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Spaghetti Kitchen

PowaiCentral Suburbs    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02266718800
  • Hiranandani Gardens, 103 Ventura Park, IT Building, Above Aromas Cafe, Powai, Mumbai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

58 Reviews / 59 Ratings

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Spaghetti Kitchen Reviews





Try at your won risk!

We celebrated our Christmas dinner here, and boy were we wrong or what! Having heard so much about it, we were expecting a good evening and food, but turned out to be not a good one.

Situated on the first floor of the Ventura building in Hiranandani, it neighbours with Harry's. While Harry's blasts loud music, this one believe in old classics from the 80's. The restaurant was welcoming and was only 50% full on a Christmas eve.

Nonetheless, we were seated immediately and we ordered after much thinking 2 glasses of beer, veg ceaser salad and lasagne. While our order was taken by the manager, we asked him to bring the salad and beer first and then the main course. The beer came in first, and it chilled to perfection. Then came the salad.

Being a ceaser salad, was expecting a thorough dressing, but it lacked. It also lacked apt amount of olive oil. The taste was decent, but it was too dry. The lasagne came in way later, but it looked tempting. 2 bites into it, and I saw a hair in my food!!

I called the manager, and he immediately took off our plates, and said that he will get it replaced. 15 minutes into it, and we were so off mood, that we thought to just call for the bill. But then he served our food. Last time also we thought that the vegetables were undercooked, and this time around also the same thing happened. The taste was nothing great, but the waiting and hair in the food ruined our appetite.

We called for the bill, thinking if having dessert somewhere else. For 2 glasses of beer, one salad and one main course we churned out 1050 bucks. Not worth the experience at all!!

And because of their hair incident, they served us 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, complimentary. But sorry it dint make up for the bad evening we had.

Try it at your own risk!






A mixed bag

Spaghetti Kitchen is one of three big name Italian restaurants in Powai, the other two being Mia Cucina and Cafe Mangii. Of the three, it is no surprise to see Cafe Mangii cornering the market on account of its tie-up with Vodafone for Vodafone Tuesdays, earning itself a loyal clientele in the process. Spaghetti Kitchen had a tough act to follow, and they chose to shut doors for a while as they underwent a makeover of sorts in an effort to return stronger than ever.

Just before they had downed shutters though, they had started a buffet, and the missus and I quite enjoyed the spread but Spaghetti Kitchen had shut down for renovations before we could go back for more. And so, after a long wait, we finally got around to revisiting them after they reopened some months back.

We tried the seafood chowder, with the missus having a plain Penne Vodka while I sampled the veg canneloni. All very standard fare that would give me a fair idea of where they stand in my list of must-eat Italian joints. I'm rather cheesed off watching United play against Fulham right now, so I'll keep this very short.

The Penne Vodka was good without being staggeringly good, it was quite regular and not markedly different from what you might find elsewhere. A missed opportunity there, unlike United who can't seem to create an opportunity on the pitch.

My Canneloni came with a slathering of tomato sauce on the side and was strikingly different from the Canneloni's I am used to, which float in a cheese and tomato sauce. The Canneloni itself was a bit too firm on the outside for my liking and the filling in the middle was just not up to the mark, much like the middle of United's midfield. It's just without any kind of character or punch and utterly forgettable when compared to those that set the standard. You can say the same of United's midfield.

I liked the bread basket that preceded the meal, but it was over too soon, much like United's title hopes.

The seafood chowder was tangy, filled with prawns, calamari and much more fish. It was a great start to the meal, and promised that this would be a wonderful time out, but it was to be a false beginning in much the same manner as United's win in the Community Shield against Wigan was not a sign of things to come. Sadly.

The peach iced tea was exactly what you thought it would be, just like coach Moyesy was much what many expected him to be.

Damages for two came to rs. 1500, which was ok. The damage to Manchester United's future after this disastrous season is most certainly not ok.

Spaghetti Kitchen comes with a mild recommendation on my part, in that their buffet is well worth it. I however cannot recommend watching United this season as it's not worth it, either as a fan or neutral.

Peace out.



Great italian food

Spaghetti Kitchen is the best place to dine if you are an Italian food lover. About the ambiance, one noticeable aspect about the pillars and table surfaces are the beautifully crafted artistic ceramic chips' mosaic and ceramic utensils with beautiful paintings of flowers.

One should defenitly try their PENNE VODKA. I've absolutely loved every pizza ordered here, so dont hesitate to try any you like. The TIRAMISU is pretty delicious


karan2791 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 04,2012


They know their Spaghetti !

Look no further when it comes to Italian ! For the starters i would recommend the foccacia and the ciabatta. The pizzas are delicious and one of the few places who serve genuine italian delicacies like canneloni, lasagna and the risotto. For deserts the wine trifle was off the charts ! a great place to fill up on !


Delicious food and Peaceful ambience

Okay so the group of burrpers attended the last chef's table held in Mumbai and it was an excellent evening of great food and fun as always where a bunch of foodies eat food and talk about food.

Chef Truman was our chef for the evening, he greeted all of us very warm heartedly and explained us the various dishes in the menu. Really the introduction from the chef made our expectations even higher and indeed a great start to the evening.

So we started with the first course which consisted of Fristo misto di verde which are crunchy fried veggies with a dip for the vegetarians, I tasted this dish and found it average but the presentation of the plate was good. The Non vegetarians were served Shrimp in garlic bath and OMG this dish was just out of this world. I don't think I remember any conversation we had when I was digging into this, It was excellent and each one of us gave it a thumbs up.

So after an excellent first course I was eager for the 2nd course, here came the most difficult choice I have ever faced, I had a option to try the wonderfully described Herbed sea Bass with pistachio pesto and saffron and lemon sauce or to go for my all time favourite Chicken ( Chicken roulade with prosciutto and fontina cheese served with pepper and orange confit). But I dediced to go for the fish and it was really tasty specially with the saffron and lemon sauce which was served with it made it taste so awesome. The Chicken was good also BUT get ready for the shock of your lives. Mr Truman did cook some excellent fish and chicken but I don't know what magic he worked on the vegetarian main course Ravioli ai fondue (Walnut and mascarpone ravioli with sage butter sauce) because I tasted the vegetarian dish before I tasted the chicken and the fish and mind you I was not able to distract myself from that dish it was so splendid in every sense.

Again I mention the fish was excellent the chicken was good but for me Rivioli ai fondue was a clear winner. Chef Truman am gonna come back to Spaghetti Kitchen and I want that Ravioli ai fondue as it was that day :D

We also had Icetea along with food and the Ice tea was superb. It really felt nice sipping on some Ice tea along with the food.

Finally came the desserts and "Vanilla Bean Pannacota with fresh straberries in soup" was served. It was good and very unique since I have never had a dessert like this even the Vanilla Bean Pannacota is very different from a icecream or jelly.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience for all of us. Right from the start of chef's introduction to the service everything was in place. Thank you Chef Truman and Yes bank :D

PS: Before the people from burrp team blame me for attending yet another chef's table, let me clarify that I was +1 with one of my friends, and none of our other friends were available so I had to comply :)



cool italian dining

must say it is sumptuous italian food at very reasonable price. I am a regular there and the food quality has been very consistent. Love their thin crust pizzas & farfalle arrabiata. They always seems to have some great offers on beverages... beers & cocktails. Though the service is not great but the guys do manage it fairly well.



Good Italian Food

Had a good Italian dinner here with family.

The Good:
Tasty food
Plenty of vegetarian options
Well trained staff

The bad:
Stained Crockery, table napkins
Minimal decor
Slightly expensive


Buffet Lunch

Their buffet lunch is quite exquisite, with quite a variety and also a live pasta counter. Though I would have preferred an option of farfalle pasta as well.

The place has a lovely ambiance as well.



Decent Italian joint

Loved their bread options. The food is generally nice and tasty. Decor is pretty good. Their weekday lunch buffet is reasonably priced and includes starters, pizzas, salads and main course options along with desserts. However, Ala Carte is expensive but good. Worth a visit if you like Italian.


Dont really know how to rate this place.

Been here three times. Always had the same experience. The food's a mixture of great n pedestrian. Thats why dont know if I can recommend it. I may not go back for a long time.


bonkers44 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 11,2012



why go to italy when you can taste the best italian food here in india with spaghetti kitchen...



Awesome Place

superb service ....awesome wat foood..........

Superb......SK made my birthday


hariach - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 06,2012



And I had to open a new account here just to write about how bad the food was.. Went for dinner, ordered small portion of bruschetta, ok topping, old toasted bread. Got us fresh tomato topping when we had ordered sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts, quickly replaced when we pointed out.

Ordered a side of garlic bread. Just some really old loaf with some butter, the garlic probably got left out! And what was really bad, the bread was like rusk (over toasted/old bread)

For the mains, we ordered a chicken risotto and a spaghetti chicken in pesto. The risotto was average. Halfway into the pasta, we kind of got the feeling that the pesto seemed much better on the menu, so we called for the menu and found that it was supposed to be with pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, etc. all of which were missing. On complaining, they took our half-eaten plates back and returned 10 minutes later with the same pasta with the missing ingredients just added on top (not even sauted).

By which time, we were too tired to have a go at them, just wanted to get the hell out of there! And so we did! Missed out on the desserts, which I see some better reviews of..

Overall, completely not worth it and definitely not upto the expected standards..


Excellent desserts

Lovely ambience. Smiley, sparkly, knowledgeable waiters. We went there only for desserts. Ordered the Tiramisu, Summer berries (yummy yummy yummy) and Creme brulee. All of them top notch. Can't complain at all. Definitely coming here again.



food & service

delicious food
I had tiramisu which is toooooooo good love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& found very courteous service..



Good spread

I have been here twice and i must say the first time was very disappointing. buffet was not refilled in spite of multiple reminder, waiters tipping over guests, clumsy service, food falling on the floor, maddening crowd and all in one afternoon . inspite of which i decided to give this place a second try... i was quite happy with the food, they have a good spread, not too much and not too little. The service was surprisingly heaps better.
In-spite of many negative reviews i was quite happy with the food. this place gets better with the number of visits :)


lovely but requires a LOT of patience...

loved the pastas, loved the pizzas, loved the starters, loved the drinks....service was welcoming and friendly...downside was we had to wait for a ridiculously long time for our courses...on a weeknight when the restaurant had about 10 tables occupied....rectify that...



Spaghetti Kitchen spoiled our lunch

We visited Spaghetti Kitchen on Mar 7, 12 during office hours. We had in mind that being buffet lunch we can finish lunch within 1 hr and can leave again for office. But our maximum of time went for waiting for food to come. Spaghetti Kitchen was bit crowed and staff was behaving like they are countering so much crowd first time. They were taking much time to refill the buffet spread. We asked one staff what starters they will serve on table. He informed us veg cheese pizza and chicken pizza and two non veg starters. and when we paid the bill we came to know that there were two more veg. starters which never served to us. When we asked about this to waiter he informed there is more crowd so they are not able to manage it as they have less staff. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! How can a staff answer this??? During our lunch we ask chicken pizza three times which never came to our table. We ordered pasta from live counter and asked to serve on our table which also never served. Finally my husband went to counter and got that done. I don't know if there are some more menu which I couldn't even see. I will never ever visit this place again.



Not consistent

I loved spaghetti kitchen since the first time i tried it. Wrote a Glowing review on my blog as well. Love it so much that whenever my husband goes nearby there for work i ask him to get a takeaway home. But the last take away we had was not up to the standards their usual melt in the mouth Steaks and Mashed potatoes with veges was awful. The Steaks were rubbery and the mash was lumpy. Guess the cook was having a day off, We didn't eat it but gave it to the street dogs instead was totally inedible. After having a take away from the place at least once a week if not more this was really disappointing. Hope the Chef takes notes and tries to go back to the Glory days.



Awesome food at Spaghetti Kitchen

I went to Spaghetti Kitchen in Powai yesterday and it was an amazing experience. The food was very nice. I really liked Corn Fusili and Multigrain pizza . I will surely visit it again with my friends


Good steak!

I go here a lot but never knew they did steaks. I tried it yesterday and it was amazing. Finally a place that gets it right! They don't have a big choice of cuts but the rump was pretty good in black pepper sauce. And the mashed potatoes were awesome as well. So good that I had some packed as takeaway.

As for the italian food, I feel that the portions are criminally small. You have to order 3-4 dishes to have a proper meal here. The Italian is strictly average IMO. Also, the prices are due to their brand and not the food itself. There is much better Italian to be had in Bombay. A small disclaimer though that I prefer American style pizzas (thicker the better) so your mileage may vary. The afternoon buffet is very popular with people working nearby but again I think it's overhyped.

They do have a good wine list, but I always get the feeling that I'm being ripped off here. A really good 5 course meal with 2-3 glasses of chardonnay can go north of Rs.5000 for one person.

The crowd is nice. A mix of business and fine dining. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

Go for the steak. The marinara (spaghetti) is good as well.


Hardly anything to eat!!

I went there for a lunch buffet and realised they have few options... .assuming buffet is supose to have large number of options.. . I didnt find Pizzas too great after having eaten best pizzas around.. Pastas are not too bad tho... Also, has hardly 3 options in desserts!! All in all.. people looking for great number of food items in Buffet should avoid this place... its too much of a money for a too less of items!!



The Restaurant which I loved the most.

I had fallen in love with the food at Spaghetti Kitchen and the only thing left to try was the buffet. I finally got a chance to try it when I went with my colleagues for lunch. The buffet was a complete value for money at Spaghetti Kitchen. The options offered in the buffet were endless. I wanted to try everything but the list was never ending. The food was delightful, I just couldn't stop eating. The restaurant is a one stop destination for all Italian food lovers and also for people who are not very fond of Italian. cuisine will love Spaghetti Kitchen.



Short Supply

We eight of us had visited this place on October 6, 2011 for buffet lunch. The place is good and ambience is nice.

However, the food supply for buffet was awe-fully slow. The staff had to be reminded multiple times before they would fill up the dishes, even they where delayed in filling up the breads....

The food quality was standard, nothing special.


amrin33 - Burrp User


19 Reviews

October 10,2011


Spaghetti Kitchen Is A Must Visit Place....

I love trying out new cuisines whenever possible. Last time I went to Spaghetti Kitchen. I was kind of confused what to try. The chef recommended us to try out Penne ala Vodka, which was the best dish that I have ever had. After that, I tried out their sweet dish called chocolate bomb which was a real treat to my taste buds! I will now surely visit this place whenever I dine out coz according to me it is the best restaurant one can enjoy in Mumbai!


Awesome Italian Food

One of the very characterstic of the Italian food is that the taste of all the ingredients should blend perfectly. The food in Sphagetti Kitchen had that perfect blend. The taste of the food was divine and not to say truly Italian. The taste of all the ingredients went perfectly well with each other. I had Veg Antipasti Platter, which was an assortment of various Italian different delicacies and Veg Lasagne.Apart from food, the ambience is also truly Italian. The combination of Yellow Paint in the upper half of the wall and the wood work in the lower gives a Warm feeling to the whole place.The staff looks after you very well and makes you feel special. Overall it is a must go restaurant.



Spaghetti Kitchen is the best !!!!!!!

I've been frequenting Spaghetti Kitchen ever since it opened and according to me it is one of the better dining choices. I've tried various dishes here besides the dependable starters like the Milano Prawns and Parmesan Baby Potatoes. For the main course, there is the black pepper steak and also the penne vodka. The penne vodka is one of the best if not the best pasta I have ever tasted. Over all it is a good place to go for lunch or dinner.



Awesome place

The food at SK is just awesome... specially the Penne Vodka and the cracker pizzas... and the atmosphere is also too good. Love the place !!!


June 23, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

Thanks Sirali for the review - hope to see you again soon. Send us more detailed feedback at


Paradiso italiano!!!

Just had the most delicious and satiating italian food at Spaghetti kitchen. These people have everything in the right place. The decor is pleasant, spacious and not wannabe, and as we discovered very kid friendly. The staff is very keen to help you choose the right dishes and quite keen to answer questions regarding ingredients and flavors. The food was delicious right from the delightful platter of antipasti, to the succulent sicilian garlic chicken to the various pastas and pizzas we devoured. everything is mild yet eloquent and the flavors come out in a very identifiable note with each bite. The mocktails were also really different and definitely worth a try. Overall a very delightful experience and by far the best italian I have had in Mumbai. Keep up the good work as I am definitely going back.
ti vedro presto!!


Sense - Burrp User


10 Reviews

April 01,2011


Bar needs some work

We love dinning at Spaghetti Kitchen the food is awesome...fantastic. But we have always come back very disappointed with the cocktails served. Went there last evening with friends and we ordered for Bellini (cocktail of clear sparkling wine with peach schnapps). I have had Bellini many a times at various places & sadly the one at Spaghetti Kitchen is horrible.

Instead of using 1 part peach schnapps & 3 parts clear sparkling wine, the bartender served us Sula Brut (which by-the-way has its own over powering acidic taste & is not clear in colour) with a tiny drop of some pink flavouring. There was no taste of the peach. Then we ordered a Peach-Apricot Virgin Margarita, which was too sweet (we had to ask for a drop of lime juice), the glass was not chilled nor rimed with salt. Terrible!

Perhaps the bartender felt that we girls have no idea of drinks...but WE DO! A change of bartender is really really the call of the day.



went to dine at spaghetti. surprise!!! surprise!!! its changed.. the staff was courteous, he greeted us and even asked how the food was.. food was awesome.. cheers darlings.. keep it up.. now this is what is expected when one enters a nice comfortable italian restaurant.. loved my experience here tonight..


March 14, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

Glad you liked the service this time around. We assure that this standard of service will be maintained in the future.

not great at all

i visited this place on a sunday for lunch and found the service pathetic. we opted for buffet. the waiters serving us were in their own world and were serving as if they were doing us a favour. no smiles, no greetings.. i wondered why these people are so grudgy.. does the management not pay them well?? or not at all coz the guys didnt seem to take interest in their jobs at all. we started with soup, the pasta came 30 min later. then the pizza. the repeat order for the pizza was brought so late that we decided to stop eating and leave, as the situation was getting embarrasing. we just had to sit there waiting for the order to arrive. the waiters have no remorse for this. we helped ourselves with the desserts.
why in the world has this 'branded' restaurant such pathetic staff?? a big thumbs down to all of u..
despite all of this, the food was awesome. but i ll still think twice before stepping into this restaurant..


rose01 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 03,2011


Bad Experience

I had visited Spaghetti Kitchen, Powai yesterday for lunch and came out knowing I would never visit the place again or recommend it to anyone.

We opted for Spaghetti kitchen because of their buffet option as we were short on time and expected to finish off with our lunch quickly - but, how wrong we were! Upon reaching a little after 2 pm, I asked the manager if we were late for the lunch seating, but we were assured that we weren't.

The starters and pizza were to be served at the table while we got our salad/soup. When the starters arrived they were not fresh, seemed slightly microwaved, at best. The bread served with the salad seemed as if it was lying on that table for a fortnight and fit to break the teeth of whoever bit into it. Bad start to a meal that was to get increasingly worse.

The pizza that arrived was also cold, and not piping hot out of the oven that one would have expected. Any complaints to the waiters were in vain. Rest of the starters arrived at a snail's pace and weren't worth the wait. Complaining to the manager also didn't quite do it - while he aplogised, he didn't do anything about it. The non veg starters tasted as if they had been bought off the nearby street stall, the vegetarian starters never arrived.

The food in the buffet lay out wasn't replenished and one felt as if one was scraping off leftovers from the pans. Again, the taste was below average - something one may not expect at a brand like Spaghetti Kitchen.

We were quite fed up by this time so didn't venture the desserts, which looked equally unappetizing as the rest of the food. The mumbling, disinterested and slow waiters added to our total disgust. None of the waiters even asked if we would like seconds, asked about our satisfaction with the meal or even refilled our glasses with water.

Mind you - these guys charge 10% service charge to your bill for this kind of rotten service.

Final thought - Never again!


March 5, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

We do our best to ensure each guest is satisfied but at times we do not succeed.It is only patrons like you who help us get better in time.

I understand we had taken some corrective measure during your visit which were not as per your expectations.

We would request you to visit again and be rest assured that all your suggestions have been implemented. Thank you for your valuable inputs.


Worst Hospitality

I am a regular at Spaghetti Kitchen but my experience on February 14th , 2011 changed my perception.
I called up 10-15 times to make reservations but someone would just bang the phone each time then I decided to just show up without reservations. I had to stand 30 minutes before some could even register my name in the wait list. Finally I was allocated a corner seat after 15 minutes and I had to wait for 30 minutes to grab the attention of a server to take my order. I was then informed 15 minutes later by the same server that I should just sit and relax as it will take some time to serve the food (I asked if 1 hour and 30 minutes count). I was served the food and viola there were no cutlery provided , I had to again wait for 10-15 minutes to grab the attention and asked that I would not mind using cutlery to eat my food. My ordeal did not just stop here and I had to again wait for more 30 minutes to get my drink refilled (I am pretty sure that the same server noticed me asking for a refill but he did not pay any heed).
Overall after 3 hours of gruesome experience and a spoiled Valentine’s day , I paid 10% service tax for such a pathetic service ? and I felt that I have been swindled

I expect a warm and courteous staff at a restaurant like Spaghetti Kitchen not a staff like this.


February 16, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

We sincerely regret you having such a bad experience. We will surely work on improving our service. Do share in your details with us or write back to


exceptional place

had gone there last thursday, had heard alot abt it, so sat down ordered for some drinks, had ordered for whisky with soda, the soda served was FLAT, informed the waiter about it, well he told us that they can offer me schewpps, i asked him was it soda coz i didnt wanted tonic water, he told us it was soda. well i blame myself for not checking before pouring, it was TONIC WATER, when we informed the waiter he told us that now he cant help us(was very rude).... i immedaitely sent a feed back on their guest feed back mail.
to my surprise the feed back was responded immediately... the manager(sunil) apologised, offered us another drink and took special care. now thats wht i call a feedback response, not even 24 hrs and all that jazz, ASAP... loved it, superb guest recovery.

food is jst u cant complain abt, go for the garlic chicken, proscuitto pizza and in desserts tiramisu is lovely, mind blowing.

would definately go back again and suggest every1 to go there.


February 16, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

Thanks for taking the effort to share your experience due to which we could rectify our mistake immediately. We will surely work on getting better at what we do.

Nice Italian!!!!

I just love the place.....finally got a nice Italian joint in powai...
We went there for lunch and it had both buffet and a-la-cart...
We chose buffet seeing the range of options we had and was worth it...
they have amazing bread and starters....
they'll serve you pizza on the table...its a thin crust pizza and really good...
live pasta counter was good but one disappointing got over pretty soon and some of us had spaghetti as penne/fusili was over...
also I was surprised to see they use packed pasta(as it was kept there)...would have loved if they would have prepared there own pasta..
deserts are also has 4-5 options in deserts also..
it has nice deco and table is also set nicely...nice bottles...
i think the prize was around 300 per head..don't rem exactly...

place worth visiting for Italian...


February 2, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

Hi Vinita, Thanks for the review. Glad you liked the whole experience and look to see you again soon

Pastas are the star performers

Having tasted the a la carte menu which was one of the most blissfully palate satisfying experiences at Spaghetti Kitchen & Bar, Powai; I anticipated the buffet to be as pleasing as my previous visit (only lunch buffet available). Spaghetti Kitchen had raised their bar so high during my previous visit that my expections about the level of service and quality of food were obviously high. Well, unfortunately they couldn’t hit those standards. So here goes the first flaw – lack of consistency.

About the ambience, one noticeable aspect about the pillars and table surfaces are the beautifully crafted artistic ceramic chips’ mosaic and ceramic utensils with beautiful paintings of flowers. There's also a nice blue colored wooden showcase which looked pretty native. They have a separate pizza counter tagged as ‘la dolce vita’ which means a luxurious, self-indulgent way of life asking customers ‘boun appetio’ which means to enjoy your meal. They served pizza both veg and non veg which was quite good with a nice thin crispy crust with cheese and tomato puree. There’s also a well lighted and good looking bar counter where they offer cocktails of the day, the day I visited they offered a margarita which I did not try because I was all determined to feed my ravenous appetite to fork out as much as I could out of the buffet which costs Rs.358 including taxes. The service is good, they are quick and ready to offer whatever is asked in just few minutes. Even as the waiters came briskly to fill water in my glass, I noticed the second flaw, my glass had dried water droplet stains on it and I like my glass sparkling clean.

Enough to keep you waiting, let me begin to elucidate the spread of the buffet. The spry waiters first served Minestrone veg soup which was nothing but tomato soup with a few veggies like Bottle Gourd (lauki) cubes, onions and spinach which even my mother can make at home. Surprisingly, there was no non-veg soup in the house.

Moving on to starters, they served rosemary potato which was well sautéed golden fried medium sized potato cubes along with mustard and finely cut and fried onions. Next was Chicken green balls which had shredded chicken, cottage cheese and spaghetti inside which is a pretty interesting combination and was fairly decent in taste. Thereafter, under seafood was Fish rolls which was smashed red snapper fish, must mention the snapper impressed me; these were soft rolls which melted in my mouth along with dry tomato gravy. Even the small sized crispy squid pieces were nicely fried with red marinated spices, absolutely delightful!

Just as every buffet would have, even they had a salad and bread section. Under salads, they had Capnnata veg which was a spoon of egg plant curry, it is exactly similar to the brinjal curry my mum makes. There’s also smoked pumpkin salad with mango walnut dressing, hey please pause your imagination, this salad is not as wonderful as it sounds!

Now advancing to the main course, they had lamb meat balls made in vodka sauce along with carrot and spring onions, Char grilled chicken with Robert sauce along with spaghetti and tiny potato cubes, ravioli zafferano with mint and sun dried tomato gremolata (nonveg) which tastes close to dim sums and Caribbean baked veg which is just not my type, hence I choose to not comment on it. Non of the three non veg items were impressive, it was just average in taste. There’s a live counter where a cook (his name is Deepak) prepares pasta of your choice and taste. I took pasta with crème sauce and tomato puree. This is worth it! The pasta was the star item on the spread!

Finally to wrap the meal, under the desserts section there were 3 varieties of assorted pastries, mixed fruit pink colored panacotta (eggless) the taste is similar to pudding and chocolate mousse(eggless). The third flaw was, by the time I landed on the desserts they were nearly over, its important to refill them till lunch time ends.
Overall the food was pretty good but not great. The fourth flaw was, a few items on the spread could be made at home. It’s important to be exceptionally good. The above flaws are petty in nature which I’m sure the restaurant can work upon. If I give a candid feedback when it comes to food, only the pastas, starters and pizza pleased my palate.

My rating for Spaghetti Kitchen & Bar is :
Ambience 7/10
Value for money 6/10
Service 8/10
Taste 5/10


February 2, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

Thanks for the review. Will ensure that the points you mentioned are kept in mind. Hope to see you soon at Spaghetti Kitchen.

February 3, 2011response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

I'll surely come for the pasta!

amisanghavi - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 30,2010


Very good service :-))

The attendants , waiters everyone over ther is so warm and courteous. I went there with a gang of friends on sunday evening and even though it was over crowded the staff didnt panic and were taking care of each and every table quiet well.....Food is also very good...but the staff is awesome.......


Nothing authentic ...

Heard about the speciality dining outlet and wanted to try out the same. Sat evening - very noisy place, full of children ... no issues as I had an infant of my own :-)

Ordered pasta in white sauce for my wife and a steak for me. Service was pathetic from start ... waiters least interested in our being there. There was no plate or mat in front of my seat, even after they served bread - nobody bothered to do anything about it so I had to set my own table (call it fine dining indeed !!!)

Bread - 2 small pieces for 3 individuals. No butter ...

Main course - the pasta was terrible. The chef should get into a cooking class. The steak however was fantastic but accompaniments qty was very little.

Terrible evening ... paid 1K + with no starters and drink. Wont be back ... my favorite place still remains Cafe Mangii where we go atleast once a month for the BEST ITALIAN in Mumbai (next to Stax maybe). Cheers !!


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September 26,2010


Not bad at'all..

A perfect place for long conversation.. without much noise.. a fair to good taste for the dishes i tried .. (veg)... pizza is nice,,, overall a good experience and should try egg plant and pepperoni sauces.. damage for two 800-1000


It's Italian

For those who would like to relish perfect dining experience with exquisite Italian culinary delicacies as long as it doesn’t pinch your pocket, Spaghetti Kitchen is a must visit. My experience was worth exploring the cuisine.

A pleasing lady at the entrance welcomed me with a warm smile, she maintains a visitor’s log book where she registered my name and contact details. After which I was escorted to the table of my choice by the floor manager. I was immediately ushered by a well and neatly dressed waiter who served before me a complimentary basket of different varieties of bread with dip sauce. The amiable waiters and the floor manager made me feel like a celebrity. The ambience is pretty good! It gives one an Italian feel. There’s soft light music playing in the background which perfectly sets the air. The furniture, wall paintings and décor around depicts Italy’s culture. The bubbles of sparkling scrumptious mock tails and cocktails refresh the palate along with spaghetti which is a must try because of the rich ingredients of cheese and rare nuts which is indeed a gourmet delight.

The services are undoubtedly excellent and the food is delicious. Overall, I would give Spaghetti Kitchen a 4 out of 5 star rating.

Every morsel is worth the penny!



Very nice very italian

Lovely food...nice ambiance..decent service..great menu..very authentic..try out rosemary potatoes/ triple layer biscotti/veg lasagna and ofcourse any of pizza's



Second Coming!

This was our second visit to this joint, really liked the food first time around.

This time it was the service that impressed too.

Quick to come to the table, anticipate every need, bread baskets replenished ... it was quite spot on. Sometimes though, a little over done, but you cannot blame them for being proactive. I think the earlier reviewer must've gone on one of those days when nothing works right.

Anyway, coming to the food.

2 Non Veg Antipasti: Very good portion, good balance of variety in the meats, some preparations I wasn't too hot for.

Main Course:
1) Spaghetti Marinara: We actually requested a white sauce instead of the tomato and were graciously obliged. The sea food was fantastic, and the sauce, fabulous.

2) Fettuccine Carbonara: Complete with a smoky bacon flavour and adequately cheesy, my wife thoroughly enjoyed it.

3) Spaghetti Bolognaise: The seldom offered beef (yum) bolognaise sauce was cooked just right and was the highlight of my meal.

The Tirumisu is PERFECTION! Have had them all over Europe and this is the real thing! I kid you not, go for it!

In all, the food was outstanding, and were it the only thing being reviewed i would give it 5 stars. The portions were humongous. However, it was served after a bit of a wait.

It also is on the expensive side me thinks, you decide.

2 Huge Antipasti Platters, 1 Spaghetti Marinara, 1 Spaghetti Bolognaise, 1 Fettuccine Carbonara, 1 Tiramisu, 2 Mineral Waters @ 3400.

As for me, I AM def going back


Italian food at its best

Friends I visited Spaghetti Kitchen yesterday along with 2 of friends and was simply blown away by the whole experience. It was such a pleasure from the time we entered the hotel till the time we finished our dinner.The ambience in the restaurant is good.

Well onto the food now.Firstly I am really sorry as I won't be able to recollect any of the names on the menu.

Though we had ordered
* Pizza (chicken+ all the veggies in it + dash of cheese ) = Awesome
* Pasta in green sauce = Decent
* Pasta in white sauce = Kick Ass omg this just went and melted in our mouths. Must have
* Garlic bread with cheese = yummy

Total Damage = 2200/-

Though this place is a little on the expensive side. Its a must visit once in a while.



Excellence Personified!

I went there on a sunday for lunch..n surpisingly it was relatively empty..on recommendation we ordered the assorted
brushetta even though i am not fond of ma surprise, they were so delectable that we actually repeated the order.n still ended up fighting for the odd peice..
the mushroom starter was also very good but oily..
the main course was awsome..the pasta was so wholesome with subtle flavour.even the pizza was worth the wait...
I am simply in love with the food here..the flavours are so simple n yet so tantalizing...we had a gr8 time....
M surely coming back 4 more....



Surprisingly Good

To be honest I had lost faith in all of Hiranandani Powai's new age restaurants, all decked up and nowhere to go!

Spaghetti kitchen was quite a pleasant surprise.

The staff was informative, the pasta was quite decent, the steak (have it medium rare) was excellent, and the ambiance wasn't too noisy.

All in all, a good act, hope they maintain it though!



Expensive Italian

Nice place. Good Food. Knew the place was Expensive but turned out to be very Expensive & definitely not worth the Money. Dont think i will go there just cause it is way too over priced.
Nitin Sumitran



wow ....surprisingly nice

Have to say been ages since I visited a genuinely authentic Conti joint where the staff knows their polite and overall food is good
amongst the hoardes of overpromising huddle of restaurants in POWAI !!! this ones a winner and hope it does not die a natural death :).
Love the Cappuccino of Mushroom ...presentation was good with a bruschetta alongside topped with Blanched and sauteed mushrooms on it
the Sicilian Garlic chicken was delicious as a hor d'oevre
and we had a Pollo e Funghi with chicken
Overall great meal and to top it the Peach Ice tea was yumm!! ...worth a try ...a li'll steep and will set u back by approx 2,500/- for 02 pax ....bon apetite :)


don't miss it (aly) !

what do you expect from an italian fine dine ?

eager to please waiters
spacious interiors
bright & lively ambiance
upbeat european music
and an exotic and memorable gastronomical experience.

Spaghetti Kitchen Powai packed all of these in a beautiful azure bundle. A memorable experience for sure. I liked the way the smaller things were taken care off. Fully laid tables, Condiments in place, Fresh & Warm Bread Basket Complimentary of course and authentic and earnest hospitality.

The food was memorable as well, well made soups (nothing out of the world), crispy pizzas with loads of fresh toppings (un like dominoes and pizza hut toppings which are sparse and dry) and a great citrus cheese cake to top it all up.

so my final word - don't miss it !


Excellent Food and Best Service

We were just looking around in powai looking forward to try something and thats when we saw this place. me and my friend are big time fans of Italian food so we thought of giving it a try. On Saturday night 9pm we were very lucky to get a table immediately and to my surprise the place looks great. to top it on the Food is FANTASTIC. i just cant imagine the reviews which are written about this place but i wanted to make sure that i share my experience. we ordered for spaghetti marina and grilled pomfret .....both the dishes were really very good and i would love to go back to have the same thing again.

On Service part the place gets a 10/10 starting from the lady who escorted us to the table to again escorting us out till the car. each items were served to us in 5-8 minutes including the grilled fish. during our meals we were asked 2 times if the food is good and if our experience is as per our expectations.

Those who love italian food need to try this place.


Awesome Place

With so many restaurants opening up on the high streets of hiranandani you find it really hard to choose ..But heres a restaurant and am glad its opened in powai .I went to have dinner with my family last week on the special occasion of my parents anniversary.We were greeted at the lobby and was escorted by a lady, upstairs into this beautifully decorated restaurant. The ambience was just perfect and the staff very polite and knowledgable as well.We were served a basket of bread before the starters with a dip which was delicious and addictive .Starters were equally tasty .We also had a thin crusted chicken pizza and a fettuccini pasta which was scrumptious and to die for.You cant finish this meal without having a sizzling brownie which we did righteously.They served us the best brownie in town .I was so pleased and so were my parents .They really made our day and i just cant wait to go back .The standard of food and service they delivered was equivalant to a five star .



Overpriced and average

I have been a fan of Italian food for a while now and was glad a hi-end restaurant was opening in Powai, sadly it disappointed
I had gone with a friend about a week after it's opening.
The decor is quite plush giving an 'elite' look

We started off with antipasto which took about 20 minutes to be served. We were greeted with tiny portions of 4 different types of meat which took just under 20 seconds to polish off.

I had an arribiata pasta with an oyster...the sauce tasted like it came out of a can and the pasta felt undercooked. A bit of the oyster's shell had broken off and I was lucky it did not cut my tongue.
My friend had a pomfret which was finished in under 5 minutes.

The complementary bread basket was the only thing that kept us from taking a bite of the table.

Overall we paid 900 each for a meal without drinks that would normally be considered as an appetizer for a proper meal.


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February 17,2010


Bad Service.

We had been to Spaghetti the Kitchen Bar which had opened its doors recently for my husbands birthday treat.

What a treat we had from them.

We had ordered for a drink, aqua fina water bottle, spagetti and a pizza

My husband drink was first served at the next table where the order was not placed then brought to our table.

The Complimentary Bread Basket was not even offered.

The spagetti whch we ordered was served first. After finishing the same we waited for a good ten to fifteen minutes for the
The Pizza, on enquiring about the same it was realised the pizza was served on the next table and the guest were half way through with the same , after we pointed out the mistake to them instead of owing up the server/ waiter had the audacity to tell us that since there is a technical problem and the pizza are freshly baked it was taking time

Further to which they owed up and asked us to wait for another five to ten minutes for the pizza to be served we waited and saw a pizza was ready at the counter, waiter took that pizza to the same NEXT table but the guest said they had they had already been served their pizza which was served earlier and refused to take this pizza

After realising their mistake again the server comes up and akes for more time as the pizza is yet to start off being made and then the server askes us if we would like to eat some bread in the mean time and we were offered the bread basket which was provided at the tables at the start of the meal except ours

We waited for 15 minutes and no sign of the pizza eventually decided to check the rates of the food we had and paid them in cash and walked off to the good old Aromas next door to continue the Pizza.

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February 15,2010


Good Food

I took a parcel home on a crowded Saturday night. I had ordered the steak in mushroom sauce which was really good. The steak was well cooked which I find in very few places. The sides were mashed potatoes, which was nice and creamy and roasted veggies which were good. The ambiance of what I saw was good and as for service was very polite.


myrtle - Burrp User


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February 15,2010


Awesome !!!

Loved the FETTUCINI CARBONARA. Great Ambience, hospitality.

Expensive but its a fine dining experience.


Tracey0502 - Burrp User


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February 13,2010


Would you like some Italian with your salt?!

I have just got home after picking up some takeaway food from Spaghetti Kitchen.....what can I say!

The Spaghetti Aglio was awful! I took one mouthful and threw the rest of the carton away. A whole handful of salt must have been used in the preparation of the dish and then after it was cooked it must have been dumped into a vat of oil! The tomatoes resembled dried up raisins!

Next I opened the Pollo Di Porcini with mushrooms. The menu stated it was cooked in breadcrumbs in sight! I cut through the chicken to find it completely raw at the bottom....again the lid went straight back on it and was thrown in the bin!

My husband had the Chicken Lasagne, which was edible although the absent cheese sauce made the dish quite dry - he asked me if I wanted to share his meal which I agreed to because my stomach was saying 'feed me' however the dish was so spicy (this is supposed to be Italian) that I have spent the last half an hour downing water. The only good thing about this is that the water has sufficiently filled my stomach and stopped it from growling.....

Unfortunately I am one of those people that doesn't like spicy food at all so was delighted when I saw that this place had opened. I am so disappointed and certainly won't be returning.

If I want a pizza I'll just go to Papa Johns which is just up the road, it's half the price and the service is excellent!


Steffi1graf - Burrp User


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February 13,2010


I love this place...

Good food, Lovely ambience.. though i must admit that the food is not served quickly if u are really hungry. I simply love the risotto and the crackling pizza there... Will surely go back...


kalidas k - Burrp User

kalidas k

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February 01,2010


Brilliant way to waste money

Looking at the balloons it seems this place opened yesterday i.e. 30 Jan. I walk in assuming it won't be so in-demand so soon. What a surprise - a 20 min waiting period, which actually makes me expect good food when my time comes....
I'm escorted to a 2's-table by a pleasant lady and offered a seat with breadcrumbs on it. Never mind, I take the other one. She hands me the menu, after a quick while someone comes and asks me what kind of water I would like. Regular, I say. Which never comes, never. No water, entire meal.
Being alone, I have the luxury of people-watching. They don't play music (I like that fact), so I can people-hear too. On the table very close to me, a well-mannered lady is furious because, so it seems, her chicken is ill-made and everyone on that table is not served together. On the table opposite mine, there's a family where the guy is refusing to pay the "service charge" because there's "no service" - I like this guy because he stands by his logic which is very sound. They adjust the bill for him, somehow.
Turning back to the lady who was served ill-made chicken. The manager (so it seems) comes, apologies profoundly, and offers something. He says it's on the house. He serves a couple of things, on the house. But while he does so, he says "on the house" five times. That's kind of sick.
After fifteen minutes and no water, someone comes to take the order. I ask him if he can make a Tutti Carne with thin crust, he says he'll check with the chef - I tell him if the chef says fine, consider that an order. Half waterless hour passes by. He comes back with an apology. He says "because of some technical problem, your order is getting delayed, sorry for that. Can I get you something to drink?" It's complimentary, he adds. It better be. He still hasn't noticed there's no water. I say I need nothing, he offers ice tea. Ice tea is not a bad idea.
Ice tea is swift. It's probably on the tap - I mean with all that froth. Now the "technical problem" part. I've never heard that one in a restaurant. Well, I guess ovens can get quite technical. I pray for the pizza. Imagine your pizza stuck in the middle of a oven that's lost ... steam, so to speak. But imagine this : my food is delayed, I have ordered no drink - what would you offer? Food or drink?
Anyway, they serve a basket of bread and red pesto. Average bread, average pesto, hungry man, bread goes down anyway.
Eventually the Pizza arrives. The way it's made, bacon on it is cold. I take an optimistic bite. Salty, very salty. By this time the only thing I know is how the review is going to look like. I try reducing the bacon on a slice or two. I try pouring olive oil on it. Anything that can help me push down enough slices of the ocean pizza to keep me going until the morning. Someone asks feedback. I say it's salty. He says he'll tell the chef about it. I say the chef should taste it. That's where it ends. I ask and wait for the bill.

Later he offers the lady on next table free deserts, and, apparently, after so much of wait for food, the family is simply terrified at the idea of waiting for more. They decline wholeheartedly. I add fuel to fire, but that's just my evil side. They did it to me - I was innocent when I went in.

The guy who refused to pay service charges asks for a feedback form. Now when someone asks for a feedback form, you know something is seriously wrong. In far northwest corner from me, another guy in red screams at the waiter. Long wait can do that to you. The whole place seems engaged in revolt against the atrocious restaurant regime (apparently Italian). I'm sure this is how it begins in great history books.
I see the bill - 600+. Believe it or not they have the space for Tip that says "Tip".
They want Tip, here's one: Get some socks, then pull them up.