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> > > > Soul Fry Casa

Soul Fry Casa

FortSouth Mumbai  

  • 22671421, 9820282522
  • 111-A, Currimjee Bldg, Mg Rd, Opposite Mumbai University, Fort, Mumbai
  • Goan, Indian, Indian coastal
  • Meal for 2 - 750

28 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Soul Fry Casa Reviews

atmol1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 17,2013


Excellent, laid-back, value for money

On the basis of about a dozen visits to this small restaurant I can vigorously recommend it to all who wish to partake of sea food accompanied by good drinks in a relaxed and uncrowded environment. On several occasions they have offered to make dishes that were not on the menu and they (usually always) make me a pineapple martini (again, off menu) that is simply divine. Highly recommended for excellent, home-cooked food served in a friendly and relaxed fashion. Prices have been creeping up but they still represent value for money. The fish thali is a prime example of this.



Great Place.

I have been to soul; fry casa on the Karaoke night and i must say it was a gr8 experience. the service was good. the owner of the hotel is friendly and makes you comfortable. food was good. we tried paneer chilli garlic which was yummy. the whole ambiance take you in the goan culture. gr8 place. must try at least once.


Deteriorating quality

It really pains me to write this review. I am an old die hard Soul Fry Casa fan. Been going here at least for the last 5-6 years with good experience until the last few times. Really like the bebinca and sol kadhi here. But the last couple of times, the experience has not been upto the mark. I think the chefs are preparing the goan cuisine here more and more with a punjabi tadka to it. All the gravys come out looking blood thick red, and taste almost the same as a non veg kadhai gravy that you get anywhere else. We were here yesterday. Firstly we ordered sungta maria (which is prawns on fried toast). While the dish was good, again the prawns tasted just like a prawns kadhai mix. Then we ordered the Portuguese prawns rice, which is basically rice with prawns in piri-piri gravy. This was a big let down. Piri Piri sauce, as I have had numerous times in the past, is brown in color and is citrusy in flavor. This was just again a very north indian style tasting prawns kadhai curry (again fiery red colored). Not that I have a problem with it, but this is not what I had in mind. We also ordered the lamb vindaloo, which again turned out the same color and almost the same taste, this time with a slightly vinegary taste to it. I have had similar experiences the past 2-3 times that I have been here. Don't know whether they have changed their chef, but this is not the old Soul Fry Casa with lovely Goan comfort food that I have grown up with.


soul fry

i like the soul fry in bandra.. is this the same company?



Karaoke at SFC

This place rocks with food, drinks and the cherry on the cake is the karaoke. The guys are very friendly and if u wanna have a good time with friends, this is the place to BE !


Good food, karaoke, cheap booze... A great combo.

The last time I was there for dinner, we ordered bombil and prawns as appetizers, chicken cafreal and fish caldine with rice and pav, bebinca, plus two cocktails, an Indian whisky, a soda and mineral water, and the final tally was less than Rs. 2000. Bebinca is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world, and the home made bebinca at Soul Fry Casa is almost as good as those available at Nostalgia or Infantaria in Goa. :)



For piscitarians

Go for rawas tandoori with racheid masala, Portugese prawn rice, calamari in green masala. Other dishes that I tried were also decent, but these are the best. Don't miss the bibinca. Beer list could be better. If you go on a weekend for karaoke and hope to flaunt your crooning skills, beware: the owner sings better than you.



Friday Night LIVE is back!!!

I like the idea of mulling over a 12-year-old Kentucky bourbon whilst tapping my toes to live musicians performing rhythm ‘n’ blues, jazz or rock n roll. Now Soul Fry Casa once again offers me this and more.

Friday nights and Soul Fry Casa transforms into is a live music bar which manages to combine two qualities rarely married in Mumbai: it's very, very trendy whilst being openly accessible to all. People are attracted by more than just the setting - live music, acoustic or multi-piece sets can be enjoyed every Friday night when groupies spontaneously begin dancing. The music is what it’s all about. Most people would do well to have a music collection containing half the stuff that this place has played host to live.

The stage area is really the focus of the night and promises a lot of live music events – something Mumbai has been crying out for.


Goan cuisine at its best....

This jewel of a place is camouflaged behind the small shops n trees on the road from Fountain towards kala ghoda....
Had been to this place in the lunch break with some of my colleagues....
Food - 4/5 - Typical Goan food well prepared n served the traditional way (all copper utensils). The fish preparation were very tasty with the right mix of masalas n a fresh fish. The fish thali is served with good portions of fried fish, shell fish and curry. Sufficient for 1 hungry stomach.
Service - 4/5 - Service is prompt n the staff is courteous enough to help you with the menu and the portions to be ordered.
Ambience - 4/5 - Lowly lit but cosy with gud music playin all the time.
Price - 3/5 - Price is bit on the higher side
VFM - 5/5 - Oh absolutely worth the buck...
Looking fwd to the next occasion to come here again...
Happy Eating!!



Awesome Mouth watering Goan food

This place is a complete yes yes.. for coastal food lovers.. music lovers.. the prawns, teesri (shell fish), bombli fry, chicken is awesome.. A wonderful joint to enjoy with family and friends. Good service and fully paisa vasool :)


Great Goan food - and also great veg options too!

The restaurant is an authentic Goan food joint serving near home-style Goan food in a-la carte and thali format. The joint is frequented by the office going crowd who are tired of the Punjabi/Mughlai food and are out to entertain their clients (or themselves!) to some unique Goan fare. In the evening though you will find many families in the restaurant.

The table itself is wooden, with all table mats – adorned with sketches of Mario Miranda – telling a little story about some aspect of Goa. The cutlery is heavy, the plate is heavy copper/steel, and water is served in traditional brass tumblers.

The food itself is a steal – it is delicious to say the least. For vegetarians, the Veg Casa and Goan daal are superb options, with some naan or roti. If you are too hungry though, you can order a set fish thali which gives you one portion of fried fish and one fish gravy, along with other daal, rice, rotis, etc. There are zillions of other sea-food options and most of them are sheet delight, my fishiterian friends tell me!

There is a well-stocked bar, which also has some drinks which are Goan specialities.

The seating is primarily concrete benches which is not very uncomfortable. You can chose cushioned chairs if you so wish though.

The interior is typically Goan – with Goan paintings, artifacts and other antique curios decorating the walls.

(Some snaps of the place can be seen from my original review at


Flavours Of The Sea!

Lovely seafood. Good service. I had the fried surmai (kingfish), tamarind prawns and crispy masala bombil. The surmai was very tasty and so were the crispy bombay ducks. The bombay ducks won my favour; crispy coating on the outside and soft tender flesh on the inside. Yummy! I'm not a fan of seafood curries but I totally loved the tamarind prawns - garlicky, tangy, subtly spiced and its flavours made you want to savour it and eat it slowly. A tip: try that curry with neer dosa rather than regular Indian breads. It will taste delightful!


Casa Soul Fry rocks

The place: Soul Fry Casa.
The setting: a classic Portuguese style abode.
The ambience: inviting and cheerful.
The food: appetizing and mouth-watering.
The music: effervescent and uplifting.

Go there and Enjoy


Great Goan Food

I really love the ambiance and atmosphere of this place. Lovely music in the background, not restricted only to the Goan style songs but also includes some great English numbers.

The food is authentic but you will get better food elsewhere. Some dishes like the Prawn curry was great. The Vindaloo lacked the tangy touch and the soul Kadi - I found it quite bad. The Bombil Fry is one of the best I have had (as good as Gajalee, or I'd say even a touch better). The Bebinca was really good and well presented.

Frankly, the food is little above average, and the service is really good. For lunch the Goan and Malwani Thalis are a good bet.


Relaxed Sunday Dinner

This restaurant had been on my yet-to-try list for too long so when my better half offered to take me out for an early dinner on a Sunday night, we picked this place.
The restaurant was almost empty which our server was due to it being Sunday night anf IPL being on. It was a welcome change for us and just the thing for a change. We watched the match on a huge screen and music finally started playing once Mumbai got out as we left.
My usual poison (Cosmopolitan) wasn't available but the bartender offered to make me a mulberry based vodka cocktail which tasted pretty darned good. Husband had a Carlsberg and we admired the bottle and the beer. We had the Dakshin Prawns (very very good!) and the Fried Chicken Moelho (very ordinary) for starters.
For the main course, we shared the Casa Style Chicken which was creamy and bland and very tasty. While husband enjoyed the Neer Dosa (the pairing was simply genius!), I dutifully ate my way through the Pav (my fault for being so anti-osa)!
The bill was a bit heavy because of the drinks - otherwise just food for 2 was less than 800 for getting stuffed! We have plans to go back for more!


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Really Pissed me off

Went there to dine on a sunday night and tried to order their "Neer Dosa's" only to hear that on sunday they do not make the same.

Went through dinner where the food was so damn piping HOT (Fire hot) that you really cannot taste the food due to the temperature.

Anyways after allowing the food to cool down and completing my dinner I see the waiter serving "Neer Dosa's" to the table opposite me....Now what do you say to that?

Asked the captain and he says it was his mistake since he was incharge of the entire team and he takes responsibility for the same....In short....All a bunch of clowns.




We went to Soul Fry Casa with high expectations.

Although the music was good, the food was disappointing. Most of the dishes had the same sauce / gravy.

They really need to do something about the food!


yummy food

the food was great at Casa Soul Fry and came in decent portions. The service was also polite and prompt, though I wish they hadn't waited till the end of the meal to fill our glasses with water. And while all the points go to the food, the ambience is a tad too traditional for me and the music switched from a nice peppy saxaphone to backstreet boys the moment the food came to the table.

I would definitely visit again to give it a second chance, but probably later that 8.30 pm on a Sunday night, when the restaurant was compeltely empty with us being the only guests.



Great Food

Ive only been here for lunch, and the food was simply incredible. The ambiance was fantastic, and there was no loud band playing.
The appams were superb, and I sure gorged on them with all the spicy food. The service was incredible, but it might have to do with the torrential rain outside that saturday afternoon, ensuring that there was only one other table occupied besides ours.
All in all, a GREAT place, which I hope remains relatively untouched.



Super Food, Super LOUD!

In case your wondering, the title isn't wrong...every evening they have a duet that plays blaring oldies music, so all you people who enjoy Elvis & Muddy Waters, should think of heading down here to boogie away... Just make sure you sit downstairs to save your ear-drums from a beating...the place is just too small for such loud music and you end up with a soar throat and not much conversation...

The food was spectacular - we ordered the Prawn Rechard, Golden Fried Prawns, Bombil-Stuffed Prawns (or was it the other way around?), Surmai Fry, Prawn Curry along with Neer Dosa - my mouth is watering as I write this review...

The service was excellent and we were served by Ganesh who was super attentive and got us things at the speed of light. The ambiance is really cozy (without the music blaring), but I must say, a bit cramped for big/tall people!

Total damage - Rs. 750 per head with a quite a few small whiskeys thrown in...



lunch, dinner, drinks...all at casa

Soul Fry Casa, located in the heart of Fort, is a great all-purpose restaurant - a great place for a nice sit-down lunch, a casual and relaxing dinner, or a cool hangout for cold beers and starters later in the week.

With its chic Goan atmosphere, the place reminds you of a fancy adobe hut, complete with art decco posters, dim interior lighting, and that earthy, made from scratch feeling. There is a live gig here almost every night, but try Jazz nights on Wednesdays.

The service is very Goan-friendly - it can be a bit on the pushy side sometimes, but the intentions are good. The food, both for vegetarians, pescetarians, and carnivores, is fantastic. I've had everything from traditional Maharashtrian Amtee daal, to fish and chicken kebabs, to grilled prawns, and it's all delicious. The beers here are the coldest I've ever had them, making it an easy favorite to grab a happy-hour brew with the entourage.

For better or for worse, this place is not a scene. It is what you and your group will make of it. A nice relaxing place to wind-down, enjoy some good food, and smile.


Cool vibes

This place is located within walking distance of our office. We went there yesterday evening for some drinks and just to relax after a hectic work week.

Though I've been here before for a few lunches, but last night was just too much fun. The drinks were served chilled and the service was fast. After a few rounds when I started feeling hungry, I ordered their Amte Dal and rice. Very tasty and highly recommended.

The place has a nice 'goan' kind ambience. They even had a live band yesterday. Overall a nice cool vibey place.


Sejal - Burrp User


3 Reviews

July 06,2007


Finally a Goa Portuguesa in South Bombay!!

Hmm.... Loved Soul fry !! Great ambience, finger licking food... but WEAK desserts!!! they almost have nothing in that dept !!!! So drive to Gelato or naturals to wrap up !!!


Soul food!

If your a hard core Goa-phile like me and love spicy,succulent, fresh seafood, then Soul Fry Casa will transport you back to the land of sun-n-sea (read Goa!) well the food is more a mix of goan and konkani specialities. What was nice was that they had a band called Junkt playing some great light jazz music ( must check em out if you all get a chance to!)
All the dishes we ordered were really well made. fresh prawns (try the recheard..awesome with pao), succulent tesriya sukhe(clams for the uninitiated), crumb fried squid, casa prawns(strange name but tastes great!). the only thing that disappointed was the size of their crabs (and i LOVE crabs)...they would've fit in the palm of my hand! Good thing we asked to see the crab before they cooked it! For great crab...go to TRISHNA people!
The service was average.. don't think the waiters could hear us over the music the band was playing. so we had to resort to a lot of hand waving! Cozy, warm ambience. All-in-all, a good experience, would definately go back. Good food and great music...good for the soul!


Great lunch spot (only if you have enough time...)

It was refreshing to find this restaurant around my work place. Even though I can't really complain of the options that I have- being in Kala Ghoda. I have been running out of ideas to go have a heartful meal especially on a Saturday when you have the extra time for a longish lunch, not to mention a couple of beers to go with it and brainstorm on ideas with your office mates.

I have been here a couple of times and it has been really consistent with the quality of the food especially the non-vegetarian items.

We ordered 'Tambde Komdi' chicken in spicy red gravy. The gravy was thick just the way I love it and the chicken was tender and well marinated. On the chickens arrival we realized that the portion is not going to be enough for 2 of us. So we called in for 'Dal fry' which was just perfect. The veggies went in for a veg thali and the general consensus was good. The only issue was that the first serving arrived really late. The staff however, is really friendly - The manager was sweet to push things faster once we started looking a little antsy.

All in all a great place for chaps in fort who want to have a quality lunch. Just make sure you haven't lined up anything after lunch or its going to be Zzzzzzz!


Bakwas Service: Soul Cry

Just had lunch here and had the Thali again. The copper crockery gave you the feel of a rajasthani restaurant but then if you look around the place as multiple culture clashing look to it.. so i thought while the food was coming (which took forever, especially the naan, roti's and bread) it might be rajasthani or or it might be soul food but in such a multi cultured city which soul? restaurant seemed a bit confused to put such a high price on the food. The rates seem marked up by just a little bit but again good food but no excellent.. def going to go back after a long time !! soul cry on service :(


Place for a leisurely lunch

Was here today in the afternoon with couple of colleagues for lunch.

The place has a calm ambiance - dimly lit. I must say in terms of design there is inconsistency. If you look at the walls, the bar....the place looks sophisticated. But the plates, glasses are steel and copper respectively. Probably Soul Fry guys wanted to create a fusion sort of ambiance, which they have not succeeded in.

However, the food was good. The prices are reasonable - we ordered veg and chicken thalis. The servings were good enough and taste was also ok.

All in all, its an ok place. Recommended when you are in fort and are in a mood for leisurely lunch!