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Lower ParelSouth Mumbai    & IN 52 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02265263931, 02265263930
  • Ground Floor,Skyzone,Senapati Bapat Marg,Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 400

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Subway Reviews

Could be Better-MUCH better!

I don't like Subs much-nothing against this brand, I don't like having bread much. Not more than once a month. So it was ironic when recently I ended up having subs (sharing with sister) twice in the same day! And it was a diametrically opposite experience!

My sister and I have a standing lunch date once a week-we move some things around and once a week, we both run from our office at lunch time to meet, eat and dash back. What happened last week was we got a two hour window in the afternoon so we decided to meet at Phoenix Mills, do some quick essential shopping, eat and dash back. Then we met in the evening at Fort to do some more essential shopping, eat and run back home. Yes, it was a busy day!

So, in afternoon when we landed up here, my sister marched up to the counter and I must confess it was smelling good. I have no idea about subway menu but my sister does, so she always does the ordering. She asked for a veggie delight sub and for bread, she wanted some honey sesame kinda bread-they did have that in the menu, but apparently it was not available. So she settled for whatever they had. Then the veggies, my sister kept saying more olives (because I really like them) and the staff wouldn't put it in, more tomatoes and he wouldn't put it in, and finally when it came to sauces, my sister wanted more barbecue sauce and again that wasn't put in.

I think Subway can do much better, right? It tasted okay, we were pretty famished so we gulped it down, I would definitely not return here.



pathetic...pls shut down the phoenix subway

this branch does answer calls post 12pm & does nt take delivery orders post 12. if there is a shortage of manpower, y dont u employ more people???


Subway is clearly going underground

We don’t have this bread. We cant toast this. We have run out of lettuce. We will put 4 olives on your sandwich. We won’t add enough cucumbers. We will save on a few pennies by not adding a slice of tomato. We don’t like you having too many veggies. We will give you the smaller half of the bread. We wont put enough mayo. We will charge you a bomb anyway. Really sad for an international brand.




1) They should stop displaying their numbers on the site as nobody answers the call and one number is out of service since ages.
2) No Toast facility available- they will always say "Currently, toast is not available" even if you call after 2 weeks or continue ordering everyday "Currently" is their patent.
3) Order delivered is poorly packed. Guys, we pay for quality and fresh subs so please GIVE US in a nice packaging. Atleast! we deserve that.


Shreni_M - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 17,2010


Worst Service Ever!!!!!!!!!

If you wanna starve to death waiting for the order to come, or for that matter for staff to pick up your call to place the other, then SUBWAY is the place...

I WAS a regular customer of Subway and order subs almost every alternate day... Even the staff now knows Us by name but they have the worst possible service for home delivery. Firstly you would die waitin for them to pick up their outlet phones, if your luck is good you might get thru dem after atleast an hour. Secondly they will bring your order after atleast 45 min even if your office is bang opposite to their outlet. And in the course of this past 2 hours where you are starving of hunger and might faint in another 15 mins, they bring you completely horrendous subs with zilch sauces which you have asked for, lotsa cabbage instead of lettuce, and hardly any veggies.

The next thing any civilised person would do is call the HO and complain abt this service, but trust me the HO is equally disinterested in serving you the food. Mr. Ankush (outlet manager) and Mr. Sunil at the HO from who you expect a better reply to your complain are surprisingly unprofessional in serving the customers. I was left speechless WHEN THEY SAID YOU NEED TO COME TO THE OUTLET AND COLLECT THE ORDER.

I am putting in for the benefits of the others so you don’t have to go thru the same ordeal that we go through. Not even expecting a REPLY or any sorta change from the outlet or the HO (provided they do check the comments.)



not very hygienic

This outlet of Subway is mainly for yuppies in LP area and phoenix mills shoppers. So its a very busy place. But that's no reason for the staff to compromise on hygiene standards.
First off, they had not kept the veggies section covered when no veg sub was being made. I didnt see the staff wearing gloves.
The 3-star rating is purely for the subs...they're yummy and healthy. Try the Veg Shammi, or Chicken Teriyaki.



Decent place to grab a quick bite...
There IS some hassle of grabbing a place to rest your butt, but then this isn't an all out restaurant. (Most Subway joints abroad don't have seating at all!) Food is good and versatile. Stuff like the bacon and egg sandwich are worth a try and the sub of the day is very VFM. Wash down with chilled ice tea!


Good Service

It might be a one of experience for people with bad experience. I have been to this place atleast once every week and It has been an wonderful experience. Home Delivery is quite quick as well.


Poor Service

Endless queues and non reachable phonelines are the the characterisitcs of this place. AC is non-functioning most of the time and you fight for a place to sit.
Pathetic eating experience.