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Andheri WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 52 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02226352244, 02232684494, 02232684495
  • Shop No. 3 & 4, Darya Darshan CHS Ltd, Yari Road, Aaram Nagar 2, Versova, Andheri West,Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 400

7 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Subway Reviews

Unpalatable Avoidable

People ,this place should shut shop. One time since lettuce was expensive, they were
Serving shredded cabbage. It's a shame and a bad name to subway. The standard and quality of veggies are awful. One could land up with stomach issues .Wonder if anyone
ever bothers to Check in on the quality etc. GROSS, I avoid subway in India.



Despite my previous pathetic experience with this outlet, once again ordered a Chicken Salad from here... against all sound logic! There was small hope that it would have improved! But once again, totally totally rubbish! Had asked for all veggies and extra chicken. This time too, the lettuce and tomatoes were missing and the quantity of chicken pieces was once again a huge disappointment. Truly fed up of this place. Will never order again from this outlet.




Had a real bad experience here...
The subs were quite ok but the bread was not at all good...
took the parmesan but it was nt upto the mark...
even the cookie was burnt...
they replaced it but it was quite a dramatic experience.
the staff is unfriendly as rightly mentioned by fellow burrpers.



Bad Sub

Despite the poor reviews on Burrp, I still decided to give the place a try and it was a terrible idea.

Bread: Only one variety, it seems to be cold and stale

Service: Staff seem to be overworked and hurried. They forgot to add some veggies and sauce. Looks to be untrained

Sub: Worst one ever, it was cold, stale and tasteless

Very bad experience from an international brand like Subway. I am never going there again !!



Unfriendly Staff

The sandwiches are good but the staff is extremely unfriendly. Looks like they got a bunch of college dropouts to manage this outlet.

When you call on the phone to order, instead of being polite, they are very curt and speak to you by your first name which I don't expect from an outlet which is part of an International chain.

The franchisee owner or Subway should take serious note of this.



They always have some problem. AC has failed. Salad items not available. Toasted bread not available. Each time I go there there is some problem.
Last time I asked for the complaint book, they said they could not find that too.



Bad Experience

Is this actually a legitimate subway outlet???? Tried calling them up yesterday after a long time and got an automated reply saying that the service to this number has been terminated. Wonder whether they are paying their telephone bills or not (or) have they shut shop???
Couple of months back, ordered a Chicken Salad with veggies. I have had this salad at other subway outlets and really relish it. Imagine my horror when I opened the plate to see a plate full of lettuce smeared with sauces and 2 olives and 3 pieces of chicken. Called them up to complain but the guy taking the orders was very adamant that there was no problem at their end. So called up once again, fired the hell out of the guy after which the manager came on the phone. He was one helpful chap and arrived at my residence within 10 minutes (even though it was after midnight) & got a fresh salad. He took back the salad delivered previously and assured me that such a thing would not happen again.
I called up again a couple of weeks back for an order at 9.00 pm, only to be told that they would not be able to deliver for atleast an hour for reasons best known to them.
Thereafter, tried their number yesterday and got the above message. So I have decided to spare myself this torture and never call up this outlet again