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Nilima Kadam - Burrp User

Nilima Kadam

August 08,2014

Food: Status restaurant, Mahim west

For a Lunch out we colleagues decided to try Status at Mahim West. The name mentions refined gourmet. Wanted to find out, if it really was. I am not sure if I will go or not go there next time. Didn't find it too bad nor praise worthy.

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Frank D'souza - Burrp User

Frank D'souza

December 12,2012

Great place to have a drink

The ambience is nice. Service is a little slow but the food is good. Drinks are slightly on the higher side
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penocchio - Burrp User


November 07,2012

Very very good

They have recently given this restaurant a makeover. I dont know how it used to be earlier, but the current setup, esp the food is superb. We organised a party in one of their banquet halls here, and the guests loved the food and service! We visit this plave frequently for family meals, and its not failed to please me even once. Must try!
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Ritu Ghuwalewala - Burrp User

Ritu Ghuwalewala

November 16,2011

Non-veg left-over served in a Veg dish. YUKK.

Status is a typical example of a joint that is inviting from the outside, but extremely disappointing from the inside.

We had ordered Veg. Paneer Hill-Top (something similar to Paneer Tikka) and to our utter shock, found pieces of chicken in the onion salad that was served on the side!

When we called the waiter, a group of them arrived and started laughing at our back. The least we expected was a sincere apology which came from the head of those a$$&% and appeared totally 'forced'.

How did the chicken pieces get into the onion salad in the first place? There is a high probability that instead of serving fresh salad on the side, they used the remains of some non-veg starter that was left by some prior guest(s). Excellent quality standards!!

a) you commit a BIG mistake
b) you don't feel sorry for it

Result: You spoil someone's meal. You spoil someone's day.

I am sure I am never visiting this place again.
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anandnata - Burrp User


December 19,2010

Awesome Vegetarian fare!

Loved this place. Yes, the service cud have been better but the food was simply awesome! One of the best dal makhni's I have tasted recently...the mushroom paneer was also great. My colleagues loved their prawns too. Overall, had a good sumptous lunch all for 1000 bucks for three. Thats not too bad, isn't it?
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satty72 - Burrp User


February 14,2010

Pretty Ordinary

Was there last night with a group of 12,the soups[chicken lung fung & chicken manchow] were a disaster,nonveg platter was pretty ordinary & same for the main course...pretty ordinary food for the steep rates...
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sidewinder - Burrp User


March 29,2008

Strictly Average

Well to start on a good note, this place did get me a bit nostalgic. I had been to status as a child along with my parents, infact it was the first time i had tasted Tandori Pomfret and loved it beyond memory.

I also remember this place for SCOTISH ARMS the club.. where i partied till wee hours...

Destiny brings me back to this place many years later although i pass this place almost every day.

For startes.... extremely unhappy with no reservation policy especially on wed, friday and sat.. the reason.they are full hence no reservation after 9 pm.

I still took my chance and landed before 9.........staff welcomes me and ushers me to my guest.......only to realise my guest have not event reached the place.......basically they got me to another place.

For heavens the place had crowd .. but nowhere close to CROWDED.

Food was any average Mughlai type cuisine... ambience outside the place is better than inside...

No Smoking and non smoking demarkations.

Level one is low in height and felt a Bit claustophobic.......
bar menu is decently priced and seems to be a good place for a business meet during lunch or evening hours.

Place seems extemely noisy...reminded me of Mc Donalds.....
I expected a quiter, peacefull place..

NET NET i ll say this gets a 5 outta 10
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