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Home/mumbai/Silver Beach Cafe

Silver Beach Cafe



26 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Hot Chocolate Coffee Jul 14 - Jul 31

  • One thing that we are sure off is that if anything can make you feel alive and help you get on with your day in this gloomy weather its Coffee. A lavish dose of flavoured coffee and you can may be even rule the world. Silver Beach Cafe's Hot Chocolate Coffee will hit you well and good. Situated by the sea side, you can enjoy your coffee in peace and get on with your work while enjoying the rains through the long glass french windows.

Breakfast Menu​ Jul 08 - Jul 31

  • Visit Silver Beach Cafe in this gloomy weather, and recharge yourself with the refreshing breakfast menu. The menu comprises of a delectable spread of sandwiches, eggs, salads, juices, coffees and tea that will definitely kick start your day and How!

Monsoon Flavoured Fondues Jul 02 - Jul 31

  • Silver Beach Cafe brings you a whole let of different fondues with monsoon favourite accompaniments like crispy potato wedges, herbed bread, lavash and baguette slice. For the sweet tooth, there is also a decadent chocolate fondue in which one can dip marshmallows, pound cake, fresh fruits and more.

Soulful Soup Experience Jul 02 - Jul 31

  • Some soup for your soul from a pretty bowl at Silver Beach Cafe! Indulge in mouthwatering soups like Roasted Apple & Butternut Squash, Chilled Roma Tomato Soup with Basil/Gazpacho, Roasted Carrot, Fennel & Apple, Cold Melon-Cucumber Soup-Mint, Veg Coriander Clear with Chilli & Mushroom, and more. Served with Baguette slice & Lavash; There is also an option for the meat lovers to. Add Grilled Chicken/Sausage to the above Soups. Stop over at Silver Beach Cafe for an souful soup experience.

Get Cha-tea Jul 21 - Aug 31

  • Silver Beach Cafe offers its variety of different Teas so that your conversations never end. Be it the Local Masala Tea or something fancy and light like Flowering Rose Tea; Ranging from Flowering Camomile Tea, to Green Tea with Camomile, Green Tea with Mint, Green Tea with Ginger Lime, Green Tea with Apple Cinnamon, Basilur Exotic Teas (Select from our Luxury Box) Silver Beach has it all covered.

Silver Beach Cafe Reviews