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> > > Spice Tree Restaurant

Spice Tree Restaurant

Hill Road  

  • 02226405053, 02226405161, 02226424308
  • Fernandes Villa, 95, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Indian coastal

29 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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Spice Tree Restaurant Reviews








Been here exactly twice and our experience has been the completely the opposite. The first time, the bar tender impressed us with his amazing cocktails and we dined on some fabulous food. The next time, the Crab gassi wasn't too great and the service was downright terrible. Valet had gone for home deliveries, half their menu wasn't available, mistakes in the bill etc. We do hope to give it another try and experience the magic we experienced the first time.


Worth it..

The food is really awesome...ambiance is nice too.


aish11 - Burrp User


70 Reviews

January 17,2012


A decent fare !

Been here on a Sat evening with couple of friends.It was quite nonpopulated ,considering it was a Sat evening.They have a dining area & a supposedly open air dining which is basically a smoking zone & has a live fish pool.They had a mosquito coil to ward off the pests :P
COming to the food,the Chicken65 was good ,so was the Surmai fry,Main course recommendations are Mutton Sukka & Chicken Gassi (Mangalorean style).Didnt try the desserts though.



One more decent place..

The food is really nice..ambiance is nice too. However,i must stress, music is lousy!!
they play instrumentals of films like mohabattein, darr and wat not.
Should put up a juke box. Patrons won't mind shelling out few bucks for nice music :)



Decent Fare

Been there once... and was misled by the appearance from the exterior. You open the door and what seems is this rather vast joint.

They have a seating arrangement in the interior as well as an open dining space. The open space sure seems has a live fish pool as well.. extremely good ambiance...but beware of the mosquitoes biting you!!! We even had a mosquito coil right beneath our table!!! How romantic was that??

The food was well cooked right from the starters to the main course. None to complain .. but sure could better.

Overall, was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant considering that it looks rather plain and miss-it tpyes on the outside.


Expense but worth it!

Wanted to have a quick lunch but was in a mood for a place which could soothe my mind. My friend had referred to this place on Hill road and therefore decided to try. The ambiance I not fantastic but is definitely good. I loved the lighting in the room & also the decor especially the paintings. The cutlery was very presentable and so were the pleasing staff. The food is good, slightly expensive though. The portions are moderate and if you think you could share between two you need to think twice.This could be a bad idea for people with good/moderate food eating capacity. For those with low eating capacity, its a nice bet.
Overall rating would be:
Ambiance : 3/5
Quality of food : 4/5
Price: 2/5
Quantity of Food: 2/5



Ambience: 3/5
For a rate like 350/- for a poor portioned fish starter, i expect soft lighting, candles on tables, soothing music and better lighting. The picture displayed top right, does not even exist in the restaurant.

Food Quality: 4/5
It wasn't very different to what i've eaten in other restaurants. Spices and flavors were the same. Global Fusion and Barbeque Nation scores high on this parameter for obvious reasons. Experiment with your food, do somehting different. Tantalize your customers palates with your new blends. Surprise us!

Food Quantity: 2/5
They fleece you. Nothing more to add here.

Food Pricing: 1/5
Rather than enjoying my meal, i couldn't help but wonder, why was i paying 450/- on a main course item when the qty was so ridiculously poor? Even the area (location of the restaurant) didnt seem like it deserved to charge a customer that price. I regret not listening to my boyfriend when he told me we should dine at Kobe's (Yes its the neighbour)

Service: 4/5
Service was good. But still, 450/- for a main course dish? And mind you, it was just "gravy" i'll leave your mind to calculate how much it rounded up to with rotis.



Clarisha - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 08,2011



I had been to "Spice Tree" lately & i must say its pretty good.
The food was tasty &we didn't have to wait to long for the food either.
The staff was very helpful & decent.
However the playlist of songs was very outdated & the quantity of food was very little.
But other than dat d ambience was pleasant & the crowd decent.
Not a bad place to vist.



The worst food ever!!

I've been to Spice tree many many months back.. i personally think it is v difficult to have a bad food experience in b'bay...
But my visit to Spice Tree proved it wrong.. By far, the worst food i have ever had in this city...




We went here a few days back ,as most of the people in our group were vegetarians we decide to have veg on that day.The food is very average for vegetarians atleast .
the kebab platter(rs 420) was just about ok .The dish had about 4 starters,actually one of the starters had only afew boiled vegetables.
We had also ordered mocktails and soups, which were good.The makai subz soup was nice.
For main course we had ordered a sabji called vegetable pulli munchi(rs 225) which was extremely spicy and we found it difficult to eat even with roti.Even on the menu card it wasnt listed as spicy nor had the manager told us that it would be sour and spicy,so the sabji turned out to be extremely dissapointing.
The assorted bread basket(rs 275) was ok and served about 4 people.The kaali daal(rs180) was also nice.
The place is actually quite big though i wish it hadnt been that dimly lit.
The service is good and food is ok but nothing exceptional atleast for vegetarians.


Good Quality food and service

Had been to this place on a weekend for the first time and expected it to be crowded and waiting but we were lucky to find a seat. There was a lot to chose and not being sure of the place speciality we requested the waiter to help us who was very helpful. The taste of the dishes was mouth watering. Everything was cooked very carefully and perfectly to taste. Even the drinks were just perfect and their iced tea was really amazing. The service was really good. Although it was slightly on the expensive side it is value for money.



Great Food, Great Restaurant!

Of all the restaurants I've been to, Spice Tree is the one restaurant I go back to.. time after time after time! Year after year.
Why? The food is fantastic! You just can't explore the whole menu in one evening, even though you'll want to!

From North Indian to coastal.. the dishes are divine. I can't even begin pick favorites for this review, they're all wonderful. The head managers are a god-send if you have problems deciding, they know every element of any dish..

Though all are knowledgeable and very helpful, I can't write this review without mentioning one manager in particular called Anand. His love and knowledge for the dishes and his attention to your "foodie" whims are unmatched. On many occasions when the menu gets too daunting, we ask him to "surprise us"... He's never failed! And he's definitely introduced us to some hidden gems!

The waiters are attentive, they're just not breathing down your neck all the time. A quick glance in their direction and they're there for you... You have enough space to relax with your company.

The restaurant itself has a great ambience, very chilled out and very calm (great if you need a break from all the traffic and chaos). Great for families, couples, groups, in fact anyone who wants a nice restaurant experience. It's a spacious place. There's an inside section and an outside garden (with Koi pond, all under canopy).

One reviewer spoke about no A/C in the outside section. Do any garden sections in restaurants need A/C? Anyway, there are enough overhead fans and portable Cooler units... to my experience, such an issue has never bothered myself or those I have gone with (foreigners included, who are usually the first to have problems with the heat).

With regards to the price, personally I feel it's reasonable for the experience you get there. It is a classy place, afterall. I've been to other equally so-called "sophisticated" places in Bandra, where the service, ambiance and dishes just didn't justify the bill... Every rupee in Spice Tree is money well-spent.

Overall, Spice Tree is one of the finest restaurants you can find in Bandra. Given how often I end up there, in my opinion, it is the finest!


i wasn't impressed

the smoking section isn't airconditioned.

the waiters are inattentive.

the food's mediocre at best.

the prices were too steep for a place of that class.



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A fantastic place for coastal food!

Spice Tree is definitely one of the best places for Indian cuisine in Bandra - the prawn curry there is the best I've had anyplace.

Very customer conscious, they even changed the channel on the TV when we asked, since we were the closest table to the TV. A great selection on the menu which was all available when we visited. All in all, a fantastic little hideaway!!


meatburrp - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 12,2010


Good Food, Decent Price, Decent Ambience

I had been there for dinner and was happy to find that the restaurant is not as small as it appears from outside. From outside the restaurant appears like some joint where you probably would not like to take your family. It seems more like for the college crowd.

However, I was happy to see that the restaurant is prety big and that it is a good place for family dining.

The restaurant has an open space dining area - however this area can tend to get warm and you could even start perspiring if you are trying any spicy dishes. So I would advise the AC seating area when out with the family.

There is a small pond of fishes. However as you pass this place over to the open dining area you can get some foul smell - usually of the kind that you get when the water in a fish tank is not changed for some time. But again, one either gets used to the smell in due course !

FOOD: The food is good. Nothing in particular that I would recommend as I love eating and if its non-vegetarian I never discriminate :-). But the Flish platter is definitely worth a try.

SPIRITS: They have most of the spirits available.

PRICE: I guess it is reasonably priced. It should come up to approx Rs. 700/- per head.

AMBIENCE: I have been here only once and had occupied the open air dining area where apart from the temperatur I didnt have any other complaind. Maybe a couple of air coolers would have been good.



Good Indian Cuisine

Was there a couple of weeks back with two Scottish friends - they picked the joint. This was my first time there and was worried about spice levels (for them) and food quality.

The place is a hidden gem - the forst aircon place hides the beautiful courtyard at the back. Since it was Dec, the heat thankfully was manageable.

The service was attentive and the wine list had the regular Indian ones - all reasonably priced.

The starters were the achari chicken tikka (excellent!) and lamb sheekh kabab (avoidable - they messed it up by adding cucumber to it). The main course consisted of chicken and lamd dishes - both very good, bread basket (excellent), black dal (nothing exceptional) and rice.

That and a bottle of Indian wine and a few beers cost approx. Rs. 3,800. I think it is reasonably priced.


Denis  - Burrp User

Denis , IT

23 Reviews

December 10,2009


The best Indian restaurant in Bandra

I personally think that Spice Tree is the best place for Indian cuisine in Bandra - everything I tried there is delicious!

Quick and friendly service, all menu items are always available, good selection, great ambience.


boss21 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

November 12,2009


horrible place

they use oil laad and poor quality , the meat is not cooked properly , they use the fat portion instead of the lean meat , found aginomoto in the food they cant customize their food incease if some guest is allergic to a certain ingrident, landed paying 530 bucks on rotten food . this is place is worst than a road side dhabba .



Excellent Grilled Starters

I have been to Spice Tree three times now, and can confidently state that the food is very good.

Their starters like Murgh Malai Kabab (Rs 225), Achari Tikka (Rs 225) and Kalimirch aur Imli ke Murgh Tikke (Rs 225) are perfectly marinated, succulent pieces of delicious chicken. They have lots of variety in chicken and fish starters, as well as main courses.

We also tried the Aloo jeera (Rs 155), which was nicley cooked, neither over nor underspiced, just perfect.

Service is very attentive, without being obtrusive. Wait staff are very courteous and know their job (i.e. they can recommend dishes and are able to answer questions about preparation).

Starters are on the expensive side, but the portions are quite big, around 6 good-sized pieces of chicken in the above-mentioned dishes. As a starter, it can easily be enjoyed by 3 people. Main dishes can easily be shared by 2-3 people as well. Therefore, you get good value for money at this place.

Good food, polite service and cosy ambience makes this an ideal restaurant for a night out with friends or family.

For information, they levy a 5% service charge on the bill and offer a 10% discount on take-away and parcel orders.


Slow Service

I agree with other reviewers on the great decor and good quality drinks. I found the food to be average and the portions were just adequate. What really bugged me was the slow service of this place. I went on a Saturday night and the place was almost full. A somewhat slow service was expected but I did not bargain for the half an hour it took to get the first food order. The service for repeat orders were somewhat better (ten-fifteen minutes). The check took more than ten minutes to arrive at which point I really lost patience. The slow service pinches especially as the pricing is premium and I am sure they can afford to hire extra hands to do simple tasks like deliver a check. I hope mine was a one off case and they have better service normally.



Why Didnt I Find It Earlier .. ?

You have no idea how big the place is when you see it from the outside - looks like a small sized eatery -and dare I say, a somewhat shady one - compared to its brightly lit neighbour Kobe Sizzlers

But once you enter the place, you see that its slightly bigger than what you thought, especially if you sit in the non smoking section. And if you venture out to the smoking section, you realize the place is huge !! And they have a small fish pond full of really large 'kai' fish - the bright orange, black fish that you see at the Singapore airport etc

But enough of the decor - talk about the food now. True to their name, their dishes endeavor to stand out with strong spicy flavors. Especially memorable was the chicken rye kababs - chicken with mustard paste coating. The chicken was succulent and the flavoring was just right. It was one of the best kababs I have had in the last year ...

Rest of the food was also very good. Mention must be made of the curiously titled 'Junglee Naan'. Its a naan generously sprinkled with a mix of coriander, pudina and some other herbs - definitely the greenest naan I have ever eaten ! The Dal Makhni was also standout, with a very nice lingering aftertaste ...

I visited on a dry day, so a little difficult to comment on the beverages. Damages for a regular meal for two (chicken kebab, paneer tikka masala and dal makhani, naan and lassis) was Rs 1,200 - so it was moderately expensive. But thats not going to deter me from visiting it again and trying out the other goodies on their menu ....


Burrped - Burrp User


13 Reviews

December 30,2008



Our second visit to this place.. and have made our mind to frequent it !

Chicken 65... crunchy fried chicken pieces tossed in andhra spices and lots of curry leaves.. yummy to the core.
Junglee Nan .. different
Cheese Garlic Nan:- superb
Tandoor Pomfret:- FRESH , TASTY & grilled perfectly.
Kothimbarit Taleli Surmai:- Crunchy, fresh ,tasty
Fresh Lime water... soothing
Rock salt with Diet Coke :- Kool

Lunch for two :- 1000/- and we were burpping :-)


danit50 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 04,2008


High Prices

Drinks are good.

Had the chicken Kolhapuri which was just about O.K.

The quantity was good but given the high prices, that's what you'd expect, though the quality is just average.

The ambience and service were good, though the seating felt a bit cramped.

If you don't mind the overpriced food, then this could be a good restaurant for you. For me, however the price and quality are enough for me to give it an average rating.


Great place

I went to Spice Tree couple of weeks ago with my office colleagues. The ambiance was described in detail by the reviewer down below. We were sitting in the air-conditioned space which with its high ceiling gives the restaurant a very spacious feel. We wanted to sit on the outside next to the small fish pond but the heat wouldn't let us.
Let me get down to the food. We ordered for kebab plate (22 pieces of different meat kebabs, chicken and fish for most part of it) and batata chaap which totally rocked! That was by far one of the best veg starters i have had in quite sometime.
The main course included Smoked chicken masala and paneer tikka masala. The food was good. Good taste, fresh tender chicken and soft melt-in-the-mouth paneer made it all worth the visit.
We also ordered the pineapple juice and lassi. The lassi was freshly made it seems but not as thick as i like it to be, but good enough nonetheless.
The service was good too, accept for the part wherein they took a little more time to get the food or maybe we were just plain hungry and wanted to eat asap! While giving feedback, they were quick to ask us why we felt the way we felt about the restaurant and that really made my day. The guys really appreciated feedback and hopefully took it in the right spirit as well.
Finally, pricewise, definitely expensive, way over my budget.
Anyways here are the prices:

lassi 65
fresh lime water 55
batata chaap 115
Smoked chicken masala 220
paneer tikka masala 185
pineapple juice - 60
butter kulcha 40
nonveg kebab platter - 405

If your in Bandra, Spice Tree is one place you should definitely try out atleast once, you may fall in love with it :D
There was no reason why this place didn't deserve five-stars but for the prohibitive prices especially places in and around Bandra offer a similar experience at a cheaper price.


trusted food; non-vegie's delight and veggie's too

There used to be a quaint little chinese restaurant on hill road which served one of the better spicy-schzewan sauce, the one that i can distinctly remember for som reason....well, this place has now been replaced by spice tree!

I have confirmed this place time and again now (3 visits) and it has failed to disappoint me, yet!!

The restaurant offers a choice of open dining and closed dining both. You may sit amongst palm trees and a small fish pond in the open or sit staring at the same ambience within the confines of an air conditioner complete with glass walls on two sides.

A friendly staff, a friendly captain welcome you. Some of the mocktails that we ordered were brilliant (Sorry, i cannot recollect which ones)

On one occasion we feasted on the moderately priced non-veg kebab platter (20 pcs, Rs. 405/-) and a dry prawn starter. The prawns ghassi had a supremely flavoured gravy (red) with large prawns priced under Rs. 300/-. The appams that I ordered were a sorry state of affairs (very very badly made). But I let that pass in lieu of the otherwise magnificent food.

On another occasion, I had a paneer starter (around Rs. 110/-) and a half chicken tandoori (Rs. 175/-). They had mentioned that its a chef's special style of cooking and so they did deliver. It was richly marinated, right to the inside and coated on the outside with spices, done in butter and grilled to perfection. The chicken biryani was well done too but nothing to rave about (Rs. 180/-). The dal khichdi was redefining again!!....Have you ever realised that a stray incident of some particular very badly-made food item renders you wary of ordering the same dish again, be it at any place. So had been my story with the dal khichdi, until I encountered spice-tree to regain my faith in the same!!

A dinner for 4 with non-alcoholic drinks may strap you off Rs. 2000/- with a very fine and elegant ambience.



Lives up to its name!

I recently went to Spice Tree for dinner .. though i had been looking forward to it after the fab reviews i got from my friends. Ambient , intimate , a great place for conversation Spice tree is the perfect dinner place. Try the rotis - i love the butter naan and the junglee naan ! the sumptous kebab platter with an assortment of kebabs is a complete delight! The smoked chicken in traditonal indian spices is delectable .Surprisingly the pricing's just right .


Best place to grab a good meal on Hill Road

My long time favourite. Everything - the food, the ambience, the service is extremely good. It is a little bit on the expensive side. (Meals averaging 200-250 bucks for non veg) but if you're looking for cheap good food, Andora's is a stone's throw away :). Have had one instance of a moderately stale biryani being served - was swapped immediately once pointed out. They do an excellent squid/crab in butter garlic sauce. Not a vegetarian food freak myself but they're extremely good at those as well. Decent portions to boot.


Its wow !

After a long time i had been out for dinner and trust me i could not have picked up a better place.

The decore is good and relaxed, the outside seating very comfortable. They basically do a fantastic job with Fish as compared to any other meat.

Serive would easily fetch 9/10 and food would get the same. Its slightly expensive... but worth every penny.

Its a must visit if your looking at some great indian food.


Was bowled over by the Crab Butter Garlic

Awesome Food! Awesome Decor! Fantastic Service! Wonderful Place to dine.