Err. The drinks, on the other hand, came one by one, with a 20 min gap in between. Game over, I thought in my head. Too good to be true these guys.

The soup was very very good, yes. And once we finished we moved to the Pizza. One bite, and we knew this pizza was going back. It was cold. Of course if you leave a pizza in air conditioning to be consumed 15 mins later, you won't get it hot, right? We sent it back, they sent it back within a minute after reheating. Not even warm we said. Someone turned up to ask why were we not happy with the Pizza? Without hearing us out, he already judged us, saying Blue Cheese is not for everybody. And I had to explain to him, that Blue Cheese is for me, and we'd have the whole pizza, only if they gave us a hot one. He was amused, asking Same Pizza again? Anyhow, we got a fresh pizza on the table in another 5 minutes, and this time it worked perfectly for us.

The drinks were, pretty standard fare and nothing to write home about.

Someone mentioned on Foursquare that we should try the Blueberry cheesecake, so we bought in on the tip and asked for one. apart from the spare bits of Blueberry compote that came through inside, the cheesecake was not too great. Just another cheesecake category maybe.

The tab was a reasonable 1100 Rs, puffed up to Rs. 1500 by all the charges and taxes which were imposed. The reason I won't put it in the value for money category.

My advise to the staff, stop judging the customers preferences, and focus on good service. And my advise to potential customers, tell them to serve food in sequence and not all at once. The service is a pain area, but this place has noble intentions and you should definitely give them a try.







Really Expensive and Poor Service

I visited this place in the morning. I loved the ambiance. Although was really surprised by the Pricing and Service they provided. We wanted to have Pastries. When we order Cheesecake's we found out that none of it was available and then found out that Chocolate Bomb which wasn't mentioned on the Menu was available. We ordered 2 of those and ended up paying like 500 bucks and there was only person taking the orders and bringing them we had to wit for him, ask him to pour water for us. So overall the Pricing and the quality of service don't match. So I'd say skip


Little Get Away

It's a lovely place to just sit out, eat, talk, or even write. It's in the middle of this crazy Juhu area but its in a narrow lane, so could be missed every easily.

I came across this place when I was doing some RND on some new places in Juhu. And I came across Silver Beach Cafe on Burrp itself.

I asked a friend to join me and to explore this place.
The first thing that catches your eye is the lamp post on the outside. So Parisien - aint it :)

Loved the entire ambiance as a whole. It was a perfect get away....

Food: Excellent choices, the chefs helped personalize the dishes if you wanted something / or didnt want something in your dish. They were not rigid at all - which helps me realize they care / want their food to go down well with their guests.

Alcohol: All the choices are great. But what I loved most was the Wine Sangria choices and the wine cocktail choices.
I'm not a wine person but this choice was totally awesome. And worked for me above all.

I've taken my non-Bom friends to this place, only to get another loyal guest to Silver Beach :)

Great job guys. Keep it up.




A fantastic meal, and a good ambience

We had dinner here tonight in a group of 4. They initially seated us in the above seating area, which wasn't great. But the booths in the lower seating area were fantastic, offering a fair degree of privacy. The lighting was perfect, and the glass walls on the road were interesting and made the ambience seem more open.

The drinks were fine but the food was excellent. We ordered the stuffed chicken with rosti and vegetables, which was amazing in taste, and more so in presentation. We also ordered a salmon and another grilled chicken, which were quite nice.

It needs to be mentioned that the service was outstanding. The chicken was the captain's recommendation, and quite amazing. We had requested for the chicken to be prepared without mushrooms. But we noticed a mushroom midway through our meal. The server was visibly apologetic, and offered to get us another dish right away. We requested for the chicken again, prepared without the mushrooms because we liked it so much.

We do intend to visit this place again.


Promising ambience Disappointing Food

I was here to celebrate a very special occasion. I was celebrating my 12 years of awesomeness with my best friend. On a Sunday evening, the place was filled with diners, though there was no waiting as such. We were seated on the upper level where my friend saw a possum take a walk on the pipe at the back. I assured him that he wouldn't have entered the kitchen, saying so to assure myself too. Now of course it is a fine dine and candle light place (which we didn't know of, but it felt good), but the prices could be a little more competitive. I mean after they add the taxes, it is not worth the money. The order we placed was Penne in a Creamy Cheese Sauce with Prawns and Roasted Breast of chicken cajun style with potato mash with a side of Sauteed mushroom. The funny thimg, sauteed mushrooms were served to us like appetizers, first thing. Thankfully they tasted real good and made us look forward to the next dish, which was the Pasta. Unfortunately it was a huge let down. The prawns were so rubbery that instead of fighting for who gets more prawns, we were fighting about who should eat them at all. The chicken breast has very good sauce, though the chicken was not at all succelent and pretty dry, I mean I have had better (try the one at the Little Door in Andheri)! All in all, the ambience doesn't make up for the poor quality of food. The fondue did look tempting and I had thought of returning here to try it, but then on second thoughts, it is just left best as a thought!



My favourite cozy little place!

I really wanted to visit Silver Beach Cafe since a while having heard rave reviews about it. So I asked my friend to accompany me one fine day to accompany me here. It took us a while to locate this place but boy e were glad we did!

As soon as we parked the car we realized it's not just any cafe and that we are going to definitely like it. We were not wrong at all about how we felt at the start and the feeling stayed with us until the very end.

The ambiance is so well done and perfectly lit that you instantly feel at home. We chose to sit at the upper section and there was dim lighting alongwith candlelights. Very cute must say. The furniture and the whole upper section is made of wood so it gives a different look to it.

The food was very delicious and much better than our expectations. Especially the fondue is worth mentioning as it was super yummy!

Service was decent enough, Sometimes prompt but sometimes slow. We cant blame them, It's always full of people.

However, you still feel cozy because of the ambiance and lighting. Kudos to whoever designed this place! Must visit for anyone who loves secluded places where you can relax and have a good time with good food.

Food: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Pricing: 4/5



Date Place

It is a perfect place for a date.. Food is economical and tasty... Ambiance here is awesome.... Just go to this place



Good for everything

We went to ths restaurent on my birday as it was a surprise by my dear husband, the staff were very friendly and helpful in all the manner, food was super delicious,and my bestest experience ever. place is very cosy and romantic at times. we really enjoyed every bit of it truly worth for the price they charge. 1 Tip pls do try their pizza thy are awesome.



a lot can really happen over coffee

I just love the irish coffee they serve with a perfect n silent place so tht two ppl can really share n gossip abt the day..they serve good salad..this place make me refresh I really love gng here after my gym around 8pm u get to see good crowd..but the irish coffee is really a must try



Great food, ambience... haphazard service

Great location, great decor and ambience. Fabulous food!! And so reasonably priced. But... unfortunately the owner has perhaps hired some young and inexperienced waitstaff. We were blown away by all the actual elements of the dining experience. However, our meals arrived in haphazard timings, and my main course did not arrive at all. In the end we said forget it, and I ordered a coffee instead, which was the best coffee I have drunk in Mumbai. However we received the bill and I noticed an error. After waiting ten minutes (at least) the bill came back, again wrong. By this stage we had began to lose our patience. Eventually a third bill came after another ten-fifteen minutes, which was right; Rs 800 less than the first bill. It made me suspicious the young and dim-witted staff were trying to get some extra "10% service charges" added on, which more rushed or less discriminating clientele who failed to scrutinise the bill may not have noticed. I'm sure that extra 10% charge gets at least partially distributed among the staff. For such first-class food and environment, that is so reasonably priced, I'd be happier to pay a little more and get first-class service.


vukks - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 11,2012


Excellent food and ambience

Loved the chilled out feel of the place and the cafe'ish approach of the staff. We ordered the soup of the day, cottage cheese n wasabi wraps as appetizer and jerk chicken as the main course. Each and every dish was excellent (even the side order of potato wedges had a crisp zing to it)
definitely recommend Silver Beach Cafe !



I was looking up Burrp to check what's newly opened. Came across this name and it sounded nice to the ears. Read a few of its reviews... no menu uploaded etc. even now....

So I found it a little difficult to find the place but when I did I was a like nice and it brought a smile to my face.

Perfect french windows / lovely seating / and even the watchman smiled at me !!

So they have breakfast - which again I didnt know :) which makes me happy again ! I kinda like breakfast places. So everything on the menu sounded interesting - specially the prep. We ordered some White Wine Sangrias and we were not disappointed. It was awesome !!
Then the food - we tried the chicken dishes from the main course and a starter or two.. over all - great good... great presentation too and in terms of taste and quantity - excellent.
We liked the staff too coz not only were they nice they also helped us understand some of the preparations of the dishes and yes had knowledge on the same which you sometimes dont find in a restaurant.
Overall great experience. I've actually spent the whole day there :)
And been there already 3-4 times now. I would always recommend this place :)


anxxx - Burrp User


29 Reviews

September 15,2012


lazy afternoon bliss

it may be hard to locate this quaint place in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood, but once you are inside, its worth your while. This place has a great setting, nice ambiance, cheerful service and a positive laid-back feel to it. The food was sumptuous. Harissa Chicken Pizza and Tangy Chicken Curls were great. Watermelon n Mint Mocktail and the blue berry cheese cake were not so. Overall it was an expensive affair. But definitely worth a visit.


If you wanna get away from prithvi's crowd..

Visited today..for the second time...with a close friend..This place always seems to amaze me..
Wines are lil costly though, but nice crowd, nice ambiance, a hidden found cozy small place, best suited for couples.




I Usually dont write,but it was a amazing experience in last evening at Silver Beach Cafe , was my anniversary so we make it to Silver Beach Cafe,as there was lot of reservation and waiting,As we seated we got the menu,daily special menu,the guy who was serving us was very polite with us,than the guy standing on the desk who was very rude named some as valender,but we dont want to spoil our time and celebration..we were three of us Wife and my friend.our server served us water,than my Wife ask the guy to recommend us some good wine,so he suggested us mannara,pinot grigio,we asked for the soup special one into three,so the guy serving us Roshan said i can serve you one into two and i can give you extra glass because it was cold soup,they serve it on glass,which was too kind of our server,we ask for the soup because we just want to taste the soup.than breads arrived on our table than wine,we also ordered wine poached salad,pizza with sundried tomato,olives and for the main course we ordered canneloni pasta,Carribean Fish all the food was really delecious and were presented doesn't took long time our server took nice care of our table,he Poured wine,water as we needed. which rarely happens....our server suggested us good food good wine,he was taking care of other table too,but he was good at his job.he brought tasting house icecream for us which was too amazing...Roshan made our whole experience of Silver Beach Cafe wonderfull to us,which was memorable.thanks Silver Beach Cafe.....all the best.....just keep it up.


Perfect for a nice evening dinner

A very lovely place to be with someone you love or simply want to impress.


dreviewer - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 21,2012


just average

An ok place to go....a bit cramped on seating....the cous cous salad was tasty, however the portions are quite small.....average service.....all in all an average place to try...


0nburrp - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 18,2012



This place has to be by far be the most disappointing reff. i have ever got from friends and misleading reviews from the posts on Burrp! Went there for breakfast one Sunday morning only to be greeted by unclean tables, unclean cutlery and food served with a garnish of hair strands!
The service was shoddy and unattentive, the food was barely average, all the basics of running an eatery were totally missing. They take the concept of 'letting people be' to a whole new level...they are just not around!!
The location strikes as a best kept secret, the decor etc is all fine, as can be the ambience but the place should remain just that: a best kept secret. I would not go back!


the best breakfast ever had...yummm yummm

for me silver beach cafe has always been evening stop and will not be like that the breakfast here..... as it has rocked my taste bud and mood too,.....we dont have too many continental/italian breakfast choice here in mumbai..... so it is simply the best place so far for breakfast in mumbai, specially in juhu.


Loved the coffee.. a hide spot restraunt

After prithvi cafe, this is again a hide spot cafe..
lovely music
nice view from balcony,
nice ambiance,
nice place for two :p
by the way, i love their name-place as well :p



Great Place

Its a perfect sunday place...superb ambience ,great decor, good service and good food..the menu is not very large but offers a very good variety...i m totally impressed of the concept made for a small place, totally worth longing to go there again...good job done :-)


Sue  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

September 06,2011


Some very good and some quite bad

Went here for lunch last week and my initial thoughts were really good. The place has a relaxing ambiance, nice lighting and had a touch of style. The first disappointment came with the realisation that, even though the booths downstairs looked cosy, they were in fact really badly designed and way too snug to be comfortable. I'm not a big person, but if I was I don't think I would even be able to get into one of those booths! It was the same old thing - someone had come up with a good idea, but not really considered the space in which they had to do it or the customers comfort!
We insisted on a table upstairs - even though we were told it was closed (really? - why?) and from there on in our experience was all good. From the balcony you can see the street below and watch the comings and goings of the day .... food was really good especially the chicken roll starter which was delicious! Pizza was suitably crispy. Coffee was one of the best cups I have drunk in a long while.
We will definitely go again - but only when we can get a table upstairs!



good ambience

i've spent 12 years in that vicinity and it was more of a nostalgic feeling that took me there... great spread and nice ambience with some music was just a perfect blend to spend a quality time with your loved one..however, whenever you plan to go, make sure you find out well in advance if theres any party hosted a level up.. i was suddenly caught in the middle of a Pg3 party with plastic celeb's and loud music .. you can relish on a wide range of imported wines with pastas, pizzas and healthy salads.. Cheese fondue was a killer and so was grilled chicken cajun.. spaghetti bolognese was a disappointment since it was half cooked.. well they could do more with the quantity especially favor foodie like me..
All this on one side and now time for the biggest horrific sight--- you will see the waiters,captains and the manager himself satisfying their taste buds and nibbling on the food ready to be served at your table everytime their visit to the naked kitchen. Its a disgraceful act.

Average dent for 2ppl - Rs.1500- 2000 excl. alcohol.