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> > > Sugadaddy


Chowpatty (Girgaon)  

  • 02266102345
  • Sukh Sagar Building, N.S. Patkar Marg (Hughes Road), Chowpatty (Girgaon), Girgaon, Mumbai
  • Ice-cream
  • Meal for 2 - 200

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Sugadaddy Reviews


I’d been wanting to try this place for a while now and finally got to try it just a few days ago. Here’s what I thought of it.

Desserts- They don’t like to limit themselves just at yogurts, as most dessert shops are doing so. They brand themselves as a place for softies, smoothies, milkshakes, cupcakes and other desserts besides just frozen yogurt. I decided to try their yogurt and so tasted whatever flavours they had. Unfortunately some of their machines were spoilt because of which I only got to try 4 flavours. Blueberry- more like the original with no taste of blueberry at all, Strawberry- good, Mango- ok and Toffee- very good. As a topping, as per their suggestion, I had the cookie sauce which was yum! So I decided to go for the Toffee yogurt with Cookie sauce as the topping. I truly enjoyed my yogurt and was happy with my choice. After that I decided to try their Red velvet cupcake. Now I liked the muffin bit but the cream on top was quite grainy even though it was quite tasty. I wanted to try a milkshake but have saved it for next time. They also have hot beverages like coffee, tea, etc. in case you don’t want to have a dessert.

Ambience- Located at Hughes road near Sukh Sagar and Chowpatty, Sugadaddy is the new place in town for desserts. Pink, white and gold are the colours you’ll find here. It’s pretty and nice except for the section upstairs where they’ve spoilt it with red chairs and other mess lying around. So, yeah if you do plan to take some time and enjoy your dessert, you can go upstairs and rest your butt or settle in for their bar stools down.

Service- They’re friendly and polite and let you try their flavours before making your choice which is a good thing.

Prices- The yogurt comes in different ‘cup sizes’ as they mention on their menu. A-
Rs.30, B- Rs. 70 and C- Rs.150. I chose cup size A because I think that much quantity was more than enough. Toppings are also Naughty (Rs.30 each) or Nice (Rs.20) I chose a naughty topping. So my yogurt + topping cost me Rs. 60 which was decent and worth it. The cupcake was for Rs. 65 which I felt should not have been more than Rs. 50. Their smoothies and milkshakes are for Rs. 150 and I decided to save trying them for later. A tea/ coffee is for Rs. 65, Green tea for Rs. 85, etc.

Verdict- Sugadaddy is not the best place for yogurts or desserts but is not that bad either. Give it a shot and decide.




Must Try!

Sugadaddy is one of the coolest froyo places in the City with its quirky name, really cool ambience and delicious flavours! It was a very pleasant discovery and everything we tried there was yum! Love how they experiment with new flavours on a regular basis!
Looking forward to coming back again and again!!! Strongly recommended!



Quite disappointing

I had read much about Sugadaddy and so was quite excited to check it out. However, found the yogurts not to my liking. Tried all 4 flavours on offer and each tasted the same with a sour after taste and not as creamy as the other yogurt brands I've tried. The toppings too weren't great. The fresh mangoes were mushy and not like the alphonsos I've had before.




I have bin to so many yogurt places.. n all wat u get in places lyk "cocoberry" is a small size cup wid da amount exceeding abuve 100.

Over here u get in 100RS. Cup size "B"- wid a topping. and lemme tell u guys its worth it the quantity is easily fr 2 ppl.. next i wud lyk to try sum shakes.



Sugadaddy has awesome shakes!

Was good to know that they have a quite a spread that goes beyond frozen yogurt. The oreo milkshake was to die for!



Great place to hang out with friends

Pretty cool place, especially the seating outside. I went with some friends last evening and we could chill together over some healthy food, which is good. We had the original, chocolate and strawberry frozen yogurt and a smoothie. The frozen yogurts were all tasty and we loved the toppings that their guys suggested with each of them. The smoothie was a little thick but tasted decent. Overall good service!