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Nariman PointSouth Mumbai    & IN 52 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02265204639, 02265205135
  • Food Court, Level 1,CR2 Mall,Backbay Reclamation,Nariman Point, Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 400

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Subway Reviews






Healthly subs made in heaven !!

I am not health freak but for some strange reason I am in love with Subway sandwiches.

Sub's are perfect lunch for many foodies, it has the right flavour, the sauces are tasty & yet light & fresh.

The CR2 mall subway is a tiny food station but makes amazing sub's & salads. Their veg shammi is just amazing & lipsmacking.

Their food station is always clean & filled with all the ingredients.

They have come up with new toasties which is like an open bread sandwich which is mouth watering. A meal - sub's/salad, chips, cookies & a soft drink is just a perfect lunch option to stay fresh, light & healthy.



Decent Delivery Experience.

I ordered two subs from the Nariman Point branch at 9.30 pm and the bill turned out to be 140 rupees. They told me that the minimum bill for delivery is 150 bucks so I ordered chips and touched 150, which was okay as every outlet that delivers food has a minimum bill constraint.
I got the subs within 20 minutes and both of them were packed perfectly.
My only complaint is that they didn't add enough sauce.


what crap.. do subway have minimum order terms..!?

i just placed the order for one footlong sub.. n the total bill was abt 150 rs... they said they deliver till marine lines... they took my order... n then while i was givin em my order.. they said the minimum order amount shud be 200 rs!

i just want to know that.. is subway have any terms like this... i order from mahim n prabhadevi sub.. at matunga.. n they never told me tht we will not deliver a 6inch sub.. they deliver stuff even if its 70-80 bucks... crap..


The worst Subway I have tried

This opened very recently where Barista used to be. I was looking forward to having a Subway nearby for the times I was craving a quick sandwich or when we have a working lunch.

I have tried Subways all across India - Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc and they are all decent.

*BUT* this particular branch was awful. The bread was absolutely soggy as if they had defrosted it in a microwave. Don't know what went wrong but not edible.

Guys - get your act together or we are just going to walk past and head to Status next door.