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> > > > Souk Restaurant, Taj Mahal Palace

Souk Restaurant, Taj Mahal Palace

ColabaSouth Mumbai  


13 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Savour an exciting palate of dining for Sunday Brunch at Souk. A varied choice of cold and hot mezzes like Mouttabel, Shankleesh, Chesse Fatayer, salad, soups, breads and more.

    Day: Every Sundays

    Time: 12.30pm - 2.45pm
    Price per person (with alcohol): Rs. 3650 (AI)

Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Savour an exciting palate of dining for Sunday Brunch at Souk. A varied choice of cold and hot mezzes like Mouttabel, Shankleesh, Chesse Fatayer, salad, soups, breads and more.

    Day: Every Sundays

    Time: 12.30pm - 2.45pm
    Price per person (with alcohol): Rs. 3650 (AI)

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Souk Restaurant, Taj Mahal Palace Reviews






Decent food..!!

Souk - the lebanese restaurant at the Taj Palace Mumbai has many things going for it. It is located on the top floor of one of the most iconic hotels in India. It has a beautiful decor aided by tranquil lighting. But most importantly, it serves authentic finger licking kebabs and other turkish/lebanese delights! The food is the show stopper here more than anything else..but It doesn't feel like you are at the Taj Palace Hotel’s restaurant.


kaian - Burrp User


19 Reviews

August 17,2013



A market place is the literal translation. And truly it is. A market of exotic dishes from the Middle East. Definately try the mezzo buffet it's worth it. Full paisa vasool! The hummus is the best i'v ever had. In the mains I prefer the sheesh taouk and NOT to miss the absolute yummy rose petal icecream. It's simply heavenly. Well that's about the food. The ambience is gorgeous with a 270 degree view of the panoromic view of Mumbai the harbour and the city. Simply romantic!!


caligirl - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 12,2012


Sadly disappointing- the Taj can do better

I love Taj restaurants, and been meaning to try Souk for ages, but it turned out to be a real letdown.
Firstly, we were 3 people and they sat us on a very cramped table for 2- the placemats were overlapping, and one of us was facing a pillar. Considering the restaurant was by no means full, this was in very poor taste.
Secondly, the wait staff was very pushy on the drinks, which also left a very poor taste- class it up a bit, Taj!
And on the food- we tried the lamb kibbe (fried mince with pine nuts)- which was decent, but nothing remarkable. In the mains we had:
Chicken b'stillah- sweet puff pastry, which was far too eggy.
Chicken joojeh kebab- underflavoured and bland- go to Olive for much better grills.
Chicken curry- tasted like under-seasoned Indian curry.
I hate leaving negative reviews, particularly considering how fond I am of the Taj and their service otherwise, but at Souk everything from the food to the service was strictly mediocre, and way overpriced.


Saumil Shah - Burrp User

Saumil Shah

7 Reviews

February 15,2012


Great Middle Eastern food

Truly the best place in South Mumbai for middle eastern food. Souk has been consistent from day 1 and I have never had a bad experience here. Only the parking at Taj is sometimes a headache but worth it when coming there for Souk.



Great food , view and service!

The mezze was fantastic, both for for veg and non veg items. Everything was fresh and flavorful.
For mains, I had the chicken taouk and a lamb kebab dish, both were delightful. Fresh bread basket was brought to our table.
Since we were sitting in view of the grill area, it did get a bit warm for us.
The restaurant is on the rooftop of Taj and hence you can expect a spectacular view.
Service was efficient and prompt without even overbearing. A must try!


navazl - Burrp User


16 Reviews

October 08,2011


Awesome food, awesome ambience, awesome view!

What more can I say, our experience at Souk was absolutely fantastic! We tried the mezze buffet which had 20 veg and non veg items with flat breads served at the table. All were excellent! Had no space to order main course or dessert! Absolutely delicious and an excellent view of the sea, Gateway of India etc. A must try!!!


A different day, a different experience...

You may have read my previous review on Souk where we had a horrifying experience with the service. We decided to go there again and what should I say? We were thrilled...the service was prompt, attentive, fast and most importantly friendly!

The food was superlative as the previous time. We had a mezze with crispy lamb and pine nuts (awesome), a lamb kabab (wrapped up in thin pita bread), a veg tagine and one of the stuffed breads with cottage cheese and spinach. Each dish was a delight to the senses in its own right - full of flavour, the correct texture and visually appealing. We ended with the chocolate bastilla - great as always!

The bill came to around Rs. 4500 for 2 adults and 1 child - but it was truly worth it! If Souk can maintain this level of service along with the great food, it shall soon become one of my favourite restaurants in the city!


Great food, snooty service

if it was not for the food, it would have got a 1 star rating. Was there on Feb 2 and celebrating a special occasion. Booked in advance for 3. When we land up there, they try and squeeze us into a 2 seater. We move tables to something more comfortable and then waited for about 15 minutes to get some water. Waiters all around, but no one to get us the menu card for about 20-25 minutes - so we walked to the elevator, and were finally requested to come back to that they could serve us - phew!!

From what I cud gather, the service staff is more keen to serve the hotel guests and expatriates there. Sad to say this of a Taj hotel, and especially this one which was built to counter this very attitude.

Now starts the good parts - the mezze is just superb. We tried out some of the veg and meat ones, and all of them are just great. So are all the main course dishes. The Chef is a young Syrian chap, and clearly loves what he is doing.

I am debating whether to go there for their mezze lunch but the service is really harrowing - it was almost like aparthied out there, and now I know how Gandhiji felt when he was pushed out of the train in South Africa.



I've not been back to the Taj since the events of 26/11. However, a friend's sister visiting Bombay on business meant that it was high time to get rid of the old demons and get back to seeing the Taj for what it truly is: the jewel in Bombay's crown.

This is s a show-stopper of a restaurant. It's there to halt you in your tracks and take your breath away upon entry (especially at night). And all this with down-to-earth, attentive service, extensive and interesting menu, and a diverse wine list.

I suggested Souk primarily to give our guest a bird's eye view of night-time Mumbai (earlier we'd been to Aer for a similar sunset vantage over some bargain-basement champagne cocktails during their happy hour). And it didn't disappoint, as Bombay doesn't when it comes to night-time viewing from way up high.

The restaurant is dimly-lit and relatively spartan in decor. That said, it still gives an intimate feeling of warmth and appeal. Something else to note is that it somehow manages to pull off being a restaurant suitable for large groups and romantic couples, as well as everything in between (in which bracket we would place ourselves).

The menu was extensive (and the bubbles from the champagne were starting to affect the synapses in my brain) so recommendations were sought from the able Santosh, who was looking very dapper in his turquoise blue shwerwani.

Service was swift and our hungers were easily satiated with the mouth-watering items that were suggested. The kebabs in particular were truly memorable: the melt-in-the-mouth lamb in particular. With our feedback for the chef duly noted, before we knew it, Rani, the Syrian(?) chef was at our table to say hello. Oh how I would have wished he could cook me a tiffin each day...

If you've room left after the appetisers and entrees make sure you have the dark chocolate concoction in the filo pastry. That's all it is: pastry and chocolate, which is more than enough if chocolate is your thing. And you get a real plate-full too ;o) Just don't invite your doctor to dine here with you is all I can say.

Overall, the exorcism was a success. The Taj is back. And so am I.



Simply Suberb

Last month i was staying at the Taj and after dining at most of the restaurants we were contemplating of dining at Souk ( not huge fan of mediterranean cuisine) ....We visited them for dinner clearly explaining we were their just for drinks and starters....

What started as just drinks n starters went to main course and therafter dessert and ended with a moroccon mint tea....

We are vegetarians and the food was excellent....We had lovely hummus and their breads were lovely especially the one with Zataar....I loved the Kolokythakia (tempuras for me) with yogurt dip ( the presentation of this dish was innovative)...I loved the Pilaf 2 and the fresh rose petal ice cream (kulfi) was sinfully delightful....What a lovely dinner....Wonder when will i next dine there....

I have to say that the credit for this lovely dinner goes to the staff of souk who helped us in ordering the right dishes to suite our taste buds.....The service was Impeccable and the mint tea on house ha ha ha ...cud i have asked for more....


missyroti - Burrp User


32 Reviews

December 03,2009


Good but not great

I visited the souk last week on the weekend for my birthday, we were contemplating taking the 'casablance'table but refrained from doing so.
Ambience: Beautiful but when your looking at the Gateway of India view your most likely to see yourself. But inside its done classy could have been more morrocan.
Drinks: A big shame. Ordered a caprishka and it had no alcohol and got another mojito and still no alcohol. Poorly made with a few ingridents left out.
Service: Bad BAD BAD!!We waited 10mins for a menu and then another for someone to take our order which we had to grad the waiters attention. They are under staffed and over booked.
Food: We had athe humus with crispy lamb- the lamb was tasty but humus had no taste just texture. Then we had artichoke with mushrooms and peppers which was yummy. To top it all we had the lamb tangine which was brilliant, really good.

Overall experince would be good...but could have been better.



Mid East MoJo

Havn't been out to eat in a while and what a comeback... our meal was superb! We were a large table so got to taste a wide selection of things as we dipped into each others orders.
Food: The lamb with humus and a kheema and hazlenut 'samosa' (for lack of a better term) for starters - avoid the aubergine dip. Main course was the Arni m'qualli (not sure if i got it right - ask your waiter :) which is a leg of lamb cooked in Tagine dish making it succulent and literally shred off the bone - yum! Other delightful dishes included the lamb shank and prawn tagine served with couscous. The kebabs off the grill are also delicious
Ambience: what ambience? - a big let down. I can't imagine why a place like the Taj can't be sensible enough to install reflective glass to take advantage of the it was, we ended up looking at ourselves in the reflection despite a great view of the harbour.
Service: Was excellent with some good suggestions made by the person taking our order. Unfortunately, they were wearing outfits that looked like they were bought at RoopMilan rather than what would be available in a middle eastern souk

Damage: Bloody expensive - was being entertained so did not see the bill, but would imagine it was in the range of Rs 2000 per head


Taj Dissapoints yet again

Rest : Souk
Meal : Dinner
Date : 14/6/2006
Location :Taj

Experience - Very nice ambience, Souk is at the rooftop of the Taj Tower and has a great views the decor is kind of modern minimalist and the service is allright.

Drink : Diet Coke

Food : The cuisine is spread across different parts of the Mediterranean.
We ordered the Shorba Adas, which was this egyptian soup with onion straws.
Allright, not great, in fact i have had a better version at the Cafe Basilico.
The humus khabez which is hummus with chopped pickeled veggies. It was allright, not great, passable.
The Felafil, was also not bad, but quite passable. The two mixed together raised the quality of the meal to a touch above ordinary.
We decided to split the entree so we ordered this Greek Spagetti, which was lots of tomato, parmesan cheese, in a light, red and white sauce. This was the coup, very light, but full of taste. Highly recommend it to anyone.
Overall the experience was dissapointing, i would have expected Souk to be in league with Wasabi and Golden Dragon but its barely about 60% of the experience. Also they were scrimping on the Pita. I mean jeez, with the pasta i got two pieces of pita ? seriously, i have great respect for the Taj, but this is too much (or too little)
Much emphasis was placed on the decor and lesser still on the food. Also allowing people to waft in wearing shorts is unacceptable. I think white people can still get away with anything in this country (and i say that as a person who has a huge cirlce of friends who live abroad and visit)

Rating : Food 6/10, Service 8/10

Damage : 2100 ($50)