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Spices & Flavours

WorliSouth Mumbai  

  • 65535235, 66542733
  • 9th, Sunvilla Bldg, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai
  • Italian, Indian

12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Spices & Flavours Reviews

Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

March 18,2011


Shady Crowd and Exorbitant Rates

We went here looking at the reviews and a yen for hukka. It was deserted save for a table inside. The crowd looked shady so we preferred to sit outside. Miffed by the manager's attitude and hokkah rates (Rs 500 ownwards when most places in Mumbai save Mabruk charge Rs 250 - Rs 350) we decided to leave and head elsewhere.



Hookah served in the same area as lunch

Food, service, ambience was all good.

Only disappointment was: There is no separate area for hookah ppl n non-hookah.
As a result, the entire room was filled with smoke, n it was becoming difficult to breathe, let alone eat.

I think this is a big turnoff. Apart frm tht its Okay.

Food was good. Try cheese rumaali papad!


Rhea  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

January 19,2011


Yummy Indian food!!!!

Nice ambiance great food they definitely don't compromise on taste the quantity is good as well as the seating arrangements really nice but the location is a bit difficult to get around as its on the main road where all the tiny roads meet so its pretty busy



not that great experience

have been to this plce with my frinedz group....

food not at all interesting and service is also average

with average ambience and price being on higher side, will rate this as 2 out of 5

PS: Be careful while placing the order and you may be served something different then ordered


Only VEG n Hookah - Not done

Went here to hang out with a few friends. Liked the atmosphere - the lighting and the art work kept.
Seating is not a problem, you get it in 15 mins (bcoz it is a veg corner)
Food - Decent, nothing great about it; i think it is over priced. Sad part no non-veg :( disappointment....
Hookah - again nothing that great. So far hookahs at Shalimar, Bandra are the best (very smooth)


Decent hangout with an okayish staff

Have been to this place a couple of times and find it pretty decent to hang out on "Not much to do" days ! Located on the Annie Besant Road, Below the Flyover ( a little before IVY if you drivin in from town) they serve Hukkas, Pastas, Mocktails etc. We got seated within 15 mins we were there on a Saturday night arnd 8:30 pm..... ( They demanded a min. bill of Rs. 3000 for a round table...A first i have ever heard for a table preference :D )

We were there treating friends and found that they do not have any cakes in house, so that was a dampener. What we did manage to do is, get the cake from a nearby place
(Brownie Point I guess) but were in shock when heard the staff say " We cant serve the cake before you guys order for main course as after having the cake you might not order food" !!! It's the most ridiculous reason one can hear from a restaurant staff for not serving the cake on the table!!!
Though they relented after we argued and pointed out that a 500 gm cake shared by 9 people cant kill the appetite ! A friend who has visited this place more than I have did mention that they have their quirky ways but always relent when you grill them :D

Coming down to food, they have an inhouse speciality called the Cheese Roomali, (much like a masala papad with cheese on it) but tastes fab ! We ordered some soups (2 Tomato and 2 Cream of Veg) which tasted quite decent. The mocktails (Gateway sunrise , Strawberry Blossom, Pina Colada) were OK but could have been innovative !

We skipped the starters to binge on the main course. Ordered Lasagne , Nepolitana, Cannelloni and Garlic breads. Everything tasted yummm with Cannelloni being the best.

A meal for 9 cost us around Rs. 2,600 and shows that its complete VFM if you around Worli and dont want to travel further south.

A rating of 2/5 for the staff for their quirky ways , 3/5 for the food.

Overall 3/5.


Kool Hangout..

Nice place in the corner at worli..
They have an outside seating which is open to sky..
Sheeshas out here are THE ULTIMATE..and when i am sayin' this i really mean itt..
Service is very good,well infomed staff,changes the coal before you ask them to..(though the valet can goof upp at timess)..
The food is on the ok sidee..
Not where i wud wanna go to dine..
But yea,,definitely a lovely place to chill in the evnin' with frenzz over sheesha and iced teass..


Best Customised Hookah

Spices & Flavours has always been my favorite place to have hookah and hang around.Whenever i come,i have always been given a warm welcome and good hospitality.The staff is pretty friendly.I think they have best customised hookah.It includes their secret recipe for making a hookah for every guest.If you are looking forward to enjoy the taste of rich hookah and experience wonderful time with friends or family you can forget about the cost.It may cost you shelling out 600 bucks,but thats worth it.And even the food is good,from appetizer to the drinks and from sandwiches to maincourse.I think Spices & Flavours makes an extraordinary combination of arabic ambience inside and open space ambience outside.It's just the right mixture of different views and different culture which you will find.Have a try.Now coming on to some pros and cons.Do not ever order a basic flavour for hookah because it is not as basic as it should be.The flavour burns very fast comparatively to their customised flavours which runs more than 1 hour.If you are goin in weekend and planning a good time bet you go before 7pm and catch a table.because after 7pm on weekends its more than a 1hour waiting.And in weekdays you will find the place to seat very easily.If you want to try the food than i wont suggest any special dish,because it has everything what you will probably like.



its a nice place!!

i love the place coz this was like our hangout as its near our college
worli naka easily accessible ...
the ambience inside is good.. good service n tasty food..
the hukka here is good but u need to tell him to make a good one or ur evening mught go in tell him to change the coal...

cover charge of 100 per person,,,
but its worth it n during matches it juss fun inside....
hope u enjoy



Great Sheesha

The restaurant has great sheesha's. As a matter of fact the food is just about average altho on weekends it is quite full with people wanting to eat. But if you like sheesha, go here. They have a huge list. But they are expensive. The cheapest one is 275, which is almost 100 bucks more than mocha.


yatinu84 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 01,2008


Nice food and ambience

The place has an excellent sitting arrangement. The number of peoples it can hold at a single time is less in and around 20-25 inside but its comfortable and not crowded. The lighting is low and music is comfy and not loud at all.
The menu is a combination of some soups and punjabi dishes along with some variety of italian dishes.
The down thing is its ONLY veg.
The preparation is good and fast.
Apparentely its famous for Hukkas so one should try them.


good, comfortable fun in worli

Spices and Flavours offers a good, comfortable environment to enjoy good vegetarian italian fare (at least that is what I eat there). Try the penne arrabiata - although it does not taste authentic italian (like Don Giovanni), it does a great job of not offending with the small portions of indian flavours that are mixed in. Sheesha is also available, although it is not my cup of tea.

Crowd is usually younger, well-to-do local Worli kids, so all in all, a good place to check out and lounge around on a Saturday evening if you are in Worli.