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> > > Spices, JW Marriott Hotel

Spices, JW Marriott Hotel



13 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Kickstart your weekend on an exciting note! Enjoy a lavish brunch with Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Sushi counter, Roasted Duck with Pancakes counter, Dimsum Station, Teppanyaki station, Tom Tom and Tom Yum Stations.

    Day: Every Sundays

    Time: 12.30pm - 4pm
    Non-Alcoholic Brunch: Rs. 2728 (AI)
    Alcoholic Brunch: Rs. 3986 (AI)

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Spices, JW Marriott Hotel Reviews






Value for Money

Very nice decorated restaurant with a good location near the beach of Mumbai. Spices serves one of the best Sushi on earth. They have a wide selection of non veg and veg Thai and Japanese cuisines. We found that some of the Thai dishes had an Indian twist to it such as the fried vegetables and the fried beancurd. Its completely worth to your time and Money.


Raz  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

April 23,2014






Worth every penny

I am usually freaky about food and ambiance, this place is perhaps of the best for Japanese and Thai in Mumbai. It has a huge variety in the menu with wonderful staff, who will guide you. Spices and Lotus Cafe in JW Marriott have always impressed me with high QoS (quality of services).



Careless staff!

The first visit to Spices was unique because we opted for the Teppanyaki counter and the chef was great, thus making the whole experience very pleasant. The second time our visit was not so pleasant. We ordered a few drinks (which were OK) and ordered a plate of mixed fried rice of the person who asked for the order the 1st time. 30 minutes on, we checked with the guy who was keeping a tab on us to check if all was fine, and he said its "on its way". After that, some new manager-type fellow comes up to say that apparently there was NO ORDER PLACED for any rice dish. We politely told him that was not the case, and that we had been reminding the waiters hovering around for the food, which was not coming. Sensing that if he insists further with the allegation that no order was placed, he would be suffocated with the rising fury of the seated group, he flashed a plastic smile and walked away saying the rice was on its way. it came finally, but not exactly what we had ordered. Sigh. Talk about trying a hungry stomach's patience!


Not that suits a JWM

I am disappointed with Spices. it was my 1st visit to JWM and it really did not meet an expectation desired from a class resto. We went for a fixed menu at the Spices on Sunday 03 Apr evening.
Thumbs Up:
1. Ambience - Dimly lit and an amazing view of JWM back yard garden.
2. Menu

Thumbs Down:
1. Service: Lax!! Waiters do not care to attend.. It feels sick when you are made to call a waiter for serving water.. I took rice with Thai curry and I was shocked to see rice not warm.. It takes them 30 mins to serve the starter course after the drinks were served and another 15 mins to serve the soups..
I take this service if I am sitting at a roadside resto.. BUT not from a JWM inhouse restaurant!!
2. Food : I would rate 2/5. Mainland China fares above on the taste buds..



Culinary Magicians

Four of us went for a celebratory dinner on Republic Day to Spices at JW. The ambience here is very good, the whole decor and atmosphere of this place is ambient, cozy, they have a live kitchen. The wine and champagne list is commendable, we ordered for a bottle of champagne...chateau..something, it was brilliant, recommended by the waiter. Moving on to the food, for appetizers, we had prawn cakes, which were a bit too greasy and oily but the prawn filling inside was very flavorful. BBQ chicken wings were mediocre, they are certainly not oriental and should be excluded from the menu ( they must be a popular choice), Dimsums were very tasty. Main Course: All the main course dishes we ordered were delicious and the servings were quite generous. Thai Green Curry : Amazing, a bit too much cocunut, but it was very flavorful and right chouce of vegetables, even the rice that came along with it was prepared well! Sea Bass: Whatever you do, do not miss this dish, it is simply out of the world!! It is very, very well done by the chef, the sauce is tangy and flavorful but it allows for the natural taste of the fish, Chicken in Black Bean was well....ok...i believe that chicken doesnt go well with oriental cuisine but my companions insisted on ordering chicken. Desserts were simply excellent, they have a very interesting dessert menu, i think it is the creativity of the chef, if it truly is then hats off to him! Here it goes..Litchi and Cocunut Tart, was very good, the litchis were canned, but it was nonetheless quite satisfactory and lived up to the expectations. Irish coffee, haha, it was brilliant, right amount of spirit and the coffee it was a really good way to end an enjoyable experience. Overall Spices is one of the best Thai/Oriental restaurants in the city, however it is expensive, but the quality of the food and wine does justice to the price.



very good

i went here 4 my is definitely worth to try!there is nothing to complain about here except they are charging 15 rp bottle water 100 rp!this is a very cheap act to make money!


mumbaikar_4 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

September 22,2010


limited choice for veggies

went there on a sat nite a 8.30pm after havin made reservations and saw that barely 2-3 tables were occupied. we were offered a table which i was a little hesitant about..........asked if they could arrange for a table which seemed to have a good view........but was refused......y bcoz they had already taken reservations for that one....ya rite.......only one of the 5 tables which we wanted was occupied by the time we left !10pm)

wot i liked about the restaurant was that there was a live kitchen........and overall ambience was nice.......

coming to the menu : limited choices for veggies..........only 2 starters.......we ordered the one with potatoes (some thai starter.....don't rem the name)........which was too oily for my comfort.
now comin to the main course in chinese......options :fried rice, or garlic burnt rice or noodles.
there were 4-5 options for vegetables......mixed veggies in garlic sauce is wot we ordered along with veg fried rice..........the service & ambience were the only good things about this place. they were polite and pretty prompt too.
when the mixed veggie with the supposed GRAVY arrived we saw that there was almost no we asked if we could have some extra gravy............and the staff was nice enough to get some extra gravy.
FOOD : 2/5
VFM: definitely NOT




Went there on Friday Night.

Service was very nice. The ambience was cosy and nice.
Food was good.
The Californian Roll and Prawn Tempura's were strictly nice.
The main course was definitely worth it. The Chef's Recommended Sichuan Chicken And Thai Fried Rice were impeccably nice!

The Tepinyaki counter and Sushi seemed promising!
Need to make another visit for it soon!


Burrped - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 11,2009



After umpteen visits to the Lotus Cafe and Saffron decided to visit Spices... just a few days back when I was at the Lotus cafe over lunch happened to see the new chef of spices so here we go...

With a warm welcome and a good round of the restaurant we were escorted to a nicely done candle lit table for four..Some Prawn crackers and Hot and sour peanuts were placed to keep us busy...After a nice selection of wine we proceeded to order..

They have a Tepanyaki Grill & a Sushi Bar for the Japanese food lovers.. And of course they do serve Sake... A rice wine... Will go for it the next time I visit them

A hot & Sour Prawn Soup = Rs 400/- Hot Yummy robust with bit size pieces of fresh " de-veined" (pls note a lot of good Restaurants miss out on this. ) prawns, mushrooms , bamboo shoots etc... loved the taste..

A big mistake: - Honey chilli chicken
Inspite of the big no no warning from the captain still went ahead with it... and we got what the dish spelt.. Honey drizzled crunchy chilli Sesame chicken... it was good in the first few bites.... but then later on it it was a big turn off...

Main course: - Crispy Pomfret with chilli basil sauce
Two rolls of crunchy fried pomfret fillets dunked in some brown sauce with basil leaves .. the fish was fresh but it was a pity that we did not like it much since it was absolutely bland and a little sweet for the Indian palate the portion just enough for two but a huge bowl of steam rice is served along with it.

were quite done with our food coz did not like what we ordered so wrapped it up... wud have loved to order a desert but all dat honey chicken gave us a head spin .. Maybe be next time

PS: - when brought to the notice of the chef dat inspite of telling them to later our food and make it spicy, it was not taken care of ... they were kind enough to just rectify their mistake....

We hope to give them another chance and order something different and spicy ... till then Ciao

The 4 star rating for the Fresh Sea Food ( most important ) and the care taken towards the customer ...




Yes, that is a dollar sign you see there. While I will convey my enthusiasm for finding good quality maguro (tuna) sashimi, everything at this place costs a fortune. Before any courses were ordered, we were served crab-flavoured won-tons and spiced peanuts as appetite whet-ters.The wife and I started with an order of the delicious sashimi. It tasted fresh, and was cut well since it went down like butter. The wasabi was unfortunately too solidified and did not dissolve well in the soy sauce, but a few extra whips and twirls of the chopstick took care of that problem. We moved on to chicken dim sum, served with a garlicky chili paste; and a traditional Thai Som Tam salad (raw papaya, peanuts, red chilis, etc.). Both were delicious.

For the main course, we decided to keep it simple - one order of Green Curry Vegetables and sticky rice. Unfortunately, this is where Spices faltered. There was something distinctly missing from the Thai Green Curry, although neither of us could put our finger on it. The sticky rice was some variety of Indian rice, thus, not chopstick-friendly.

Fairly stuffed, and still half a bottle of Orrin Swift 2005 Prisoner to go, we opted out of dessert. They still served some fresh cut fruits, which was pleasant. The decor is what you would expect of an upscale Asian place - rock garden entrance, large, Japanese paintings, darker furniture, dimly lit...could make for a good date joint.

All in all, I would definitely go back here as perhaps the place in the suburbs for dependable sushi and good Asian tapas (small dishes) - would opt out of ordering main courses next time - but most of us are perhaps too poor to dine here regularly.


I don't want them to feel bad about it, but...

But, it's just run-of-the-mill sushi. I mean, it wasn't bad - don't get me wrong. It was good. The saba (mackeral - which is my favorite) was actually surprisingly tasty!

I think what I' saying is, it's not worth the exorbitant price. I've had much better sushi in california for half the price. Of course, you have to pay $1500 to get to, what's an $80 bottle of sake? Well it's kind of a lot since they're just small bottles of sake.

Something else that struck me as odd was how tiny the fish were in the sushi case!

Anyway, like I said, it was okay but it was super expensive, I think we spent $400 for a small dinner for two.


Loved The Ambience and Food!!!!

We werent if we really wanted to eat there after seeing the menu as none of us were sushi lovers....However the hostess suggested we try the tepinyaki at their tepinyaki n sushi counter. She was confident we wuldnt b sorry n boy was she right!!!! It was an amazing exp to watch the food being cooked right in front of u and being served to u real hot n in gud portions!!!! Grt food, grt ambience and I suggest u take along some grt company to really enjoy urself :) (we still didnt try sushi - guess im not yet that adventurous)