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Soul Care

Govandi East  


3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Soul Care Reviews







Goodness in a meal box

The food at Soul Care is comprehensive of most menus like Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Punjabi and Kashmiri cuisines. An average meal here consists of rice, chapatis, two sabjis, dal and some salad. They’ve recently added rotis made of bajra, jowar, rice and nachni to their meal boxes in addition to theplas and parathas. For those wanting to deviate from the regular Indian menu, Soul Care also offers the Continental Platter inclusive of cuisines like Italian, Mexican and Arabic accompanied with salad, fruits, soups and brown bread sandwiches. While the regular Indian Cuisines meal box consists of 450-600 calories, the continental platter has only 400. Meals at Soul Care are planned and synced with seasonal changes, For instance, during the summer season, an average meal may be accompanied with aam panna, jaljeera, fresh lime water or masala chaas. You can have these meal boxes delivered at your doorstep at an additional delivery charge depending on your location.






Extremely oily, spicy and unhealthy food

I had ordered a ten day trial for a Diet Meal and a Balanced Meal from Soul Care - both the meals are supposed to have a different calorie count, Diet Meal with a lower calorie count. Both the meals were the same all through the ten days. Shockingly enough, the sabzis and daals have oil and chilli floating on it. Not that we don't like spicy food, but not in a diet meal!

Every day, the gravy in all sabzis is the same making one wonder whether they cook it all for a week in advance! That also means you're not going to have any variety of taste.

The salads are so little in quantity, it defies the purpose of a diet meal. Vegetables are not cut properly with large chunks left as they are. Vegetables like okra and cauliflower demand special attention when cutting, otherwise there could be insects in them - no such attention appears to be paid at Soul Care.

When I wrote to them expressing my disappointment, I received a useless "Thank you for your feedback" email and they continued with their old ways.

Pictures attached will tell you the story. Absolutely not recommendable. No soul, neither any care here. If you're looking for this kind of food, you could be better off with a local/neighborhood tiffin provider. The meals are going to leave you wanting a detox.


Ganeshs - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 13,2012


Delicious and Healthy just like Ghar ka Khana!

When was the last time you have truly looked forward to whats cooking for lunch? Soulcare serves complete nutritious meals with a 'Ghar ka Khana' experience. SoulCare offers, pure veg, tiffin services in Mumbai to you. Menu is designed keeping in mind the requisite nutritional balance, calorie count, visual appeal, variety & timely delivery of meal.