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> > > > Srinathji's


Lower ParelSouth Mumbai  

  • 02224985857, 02232615221, 02232420158
  • Jagdamba Bhavan, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 500

24 Reviews / 30 Ratings

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Srinathji's Reviews

freak2luv - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 05,2014







horrible stale cake

Ordered a chocolate truffle cake and the cake was stale....Will never again order from here. Really think twice if your ordering cake from here.







Inconsistent quality

Srinathji, is one place which is just not consistent over a period of time. Have been ordering out from here for over 2 years now and the quality of their food has just dropped. We'd ordered some pastries for an office party, they were horribly smelly and stale. On insisting on having them returned, they refused to send someone with a replacement, and insisted we take them back. So we sent our office peon, and they sent another stale pastry back with him! Horrible! The food too is quite tasteless, maybe because of the no onion and no garlic in anything. Just don't like this place anymore.. Totally avoidable...



Yummy vegetarian options

Being srinathji's here you get food without onion and garlic. It's apt for a Jain like me. From punjabi food to continental to chaats to pastries.. it's super good.
I am not a punjabi food fan so have tried everything else here. Chaats are tasty, chinese is super good, nachos are cheesy and my favorite. Sandwich is average.
Overall it's a good food place and mostly the nearby office people come here during lunch breaks, it is difficult to find a table for peak lunch time.
So start a little early or go late so enjoy a peaceful meal.








Srinathji's promises to be one of the good restaurants in lower Parel.... it doesnot serve onion and garlic but still the taste is good...

The Starters are nice...We has ordered Chinese Bhel and Veg Crispy but the main course was average...certain items need to be improvised and there is little space constraint in the restaurant...

if you happen to be here dont miss the sizzling brownie as its a very good desert here...Overall experience was Average...Price is affordable and ambiance is ok...


b.bera1111 - Burrp User


48 Reviews

September 04,2013


Simply hype

The place is ok nothing much fascinating .I thought to try out the sizzler .The sizzler mentioned yellow & green pepper but i should say there where no yellow pepper at all in the sizzler.The noodles tasted like maggi noodles.In total I would give the sizzler 1/5.There is a dessert named dangerous rider which was ohk 3/5.The rabdi tasted sour i think it was 1-2days old.The chocolate chip pastry was the only thing i liked. in total just an average.


Pratik Bhatt - Burrp User

Pratik Bhatt

1 Reviews

September 04,2013


Good Quality & Place

I had visited it earlier. First I will consider their clean ambiance. Really like food quality.
Service is too good. A good place to satisfy all your food.



No Onion, No Garlic but still fantastic!!!

This is one of my favourite places in Lower Parel to grab a quick bite. The food is deliciously finger licking.

They are a "Vaishnav Cuisine", so they dont use onion or garlic in any of their preparations. Even without onion/garlic you dont miss anything and provides a wonderful dining experience.

A special mention about their desserts. They are just heavenly. They also have savoury snacks which can be bought over the counter



One of these days Phoenix Mills is going to get bored of my family doing window shopping there for hours and throw us out..but till then we will continue to roam around and search for places to eat at and I will continue to review them :) So here goes..

4 PM on a scorching sunny summer afternoon and we have just exited Phoenix Mills. I planned to go to DP Wok Hei but it was closed at that hour so I remembered this place and praying to the entire platoon of Hindu Gods to keep this place open, we marched ahead. Yes, it was open *yay*! But only snacks items were available. No problem, I jump at every opportunity to have chaats, so we decided to make a full meal of all the snacky items they could prepare then.

10 minutes later, we were gorging on Sev Puri (good), Dahi Batata Puri, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Bhalla Papdi Chaat (outstanding), Samosa Ragda Chaat (spicy-women like my mom love this!),Chole samosa chaat (fabulous), Delhi basket chaat (my sis would not share it with me!) and a Mumbai grilled sandwich (quite good).

As you can see, we loved the chaat spread and the portions were very good for the 3 of us. In fact we were almost full after sharing 4 chaats only and had to doggy pack 3 chaats and the sandwich which we finished off for dinner!!!

Damage to pocket was only around 550 bucks! We are now planning to call our friends here for only chaat parties on our birthdays :D


Tasty food..sans Onion & garlic

The Srinathji menu offers an extensive variety in food which is amazingly good, especially considering that the same is made without any onion or garlic. I love the starters there (my favourite being the Chinese Bhel) as well as the different types of Khichdis. The Lebanese isnt quite upto the mark as much as the other items on the menu. The last time we visited was a fortnight back and we tried the soups there for the first time and surprisingly found them very well made and delicious.

Srinathjis make sweets, pastries and cakes too, which are displayed on the counters within the restaurant itself, making it impossible for anyone in there to leave the place without ending their meal with a sweet!! The place is very crowded on weekdays as their major clientele come from the offices all around Lower Parel area. Best enjoyed during weekend afternoons!


good food

Food is really good, nice items on menu.Service is good too


Best chole tikki ever in Mumbai.

We just ordered the chole tikki from Srinathji's and must say....Fantabulous. The service was quick and the taste perfect.....:)

Finally found a place to have chat in Mumbai...... Jhakkassss!



Good place for eating pure veg food. They serve full course meals with delicious deserts to complete it. They lack good starters but the main course and deserts are delicious. They only serve pure veg (almost Jain) food so that might not appeal to everyone. If you live in lower parel then this is a good place for ordering food.


All just a Hype!!!!

Come on!

Remember how Ra.One's trailer's had made such a big deal about the movie, promising us a visual orgasm... but when you went to watch the movie, you were sorely disappointed!!!

My experience with Srinathji's was just like that! After reading some of the reviews I was expecting a happy festive explosion in my mouth, and had prepared myself for some disappointment, but what I received finally was far far worse!!!!

For my Boss's birthday, I had ordered a cake for the entire office from this place. They said they would deliver in an hour... and finally after calling them 5 times, the cake came 3 hours later... This would have been bearable if the cake was delicious.... But to top it all.. the cake was tasting sour!!! Sour and liquidy... and not the good kind of liquidy... It was definitely a stale cake!!!!

I would never order from here again!!! that is for sure!!!


Sunil Bs - Burrp User

Sunil Bs

1 Reviews

January 14,2012


Complete food

Gr8 food, and service, very light on the stomach wonderful menu with variety


Ummehani - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 01,2011


Clean Ambiance & Value for Money

I had visited here once to buy a pastry & was amazed to see such a well organized & clean ambiance of the restaurant. Infact, at 1st go you may not know its a restaurant since it looks like a cake shop from outside, The Food is excellent here especially the Chinese cuisine. A must try here is a "Double cheese pizza + Fried Hakka noodles & Matki Kulfi". Staff is very sober & hospitable. Food Lovers can definitely have a try out here....


oxycheese - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 15,2011


Overrated and Expensive

this place began with good quality and reasonable prices but now it has become worst..quality has deteriorated drastically..portions have become less..they are milking all naive corporate employees from parel who dont mind to pay bomb for tiny portions and average quality its avoidable place unless u dont have options..




Srinathji's just opened their branch at Malad west, which struck my curiosity and a search on burrp revealed their branch at lower parel.
so we, a group of two dozen medicos headed here on gandhi jayanti for lunch.
though the seating is inadequate, they were very flexible and accomodated us all together.
the ambience is ok, there are just too many idols and photos of deities especially Kirshna.
the menu offers something from every corner of the world, right from indian to mexican to lebanese to chinese..and yes italian.
the food is strictly highlights as such...

we ordered, nachos....original yellow cheese....but very plain...hardly any topping...and no toppings options too
veg crispy...good enough but just too much of cabbage.

next came sizzlers....we ordered mexican fajita sizzlers and satellite....they have noodles and rice options, both were average. servings are quite good as far quantity is concerned.

then we tried their parathas.....the alu methi paratha, was the only sore had too much of bitter methi and no aloo !!
but paneer peas paratha was good...but nothing like north indian parathas......they serve it with chhole9 done in south-indian style) and raita.

their subzis....were typical..
the soups were good..especially tomato soup... the delicate balance of sour and sweet was well maintained.

the mexican pizza with baked beans was very original and perfect.

last and the best was papdi chaat, which was very good...though again nothing like north-indian delhi type.

gulab jamun was again rocking...just sweet enough

the service was good and waiters couteous.
their assortment of cakes and sweets was a visual treat.

and finally...its not expensive at all...


As always..

Have been to this joint umpteen times and have never had any issues with hygiene, upset tummies, etc..

the food has always been exemplary, and a welcome change for a hard core non-veggie, have taken a liking to "jain food", esply the chaats, have not sampled the lebanese or conti yet but am sure it would rock..

All in all, good beverages, food and desserts, what more can one ask for..a bigger set up, well yes ;)

Keep it up guys.. thanks..


everthing under the sun

VFM and HUGE variety and they try to do justice to all of them.
But as mentioned before it is Pure Vaishnav Food i.e. no Garlic no Onion but still the Paneer Chilly pepper was tangy n spicy.
The food is fresh and with distinct flavours.

Whats Not: Congested and only 6-8 tables, slow service,no parking better cab it


Fantastic Jain & Vaishnav food

The restaurant is excellent. You get international dishes in Vaishnav & Jain preparations! Wonderful taste & great quality of food.




i am writing this review without even being to this restaurant and i know i'll never get into this restaurant thats because i have seen how food is prepared here...the kitchen here is too small and therefore most of the food is prepared outside this kitchen and this outside place i m talking about lies between 2 buildings and is home for atleast 20-30 rats and 10-12 cats who all feast upon the food being prepared when no one is watching...ohh i forgot about crows they too have a good feast here and once all this creatures finish testing the food it is then served to humans :)...hygiene in this place is worse than the roadside foodstuff!!!


One of the best place 4 jain people in town side!!

I have been to this place a dozen no. of times now from home. A very good place to have food (complete jain food i.e. without onion n garlic) & that too at an economical cost. One of my friend, would like to leave chicken for the sake of having d dal here, it's that good here! they have different cuisines & a good variety of desserts!! Pricing of the food depends on the cuisine. Food for four people would easily come up to Rs.550-600 including some soft drinks. The ambiance is a bit space crunched! But the food is really good & a complete VFM!!



Good to order, sad to go and eat..!!

Lower Parel (LP) is really boring when it comes to dining..
I was finding it quite monotonous to go to Phoenix each time we plan for eating out.

Srinathji has a very interesting menu.. It serves Punjabi, Lebanese, Italian and Mexican... Everything veg and more specifically... Jain (on demand)...

The food is nice considering the fact that not many places offer good veg food and jain food in the vicinity..Also, it has a wide range of desserts, icecreams, cakes n pastries and sweets..!!

And one notable fact.. If you wanna order food sittin in ur office, then the service time is just 15 mins..!!
But u may experience a little space crunch if u decide to go there and eat.. So, order and eat at your convenience..!!


Best Place for Jains

Specially for Jains, for sure... why? because this is the place where they strictly avoid Onions and Garlics.... And the food is absolutely amazing here..

I work at Peninsula and it is quite near to me with amazing ambience and very good food... Try Mexican and Chaats as well. The Mithai's are good as well


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