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> > > Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt

Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt


  • 02226144481
  • Shop No. 2, Sagarika Building, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai

14 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt Reviews

Nidhi989 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 26,2014







If you don't know what Frozen yogurt is, this place will make you run at the first taste. Horrible servings...



Not the biggest fan

I like frozen yogurt but I'm not really a fan of the stuff served here. But maybe I haven't tried enough of the flavours so I'm willing to give it another shot.
What I did like here was the green apple and pink mochi yogurt. I haven't had flavours like that anywhere else and these two were really really good.
I also like their pay by weight concept. It's pretty cool. :D
Good luck guys!


bhumi_123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 03,2013


disgusting and GEEKY

on entering we enquired if we could taste, and they did not have spoons to let us taste....on asking them how could i taste without a spoon, so they expressed that we could lick it??????? YUCK!!!!!all the more they did not give me a bill for my purchase and also over charged me....i realised after i had left the store, and called them back, the manager did not take charge of the situation and also i was given the icorrect mail id to post my query.....gear up guys....absolutely horrible experience...


manstar - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 28,2012


Good variety

i visited it a few times. i love the yogurts. They change their flavours frequently which is a good thing. i tried the caramel flavoured yogurt, with caramel sauce and dive in heaven. Love it. My favorite.
The pricing is a unique system that is growing popular recently or weighing and paying, which i think is nice.


December 29, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hi Manstar,
We at Smooch are happy to provide a variety of flavors unlike other yogurt joints that stick to their regular flavors, we have a variety to offer and thus, keep changing on a regular basis. Thank you for your feedback, and do visit us soon and try our unique flavors in store. See you soon.


Overpriced - There are better froyo joints

I'm always in hunt for good frozen yogurt joints. So obviously when i saw Smooch in place of cinnabon, i had to try it out. One more self-service yogurt place. i personally do not like them! You always end up filling more of your cup than y ou want to. after trying all their flavours, i settled for the green apple. The place is certainly overpriced, like all self serviced yogurt joints. Visited the palce once and do not intend on visiting again. I woud rather prefer 6th street or yogurtbay


December 20, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Thank you for visiting us once. All the best.


Your best flavours are not available regularly :(

I have always been a fan of smooch...i have loved some flavours like caramel,bombay mango,white chocolate macademia(one of the best fro-yo in mumbai),and sooo on...
but you guys are not keeping it regularly.....most of your best flavours are not in regular circulation....i recently spent around 340 bucks with a cake pop(for 1 person)...
Though its expensive, i do not get to try your favorite flavours at smooch....
the red velvet flavour hardly tastes like red velvet....
Sometimes a good flavour is there...sometimes not there :(
Do introduce a topping called pink will go well with your pink mochi fro yo.
Just keep your signature flavours coming....and you would deserve nothing less than 5 stars (:


December 12, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hey Yuvi,

Thank you for your feedback. We do make it a point to have popular flavors at any given time, however, we do also like to have a variety and not stick to the same ones throughout, so that people get a chance to try our other flavors, as we have more than 60 .Nevertheless, we appreciate the feedback, and will keep this in mind. Thank you so much for your patronage, do continue to come to Smooch and enjoy our delicious Yogurt.

December 12, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

yes,will surely come back....keep atleast one popular yogurt on any day :)
Do work on that american peanut tastes bland.

December 12, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hey Yuvi,
This week, we have been running Creamy caramel, Bombay Mango, German Chocolate Cake, Green Applie Pie and Introducing a new flavor tomorrow, called Taro Kravings. Do come try.

December 12, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Woh..awesome!...definately coming tommorrow :)

December 12, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Woh..awesome!...definately coming tommorrow :)


A Gastronomical experience

I wonder why i have reviewed this one so late.I have loved their innovative flavours like pink mochi,caramel,etc.They are far better than any fro-yo in Mumbai.
As you enter the store,you are surprised by their beautiful decor.Such class.
Their pricing is interesting.It is based on weight.
On my request,they called me back to inform that the white chocolate macademia flavour was available.I tried that+a mango flavoured yogurt+pink mochi.
I tried some delicious toppings like caramelised almonds,coffee jelly,passion fruit poppers,etc
The white chocolate macademia flavour had the naughtiness of the nuts.It was unbelievably tasty with the flavour of white chocolate.
The mango yogurt was awesome too.I have always loved mangoes,but this one put me in a nostalgic mode.
The pink mochi was nice had a strong essence of strawberry made with some japanese rice.
I will advice fellow mumbiakars,not to miss this fro-yo outlet.
My best fro-yo experience in Mumbai.


November 30, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hey Yuvraj,
It is our pleasure to serve you. We are very glad you like SMOOCH.
We keep introducing new flavors every week, so that customers get to taste our variety of flavors in store. Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Exceptional & Amazing!

Just before Juhu Beach lies what according to us is one of the fanciest, wackiest & the most fun filled yogurt parlour in Mumbai at the moment! The name is Smooch, Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt.
We entered the place and were amazed with the looks of the place !
Trendy, Awesome and Stylish is how we'd describe Smooch!
To Read the Entire Review, visit :


Anjum  - Burrp User


123 Reviews

September 25,2012

Expert Review 4.0

b! Review: Smooch @ Juhu

“Umm... I want this one and this one and that one and that one too. Arrgh! I’m so confused.” If you always have trouble deciding what you want to eat, step into Smooch (a fairly new brand of Italian Frozen Yogurt to enter the market) and treat yourself to a little mix and match, says Anjum Chevalwala.

The first thought that crosses your mind when you enter Smooch is cute and cosy. The pink, blue and yellow decor looks classy and lively. Despite the space constraint, they’ve managed to utilise the wall well by turning it into a message board where you can write how you were smooched by their frozen yogurt and a small pin board to display pictures of all those who were smooched. Be warned though, the place becomes slightly cramped if there are more than 20 people inside at the same time.

Now you can write your own messages and click pictures, but only if you follow the instructions.

Step one – choose your yogurt cup size.

Step two – help yourself to as many flavours you want, as much quantity you like. Mix and twist and create your own masterpiece of flavours.

Step 3 – add as many toppings as you want. (Although we suggest you limit them to maximum three, don’t want to drown the frozen yogurt in a pool of toppings now do we?)

Step 4 - weigh your yogurt cup, pay according to the weight of the cup and dig in!

The concept of pay by weight worked best for us because it gave us the freedom to have more than one flavour in the same cup (Pink Mochi and New York Cheesecake, yum!) and the option of more than one topping with the regular charge of about Rs. 75-90 (as per industry standards… given the number of frozen yogurt brands in this city it’s an industry alright!).

Smooch has a lot of different flavours to offer like Black Cherry, Bombay Mango, Original Tart, Green Apple (our favourite!), Red Velvet Cake (we rather eat the cake version of this one), Italian Tiramisu with coffee (a good choice for those who love coffee), Pink Mochi (our second favourite) New York Cheesecake, Blueberry Blast and many more.

Oh, by the way don’t decide on your order before you walk in because you may not get what you want. Why? Smooch serves only six flavours at any given time. Their strategy is to not limit themselves to a fixed menu and change their flavours every day. So always walk in to the store expecting a surprise… at least till you’ve tried all their flavours.

You can also tweet, share pictures on Facebook or play games while enjoying your yogurt. They offer free wi-fi and an iPad is always available for you to practice your Angry Bird skills (Hah! Talk about value-addition).
PS: Don’t forget to click a picture with your yogurt; they might just put it up on their wall for display.

Must Try: Green Apple yogurt, sans toppings and Pink Mochi with kiwi, muskmelon and chocolate fudge topping.

Cost: Approximately Rs. 50/- (0.85 paisa per gram without toppings)
Approximately Rs. 80/- (1.10 rupees per gram with toppings)



You dont need a mistletoe for this smooch!

Okay lets get the burning question answered first. Is it as good as Yougurtbay? No.
Well, there you have it!
However, that said, this is quite a good place for grabbing a frozen yogurt, and I find myself hanging out with friends quite often at Smooch.


You get to serve yourself! Just grab a cup, move over to the self service froyo machines. Pull down the lever and take a heap of whatever you fancy. Mix various flavours whatever. You are the master of your cup. One you finish doing that, head over to the toppings counter. Grab a spoon and put whatever you like-- in whatever quantity your greedy mind wishes.

The toppings include some of the usual stuff such as crumbled Cookies, M&Ms, Chocolate sauce, various fruits, various fruit compotes etc. It also includes some unusual stuff such as fruit loops (the cereal), caramelized almonds, chucks of dark chocolate fudge etc.

At the end of it all, you simply weigh your cup. Depending upon the weight (grams) of your decadent creation, you pay up.
Simple eh? Fun eh? Yes and Yes.

Smooch changes the yogurt flavors pretty often. Thus sometimes you can be surprised with flavors such a tiramisu and kiwi, whilst at other times the flavors include red velvet cake, peach and green apple.

They have a nice seating area, and the staff is cordial.


No signature creations. So no 'made-for-you' blue berry cheese cake yogurt or the like.

The topping selection could be greatly improved. Who puts fruit loops on their yogurt?? Also the chocolate sauce topping is highly okay. I wish they'd get more variety in here.

Their smoothies are entirely forgettable.

A lot of the new flavors dont really 'hit' the spot. Some flavors like strawberry/ blueberry etc which should be nailed, sadly tase a tad bit artificial.

That said, Smooch is currently the best froyo option in Juhu and I shall be returning soon.


September 21, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Thanks so much for frequenting Smooch, we value your feedback and will look into your comments.
Keep Smooch'N

Keep Smoochin'

Visited the Juhu outlet few days ago and what a surprise! I loved the Decor, especially the lovely neon lighting. They have a kissing booth which is a wall where you could go crazy with your scribbles and leave notes. I like the concept of weigh your own yogurt and pay for it, but I don't know how far it would work. I absolutely loved the Orange Sunshine and the Caramel Yogurt with the Caramel Topping! Oh they also have free wifi and an iPad you could play around with! Keep it up Smooch!


Absolutely delicious!

I have been to Smooch several times and will not go to any other frozen yoghurt place. The frozen yoghurt is so delicious. It is healthy, smooth, creamy and yummy. This frozen yoghurt is not compensated with loads of sugar to disguise the soarness. Other frozen yoghurts are very soar and then have loads of sugar. SMOOCH is natural, healthy and pure. You can taste the fresh milk. Its a beautiful place to hang out and even have business meetings. Instead of grabbing a coffee, I grab a Smooch frozen yoghurt with my clients.


July 31, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hi Bijal,
It is our pleasure at Smooch to serve you. You are absolutely right, Smooch provides a versatile ambience, be it for a casual client meeting, or a place to catch up with friends over a refreshing and healthy cup of frozen Yogurt. We look forward to seeing you more often.



I went to smooch last week . It was ok . Not very great .
Honestly i still feel yogurtbay in bandra has the best froyo .
Plus i dont like the idea of 'pay by weight' .



What a great place! Luv it!
Gr8 Froyo, Gr8 Place, Gr8 Flavours!
Delicious FroYo!
I wish there was a smooch in South Mumbai.Long way to drive in the Monsoons :(


July 9, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hi Kashish,
We are so glad that you like SMOOCH and appreciate your patronage despite the monsoons. Hope to keep seeing you back here at SMOOCH, Juhu.


Frozen Yogurt Heaven

Great place, awesome store. I loved the the fact my family and I were in control creating our own frozen yogurt desserts.
WOW what endless creations one can make. It felt like being a kid all over again.
In my opinion the plain flavor was the really good, nice creamy feel and the just the right level of taste. The Strawberry Cheesecake, was really good.
Whats nice about smooch the yogurt flavors are not over sweet unlike the other frozen yogurt stores.
The toppings were unique and fresh. Love the chocolate rocks.
Coming back with the whole family for another smooching experience tonight!
would be great if Smooch did home delivery.


July 9, 2012response from management at Smooch Italian Frozen Yogurt:

Hi Danisha,
Thank you so much for the feedback. We strive to make our customers satisfied, and come back for more. We value your comments and hope to keep seeing you back at SMOOCH.
Home Delivery will be available shortly. In the meantime, see you at SMOOCH.